Saturday, January 25, 2014


So over the last year our family has learned that life can change in the blink of an eye! Just when you think everything is going just great- bam it hits and everything hits the fan! 
Ever since Hudson has been in the hospital they drilled into our head over and over, "he can not get rsv", "if he gets rsv he will be back here in stl", "the main goal is to keep him healthy and rsv free", "rsv is so hard and dangerous on preemies.. You get the picture.. Thye basically scared us too death over what could happen if he got rsv! Also they explained to us that Hudson automatically qualifies to recieve the Rsv vaccination because of his prematurity and everything else! So here we leave the hospital with all of this information on rsv, how scary it is and most importantly how we need to try and keep Hudson from getting it!
Fast forward almost a year.... Everyone has been super healthy!! I mean not even a cough! It has been amazing! Even with Jagger being in school, which we thought would be a concern, we have managed to stay germ free and not sick! In November, Hudson started recieving the Rsv vaccination which helps his body build an immune to this certain virus! It is a wonderful vaccine and we are so blessed he gets it!! So we have been getting vaccine, not going anywhere, washing hands like crazy, lysoling everything every night, and everything else trying to keep from anyone in our family getting even a germ. The other night we were about to go to bed and Jagger started coughing..Matthew and I looked at each other because we both knew instantly something was up! Where did this cough come from?? I told him not to worry about was probably just sinus junk! I had just gone to the doctor the day before for a double sinus infection...the next morning we got up and I ask Matthew what he thought about jagger staying   home from school just to rest and maybe keep the cough from turning into anything. He agreed... Well 10 minutes later Jagger woke up and was wanting to go to school.. There went that plan!?? He went to school and had a pretty good day although I had noticed the last couple of days he had been acting so grumpy. The rest of the day went on and the next morning he woke up with snot... I thought oh no where did this come from?? It was pajama day at school so I went ahead and sent him. He had no fever and really wasnt acting any different! I called the doctor and told them what was going on and because of Hudson i would like for them to check him out plus he was having his birthday party the next day and I needed him healthy(everything was bought and I was suppose to decorate that afternoon). They said to bring him after he got out of school. I pick him up at 11 and head to doctor! When he got in the car he just looked pale, and his little eyes looked tired! I already was dreading this visit! We get back and I tell the nurse what is going on... She looks at me and says this does not sound good but we will swab him for Rsv and flu! About 10 minutes later she pokes her head in and starts shaking her head. I knew instantly it was not what I wanted to hear! He was positive for RSV!! My heart sunk and I wanted to throw up right there! All my mind could go to was that Hudson has already been exposed and my big boy has this nasty virus that is not good!!! My brain started racing in a million ways.. What do we do know? We have to seperate them... I need to clean the house and sanitize it.. We have to cancel party.. I have to call everyone, call and make sure they hadnt started cake.. The dr also wanted me to call St Louis and ask them what would be best to do with Hudson and make a plan in case he did get it over the weekend! After we got out of the doctors office ai had developed such a bad headache.. I think just stress and worrying over what we had to do! I knew the only thing i could do was give it to God! After going to him, I instantly felt peace and knew we could deal with whatever came our way! The main goal was getting the boys seperated and Jagger started on meds! 
Here we are tonight and so far we have kept them seperated! Jagger started running a fever this morning and we have managed to keep it down as long as he takes tylenol and motrin! Hudson has been in a super mood and has no clue what is going on as we all sit around making sure he doesn't develop a cough! It makes me so sad having to seperate them because it takes me back to St Louis and having to be away from Jagger! It hurts my heart so bad but I know its best for Hudson's health!
I pray for God's healing on Jagger and also for him to station Angels around Hudson to protect him from this nasty virus that would put him back in the hospital! I also pray for all the other sweet babies that have been testing positive for this virus!! 
Im so ready for spring and summer!!!!
Hope everyone has a blessed night! 
Lots of love..

Friday, January 24, 2014

Night and Day!

