Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Me, Myself and I

The last few weeks I have taken a step back from most social media, tv, books, technology and everything else of the "world".  I know you are probably gasping at this or asking yourself if I have lost my mind? Well......yes and no! I actually got to a point where I thought I was losing my mind!  I felt so caught up in the things of this world I couldn't tell if I was coming or going? Make sense? I felt at times the world had me by the collar and was dragging me which way it wanted!
The last couple of years as most of you know have been challenging. We have had many ups, downs and in betweens. There are days I really had no clue what was going to happen, but with God we faced most of it head on. I think we have come out stronger than we could ever imagine, but during all of this it has really made me step back and look at me. Am I in a place that makes God happy? Am I bringing honor and glory to HIS kingdom? Are my attitudes towards people and things pleasing to HIM? What are my priorities in life? and so many other questions that were on my heart! I knew it was time for a full blown evaluation of me, myself and I! This is when I decided to put down the things of this world and focus on what God wants from me. I have used that time to really focus on HIM, my kids, and most importantly my hubs!
It has been amazing how much better I feel stepping away from social media. The last couple of months every time I would get on Facebook I would feel my blood pressure rising. So many rants and complaints. It would either get me fired up or stress me out! or I would spend 15 minutes of scrolling and scrolling! 15 minutes...I can never get those back!
Pinterest/Instagram was creating an issue because every time I was on them I wanted something, which meant spending money or in my head not being happy with what we have. Well....this is just an issue all the way around! I love our home and what we have. No it's not perfect, but I love it and that is all that matters!
TV, well its just all trash anyways. I haven't been happy with anything on tv here lately! Maybe I need some suggestions ;)
Am I saying I will never do these things again? No! Believe I love it all and I will probably put Facebook back on my phone ,but for now I will just enjoy logging on the old fashion way once or twice a week!
 I hope in saying all this you do not think that I am crazy, but can relate in some way! I think it is  good for all of us to take a step back and figure out what is best for me, myself and I! ;)
Hope everyone has a blessed night
Lots of love.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June Goal Check/ July Goals!

Last month I decided to finally get on the goal bandwagon, and I am so glad I did! I love having a goal to work towards. Things that I normally would let slide, I have actually worked hard at getting done! It feels so good to mark things off of the list!!
Here are the results from June...
 *quiet time every day- well, to keep up with this and the exercise I put check marks on my calendar. I only had two or three days without checkmarks.  I know these were days that we were gone or super busy! I was really happy and I can tell you I have felt much better making sure that I sit aside time for God every day.
*exercise at least 3 times a week!! WOOHOO!! I actually did this...from my check marks I exercised around 5-6 times a week! I can totally tell a difference!
*read 3 books- FAIL....not sure what is wrong, but I am having a hard time getting into reading. Back a few months ago I read like 6 books at a time. I am wondering if this did something crazy to my brain and now it just needs to rest!
*2 dates w/ hubs- Yes! We did this. 1 date was our anniversary and the other was dinner! We have got to get better at putting our marriage and each other first!
*1 day a week no technology! FAIL....I had actually forgot about this one. I am truly going to work at this during the month of July. I am hoping if I go ahead and set a specific day of the week aside for this it will work out better!
*get enrolled in college! YAY! This is finished...just waiting on a few more last minute things!

Overall I think I did pretty good for the month of June. Now on to my goals for July!
*exercise at least 3 times a week- I am going to keep this one on the list so that it will hold me accountable!
* read 2 books- I am going to try this again!!!
*2 dates w/hubs!!  I think this time we are going to do 1 at home date (just watch a movie at home), and then one go out date! I love date nights! It is such a great thing that I totally recommend for every married couple!
*1 special date w/just Jagger- I love getting to spend one on one time with my boys! When Hudson came home I really tried to make sure that Jagger didn't feel like he had been pushed to the back burner! I am going to try this month to take Jagger and do something just the two of us!
*have a family over for dinner- This is one that I am going to start doing all the time! I really want to teach my kids hospitality and plus we just enjoy being around other people. I would like to start having over a family for dinner and I would like it to be a family that we don't spend time with on a weekly/daily basis!
*stay under budget (eating out, etc)- The Cohn's are back to the budget! Boooo......and when I say budget I mean tight budget no budging! We are trying to get some things paid off and this is the only way we can really buckle down to get things done.
*HAVE FUN!!!   This is the last month I have before I become a working momma! I am going to enjoy every second with my kids!! We are going to have as much fun as possible!!
(I didn't add in quiet time this month because I want this to just happen, not be a goal. I know it needs to happen every day, so I am just going to do it!)
Well, there you have it..July Goals! I am ready to conquer the month!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..