Friday, August 31, 2012


In the words of my girl Sheryl Crow, A Change Would do you good......Change. It cracks me up that this words scares ALOT of people! Most people can not handle or don't like change! Wonder why that is? I guess most of us are just creature of habit! I know you are wondering why in the world I am talking about all of this, but this week I finally did something that was a BIG change for me!!! I got my hair cut! and when I say cut not the normal trim! I got inches off....lots of inches! and if you know me I am a long hair girl! I remember in high school my girl friends trying to get me to cut my hair off short and I just couldn't do it! My hair is my "comfort blanket"! but I finally have had enough.. I can't handle spending 45 minutes to one hours fixing the mess! So, I decided I needed a change and I am so happy I did! I love it..and I was so shocked at how much we cut off and its really medium length hair! I will probably let it grow out again but it is nice for a good change every once in awhile! Have you ever done anything out of your comfort zone that was a nice change???

Not sure if you can get an idea of how long my hair was, but it was down the middle of my back!!! LONG!!!

Not the best picture..taken on ipad but you get the idea!!!
Hope everyone has a blessed Friday!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Gummy Bears!!

So this picture makes my mouth water for gummy bears as I type! ;) This is all I have been craving like a MAD person! On the way to the football game the other night, I was craving them so bad I had Matthew stop at the gas station and guess what? they didn't have them! They had gummy bears and Matthew kept asking why I couldn't eat those!!! Those other gummy bears are different! They are not the same as these! :) Isn't it weird when you get a pregnancy craving, you can't do anything until you satisfy the craving! I now have several bags accessible at all times - purse, car, cabinet, candy bowl, etc. For those of you that have been there, what did you crave? With Jagger, I craved old school Kraft macaroni. Yes, the powder kind! and then those nasty little chocolate donuts that come lined up in a plastic wrapping at the gas station! The most random stuff at the most random time! ok..enough about that....I am super excited because tonight when Jagger ask for his snack he wanted a BANANA!!!! I was about to fall in the floor! If you know my child he only eats meat, potatoes, bread and nutella! He does not do the fruit or vege thing! It drives me insane, but he gets it from his daddy! but I have been very proud of both of them! They are starting to try a few new things! I am not giving up hope on them yet!
Today has been a great day! We got a sprinkle of rain! I was very excited and Jagger kept asking me why I was happy about rain!! Kids don't understand! We went grocery shopping and Jagger did not ask for a toy or throw a hissy when I said no!This was a huge turning point!  I also showed a house tonight! The showing we went very well but I am trying not to get my hopes up until they show up with money or sign on the dotted line!
Well my boys are asleep so I am going to take advantage and do some reading!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Very Excited!

So some of you may not know but we have family news!!
Yes...we are expecting and we are very excited! We had been wanting to have another but we never DREAMED it would happen so fast! Now that it has been awhile since we have found out we know without a doubt that it was completely all in God's hands! He was ready for us to have this new baby!! Jagger does not really understand the whole thing. We have been trying to talk to him about it but he really does not say anything! I am thinking that when I start showing he might start noticing that things are different! ;) and who knows he may not get it until we are at the hospital with the new baby! Everyone has been asking if we are wanting a boy or a first reaction is BOY but honestly I will take whatever God has in store for us! I have been struggling with all sorts of emotions and the one that has really been getting me is (I hope I don't sound like a horrible person for this) how in the world will I be able to love another child as much as I love Jagger! It brings tears to my eyes right now because Jagger is our world..I have heard from many that have more than one child that it just happens! We will love this one the same as we love Jagger!
I have not been blogging the last little bit because of all of this! I have been so exhausted I can't hardly keep my head up, but I am starting to feel better and hope life will somewhat get back to normal. I also feel that I can come out of hiding! ;) We had known for awhile before we told and I kind of stayed at home away from everyone because I was afraid I would slip up and let the secret out!
so now...all of you that have more than one child what is your advice for us?????
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

I'm LOVING that it is Shark Week on Discovery Channel! Matthew and I are always glued to the tv during this week!!!