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus is so true!!! It amazes me how different men and women are and the way we think about things!! Matthew and I have been married almost 6 years and it makes me laugh how different we are from each other! We are like night and day on most things! I have found the older I have gotten this is how most couples are... I guess it would be pretty boring if you married someone that was just like you! Marriage is such a blessing but  let me tell you it is not easy!! I think for me God has used marriage to help me grow in certain areas. He has showed me things that I have needed to work on.. Patience, forgiveness,  and putting others wants and needs before my own.
Matthew and I do have many things in common but like I said we are different in many other things..
Matthew- laid back about many things (when we first were dating he told me was laid back about everything but I have learned that is not true!), doesn't get upset about too much, major hypochondriac (this is no lie!), has a huge heart and would do anything for anyone, very talented musically, does not like to read, loves to hunt, does not like to shop, major homebody, picky eater
Me- love to shop!!, definitely not a picky eater!, a huge planner who likes to make sure everything is done and done right, very independent and hard headed, hates going to doctor and will wait until the very last minute to go, gets flustered when things do go as planned(really working on this!), ocd about  the house being picked up and cleaned!
Even though we have so many differences we have so much in common.... We love to laugh, we love music, we love our kids, we love God, we enjoy our time together, we love our dessert!, we want to make others happy, we love our friends, we are both head over heels for our grandmas, after 6 years we have finally got to where we agree on money,  we really don't care what others think of us.. All that matters is what God thinks first, husband/wife second and kids third- everything and everyone falls in place after that. 
I love that God has given me someone who brings out the best and worst in me! And I mean that in that Matthew makes we want to be a better person but then sometimes he irritates me so bad I want to scream( his laundry and shoes that have been laying the same spot of several days!! I refuse to pick them up!) hope Im not the only one that thinks this about their husband, but after about 5 minutes I fall in love all over again.. Isn't that the beauty of marriage and loving someone! 
Matthew is the butter to my bread, the peanut butter to my jelly, the ham to my burger, the ying to my yang, and whatever else there is!! I love him so much it hurts and I thank God he brought us together! 
Hope everyone has a blessed day! 
Lots of love..

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fun Times!

Last night, Matthew and I got to take Jagger to see the Harlem Globetrotters! We had a blast! The whole time since he got the tickets, he has not been too excited! I think most of it was he had no idea what were really going to, but as soon as we sat down he was happy! He smiled and laughed through the whole thing! Our seats were really awesome. We were not on the floor but the second row from the floor, so we could see everything! There was one thing I was really disappointed in and it was a performance during half time! (Warning: some people may not agree and Im sorry! We all have our own opinions!) so during half time all these young girls walk out on the court dressed all in black( pants and jackets with hoods) and when I say young, I mean girls in junior high all the way down to 5 or 6. The music starts and it is this horrible rap music I couldnt understand, and immediatley they are dancing so vulger... Even the small girls! They take off jackets and have on some kind of tank top.  Then the tank tops come off and they are all wearing sports bras, even the small girls! The whole time they were thrusting and grinding to this awful music! I was in shock and really couldnt even watch it. I was horrified that the small 5 and 6 year old were out there doing this! I was trying to distract Jagger with my phone and he kept asking me what they were doing???? It was really strange and awkward! Matthew and i talked about it when we got home and we saying it was not cute, good or anything. It was just  awful! I just do not agree with putting small young girls on stage in hardly any clothes and teaching them to dance nasty and flaunt their bodies! Makes me sad....  There are so many weirdos in the world and like Matthew said last night that was a pedifiles dream! Yuck I know.  Im sorry.  I will get off that soapbox! I hope I dont upset anyone but I just couldnt believe it! Besides that random moment it was a fantastic night! If you ever get the chance to see the Globetrotters, you should go. You wont be disappointed! 
We dont have much going except staying inside and doing house work! Nothing fun! Today I will be making a new recipe so I will get to tell you all about it! 
We also trying to prepare for Jagger friend party! He wanted a circus so we are doing a small carnival/ circus! I love parties but it does kind of stress me out trying to get everything rounded up! I have learned to scale back because kids could care less! Just give them a jumpy house or just an open room with some balls, a cake and juice and they are good! Kids don't care about all the other junk that us parents think we have to have! I have officially quit looking on pinterest when it comes to parties and stuff because I then really get stressed because I think I have to do everything on there and it just doesn't happen that way! I get tired of Pinterest telling me how I need to celebrate birthdays! Now dont get this skewed. I Heart Pinterest! There are awesome ideas out there and I love the recipes, but sometimes I get overwhlemed looking because I feel like I need to do all of it! Hope that doesnt seem strange, but if it does.. What can I say? im strange sometimes! ;) 
Ok time to get off here and spend alittle time with Hudson. He is yelling at me so I guess that means Mom get off there and focus on me!! 
Hope everyone has a blessed day! 
Lots of love

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Over it!

