Sunday, July 29, 2018

Challenge 2: Date Night at Goodwill

Challenge number 2 was an absolute blast!! I was so super happy that we got to share this challenge with the besties! I had mentioned the challenge to Heather and she  immediately responded with, "yes, count us in".  It worked out perfect that we do this to celebrate her birthday!! Happy Birthday Heather! Love you!!
The whole point of this challenge was to go to Goodwill with your date and find them an outfit to wear out on a date!! They have no clue what you are buying them until it is time to put it on! Since this was our  first time doing this, we didn't put any stipulations on it. Next time we do it a little different! Challenge accepted, here is how it happened......

When we got inside the fun started!! Heather and I grabbed a cart. The guys no cart! Heather and I were laughing and giggling the whole time. We actually found some cute stuff that will be worn again!
 Look at them shopping so seriously!!! 
After we checked out, we met at the truck to hand the other person their date night outfit!!

This is when the revealing happened!! I haven't laughed this hard in a long time!!! My stomach was hurting from laughing. I am not sure what I expected Matthew to pick out for me, but it was FAR from what he got me!! 
Black Jeggings with no zipper!!! and a black shirt or so you think!!!! WAIT FOR IT.. WAIT for....
The entire back cut out with angel wings!!!! YES!!!! Seriously???? Heather and I were quit confused on where Matthew was thinking I was going??? ALL black? The rave? Marilyn Manson concert? Not sure on this one, but it was hysterical! 
 Now with Heather we are pretty sure that Blake thought she was going to school!!!! She had the nice long cardigan with a gray tank under it!! They also bought our jeans too! 
 Work it girl!!! 
 Love you Friend!!! 
 AND THE GUYS.......... no date night outfit is complete without the Patriotic Eagle shirt, Calvin Klein Jeans/Pants, and the DuckHead button up over it!!! 
 I have never laughed so hard over this picture.......looks like a 80's music video!!! (and no his hands aren't on my bottom! ) 

 Look at these two hotties!!!! The looks they were getting were PRICELESS!!!!! 
 Because I thought you needed another good look at the back of this shirt!!! WOW!
Thank you Goodwill for providing us a great night with awesome friends!!! We will be back to do this again!! and guys next time I want some floral patterns with shoulder pads or something!! 

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!
Lots of love...

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

In This House!

In this house we are far from perfect!! We screw up on a daily basis, but I'm ok with that! Matthew and I have tried to the best parents we can be. There are some things I wish we would have done different, but I feel like overall we are doing a pretty good job. I want my kids to look back when they are older and have happy memories of growing up.  I want them to enjoy their time at home as kids. I want home to be a safe place. A place where they feel comfortable and can share anything on their minds. A place where they can be them. A place full of laughter and love. Isn't that what we all ultimately want? One thing I have learned is that it doesn't just happen!! You have to work at. You have to put forth some effort, and this my friends is where changes are coming to our house! Matthew and I both are guilty of just thinking that if we put on a happy face that everyone will just "get it". If we smile and blow it off, our kids will automatically understand what we expect and how to act! WRONG!! They have to be taught what is expected. They have to be taught how to act!
I sat down the other night and came up with 10 things that are important to our home! I haven't decided what to call them. I don't like the word rules because it seems so negative.. Suggestions are welcome. They will be typed and hung on the wall!!
1. We respect everyone.
2. Keep voices at a normal level. No reason to yell unless you are hurt.
3. When Mom and Dad are talking you listen. That means stop what you are doing. 
4. Obey Mom and Dad- even if you don't like it! 
5. If you can't say anything nice, just keep your mouth shut!
6. Manners are a must! No questions
7. Only good attitudes! If something is bothering you, lets talk about it.
8. We are going to church! We may not always feel like it, but we are going! 
9. Love each other! We are a special gift from God to each act like it! 
10. God is #1!!! If other things are being put in front of HIM, those things need to go!

Now that we have those (still need a name), we also decided it's time to really focus on positive behavior! We are bad about harping on the bad behavior (bad attitudes, bad manners, being bad, etc), I really wanted us to focus on the good!! Enter the "Caught Ya Being Good" jars! Each boy has a jar, and when they are caught doing good, they get to put a rock in their jar! When the jar is full, they can pick a prize from the prize jar! The prizes are GOOD, so they want them! 

Every day is a working progress. We are far from perfect and don't want to be perfect! In this house what we want to be is happy, fun, loving, compassionate, caring, God fearing, silly, and most importantly full of good memories!! 
Hope you have a super blessed day! 
Lots of love....

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

5 Random Facts You May Not Know About Me!

Most of you that read my blog know me! Some of you know me better than others. I like to think that I am a pretty normal person, at least at times. There are times I do question that? Don't we all? I thought it would be fun to share a few random things you may not know me about me!! 