I'm LOVING that fall is right around the corner!! I can't hardly wait to start putting up fall decorations!! and eating fall food! :)

I'm LOVING Diet Dr. Pepper! Not quite sure where this one came from but when I was in high school I was addicted to it! I am not really addicted but I sure do love the taste! I guess just something different!

I'm LOVING pretzel crisps! If you have not had them you are missing out! I can hardly but them because I will eat the whole bag especially the buffalo wing!! OMGoodness! They are amazing!

I'm LOVING that it is almost football time! Yay! I can't wait!

What are you loving this week? Link up with Jamie and tell us what you are loving!!!
Hope everyone had a blessed Wednesday!

Who Loves Nutella???

We do!!! There is not a day goes by that Jagger doesn't ask for his FAVORITE thing ever...A nutella sandwich! We have to take a jar of nutella whenever we travel! Please Nutella never stop making your wonderful product! We love it!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Last Days of Vacation!!

So I had completely intended on blogging everyday while we were on vacation but as you can see that did not happen! The last couple of days we were so busy trying to enjoy each minute that I didn't want to take the time to blog! I am not going to go into full blown detail of the last few days but I am going to hit the major points! mainly for our memories!!!
Wednesday- best part of the day..Donuts for breakfast! :) I can not even tell you the last time I had a donut but trust me I enjoyed these! They were just plain glazed but they were warm and just melted in your mouth! Oh my!!! The waves were bigger on this day which was great because that is about the only way this girl gets in the water! I do love waves, but on this day I got my fill! The family finally drug me out into the water after I sat there and watched them have a blast!! I was on a raft with Jagger and the waves were pretty big..well as you may not know I am not the best swimmer so here I already nervous about being in the ocean and then add big waves on top of that! Not a good combo! I normally hang on to Matthew but everyone kept telling me to relax and it would be ok! The next thing I know a huge wave came and I tried to keep Jagger from falling off! All I could taste was blood...I wasn't sure what happen but the blood and pain was there! Apparently Jagger's head hit me in the lip and it busted my lip was bloody!!! and mixed with salt water! Gross! My lip immediately swelled up like I had botox! It was not funny when it happened but after we got a good laugh!  We got out pretty early that day and by lunch it was already brewing up a storm! We went out for lunch that day because of the storm and when we came back we went back to beach! We saw a really awesome water spout! It was so cool! For supper, we went out and then had ice cream for dessert! That night Matthew and I went out and sat out under the stars for awhile! It was perfect! We saw shooting stars and just enjoyed time together!
Thursday- The waves were even bigger this day!!! We got Jagger a boat so he could ride the waves, and he thought it was the coolest thing ever! It was worth the $10 we spent! By 11:30 it was starting to rain so we loaded up and went inside! We enjoyed a lunch at the condo then went back out for awhile! We came in early this day because we had decided to do family pics that evening! I am so glad we did because they turned out gorgeous!!! It was overcast but it made for great pictures!
Friday- We stayed out ALL day long! I was really sad on this day because I knew it was the last day! I got everything loaded and packed that night because we had decided to get up and leave at 5:30 the next morning!
Saturday- Not a fun day!!! We were on the road for 10 hours! It was not cool!!! but we were glad to be home!
Our trip was a blast and we made so many great memories!!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sun Tan!!!

Day 3 and I'm loving my tan!!! Oh and by the way sorry for the spelling mistakes and no pictures! I didn't bring my computer so all this is done on the iPad. It is very frustrating to blog on here because there is no spell check and its hard to click on mistakes to change them so just bare with me and know that I'm not meaning too! Also, all the posts are a day behind! I would do them at night but we are so tired and normally there is no down time! So today I am writing about yesterday!! I know I am weird! This was the first morning I slept in and I LOVED it! For some reason I am sleeping like a baby here! It's amazing! We played on the beach all morning! Jagger is still impressing everyone with all of his swimming skills! At lunch we decided to go out! Normally we eat at the condo but Pa and GIgi found a really cool place on their morning drive! The place is called Fisherman's Corner. We knew it was going to be good because it is just a hole in the wall! It would probably scare most people off from looking at it! But the inside is awesome! And the food was heavenly! It's the best we have had! I got the shrimp and grits! The man said it is what they are famous for! And I can see why! They take the grits, mix them with smoked gouda cheese then deep fry them! The favors just explode in your mouth! After lunch, we just hung out and enjoyed the beach! Supper consisted of fried shrimp and all you can eat steamed shrimp! Can we say yummy??? When we got back to condo we went back to the beach! Jagger had so much running in the waves!! The weather was so nice because the breeze off the ocean!!
Well i better get off here so we can head back to the beach!!!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 2!!!