I am so over winter! Blah... I am tired of sickness. I am Tired of being cooped up. I am tired of having to bundle up. I am tired of chapped lips because of winter and I am tired of high utility bills because of running the heat!  :) can you tell I am ready for Spring! The wind is insane here this morning! Lucy really didnt want to go out and potty this morning! I don't blame her.. I wouldn't want to potty outside with all the wind either! She made it pretty quick which was good for me because I didnt have to wait around on her. 
We had a really good day yesterday.. The weather was gorgeous. Matthew was off work and we got a lot accomplished! We have been wanting to clean out and organize the shed for awhile. It has literally been the place we shove stuff and slam the door! I can't explain how bad it was and it made me cring everytime I opened the door!! Yesterday we finally took everything out, put in the workbenches and shelving, then got all the trash thrown away. We put workbenches to store all Matthew's tools, industrial shelving that we put plastic container on. In the containers we seperated stuff out ( extension cords, gardening tools, car cleaning stuff, etc) we also put up garment racks for all matthews hunting clothes!!! When we finshed I was so excited!! I kept going back and looking! We still have a few things to do but overall we are really proud of the change!! 
Last night we went to Matthew's moms house to celebrate his sisters birthday! We had wonderful food and I completely blew the somewhat diet I am on.... I think we all over ate. We just kind of sat around and looked at each other when we finished! :) after supper and cake, we played Heads Up! If you have not played it I recommend it! It is my new favorite game! There are different catagories and you place the card above your head, then we give you clues to guess what the card says on your head!! The catagories are so fun- Hey Mr. dj ( hum the song and they have to guess!), act it out (they guess what you are acting) and so many other good ones! Charlyn's boyfriend, Chet was there and at one time I look over and he is just cracking up! I can only imagine what he thinks about us!! Hopefully, all good because Jagger thinks he hung the moon and all the other stuff in the sky! Jagger says they are best friends! ;) I love kids! It was nice to have a fun night of laughing with the family! 
On a different note, I have something that has been weighing on me and its driving me nuts!! The last several years I have been dealing with a few people who really hurt my feelings! They are very hard to be around because they are so spoiled and rude they don't even know it! They just say and do hurtful things. I just have to hold my tongue when I am around them! There for awhile it got to where I could just blow it off and not even think twice about it but for some reason all of a sudden it is bothering me again! I have to spend alot of time in prayer and it sometimes stresses me out! I hope I am not the only person that goes through this! I was raised completely different than these people and maybe thats why sometimes it bothers me! We are from completely different planets! If I said things they do around my parents, I would have never seen the light of day! I also didn't get everything handed to me whenever I wanted it. I remember growing up getting so upset at mom and dad when I didn't get things but now I am so grateful for my parents teaching me things like that! I am grateful they taught me respect. I am grateful they taught me to appreciate things and I am grateful they taught me to fend for myself. This morning in quite time, I fianlly handed it to God and said here you go! I can't do this. I can't let these people determine my happiness or steal my joy! Help me to see them in love and how you see them God. And most of all forgive them for they know not what they do! I instantly felt better! ;) its amazing how we can let things weigh us down but when we finally decide to hand it over to God, he will take care of it! Sorry to get off on all that but it was really wearing me out! 
I am excited because tonight we are taking Jagger to see the Harlem Globetrotters! I can't wait to spend some much needed quality time with our big guy! I know it will be a blast! 
Hope everyone has a blessed day! 
Lots of love...

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Warning: I am having a pity party kind of morning so bare with me!! ;) I use to Love Sundays! It was a day that I could be around wonderful people and worship my God! It was just a feel good kind of day! Now it kind of makes me sad! I miss church so bad! I don't agree with people who say that church does not affect your relationship with God or your faith! I think it does! I definetly think it strengthens it or at least it does mine. I can tell since I am not going to church I just feel blah! This doesn't mean I have quit praying or reading my. Bible but it has just brought me down or something.. I cant quite describe it! Now all this being said, please don't think that I am a selfish spoiled brat and I am not being grateful about Hudson! That is not true... I am very grateful to have Hudson home and healthy! But when the doctors give us the ok to take him to church we will be there when the doors open! ;) 
There has not been much going on in our world! I did make another new recipe the other night! It was amazing! It was pizza pasta casserole! I found in on the site whatscookingintheburbs. This lady has alot of great healthy recioes! This recipe was easy, quick, yummy and a weight watchers recipes! What more could you ask for!! ;) ingredients: rotini/ corkscrew pasta (Ronzoni brand I think is what I used!), pizza sauce, low fat mozzarella cheese, low fat ricotta cheese, turkey pepperoni, and oregano! 
Cook your pasta. While pasta is cooking in a mixing bowl, combine pepperoni, ricotta cheese, sauce, oregano, and small amount of mozzarella. When noodles get done, add to mixture. Pour mixture into casserole dish! Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes! I also added cheese and a few pepperoni on top!! The best part it was around 219 calories per serving and 8 points on weight watchers!

