Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day!

Oh my goodness....what an amazing Memorial Day weekend! We have not celebrated just a day...we have been going the whole weekend! I have not done a blog post in a few days because have been super busy and I thought I would do one big post! Our weekend all started with Justin's graduation and just ended a few hours ago with a big supper and some more swimming! I thank God everyday for letting me be apart of an amazing family! So here goes with The Cohn/Lynn/Watson Memorial Day weekend!
Justin's Graduation Party

We got him a college survival basket! Boys are hard to buy for!

Opening gifts! Yay!
Swimming and Relaxing

Lots of FOOD!!!!  We had hamburgers and hot dogs, tenderloin, chicken strips, Fuji! (yes...I said Fuji ...My father-in-law has perfected the japanese steakhouse food! Its amazing!!!), fried chicken,  chocolate cake, chocolate roll, Angel Food cake, fruit, tons of ice cream,  and lots of other stuff! None of us starve ..that is for sure!
Who loves ice cream? Jagger loves ice cream!

Yes this is fried rice!!! OMGoodness!!

The Family Kickball Tournament!!! Hysterical!  We were hard core! We had team names and everything! Bootheel Gators and The Skins??? Not too sure where that one came from?

And more swimming!!!!

Hope everyone had a blessed Memorial Day weekend! I will be gone for a few days! Going to stay with my grandma...she has no internet so we will be disconnected from everyone! Kinda looking forward to it, but keep me in your prayers!! ;)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Flashback- Graduation 2004!

So all of this graduation stuff got me thinking about the year I graduated! I was class of 2004! I can not believe I have been out of school for 7 years! Wow...where have the years gone! After graduation, Matthew and I got home and I started pulling stuff out of the attic...It is amazing how things change in 7 years!
I love being able to look back at my scrapbook and see what I was doing! All the pictures in this post are scanned in so if they don't look too good that is why!
Gas prices in 2004 : $1.99   not too bad but not super cheap! I was driving a black mustang so it probably didn't cost much to fill up!
Best friends - Amy, Sarah W, Amber, Elise,Sarah G and Audra! .....  Amy, Sarah, Amber, and me were always together acting crazy... I have some of my best memories with these girls! Makes me want to cry thinking about it!

Girls don't kill me for this picture! but it shows how much fun we had!!
Popular songs in 2004 -  I love this bar - Toby Keith, Cowboys Like Us- George Strait, Yeah by Usher, So Far Away - Staind,
Job- I worked at Ken's Sav On Drug in high school! I loved this job!!! Some super amazing people there! ;)
Homecoming- I was the Student Council sweetheart and John Aska was my escort....In my book it says we won the it was a great Homecoming! Go Lions! ;)

the book shelf in the back ground was props from the school play!
Senior Prom- Amazing! We had the time of our lives....our group went in a stretch navigator...the theme was Hollywood Nights! (sad- can't find my pictures)
It was just an all together great senior year! I can't wait for a 10 year reunion to see what everyone is up too!
Getting the diploma I worked hard for! I did graduate with honors so I was happy! ;)

Senior Picture

Yearbook picture! 

Enough about graduation, hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend! Be safe and be blessed!

Graduation 2011

Last night was Justin's, Matthews cousin, high school graduation. I always enjoy graduations..It is a special time and to me high school graduations are emotional..It is such an exciting time in these kids life and now they are going on to starting a new chapter in life! I was happy because Jagger did so good! The graduation did not start till 8, and he had not had a nap...but he did amazing!! He ended up falling asleep during the ceremony, so that was ok but then in all the pictures Matthew is holding Jagger while he sleeps! hahah...oh well that is what happens when you have babies!

hahaha...i love this....he's thinking oh my when is this gonna be over??

Congrats Justin and graduating class of 2011!! We are so proud of you! Love ya!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Farewell Oprah!

I am very sad about Oprah! It actually makes me want to cry! I have watched Oprah for a very long time! I know there are alot of people who do not watch her but I have! I have laughed and cried with the millions of other men and women watching her! She truly has done some amazing things. Some of my favorite Oprah moments....
1. Makeovers!!! Oh wow! Oprah has some of the best makeovers ever! I love them! Even Matthew enjoys watching them!
Here are some of my favorites!

2. I love love love Oprah's Favorite Things -  I am like a kid watching this show!! I get just as excited as the crowd (well maybe not that excited!)

The reactions are my favorite part! so funny!

3. I love all the shows where she surpises people! It makes me so happy! You get a car and you get a car and you get a car! Amazing!

There are so many awesome moments from her show! I love them all and I have had a ton of Aha moments myself from the show! I will miss the show alot and I honestly can't believe it is over!

Farewell Oprah! It has been a blast!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I Am Loving Wednesday!

I'm Loving that the storms did not get bad at all! It really did not even storm here! I had been praying about it most of the day! My heart still goes out to everyone that was affected!

I'm Loving that today was Allyson's 8th grade graduation! So proud of her! and Jagger did really well during the graduation!

Love you sweet girl!
I'm Loving Nutella! Spread this stuff on a bagel or a piece of toast! OMGoodness!

I'm Loving that I FINALLY found something that helps my back! I have the worst back in the world and since we have been running it has gotten bad! but this has been amazing! Excedrin Back and Body! Oh yes!

I'm Loving my amazingly sweet good-looking hubby and my precious baby boy! Wow..I am blessed!
First time- nope not ready!

Second time- Still not ready!!!

Third time- decent but your eyes are closed? Why with kids does it take multiple times to get a some what descent picture?

Love this one!
 Link up here and tell us what you love!! Hope everyone had a blessed Wednesday!