Another wonderful day in the sun!!! We got outside pretty early because the weather was saying storms were coming! Matthew and I got up around 6am so that we could take a walk together! I am so happy that we did because the dolphins were giving us quite the show!!! We also got really close to a super cool blue heron!! Once we got back we had to wake up our 3 year old teenager who was not happy about getting out of bed!!! We ate a quick breakfast and then headed out to the beach!!  We started out building a big turtle but for some reason the John Deere tractors we brought decided that it looked like a nice dirt pile! Bye bye turtle! Charlyn, Claire and I decide to build a huge sand castle with a big mote around it!! I was very impressed with the final result!! :) pictures to come soon! Around 12, the clouds started rolling in along with sprinkles and thunder! We decided this would be a great time to come in and eat some lunch! After lunch Matthew, Jagger and I went to Walmart to get some things we needed! jagger was so happy to see Walmart! He thinks it is the greatest place ever!!! :) the rest of the afternoon consisted of lounging around the condo watching a movie! 6pm is our favorite time because that means its supper time!!!!  I love food and I love seafood so the two put together makes it even better!! My mouth is watering just thinking about food!! But we had our first disappointment! The food was not good and we were so sad because you hate to waste a good meal! :( but oh well, now we know not to eat there! Since supper did not hit the spot we decided ice cream would be good! And yes it was! I had a brownie sundae! It was a hot brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge!!! AMAZING!!  We finished the night laying around watching the OLympics! I know we are not leaving until Saturday but I am going to be sad because I am truly loving "life" down here!! God is so good!
Oh and the day involved several sea creature spottings! We saw some type of Ray jump completely out of water! I keep calling it a sting ray! :) pa cp caught some type of flat ray fish that bury down in the sand! And then we saw a baby shark swimming along the shore! Yea... This little momma stayed up on the beach most of the day! :)
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sand and Sun!!!

This is our first full day at the beach and we are having a BLAST!!! Mornings at the beach are my favorite. I got up around 6:15 this morning! I laid in bed for a little bit just enjoying my time! I finally got up around 6:45 to get my cup of coffee! Once my coffee was ready it was just coffee, bible, and myself enjoying a GORGEOUS view on our patio! I absolutely love having my bible study time outside on the patio while watching the waves and of course my friends, the dolphins! This morning they were jumping and playing! One even came up near the shore! It was awesome!
Finally around 8:30 everyone started getting up and eating breakfast! After breakfast it was beach time!! The water is so clear and Jagger loves the waves! He will run and jump into them! He even swims under the waves! It is very impressive! I am a scaredy cat when it comes to the ocean! Well not really a scaredy cat but just a little nervous! I am constantly looking around for fish and other creatures! Matthews family laugh at me! And today while they were laughing at me I saw a sting ray!!! Yes a real sting ray! I didn't get in the water too much after that! Gigi taught Jagger to boogie board today!! It is precious! We laid out and built sand castles until we couldn't handle it anymore! Lunch was a quick sandwich and way to make Jagger rest then it was back out again! The afternoon was nice! We saw more dolphins and watched Jagger ride the waves! Around 5, a storm started to roll in so everyone decide to come in! Once we were ready it was time for food!!! My second favorite part!!!! We are all HUGE seafood eaters so we are taking advantage! Tonight I had a very yummy shrimp po boy!! The shrimp was amazing! Now a few hours later, after getting our bellies full we are watching Usain Bolt run in the Olympics!!! Olympics, Beach,Family, FRESH seafood....God is good!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!