 I also served it with my favorite salad...greek! If you have not tried Kraft greek dressing.... Oh my! You are missing out! I could almost drink the stuff...ok maybe not drink it but I do clean my bowl! ;)

 I haven't quite decided whats on the menu for this week but I am leaning towards meatball sub casserole, chicken pot pie and maybe taco soup... Not sure! Hoping I can sit down today and plan it out! I have really been trying to use stuff I already have in our cabinets.. I am horrible about having a ton in the cabinets and not using it! So I figure now is a good time to clean out cabinet, and freezer! ;)
Excitng news: Hudson is saying Momma! It is so sweet and it makes my heart melt on the floor! 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Still Inside!!

Well we are going on a couple of days of being inside! Yesterday I almost had a panic attack because every 5 minutes I would get a text message of someone else who had the flu! I finally just had to hand it to God...God I am doing everything I can and the rest is up to you- Please protect my family!
So I have been super excited because I told you that at least 3 days a week I am going to make a new pinterest recipe and tell ya how it is! I was going to try and write last night but as you can see that didn't happen! For some reason the last couple of months every time I get something in my head that I want to do, it never happens. but oh well I am here now. I will tell you about last nights meal and tonights! Matthew and I have been trying to watch what we are eating. He is in a wedding in March and then my class reunion is this year! These are both good motivators to get us on track! So far we are doing well..We both downloaded the my fitness pal app and are trying to stick to so many calories a day!
The meal I made for Wednesday night supper was Taco Bell Mexican Pizza-skinny version! I love Taco Bell but I don't love their calories and fat content! It is unreal but it tastes so good! When I saw this recipe I knew instantly I wanted to try it! The recipe was super easy....
 The ingredients are Whole Wheat Flour tortillas, Shredded cheese (I am mad at myself because I had bought reduced fat cheese but forgot it in the fridge!), taco bell taco seasoning, fat free refried beans, taco sauce, chili powder, salt, pepper, ground turkey and two other seasonings! The recipe also called for additional toppings: tomatoes, green onion, and then sour cream and guacamole -optional

This picture is the final product...It doesn't look super pretty but it was super yummy and it was so easy...It has so much stuffings that I could only eat half and that averaged out to around 300 calories. I know that seems like alot but it really is so stuffed that you get full quick! Here is a link to the recipe..Mexican Pizza   My family gave it a thumbs up so we will be eating this again!

Tonights meal was super easy also and I thought even better than last night! It was Crockpot Teriyaki Chicken...I didn't have a recipe..I just found a picture on pinterest and when I clicked on it, it didn't go anywhere..thankfully on the picture was a list of the ingredients so I just dumped them in the crockpot and it turned out amazing!
Ingredients- chicken (I used boneless skinless tenderloins-this is what I had in freezer), teriyaki sauce, brown sugar, garlic, chicken broth ( I used low sodium or fat free which ever- my brain this late does not function properly)
Put all this in crock pot on high for 4 if I was using chicken breast it would probably be longer! The last 15 minutes I dumped in some frozen broccoli..While that was finishing up I cooked some rice to go with it! Once the chicken was done I sprinkled sesame seeds on top! It was so yummy~ Jagger even approved!

This one will for sure be added to the list of recipes!
So far the 2 things I have made we have enjoyed...tomorrow night is Pizza Pasta! I am so burned out on pizza but Jagger could eat it every meal everyday! I am hoping he will enjoy this just as much!

