Thursday, June 19, 2014

Throwback Thursday- First Time at Beach!

It's time for Throwback Thursday!! I am linking up with The Mom Creative for this series! I enjoy getting to see all the Throwbacks!

My Throwback this week is my first trip to the beach ever!! I called mom today to ask her what year it was that we went. We are thinking around 6th grade so I'm guessing 14 years ago! Wow...My Nana lived in Tampa so my mom and I went with her!
We drove from Arkansas to Florida and I don't remember a lot about the trip. I do remember getting to Atlanta and thinking it was the coolest place ever! I really think it was the first time I had ever been anywhere out of the state...When I saw Hard Rock CafĂ© in downtown Atlanta, I was beyond excited! I took so many pictures of buildings! hahahah...I lived a sheltered life..we didn't go many places so when I did, it didn't take much to get me excited!
I am not sure where we spent the night but the next day we finished the drive. I also remember that was the year the wildfires were so bad. The smoke we drove through was horrible!  We finally got there and went straight to the beach! It was amazing! I had never seen the beach or ocean before!
Back to the pictures...I can not stop cracking up looking at them!! The first picture is my mom, me and nana!   Yes, I am wearing a t-shirt with cats all over it!!!!!! and I am wearing a Friends hat with a camera around my neck- a true tourist! My hair at the time was like a box! It was so frizzy and BIG! I am glad I was wearing a hat...I ask mom why in the world did she let me out of the house like that and she said we didn't have flat irons! Poor me!
The second picture is when we first got on the beach! I guess Nana had the camera and was taking pictures of us! If I can tell I am pretty sure that shirt says Daddy's girl! bahahahahah.....I love Throwback pictures!
I do know we had a great trip and I am so glad we have that memory with my Nana! I fell in love with the beach then and its still my favorite place to go!!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's Up Wednesday!

Here's whats up in our world.....

* We are finally almost finished with ball! We start tournaments tomorrow and go from there! I am beyond proud of our little team! The boys have come a long way and have shown lots of improvement! Are we the best team? No...but our boys are having a blast! Sounds like a win to me!! ;)

* Hudson is taking several steps and getting more confident about walking!! I think in a few weeks we will officially have a toddler!!

*Everyone has been talking about the book The Fault In Our Stars..I have not been interested because I am not mentally stable enough to handle books/movies like this...I have learned to not even put myself through it because I end up "ugly" crying at random times just thinking about the movie or book. I will go into a binge eating and its just all together not good! BUT everyone keeps talking about this book so I decided what tha hey, I will give it a try....Kindle has it for 4.99..If I begin reading it and start slipping into depression I will stop! ;)

*I went into Wal-Mart tonight for bread and came out with $75 worth of stuff! Please tell me how this happens??

*I am going on a week of exercising and I am determined to start feeling good again!!

* I am sick of medical bills (sigh)  they are never ending..I told Matthew today that maybe I should sell a kidney!

Hope everyone had a blessed Wednesday!!
Lots of love...

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Whats Up Wednesday!!

Here is what's up in our world......

*The sun is FINALLY shining here! I can't believe it!

* We were suppose to have ball games every night this week but Monday and Tuesday got rained out so tonight means- PLAY BALL!

* After having sweet Lucy for almost 7 years, I had to make a very hard decision to find her a new home! It was so hard for me but I know it was the best decision. I prayed and prayed and God gave us a wonderful new home for her! I am beyond excited about it! She has a sweet little girl who will love on her 24/7! I just could not give her the lovin she needed and I felt so overwhelmed with the boys and her!  I will always love my sweet Lucy but I know in my heart we made a great decision!

*Don't come to my house right now because I will probably try to sell you something! ;)

*I started exercising again and I am feeling great! Before I had Hudson, I was in the best shape I had been in year! I am just ready to feel good again! The Daniel Plan is very hard here in Kennett! There are many things that we can not get..we would have to make multiple trips to Memphis and I just can't do that! so ...I have decided to fit it to my life! Follow the recipes when I can and when I can't that is ok too!

* Mr. Hudson is starting to develop a major attitude!!! When he doesn't get his way, he will either scream, fall on the floor or try to hit! I can't and wont' have this! but here is the biggie..When Jagger was younger and I was having to discipline, I could just say No and he would instantly stop and get his feelings hurt! Hudson, its a whole new ballgame! When I say No, he smiles and does it anyway! He is going to give us a run for our money! and with him he is almost two but I am looking at a tiny baby! I am not suppose to be getting on to a two year old in the body of a "infant"! Hope this makes sense....bottom line is that he knows what no means and I have to get it under control before its not "cute" anymore!

