Sunday, October 30, 2011

Computer Down!

Hey everyone...I am so bummed out. Our computer is not doing very well! It is very ill and had a bad spell on me over the weekend! ;) I have lost everything on it, and am not sure if it is worth getting fixed or just buy a new one! Thankfully, I had saved all my pictures to my external hard drive!! YAY!!
Tomorrow night or Tuesday I will do a recap from the weekend!! We had a great one! Jagger is getting very excited about Halloween! I know he will have a blast!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!! Don't eat too much candy tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!!

I'm Loving that Jagger is starting to potty train again!!! Wooohooo! He was doing great until we went on vacation and then it was like he forgot, but we are getting back on track again!!

I'm Loving that Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 will be coming out on dvd very soon!!!! I see another Harry Potter marathon in the future! ;)

I'm Loving these Toms!!!

I'm Loving that my brain is getting completely geared towards Christmas!! I have already gotten my ideas for gifts-just waiting to buy! I strive on finding cool unique gifts so I have to start way ahead of time!! and I have some GREAT ones! Can't wait for the sister-in-laws to open presents!

I'm Loving this tricycle that will be perfect for Jag!

I'm Loving these boots!!!! I have a small obsession with cowboy boots! I wear them almost everyday..they are my go to shoe!

I'm Loving this wreath!!

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Hope everyone had a super blessed Wednesday!

Feeling Violated!

So....I am not too happy!!! This morning my husband wakes me up in a panic saying my car had been broke into!!! It was kind of funny because you know how when you first wake up, it normally takes a few minutes to get your mind right. Well, when he woke me up I was alittle confused and in mind going what in the world? I go outside and sure enough some stupid person had got in my car and had a hayday!! My stuff was thrown all over the inside!!! GGGGRRRR!! Thankfully, they didn't take much- we didn't have anything worth value..we did but I guess they were not smart enough to know that! ;) but what bothers me more than anything is that they were that close to us while sleeping and if they wanted to they probably could have come in our house! That thought makes me very sick to my stomach! On the other hand, Matthew is ticked!!! He was so mad. He told me that today he is going to hire someone to come and put in a ton of outside lights! He said our house will light up like the Griswalds!! hahahha
We got very lucky that they did not take more than what they did! Whoever did this was on a roll because they hit about 20 to 30 others last night and some of our neighbors got windshields broken! Please keep all of us in your prayers and prayer for the people that did this!! apparently they need lots of prayers! ;)
Have you ever been broken into?
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Great Weekend!

This weekend has been great! I know it has been Wednesday since I have wrote but we have been one busy family! Matthew left on Thursday night for his "yearly guy bow hunting" trip! Honestly the first year we were married, I was not too thrilled about this whole hunting thing, but now I am glad that he gets to go! He goes hunting and I go shopping! :) Normally, when he goes on this trip we stay with his grandma! Jagger loves getting to "pend" the night at Grandma Betty's! What kid wouldn't?? Its like Disney get tons of sugar and can do anything you want (not everything..but you know what I mean!)
Thursday, Grandma Betty, Jagger, and I drove to Jonesboro to get started on some Christmas shopping! I know it seems alittle early but we like to get started! We got Jagger's santa gift taken care of! The toy store we got it at has layaway, so it was perfect to go in, tell them what we want and then after we left the store they put it in layaway..Jagger never had a clue what he is getting and then I can go back down there and get it! I love Christmas! It is such a wonderful time of the year, but we do things alittle different! I just feel our society gets to wrapped up in "material" stuff at Christmas! We feel like if we don't give our kids 20 presents then they don't have a good Christmas! I do NOT want Jagger to be like this! Me and Matthew do not get Jagger anything execpt a Santa gift! He gets enough from the Grandparents that we just don't feel like we should buy him anything! He gets 1 Santa gift and it is a bigger gift, so we feel that is plenty!
I was so excited because I have been looking for a cute work bag and haven't been able to find one and of course where did I finally find one???? the best place in the world- Target!
and it was only $20!!!! I was super excited! and I found a $10 purse!!

I think I did pretty good! ;)
Friday was super great! Jagger went to Daycare and didn't even cry when I dropped him off! He gave me and a hug and said he would be a good boy! I didn't cry but I had a lump in my throat! :) After I dropped Jagger off I went to the real estate office! I was so busy! I had two listings!!!! The first listing, Lynette went with me to the house and showed me how to do it! It was great! and then when we got back to the office to start putting the paperwork into the computer, I got the call for the 2nd one! I got in the car and went to the house by myself! I was nervous but I think I did pretty good for being alone! I went back to the office and got started on all my work...I was there for quite awhile after we closed trying to get my stuff done! Gigi picked Jagger up from Daycare so it was nice knowing he was taken care of and having a good time!
Saturday- Pa CP came and picked Jagger up that morning and took him out to the Missouri Waterfowl Festival! They went to a petting zoo and watching the Duck Calling Contest! Pa said he had a blast and was so good! Once he brought him back, we loaded up and went to this awesome place called Decor Direct! It is this huge place where you can get all this awesome home decor for hardly nothing! Its one of my favorite places to go! I got several things and Matt's grandma found tons of stuff! She was loving it! Here is one of my favorite things I got!!

