Friday, June 28, 2013

It's Friday!!

Yay! This week has been full for us but I have been really looking forward to this day! Tonight we are going to be getting together with abunch of couples from our church just to hang out! I can't hardly wait! My time spent with other adults has been limited so I am looking forward to the conversation! I hope I don't embarrass myself by talking everyone's head off!
Yesterday was our anniversary and we did get to do alittle celebrating! Last night, Matthew's mom watched the boys so we could drive to Jonesboro and eat at the 501. They have a goat cheese steak that will knock your socks off! I know, I know you are thinking goat cheese, yuck! but let me tell you it is one of the best things you will put in your mouth! For along time we did not know about it but then one of my good friends introduced me! I instantly fell in love! It took me months and months to convince Matthew to try a bite because the good Lord knows he more than likely is not going to put anything in his mouth that has to deal with a goat! but once he got the courage to try one tiny bite, it was over! He has been a fan ever since! So last night we took the hour drive to enjoy this steak! After we ate we went to Academy Sports to look around. Places like Academy Sports, Dicks, and Sports Authority make me really overwhelmed (this happens to me alot! If you stick me in a store that has tons and tons I tend to get overwhelmed!). I really didn't even know what to look at! Matthew went straight to the golf section! Once we had looked at everything there we ventured to the mall for alittle bit! We couldn't even remember the last time we had been in the mall by ourselves! We really didn't even know what to do. We went into several stores but didn't find much! So then we decided it was time for Ice Cream! I mean Ice cream is better than shopping, right??? I am not quite sure about this but since we didn't have time to shop Ice Cream is good! ;)
On our way home we had some great conversation and it has actually been on my mind ever since! We started discussing material things and how they don't bring true happiness. Have you ever noticed how, you will want something so bad, you get it and then two days later you are wanting something else??? Why is that? There have been times I thought I was going to die if I did not get a certain pair of shoes or that pair of jeans. I get them and was so happy but then the next day I had already come up with something else to want! We also talked about how we think we have to certain things... (Lacoste/Polo, Michael Kors, Coach, and many others) but just because I might wear Ray Ban sunglasses does that make people like me any more or less? Just because Matthew might wear a Lacoste shirt instead of a Target does that make him any less of a person...No it doesn't...Its crazy how we as humans can let things define who we are.....and in all honesty if you have that certain handbag, or watch, how many people will know what it is compared to that Target watch or handbag??? It cracks me up that most of the time I get more compliments on my stuff that is not name brand! Something to thing about huh? Joyce Meyer said that when you get the "wants", go drive by a Scrapyard-all that junk was once someones dream and day all of our stuff will be junk and scrap! For me that really makes me think about things! the soapbox! Sorry to get off on that...
I hope everyone has a blessed day!!
Lots of Love

Thursday, June 27, 2013

5 years!

 On June 27th, 2008 I stood on the beach before God and our family and made a commitment to you that would be forever! Little did I know that I would blink my eyes and 5 years later I would be looking back on what all we have been through. I can't help but wake up and smile because we are so truly blessed. We have two sweet little boys and both of them have helped us grow in so many ways! I can not explain how much I love you and how much my love grows everyday! I love how our marriage is not perfect (if it was then it probably wouldn't be real!) We have our ups and downs. We have those times I want to slap you on the head but thats because I love you so much! but then our good times are so awesome! I love how we can lay in the floor and laugh for hours at nothing! I love how we can go through tough times together and only come out stronger! I love how we can sit down and talk about life! but most of all I love how good you are to our boys and me! I can't wait to see what God has in store for our future together! I know it will be amazing and more than we can even imagine!
I can't wait to grow old with you and celebrate so many more anniversaries!
I love you more than you will ever know!

How we met! (here is our story!!)
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