Ok now on to other things....while we were in St Louis we had an addition built on to our house! It is just a huge room that we call the playroom! We really haven't done anything with it and it literally has been strictly for toys..We didn't even have a TV in here until now! For Christmas we got a Tv for this room and have been so excited about getting this room put together! The boys toys have always just been piled up in the corner, and it was driving me insane! I need organization in my life! Thank you Target for the awesome shelves that we put up to organize all the toys!!
Before: (and even before this the toys were piled on the other side of the room and I had the couch and recliner on this side!)


Still a working progress but I am super happy that we are heading in the right direction! Hopefully in the next 6 months I can find stuff for the walls?? :)
Hope everyone has a blessed night!
Lots of Love

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I think it is safe to say the Cohn family is going to go into hibernation! So here in our town we are having a huge and I mean HUGE outbreak of the Flu! It has scared the mess out of me! I normally do not get to nervous about these kinds of things but it has really scared me how many people have it! It is spreading like wildfire! I have already been cautious about germs but I think today I may have went over the edge and went into panic mode! I went and bought extra lysol, lysol wipes, germx, vitamin C, and bottled water! If nothing else We will be clean and well hydrated! ;)  I know we all have to take precautions but after awhile there is only so much we can do and then the rest we turn it over to God! My prayer everyday is to keep us flu and germ free until spring! That being said if you do not see us around do not be alarmed, we have decided to hibernate and enjoy our time inside! 
This past weekend was busy and exciting! It was our church's weekend for DNow! Its a really awesome thing for the youth! Basically its a retreat without having to go out of town! You are split up into groups and placed in homes around town! Each group has a leader and that leader does the night bible studies! During the weekend, a band and speaker come in. I have always enjoyed being a part of the event! This year the theme was Firsthand Faith! He talked about how we get so wrapped up in "religion" that we never focus on the relationship with God! He also explained how we should live for God and not a checklist! We have to step back, tear up our checklist and focus only on God and building that relationship! My favorite thing said over the weekend was a quote, "church is not a museum for good people, its a hospital for the broken"! I love this because this is what church is really about! We should go to church because we are "broken", because we are sinners, because we are hurt, because we are weary, and the list goes on! If you ever get a chance to be apart of a Dnow dont pass it up! You will not be sorry! I know the kids always get great stuff from it but I know for a fact that adults get from it also!
Well its late and I need alittle rest before baby wakes up for bottle! Oh and I am excited because tomorrow night I will be making a new pinterest recipe! I will post how it turns out- good or bad! 
Hope everyone has a blessed night! 
Lots of love!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Let the celebration begin!

Tomorrow Is Jagger's big day! He will turn 5! He is so excited about being 5! Mommy on the other hand is not so excited! He is still suppose to be a toddler running around here. He is for sure running around, just bossing instead of toddling! ;) 
Tonight was the family party and it was great! We had a wonderful time and Jagger always gets beyond excited when the family comes over! He was driving me nuts today asking every 5 minutes what time it was and if it was time for everyone to be here! I thought if he ask one more time I would scream! It reminded me of, "are we there yet" "are we there yet" "are we there yet" NO we are not there  yet! We will get there when we get there! :) 
When everyone got here we had Jagger's choice of supper- Pizza. Then we did cake and a party is not complete without the most important thing- Presents! Jagger is to the age where he doesnt even care what is wrapped- its just how many! We could seriously go to Dollar Tree, buy $25 worth of toys and wrap each one individually. He would be in Heaven! I was laughing because some of the stuff he didnt even realize what it was until after everyone was gone and we could sit down and discuss it! He played for awhile after everyone left and now all my boys are passed out! All 3 mouths open snoring! :) makes me happy! 
Tomorrow for his real birthday we are going to the place parents dread the most- Chuck E Cheese! I use to despise the place but we only going during the week when no one is there so I actually enjoy it! I have drove by on a Saturday and the line is out the door! There is no way I would attempt it then. We are also going to do a little bit of birthday shopping! I am looking forward to spending the time with him considering last year we had to celebrate in St Louis while going back and forth to the hospital! Weare definitely   making up for last year!   Little brother is getting to stay with Nana Milam and I know he will be getting spoiled also! Its going to be a great day! 
Hope everyone has a blessed night! 
Lots of love 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Growing up!