and it was only $10!!!!!! wooohooo! I was jumping up and down in the store! ;)
Sunday- Sunday was eventful! I went to the grocery store early to get the groceries for the Casserole creations we were doing at Church! We had lunch and then I had to head up the church! Jen and I got there early to get everything set up for the event! I enjoyed getting to spend some time with Jen and not have to worry about kids! ;) After everyone got there, we got the casseroles put together! It was a great time! When we got finished, I left and went home to see Matthew! We got to visit for about 20 minutes without Jagger! It was nice..we could talk about our weekend and just spend some time together!
Once he got ready, we went and put out my real estate signs!! it was super exciting!

I love my two helpers! They do a great job! ;)
After we finished putting up the was time for Pa's birthday party! Grandma Betty cooked an amazing meal - my favorite...fried porkchops, fried potatoes, macaroni, slaw, white beans, corn, and jalepeno corn bread! IT was AWESOME!! I pretty much made myself sick! Jagger helped Pa blow out his candles on his cake and open presents.

The rest of the night was uneventful! We watched the Cardinals play and then went to bed!!!
Jagger and sweet Ally!

Acting silly!!!

This is the spider he made with Gigi! He was so proud of it!
What did you do this weekend?
Hope everyone has a blessed Monday!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

Yay!!! I am so happy to be doing a What I'm Loving post!!

I'm Loving that I have a super sweet friend that I have met through blogging! Her name is Kayla! We decided to do a little blog swap between the two of us...she is super cool! Here is what she sent..

Isn't it cute!!! She got me an awesome mug, cosmetic bag, jewelry tree- that will look AMAZING in our bedroom, and a can of my favorite febreeze! Thanks sweet Kayla! Check her out at Keeping Up With Kayla...

I'm Loving my new peacock Christmas ornament!!!

I'm Loving the sweater I got Jagger on Ebay!!! I love Ebay- it makes me so happy!

Its so perfect since Matthew is a big duck hunter! We love anything with mallard ducks on it! ;)

I'm Loving that tonight we got an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and Jagger LOVED it!!! It was precious and yummy too!

Jagger got into it before I could get a picture..that is why some of the top teeth are missing! ;)

I'm Loving The Cosby Show!! I know..I know...its forever old, but me and Matthew have been watching episodes every night on Netflix! We have laughed so hard we have tears! What happened to good clean humor tv shows???? I miss old tv!

I'm Loving that Friday at 1 is the appointment for my first listing!!!!! YAY!!!!!! I know God has great plans for me with real estate!

I'm Loving my sweet baby boy, my awesome hubby and of course our amazing Heavenly Father! ;)
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Hope you have had a super blessed Wednesday!

Monday, October 17, 2011

What Is My Deal? those of you who have been blogging for awhile is this normal for me to have this "blogging drag"????? I just cant' seem to get it together!!! I don't know what is going on? My camera has been acting stupid on me and that has made me very upset because I normally put pictures on my post! Hopefully the camera will be fixed tomorrow, if not Santa is going to be coming early! :)
Also.....(advice is needed) Jagger is going through this not wanting to sleep thing!!! It is crazyness! Normally, he would fall asleep and I could spend alittle time blogging but the last week he has decided he does not require sleep! What in the world is up with that? Sunday, I woke him up at 7:30 to get ready for church and he was still going strong at 10:30 that night!!!! Yes...I am serious! Matthew and I were about to pull our hair out! I dont' know what to do???? Any suggestions?
Today has been a normal day for us! I got all the laundry done and FINALLY put a top coat on my furniture - I figured I had better do that before it was too late! Tonight before bible study, all three of us got a much needed hair cut! If camera comes back to life, then I will post pictures! Jagger looks so handsome and much older. It breaks my heart! I want him to stay a baby forever!!
Well...enough about my boring day! Since Jagger is asleep, Matthew and I are going to try and get some rest!
Hope everyone had a blessed Monday!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm Still Here!!

