Monday, November 28, 2011

Here I am!!

Oh my goodness...I promise I am still here!! I feel so bad because I have been so caught up in this tour of home thing that I have not even had time to think about blogging!! Well....I have but I am also having major computer problems too so that makes it hard to be faithful to the blog! The computer right this minute is working so I am keeping my fingers crossed! Once this weekend is over I am going to be back 100% to blogging! My house is really coming together! I am actually getting excited now! I am sitting here in the living room with all the Christmas lights on and its so beautiful. It almost brings tears to my eyes! Oh and I am also watching it snow!!! Yes...I said snow! It has been snowing since about 3:30 here! It is nuts! I never dreamed it would snow and not only that but its sticking!!! Jagger has been so excited! Earlier tonight, he came running up to me and said, "Mommy, someone painted our yard white!" I love his age! They are so fun!
I am going to get off here and get some stuff done! Both boys are sleeping! :)
Hope everyone had a blessed day!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Tradition!

I love Thanksgiving! It seems to be sort of the "kick-off" to the season! I can almost taste the yummy food already! Every year the day before Thanksgiving I go to my grandma's and help her start getting ready! My dads family is big so there is always tons of food! My grandmother normally has to start cooking the day before so it will all get done! I love it so much because her house is not very big and we are all crammed in there! The men always complain because there is not enough room to spread out and it gets too hot, but I thinks it amazing because my Grandma is so happy we are all together!
Before I got married, after eating Thankgiving lunch we would take a nap after then it was time to wake up and eat leftovers, take another nap, then start putting up Christmas decorations! Me, mom, and dad have always done decorations either Thanksgiving night or the day after! Since I have been married, things have changed! We go to Grandma's, then right after lunch we leave and head back home so we can have dinner with Matthew's family!
Our typical Thanksgiving meal will be Fried Turkey, chicken and dressing (yes..I said Chicken!! We love Chicken and dressing instead of turkey and dressing!), homemade rolls, greenbean casserole, ham, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoe casserole, salad, cranberry sauce, pecan pie, pumpkin roll, pumpkin pie, and tons of other stuff...I can't think of it all!

Do you and your family have any special Thanksgiving traditions??
Hope everyone had a blessed day!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Break!

So as you all know The Cohn family has been working very hard at getting the house ready for Tour of Homes!!! and guess what??? Last night, the crown molding got FINISHED!!! YAY!!!!

I will post more pictures when we get completely done with all of putty and junk like that! so we have been doing home projects and putting up Christmas decorations...its a little crazy around here! BUT after we get done we will get to enjoy the WHOLE month of December!
I am having a hard time with my table in my entry but here is what me and Jen came up with?? I still have a few finishing touches but what do you think?
I am going to finish working on the mesh but as far as the candle and nativity??? this mesh stresses me out!!!!

and also today I found some super awesome new creamer!!!! Its AMAZING!!!!
and I am enjoying it in one of my favorite Christmas mugs! ;)
I am loving that this is Thanksgiving week! My sister-in-laws are home and Matthew's cousin Justin is home for the first time since he left for Auburn! We are really looking forward to visiting with them! Its going to be a great week and lots of yummy food! ;)
Hope everyone had a blessed Sunday!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1!!!!

Yay!!!! I am so excited because tonight I am going to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn Part 1!!!
I got sucked into the whole Twilight saga when I was pregnant! If you have ever been pregnant then you know that the last week or so before you deliver normally consist of no sleep! The week before Jagger was born I was not sleeping and needed something to do so my sister-in-law told me about Twilight! I had no clue what they were but once I cracked open the first book I was HOOKED!!! I finished all 4 book in about 4 or 5 days!!! It was crazy! I was up reading till 3 and 4 in the morning! I do think the books are better than the movie but it is neat to see the books come to life!
Well...I need to get off here and finish my "chores" so I can go tonight!!
Will you be making it to the midnight showing or have you even got sucked in to the Twilight saga? can't wait to talk about it tomorrow!!!
Hope everyone has a blessed Thursday!!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting ready for the season!!!

