Sunday, July 29, 2018

Challenge 2: Date Night at Goodwill

Challenge number 2 was an absolute blast!! I was so super happy that we got to share this challenge with the besties! I had mentioned the challenge to Heather and she  immediately responded with, "yes, count us in".  It worked out perfect that we do this to celebrate her birthday!! Happy Birthday Heather! Love you!!
The whole point of this challenge was to go to Goodwill with your date and find them an outfit to wear out on a date!! They have no clue what you are buying them until it is time to put it on! Since this was our  first time doing this, we didn't put any stipulations on it. Next time we do it a little different! Challenge accepted, here is how it happened......

When we got inside the fun started!! Heather and I grabbed a cart. The guys no cart! Heather and I were laughing and giggling the whole time. We actually found some cute stuff that will be worn again!
 Look at them shopping so seriously!!! 
After we checked out, we met at the truck to hand the other person their date night outfit!!

This is when the revealing happened!! I haven't laughed this hard in a long time!!! My stomach was hurting from laughing. I am not sure what I expected Matthew to pick out for me, but it was FAR from what he got me!! 
Black Jeggings with no zipper!!! and a black shirt or so you think!!!! WAIT FOR IT.. WAIT for....
The entire back cut out with angel wings!!!! YES!!!! Seriously???? Heather and I were quit confused on where Matthew was thinking I was going??? ALL black? The rave? Marilyn Manson concert? Not sure on this one, but it was hysterical! 
 Now with Heather we are pretty sure that Blake thought she was going to school!!!! She had the nice long cardigan with a gray tank under it!! They also bought our jeans too! 
 Work it girl!!! 
 Love you Friend!!! 
 AND THE GUYS.......... no date night outfit is complete without the Patriotic Eagle shirt, Calvin Klein Jeans/Pants, and the DuckHead button up over it!!! 
 I have never laughed so hard over this picture.......looks like a 80's music video!!! (and no his hands aren't on my bottom! ) 

 Look at these two hotties!!!! The looks they were getting were PRICELESS!!!!! 
 Because I thought you needed another good look at the back of this shirt!!! WOW!
Thank you Goodwill for providing us a great night with awesome friends!!! We will be back to do this again!! and guys next time I want some floral patterns with shoulder pads or something!! 

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!
Lots of love...

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