Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Walkin In High Cotton

Cotton Harvest is one of our most favorite times of the year!! If you have never seen cotton harvested you are missing out! It is such an amazing process to watch. Matthew's grandpa has been farming over 60 years, so each year that we get to share with them on the farm is just even more special! I hope these are times my boys will treasure the most. I love the precious memories we make during this time of the year!
 Two dirty boys on the farm make me one happy momma!! 

Isn't this gorgeous...Matthew took this with his phone last night! Wow!!

and a little throwback...one of my all time favorite pictures of sweet Jagger at the farm!! 

Lots of love and blessings....

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

It's Fall Y'all

YAY!! It's finally October! This is one of my absolutely favorite months. All of my senses are super happy during this month! I really wish someone would tell Mother Nature that it is October. I'm thinking she forgot and thinks we are still in the month of July! Come on cooler weather, my sweaters are ready to come out of hiding!
If you know me, then you know I love themes!! Each month brings a new theme, and new decorations. I was so excited to pull out the fall decorations and get our house ready to celebrate the month! I always enjoy seeing other people's decorations and what decorations hold special meaning to them. In saying that, I thought I would share what we have going on in our home this month!
Let's start with outside.....Not much going on here and I am not finished. I will probably have to give you an updated picture when we get done...(ps...we were the family that said we would never have blow ups..Boy did that one slap us in the face! We now have a collection!) I tried to keep it simple out front. My ferns are still living so I wanted to incorporate them in with my fall stuff. I still need to add mums and some more pumpkins!

 This is in our dining room! The boys love to put leaves everywhere so I just let them go crazy. The silver platter is what Matthew got me for our 10 year anniversary this year. It's the "tin for our 10." 
This a canvas that Momma and Jagger did together. Painting is one of their favorite things to do together. I love having their artwork to put out! 

The little haunted house is a piece we have had for awhile. Jagger has always loved Halloween, so every year he wants to get a new decoration. I am almost sure this was the first piece we ever got! 
 Again, leaves and pumpkins randomly put out...
I love this Halloween sign because my dear friend Rachel gave it to me when she was cleaning out her office. I was going to put it in my classroom, but the boys wanted it here! We said when we see it we would think of Mrs. G!! :)

 If Grandma Betty and Jagger go in a store together, you never know what they will come out with. This is one of those times...Our friend here came from Walgreens when Jagger was 3 or 4. He has been a family favorite ever since. 
 This picture cracks me up! It is one of my favorite pictures of Jagger when he was a baby. That day I thought I would get some cute pictures of him sitting in the beautiful leaves. WRONG! He hated those leaves, so this is what we ended up with! 

 I love this because my boys strategically put these pumpkins in place. If I even tried to move them they would get mad at me. I finally decided that where they put them was perfect! 
 I miss the age that we could do cute hand print and footprint pictures! This one just makes me smile!! 
 At one time, this telephone would ring and a scary voice would come on. It use to scare my boys too death! We would get so tickled at them. Now it doesn't do anything but look cute! 
 Happy Everything plate with the pumpkin attachment!! I get so excited when I get to put the new attachments on the plate! It's the small things, I guess! :) 
 And we can't forget soap!!! Bath and Body thank you for providing cute bottles to go along with your awesome soap!! 
 I was hoping the boys would be more enticed to wash their hands if they thought it was Vampire Blood!! Geeezzzz...what is it with boys and washing hands or brushing teeth????
Well, there you have it! Our home is ready for the season! Now let's just pray the weather catches up!
Lots of love and blessings..

Monday, October 1, 2018

We Are Still Here!

I know, I know. I haven't wrote anything in awhile! I really have no excuse except laziness! I started back to work and everything fell to pot! Not really, but it sure felt like it. I am going to try and catch you up to what we have been up to without boring you too death!
July 29th was the last time I wrote anything and I am actually kind of shocked at how much we have done in two months! No wonder I am so tired!

*Family trip to St. Louis to watch the Cardinals! This trip was so fun. Our boys have never been to a Cardinals game, so it was an exciting weekend. We ate lots of good food while we were there and shared so many laughs. I always love a quick weekend getaway!  I highly recommend staying at the Hilton at Ballpark Village. We have stayed there both times we went to St. Louis this summer and it did not disappoint!

* Allyson turned 22!!    Our girl turned 22!! Where has the time gone??

*Back to work! Started new position.  The beginning of the year was exciting for me because I started a new position. I switched from the office to a classroom! I am now K-2 Computer lab, and LOVE it!! My favorite part is getting to be with the kiddos everyday!

*Jagger started 4th grade. Hudson started prek.     How is this even possible?? They are suppose to be babies. Jagger is not crazy about school. He says school is a waste of time, and that he learns more when he is with his Pop. I have tried to explain to him that I completely agree with him, but he really doesn't have a choice. Hudson, on the other hand, LOVES school!! and when I say LOVES it, I mean loves it. Loves everything about it. This makes my momma heart so happy!

* My birthday- 32!    32 is going to be a good year, I just know it! So far, 30's are the best! I am not sure what is different. Maybe I am just more comfortable in my own skin? Whatever it is, I like it. Cheers to a great year!

*Hudson started soccer!

*The Fair!    I am not really sure what has happened to me, but over the last few years the fair has become one of my least favorite places? I go for my kids, but I am not sad to see it leave town. This year was different for us because our boys are at the age where they ride different things. Matthew and I had to divide and conquer. He went with Jagger and I went with Hudson. Hudson likes to ride the same ride over and over and over and over and over!

Well....there you have it! That's what we have been up to over the last two months! Nothing too exciting, but still good memories!
Lots of love and blessings