Well... I'm here but it stinks because the computer officially will not turn on so now I'm going to blog from the iPod until we can figure out what to do!!! This weekend has been madness! Good madness! :) since our house is in the christmas tour of homes we are now in crunch mode! We have two weeks to get everything done!! In the middle of decorating we are also hanging up new crown molding and putting down trim!! Yes! The Cohn family can not just put up a tree and call it a day. We like to take on too much and live on stress mode for a few weeks trying to get it all done!! Not really- but I feel like we always do this! This weekend Matthew went hunting so he was gone! Guess what this means?? Me and Jagger use this time to bond while we shop! :) Saturday morning, Jennifer, Jagger, Allyson, her friend Rachel, and me went to little bit of Christmas!! It's a huge Christmas craft fair! It's amazing! There is always neat stuff and it's gets the Christmas season started! After we walked around for awhile, we decided to go shopping! First stop- hobby lobby! It was insane! The parking lot looked like the day after thanksgiving! We finally figured out all Christmas was 50% off!!! Jackpot!!! I was super excited! Almost 2 hrs later we made it out of the store alive! After several hours of fighting crowds at other store we decided to call it a day! The rest of the weekend I spent trying to decorate! I'm so mad! I got my tree put up and the base was broke so had to go buy a new one then get it all plugged in a most of the lights are out! It's a pre-lit tree! I will never buy another one! They are very frustrating! But I have one other tree completely finished!!! Jaggers tree is half finished! Christmas village up! So I am slowly but surely getting there!
Have you started decorating yet??
Hope everyone has a blessed Tuesday!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Sweet Boy!!

Exactly 2 months from today my sweet baby boy will turn 3!! It makes me very sad because he is growing up so fast! My Aunt Vicki is super awesome and super talented!! She is a photographer so whenever we have a family get together I get really excited because I know we will get great pictures! This weekend at my Grandpa's 80th birthday she took pictures and guess what?? they are amazing!!! Thank you Aunt Vicki!!

I love this little guy so much!!!
Hope everyone has a blessed Thursday!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!!!

Yay!! Its Wednesday!! This week has flown by!

I'm Loving the show Friends!! I know its old but its so funny!!

I'm Loving that this week at mom's we started planning Thanksgiving menu!! YUMMO!

I'm Loving that I have lost 2lbs with the help of My Fitness Pal!!! Its a great app on the ipod/iphone!

I'm Loving my new artwork!!! I can't wait to hang it up!

I'm Loving Broccoli and Cheese soup!!!!

and of course I'm Loving my sweet husband, awesome Heavenly Father, and this precious little guy!

Link up with Jamie and tell us what you are loving! Hope everyone had a blessed Wednesday! 


So this post is not going to be easy or fun for me but its something that has been on my mind so I feel it needs to be done! I really don't even know where to start but I will first start by confessing that I have a spending money addiction or let me rephrase that "spending money I don't have addiction"...I know, I are probably smiling saying oh, Megan come on..thats not that bad! but seriously it is! It is something that I have been dealing with since I got into college! and what started it was CREDIT CARDS!!!!
I can honestly remember the first day I got sucked in by a credit card! I had gone to get all my books for college and of course the bill for them was about $600! That is so stupid- but we will save that for another day! Anyways, my grandmother was going to pay for the books but she was not with me so instead I told her I put them on the credit card and then pay it off as soon as I got the money! Well I apply for the card (and let me remind you I am 18 at the time), and I instantly get approved for $2500!!!! WHAT???? and this is no interest for a year!(this makes me so mad at the credit card companies because no 18 year needs a $2500 limit) As an 18 year old that no nothing about credit cards I thought I had hit the lottery! but I kept telling myself that all I was going to put on it was the books and then when I got the money pay it off! Well....I got the books!!   Then when I got the money, what did I do???? I bought the $100 lacoste shirt I thought I would die without and then I bought these amazing shoes and I went out to eat several times and no telling what else!!! so of course the credit card did not get paid off and then I was without $600 dollars! so then it just turned into this vicious cycle! I think this is when alot of my depression started too because on the days that things were not going good I would run to the mall and buy anything in sight! I even opened another credit card and had it almost maxed out in 6 months! Oh and of course my Victoria's Secret card that was my pride and joy! I was working so I was paying on them but I would pay all my checks on them and then be out of money so I would have to use them again for gas, groceries and other things! So for almost 4 years this went on! It is something I was not proud of! I would lay awake at night and cry because I didn't know what to do! Only several times I got behind and would have to call mom and she would bail me out! and this made me feel even more like a scum bag because I was having to ask my mom for help (not something I enjoy doing) So anyways, this all went on until Matthew and I got married! When we got married, we got all my "baggage" paid off! I cried for a solid day because I felt like 1,000lbs had been lifted off of me! It was also something that broke my heart because I had to put Matthew through this! I felt like he was having to pay for my stupid choices!  I had done so good and then about a year ago I got a credit card and it was because I was working at the childrens store here in town and I had products in the store! I used the card strictly to buy stuff for the store and then would turn around and pay it off! I did great but then I started buying other things here and there, or using it for gas! I am NO where close to being where I was in college but I have felt over the last few months that God has really been on me about this! I just never want to get in the position I was. I almost felt like a slave to a credit card! and that is not a good thing! About 2 months ago, I decided to cut up all my credit cards so that way I would not even have the temptation! I don't know why, but the last few weeks I have really felt like Satan has been trying to suck me back into this ugly hole of spending money! Its driving me insane! I have had to really pray about it and this is the first time but I have finally confessed to God that I have this problem and that I need to be healed of it!
I have learned over the years credit cards are just horrible! There is nothing good from them! The only way they are good is if you can turn around and pay it completely off at the end of the month! Other than that DO NOT get sucked into them! and I find it funny that the only time I ever felt good was right when I was buying but then when I got home it was like guilt and I didn't even like what I bought! Its horrible and nothing to be proud of! I have learned if we don't have the cash for it then we don't need it! God has provided us with the money we need and if something is more than what we have then he doesn't think we need it!
I hope yall dont' think I am nuts but I know this is something that others go through! Its not fun and its something that has to be taken care of or it can get out of control! Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I work through this!
Matthew 19:26  With God all things are possible!!!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Bennie and poppie!!