*I have started watching Revenge again from the beginning! Gosh I love this show!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


What is it about selling stuff that gives you a rush of energy?? or is that just me! ;) Every couple of months or weeks I get in a selling and giving away mood! Matthew always kids that I will be selling him next! I just can't contain myself! I hate clutter and drives me mad! now that being said, I do keep the important things and the stuff that has meaning, so Matthew can feel safe for now! I normally have an "on going" pile for Helping Hands and the consignment store, but today I started looking at the piles and thought I would throw some of it on Facebook to see what happened! Boom...stuffed started selling! It made me super happy, so I started walking around the house looking for other things to sell! I really hope that I am not sounding weird! Its not that we are desperate for money but I am excited to get the stuff moving and I don't have to wait around for a consignment appointment!
In other news, I am back in reading mode! I have always been a "reader". Reader meaning I can typically finish a book in a day or two. I get obsessed with books! There have been times I am so glued to a book that I end up in the bathroom floor with the door locked and the vent on..when the boys come knocking on the door 15 minutes later my reply is, "I'm ok, my stomach hurts alittle"! Yes, I am making a huge confession here but I am almost positive that Matthew knows when I say this it ultimately means leave me alone for a few more minutes this book is awesome! Ok so that is an extreme situation and doesn't happen often but I will get glued on a book and won't stop. I have to force myself to lay the book down to take care of my family! ;) Summer makes me happy because that is when my friends start reading books and we can discuss them! I hate when I try to talk to Matthew about a book and he just stares at me with a blank look..I need someone who has or is reading the book to recap all the drama that goes on! There are a couple of summer reading lists floating on Facebook. I took a look and will for sure be checking into some of the books! Right now I am reading Divergent (teenybopper fast read!), The Scarlet Thread(Christian), and a Christian marriage book!
All this talk about reading has got me ready to read especially since all my boys are counting sheep or as we say in our house counting ducks!
Hope everyone has a blessed night
Lots of love!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Family, Swim and A Sprinkle!

I can't believe its already Monday! This weekend was so fast, but I am beginning to think that is every weekend!
Our weekend started Friday with Bennie and Pop coming up! They got here around 4:00. The original plan was they would come up, we would go eat supper, then go to Jaggers baseball game! We have been looking forward to them coming up because they have not got to see Jagger play ball or swim so they were going to do both in one weekend! BUT around 3, the dark clouds started rolling in! The games got cancelled and we were so bummed... Since the games got canceled it was time for a plan b. We decided to order pizza and just enjoy each others company! We ended eating pizza and then going out for ice cream! As much as we hated having the games canceled I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Friday night.
Bed time has been coming early on Friday night because we have to get up so early for the swim meets! Lets talk about Swim Team..I have never seen Jagger love something so much! I was alittle nervous in the beginning because I was not sure if he would like it or not! He loves to swim but this is a different story and when I say loves to swim I mean loves to swim...He would swim 365 days a year if he could, and he has always been good at it. We have had him in the water since he was 6 months old and he has been swimming on his own since he was 2. He is just a natural swimmer. Me- NO..not a natural swimmer..I can stand and look cute in the pool but swimming, I can do the doggie paddle! He for sure gets it from his daddy!  Matthew was an excellent swimmer and still is!  So anyways..we had to tell him it was not just jumping off the diving board and having a good was work! The first week went by and he was still all smiles! I love watching him swim because its just dimples the whole time! He looks forward to practice everyday and the meets!
Saturday mornings roll around and its time to get up early! Now this is a whole new ball game for my family...early is not something everyone in our house enjoys! I normally am up with Hudson around 5 but Matthew and Jagger no not so much! It takes them a couple of more to start functioning! I have been very pleased with them so far! The drive to the first meet was full of some grumpiness but we survived!
Once we get up we have to throw everything and everyone in the car and off we go.  Thankfully with this meet being in town, if we forgot something we could easily run home and get it. I did not have to worry about packing everything under the sun! We have to be at the meets at 7:45 for warm ups and then the meet starts at 9. Our team is the Killer Whales and I love how we are a true team! Everyone cheers for everyone and each child has tons of encouragement! I can't say I love it enough!
The swim meet got done around 2:30 and we were exhausted! I didn't realize it until we got home but the last hour I got burned!! Next time I will wear sunscreen!
The whole rest of the day I felt like a zombie! We were tired from getting up early and then top that with sun and we were all done!! We did finally manage to get out around 8 o'clock to get a sno cone! That was our nutritious supper! I know..I know...sometimes you just do what you can do!
I am almost positive I was asleep while I was walking down the hall to the bedroom! My whole body fell on the bed and then I woke up to the alarm aka Hudson crying at 4:45 for his bottle! Once Hudson took his bottle he was back asleep and did not wake up until 7:45 and Jagger did not wake up until 9. I was so happy we got to sleep in. I normally don't enjoy missing church but sometimes you have to do whats best for you and your family! I knew sleep was important for our family!
 Once we got up and around it was time to get ready for a baby shower! My good friend Devon is expecting her 2nd little girl and several us decided to "sprinkle" her with love! I thought it was so cute to call it a "sprinkle" instead of a shower!!! The whole theme was sprinkles and it was precious!! I had such a good time visiting with her and everyone else!

Hope everyone has a blessed night
Lots of love!

Friday, June 6, 2014


Friends, pals, BFF's, buddies, besties, buds, whatever you may call it we all love to have Friends! Can you imagine a world without friends??? Even the bible talks about friendship...