I know...I know..I was not a good blogger last week! I am not quite sure what happened!!?? It seemed everytime I would sit down to write something would happen and I would have to get it just never got done! We had such a busy week!!!! and it flew by....
I was sad that I didn't do a What I'm Loving Wednesday link but I couldn't get the pictures working and it was late by the time I started working on it so I decided to just not do it and spend time with my family! ;) Wednesday, we spent all day at the farm! Jagger and I went out there about 11 and didn't get home till around 4:30 and that is only because it started raining so that brought the cotton picking to a hault! We were happy and sad to see the rain!
Friday was a very exciting day for us!! It was my first official day to work in the real estate office and it was Jagger's first day at daycare!! I didn't have to be in the office until 1 but I got up early - mainly because I was so nervous about Jagger! He is not one to stay alone with anyone...He is just now getting good at staying with family by himself..let alone someone he doesn't know! All week I have been talking daycare up so that way he would be looking forward to it....I woke him up about 8:30 Friday morning and immediately started telling him we were going to daycare and he was going to have so much fun with his friends! I told him that mommy would be leaving but Grandma Betty would come pick him up right after he ate lunch. He never cried when I was telling him this..He just went along with it like it was going to be ok! He was so excited on the way. We get there and walk in the door and he goes straight to the kids! He knows several of the kids from church so that helps! After about 5 minutes I think it hit him that I would be leaving and he started getting clingy! The lady in charge, Mrs. Holly, was standing with us and finally I ask her if it would be best if I just leave! and of course, she said yes! She said that if he cries it would be ok!! I tell Jagger that I am going to leave but Grandma would come and get him! I gave him a hug and a kiss, then turn to leave! When I almost get to the door, I turn around and he is standing there with his head down and these huge alligator tears!!!!! It was AWFUL!! I walked straight to the car and start bawling! I have never been so heartbroken! that is probably one of the hardest things I have ever done! I cried all the way home..and then came in his bedroom-laid on the floor and cried for a few minutes! After a few minutes of acting silly, I calmed down, got myself together and realized that no matter if I like it or not my little boy is going to grow up! and fast!!!
Instead of sitting at home and thinking about him, I decided to go to the office early! I was so happy I did! It got my mind off of it and it gave me a chance to start learning! I called the daycare to check on him and they said he was doing great! He only cried for alittle bit and then he was ok! and when Grandma Betty went to pick him up he wanted to stay and watch Mickey Mouse!! :)
The real estate office was great! I love it and I can't wait to see what God has in store for me! I know its going to be awesome! I have a lot to learn but I know I can do it!
After we all got home from work, Matthew went to the home football game. I stayed at home and baked cookies for 5th Quarter (our church hosted this at our family life for all the kids to come to after the game..we have food, games, prizes for them!) Jennifer and Nolen came over to help with the cookies and then we went to the church! It was a great turn out! There were lots of kids there! and Jagger had a blast running around! It finally ended around 11:30, so we were exhausted once we got home! We all passed out and probably did not move the whole night!

Today has been a slow day! We have not done anything! This drives Matthew insane.....he thinks if we are not productive then has been a wasted day! I think a break is sometimes nice! We went and ate with Matthews mom and dad then we went to the Elementary School carnival! Jagger loved it...There were people everywhere and he really enjoyed the games! It has been a great day!
Hope everyone has had a blessed day!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Love The 90's!

I love the 90's! This is during the time I was growing up so everything from the 90's hits home! ;) It cracks me up when I look back at pictures and I thought I was "stylin'" at the time but OH My Goodness!! what in the world was my mom thinking letting me wear some of that stuff...but it was in style then! I guess this is what every generation says! ;)
The last time Matthew's sisters were home we got on a big conversation about the 90's and what was popular! We had a blast talking about things we had forgotten I wanted to get on here and share some the things I remember!!!  Warning- this is going to be alittle long but I hope you stick around to see of this! Maybe it will bring up some good memories!!

*TV Shows- I miss tv from back then because it was actually tv shows and not reality!! I am so tired of reality shows....There are so many good ones from back then but these were the top that came to mind!


Double Dare!!

Watched this one from beginning to end!! every thursday night! ;)

Full House!

Saved By The Bell!

There are so many good ones! I wanted to put them all!

*Movies - Pretty much all my favorite movies are from the 90's!!!
Was a huge movie for our generation!!! ;) I loved this movie!

such a good one!! Still a favorite!

I have never met anyone who did not like this movie!

AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!  We still watch it every Christmas!

so sweet!

Major movie for the time!!

One of my all time favs!!! I watch it every couple of weeks! ;)

*Books - these are just books that I remember from growing up! I know some of them are older but these were some of my favorites when I was a child!

* Style - this one cracks me up! I wish I had some pictures but they are all at mom and dads...I just went through and found a few things that reminded of when I was little!

This makes me laugh! I can't believe I thought I would die if I didn't have a pair of these!!!

I hated when mom made me wear these!

again....   Dr. Marten has us fooled!

Scrunchies!!  I still have some! ;) they are only used for pulling the hair up to take a shower or remove makeup!

Oh my!
 * Food - These are just some of the foods that I remember and some of them you can not find anymore!

This stuff is so strange! but I remember talking mom into getting me some! I don't remember what those little balls tasted like? weird huh?

Candy necklaces are the best!

I loved these but they were not out for long!

*Toys and Games!!!! (this is one of my favorite things to talk about)
Barbie!!! I love Barbie! I had tons of Barbie stuff....the house, cruise boat, car, jeep, grocery store, Mcdonalds!

Beanies!!! I remember people going crazy over these things!!

This is one of my favorites! The skirts turned inside out and turned the girl into a cupcake!!

Easy Bake

Polly Pocket! I had lots of these too!! They were so fun to play with and super cute!

Pretty Pretty Princess game!


This was the best nintendo! I loved playing duck hunter!
There are tons of other things that I wanted to put on here, but as you can see it is getting long! Hope this can bring back some great memories for you like it does me!!
What are some of your favorite things from the 90's??
Hope you have had a blessed day!!!