Well my baby boy is growing up... Friday he will be 5! I can not believe this! I feel like just yesterday we were getting ready to leave for the hospital and then boom I blinked and here we are 5 years later! Why and how does this happen??? Life is so precious and I think it is so important to reasure every minute! Jagger cracks me up because he knows what he wants and this is in every area! In our family we always have a "family" party! This is just family. The birthday boy or girl gets to pick what food they want for supper and the flavor of cake! Jagger told me for his family party we are having it at our house with pizza and chocolate cake! He also went on to tell me what decorations and where to put them! We spent this afternoon decorating for the family party tomorrow night! He is so excited that he ask me if we could call everyone and have them come at 5pm instead of 6:30! He also decided he wants to take batman birthday cakes to school with Capri Suns to drink! I like a man who knows what he wants! :) 
So besides my kiddos growing up too fast nothing much has been going on! This weather has been insanely cold which means we are not going anywhere but we havent gone anywhere anyways! We are really keeping Hudson away from germs! He is stilling getting the Rsv shot so we are doing our best to make sure he doesnt get sick! We did slack up alittle during the holidays but now we are really trying to be strick on not going anywhere in public! I get sick thinking of all the nasty germs out there! 
If you read my last blog post then you know I did not make New Years Resolutions but instead goals! Im glad I didnt make resolutions because I would have already broken one! I figure with goals I can work towards what I want! :) the goal I broke was the 30 minute on the internet! I was trying to order stuff for Jagger's birthday then came across some good deals! I didnt spend a horrible amount of time but it definitly wasn't 30 minutes! I just want to make sure I don't become too consumed with internet and social media! I did think of a new goal I want to add to my list! I want to try and start making at least 3 new recipes a week from my food board on Pinterest! I have so many good ones pinned and I feel like I am in a food rut! Spaghetti, tacos, ham, chicken, spaghetti, tacos, ham, chicken..... I get in this crazy cycle of the same food! And whats sad is I have a love and passion for cooking! I guess new baby at home has thrown me for a new one! And he isnt even new anymore! ;) I plan on cooking these recipes and then letting everyone know on here how it turned out! This will help me keep record of what we liked and maybe help you find new things to try also!  Win win situation! 
Well i better try and get some shut eye before baby wakes up for night time bottle! 
Hope everyone has a blessed night. 
Lots of love 

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Wow! I can't believe it is 2014! I was just getting use to 2013 and now we are changing it up! I was sitting here thinking about 2013 and I still feel at times it was a dream! I can not believe what we went through but we did and we came out alright! I know we came out stronger! I never want anyone to go through it because its not fun but I can say I feel blessed we did go through it. I know you thinking what?? Why would she feel blessed?? Well we made relationships we never would have made- people that have touched our hearts forever, we touched others lives that we never would have, we grew stronger in our faith, we witnessed firsthand miracles, and we learned things we never would have. I know there is a scripture in James that talks about going through trials and how you will basically grow in faith!! I think this is us! 
Anyway, I didnt post at all through the holidays because I just wanted to enjoy every second! I had alot of emotions and cried alot! And not because I was sad but tears of joy! Not only were we celebrating the birth of our Savior but also Hudsons life! It was a special time for us! I loved seeing my whole family together! 
Well, with a new year brings new things! I get kind of excited with a new year because its like new beginnings and you never know what the year will hold! Instead of making resolutions I am making goals! Things I can work towards because I know resolutions get broke so easy! So here goes....
*commit to 30 minutes or less a day for Internet(Facebook, instagram, pinterest, shopping)! I feel like at times my life get easily consummed with these things and it bothers me! I feel like when I cut back I can use that time to read, spend time with kids, house work, more time with God, many other things! 
* spend more quality time with kids and husband- for kids-not just watching them play but getting in the floor and playing with them!!! No phones, no ipads, just one on one play time!  Husband- commit to date nights at least every other week! We need the time together so bad!!! I know our marriage has taken a back seat severally!!
* exercising and taking care of my body- I dont want to just diet! I want to change the way we eat and do it for health reasons! Yes I think its ok to splurge but I want us to take care of ourselves!! Fruits and Veges and not eating out so much!
*Getting back on track with God- i feel like I have put God on the back burner! I am not sure if it is just having a new baby, waking up in the night to feed, trying to get adjusted , and not being able to go to church but my time with him has definitly taken a back seat! I still pray and talk to him but I am ready to get back on track!  
These are my main ones for now and I know I will come up with more but I want my main focus of this year to be happy and stress free! I want to enjoy every second! I know there will be hard times but I know with God we will be fine! I can't wait to see what the year holds! 
Hope everyone has a blessed day! 
Lots of love!