We are having a blast at Bennie and Poppies!!!! My grandma is here so we are getting to visit with her too!! She has cracked up at Jagger! He is too funny!! Mom is working at home so today was cool that she was here with us! Last night I started watching Friends!!! I forgot how much I love this show!! I was laying in bed laughing so hard!!
Oh and this is huge!!! Jagger has for almost a week gone without the paci and yesterday and today he wore big boy underwear and had no accidents!!! Potty training is tough but once they get it it's awesome!
I don't know about everyone but this time change is nuts! It feels so much later than what it is!!!!!!
Hope everyone has had a blessed Monday!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Recap!!!

Happy 80th Birthday to my granddad today!!! God has blessed me with wonderful grandparents! I have always grown up having all my grandparents and several great grandparents! and Jagger has got LOTS of Grandparents! 6 grandparents and 7 great-grandparents to be exact and these are all living!! This is a huge blessing for Jagger! ;) So anyways, today we came to Bennie and Poppie's to have a birthday party for my granddad! It was so much fun and we even had Spongebob party hats! hahahah...
As you all know I am having major computer issues! I am thinking it may be better to just get a new computer than pay someone a ton of money to fix the one we have and plus the computer is about 6 years old so in computer time that is ancient! ;)

Halloween is not my favorite holiday! I know...I am boring..I guess by the time Halloween rolls around I am getting the "Christmas itch" so I am just ready to skip over Halloween! but ever since we have had Jagger I have started to enjoy it! He loves to get dressed up, and this year was the first time he understood that he got CANDY!!! He was thrilled about all the candy but he truly enjoyed handing out candy more than getting it! He was so sweet. He made sure that every kid that came to the door got candy!!
Overall we had a great Halloween full of family, friends and lots of candy!
spiders gigi made for Halloween party at daycare!! so cute and easy!

Playing games! Pin the nose on the pumpkin!

got his apple in bobbing for apples!!! love those dimples!


all of his yummy food!

trick or treating at Gigi's!

more trick or treating!

handing out candy to trick or treaters!


the cohn family halloween loot! this is what happens when you have Gigi and great grandma living in your town! ;)

Hope everyone had a super blessed Sunday!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I am still having computer problems so I still will not have pictures of Jagger on Halloween and since he was sick I couldn't do it at his grandmas! so hopefully very soon I can get them up and going! to what I am Loving!!

I'm Loving that it is time to start thinking about Christmas decorations! One of my favorite things is Christmas villages! I think they are too precious and I found the perfect thing to add to mine this year!!
This is a must for every family that loves Chick-Fil-A

Isn't it cute!!! I love it! and I think my Christmas village will love it too! :)
I'm Loving pumpkin bread!! Matthew's grandma makes it every year at Halloween and I can't stay out of it! It is so good with coffee in the mornings!! yummy!

I'm Loving Boogie Wipes! Sounds strange huh? Well they are so great for little ones! They are saline wipes for a runny nose! Its the only thing that Jagger will let me wipe his nose with! They keep his nose from drying out and getting raw!

I'm Loving that this weekend I am going to mom and dads!! I have missed them and am ready to hang out with them! We are also going to be celebrating my grandpa's birthday so that will be nice! Jagger will have a blast! ;)

I'm Loving that I found the perfect thing for my desk! and of course its from my FAVORITE store- Pier 1!!!!

It's a business card holder and a cute box!! I can't wait to go buy it and get it on my desk! I already have the matching frame for it!! Yay!

I'm Loving these "Holiday Heels" from Victoria's Secret!

Link up with Jamie and tell us what you are loving!!! Hope everyone had a super blessed Wednesday! ;)