The older I have gotten friends have come and gone. Life changes and people change. God brings new people in our lives at different times!
Growing up, I remember having BFF's. You couldn't spend 5 minutes away from that person. The sleepovers were always awesome and you were so sad when they were over. There were even times you could talk the parents into one extra night of a sleepover!! and if they said Yes- watch out party time! Time to break out the nail polish, curling irons, movies and junk food!!
Then comes the dreaded middle school/junior high age where you loose friends and gain new ones! but once you get past all works out! I was truly blessed with some of the best friends ever in junior high and high school! We were so close and some of the memories we have together will always be in my heart!
High School graduation comes and its very bittersweet...You know you probably will not be going in the same direction as all of your friends, but you know its time to move forward! College starts and you meet new friends! Most of the friends I had in college are not my closest friends now..I feel like now they were not really "life" friends (if that makes sense)...
Then you get married and everything changes....The older Matthew and I get and the longer we are married the more friendship changes to us! Since we have been married we have been shown time and time who are TRUE friends are. We have been disappointed by several and blessed by many more! Its amazing how God can take away friends you thought you couldn't live without and then replace them with ones you never dreamed you would have but bring you more blessings than ever!
The last two years have opened my eyes to what true friends should be. I feel that a true friend would never take advantage of you whether at work or at home- they will respect your job and home life no matter what. A true friend does not get upset with you when you don't answer a text or phone call immediately- this one has shocked me. I guess its the age we live in where we are so dependant on a phone but I am bad about laying my phone down and not picking it up for hours but this does not bother me..I am typically not answering on purpose I am spending time with my kids or getting stuff done in the house! A true friend understands when you can't hang out because you have other plans or sometimes you just honestly don't feel like it. There are days I just want it to be family!! A true friend brings out the best in you not the worst!
As I am sitting here typing this so much is popping in my head. I know that not only has all this happened to us with friends but we have also changed too. We are so much stronger spiritually than we were and I know that has a lot to do with it. We don't put up with things like we use to. I use to worry so much about upsetting someone but I know that I don't do things on purpose. I am not a mean person and if I do hurt someone its not intentionally..that being said. I am not going to worry and loose sleep over if someone likes me. I know when I lay my head down at night the sun will come up tomorrow and if it doesn't then I will be in Heaven, which is even better!
I can olny hope that my boys and even you all reading this will take a look at your friendships and if they are doing more damage to you than good, causing lots of stress, and most importantly not  bringing honor to God and his kingdom, than it might be time to reevaluate the situation! Matthew and I are beyond blessed with some of the relationships that God has given us, and truly can't imagine our life without them!
So, I have to ask..what does friendship mean to you? Do you have a close group of friends?

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

Wooohooo.. I am linking up with Jessica for another Throwback Thursday series! I love pictures! They make me so happy!  Today I am going to do pictures of me and my dad in honor of Father's Day coming up soon! I love my dad so much! He is for sure one of a kind! If you know him then you know what I am talking about! So here you go....
This picture was taken in New Orleans....

This picture was taken right as we were leaving for our family vacation to Washington DC!

obviously I don't remember this one but I do still love Mickey Mouse and Gum!!!
Hope everyone has a super blessed day!
Lots of love...

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What's Up Wednesday!

We have had so much going on. Every night I basically fall asleep before my head hits the pillow! So here is what's up....

*Jagger started swim team last week. His first day of practice was on Tuesday and the first swim meet was on Saturday! This boy has found his niche! He absolutely loves it! He smiles the whole time he is swimming. All you see is dimples coming up out of the water! I am beyond proud of him. I can't wait to see what the future holds for him in swimming!
his ribbons from the swim meet!

* Hudson has been a busy body! He is crawling like a mad man and is into everything! He wants to walk so bad...He will take a few steps then once he realizes what he is doing, he plops down.
He is cutting several teeth and having a time with them! I will be glad when they come in so he wont 'be in pain.  On Sunday he decided to start running fever and has been running fever ever since! Yesterday it got up to 102.5 and I took him to the doctor. They checked him for everything and found nothing! The doctor said it could be several different things but not for certain on any of them! He ran fever most of the night and then finally this morning it broke!! wooohoo..
horrible quality picture but love watching him stand and try to walk!

*Jagger has been busy with ball games also.. I have enjoyed watching him play ball. Our little team has definitely improved from the beginning of the season! Matthew and I were discussing our views and concerns with ball.We don't yell We don't get onto Jagger because he misses the ball or they don't win the game. We always give Jagger and our team encouragement!...Our main concern is Jagger having fun. Yes we want him to win but we know in life we don't always win! We always wanted to make sure that if anything we see improvement from when we started and that he is happy!!
I have been very disappointed at parents from this age! I can't believe the way some of them act! Its very sad to me!

*Vacation!!! We are trying to figure out what to do on vacation!!! We are beach people all the way! We could live on the beach and really we don't consider anything vacation unless its on the beach but we have thrown Disney around a couple of times! So....I am not sure what we will do this year but we are going to do something! We are all in need of a vacation!

* 10 year class reunion! This seems unreal but this year is my 10 year class reunion! I think it has been kind of a mess trying to get it planned but we finally have a date set! I can't wait to see everyone and I hope we have a good turnout!

so whats going on in your world??
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love...