1. I am an only child and the only grandchild on both sides!! On my dad's mom side, I am not the only one but on his dad's side, I am the only grandchild! (and no I am not that spoiled!) Growing up, I never really gave it any thought, but as I have gotten older, it is extremely strange that I am the only 1.

2. My first job was work at Sunrise Honda at the parts counter!! Yup that's right, parts girl right here! Spark plug anyone?  What's even better I was 14 when I started!! I worked there through most of high school, and it's funny because my Dad says some of his customers still ask about me!! Guess, I was a good parts girl! 

3. I have a small obsession with Disney! Not just the mouse, but anything Disney! Every movie, every song, character, all the merchandise..You name it and I love it! This started when I was a small child! Call me weird, but Disney World is one of my favorite places to be. (Actually counting down the days until we go back)  I love the smells, the sounds, and just everything about it.  Wonder if they would hire me? I would be a great park greeter! 

4. I have battled depression and anxiety most of my life!! At one time, I was extremely embarrassed and ashamed of this, but now it's just who I am. It's just something that I deal with.  As I have gotten older, I have learned more of what triggers my anxiety and what things I can do to manage it. One thing that I have learned is that I am not alone! So many people battle this, and the best thing is to be there for others who are going through it! 

5. My favorite song in the whole wide world is Beast of Burden by The Rolling Stones! Can't really explain why, I just have always loved this song. It makes me happy! oh and Hello....hints the name Jagger  :) 

Well.....there are my random things!! Did you learn anything or are you a lucky one who already knew all this??? If you are, I am pretty sure I was thanking God for you this morning! 
Hope everyone has a super blessed day!
Lots of love..

Monday, July 16, 2018

Challenge 1: Concert Outfit from Wal-Mart!

Hey Everyone!! It's been a week or so since I have been on here and I have a lot to share! I won't dish it out all at one time, so I will start with the one I am the most excited about!  A couple of weeks ago, I figured I would start something new on my blog..Challenges! I always like a good challenge. So basically, I will take a challenge and see what I can come up with. I am thinking recipes, decorating, crafting, outfits....whatever comes to mind! I would love for some of you to give me a challenge and see what we can come up with!
My first challenge was to find a concert outfit from Wal-Mart!!! Wal-Mart has recently stepped up their game on a lot of things, so I was excited to get started on this one. So in rare Megan fashion, I loaded up my side kick- Allyson, gave Hudson the fully charged cellphone (thanks YouTube kids), and walked into Wal-Mart ready to shop! I'm really mad at myself because I completely forgot to get pictures while we were there. I blame that on Hudson having my phone, but he was really good the whole time, so we will take that as a win!
After two hours in the store this is what we came up with........

This super cute plain white tank, and these cropped jeans!! Total price less than $20!!!! Tank was $5 and jeans were $13 and some change!! I absolutely love this tank and have bought it in more colors. It is a great staple and I plan on wearing it in the fall with cardigans. I did buy a small in the tank and as you can see I still had room to tie it up! I have bought the medium in another color just to have a more relaxed look!  In the jeans, I ended up with a 6. They are high wasted, and I was a little worried about them,  but they were super comfortable. I love the detail on them, and the frayed bottoms give it that extra touch.  I will for sure wear them again.
My shoes were shoes I already had. I found two cute pairs but they didn't have my size, so I just decided to wear what I had.

Challenge 1 complete! I am ready to take on my next challenge. If you have a challenge that you would like to suggest let me know!!
Hope everyone had a super blessed day!
Lots of love......

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Family, Friends, and Fireworks!

4th of July!! One of my favorite holidays! What's better than family, friends, fireworks and good food??
Growing up, the 4th was a HUGE ordeal for my family! My dad would take off the whole week of the 4th. We would pack up, and head "home". "Home" is what we called Strawberry! Strawberry is where my grandma Margie, and my uncles live. (Bennie and Pop live here now! Several years ago, they decided to  leave Searcy where we lived for over 20 years and moved  back "home") This is the town my dad is from, and about 15 miles away is Cave City, which is where my mom is from!  If you have never heard of Strawberry, don't feel bad, not many people have. Its a super small town that if you are not paying attention you will blink and miss it! 
Anywho... We would load our bags, four wheelers, tents and fireworks and head "home". The whole week was spent swimming in the creek, camping, shooting fireworks, and eating lots of good food! There would be times as many as 50 people would be on the farm visiting and hanging out. Lots of good memories. We don't spend a week down at the farm anymore, but every year this holiday brings back so many precious memories for me.  I am glad that my boys love to celebrate the 4th and hope that when they get older they will look back and have good memories also. 

Hope everyone had a super blessed 4th!! 
Lots of love....