6 Months!!

Hudson Lynn, I can not believe you are 6 months old today!!! Times flies!!!!
Weight: 9lbs 8 ounces
Length: 22 inches.  I think this is what they said at doctor today! My brain does not function like it use to these days!!
Eating: just in the last few days you have started taking 3 ounces!! We are still mixing breastmilk with formula for the added calories! You eat around every 3 to 3.5 hours and doctor told us today to let you sleep until you wake up at night!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!
Clothing: you are still in Newborn clothes!!! They are starting to get a little short so I am hoping you will be growing out of them soon! Good reason for mommy to go shopping!! :) 
You are so darn sweet! You wake up smiling and go to sleep smiling! The only time you cry is when you are hungry!  You have found your hands and love to watch them! We laugh because you can't quite figure out what they are! You LOVE your big brother! We can say his name and you start kicking and smiling! You watch his every move!!! You love to be held but who wouldnt after laying in a hospital bed for such a long time so we don't mind!!! :) 
You have started "talking" alittle here and there!! You have gotten good about holding your head up!! I believe that is mainly because you don't want to miss out on anything!! I don't blame you though, it's an exciting world with lots to see! The physical therapist is going to start coming to work with you so you can get even stronger!! We are so proud of you!! 
We are finally off of all the medical equipment! The doctor told us today he would call them to come get all of it! We are so excited! He also said you are doing fantastic and that if we can keep you from getting sick this winter then we will be over the big "hump"!! 
Hope everyone has a blessed day!! 
Lots of Love! 

Monday, June 24, 2013


Weaknesses.....This is something that I hate facing, but let me tell you I have them! ;) today I am actually going to face one head on! I am not a public speaker. I can write all day everyday, but when it comes to getting in front of a group of people I freeze up. The only words that come out of my mouth are "and" and "um"! This drives me insane because one and one and in small groups I can talk your head off! Tonight I am getting the privilege of giving my testimony to a group of young girls! I am very excited but so nervous at the same time! This is at their camp so there is going to be around 100 girls! Wow....I get nervous writing that! I keep praying over and over that God will just give me the words I need! I told Matthew last night that I should not be nervous because I don't care what others think...This is about God and what he has done in my life! Its not like school having to get up and tell about science or other things...this is something I know! ;) so when you are praying today please send up a small prayer that I will do great tonight and hopefully God will use my story to bring some of these girls to him!
so now you know public speaking is one of my big weaknesses, but I have several others! Another big one I have is wanting control! I know this sounds horrible and I am truly working on this! Why is it we want control of things? Does it makes us feel better? There are times I get bent out of shape because I am not in control and it doesn't amount to a hill of beans! Isn't it amazing how we can be so silly sometimes! Please don't take this wrong and think that I am some crazy control freak! That is not it, I just want to make sure things go smoothly and I guess I think in my mind I can do that ;) Hudson's situation has for sure helped me in this area!
Taking things personal is another one....I have a super hard time not taking things personal. I am not quite sure where this came from but it's there. It drives Matthew insane because I get my feelings hurt over goofy things. In the past I have gone through times if I did not get invited to something I would immediately think that person did not like me, but normally that was not the case.
Well I have to ask what are your weaknesses and how do you deal with them??
Hope everyone has a super blessed Monday!
Lots of love

Almost forgot Quick Jagger and Hudson update- Two very happy boys today!!! Its a good day! ;)

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Well our sweet baby boy is finally without oxygen! I am about a week late writing this but I guess that is ok! It kills me how fast time flies. I mean you blink and the day is gone! So this whole oxygen thing has been MAJOR for Hudson! When we went to the doctor we never even thought about them taking him off of it. We had been told it would probably be a couple more months, so we really didnt even think about it. We get in the settled in the doctors office and the doctor comes in and says he wants to turn him the oxygen level down and see what happens....30 minutes goes by, Hudson is doing great! Doc says lets turn him off and see how he does! 30 minutes goes by Hudson still doing great! Doc comes back and says guess what? I think its time to get rid of oxygen!! My heart started beating like crazy! I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest!!! And when we took those stickers and tubes off this babies face all I could do was cry! All we could was laugh/cry and stare at him!! Hudson immediately started smiling and hasn't stopped since! It is amazing that since he has been born I had never fully seen him without anything on his face!!! Matthew saw him right when he was born but not for long! When I got to see him he already had tubes and stickers! Lets just say it was a very special moment for our family!!! Again in this situation, God has showed out! The doctors said it would bea little  longer on oxygen, God said that day!!! Wow he is good! 
When we got home it was a little nerve racking....For Hudson I can't imagine! He has never gone without breathing support and then one day its all gone! But he has done fantastic! He has been so happy and really came to life without it!! I think he is enjoying the "freedom"! 
And as for Jagger he was thrilled it came off...He has been dying for a puppy!! We had told him several months ago that we could not get one because of Hudson. We explained that Hudson needed to be bigger and be off oxygen. The minute we told him he was off oxygen he was jumping up and down saying, Yay now we can get a puppy!!!!! Boy was he disappointed when we said no! Guess we need to be more careful what we tell him! :) My sweet Jagger is growing so fast! He has become an awesome swimmer! May be the next Michael Phelps! He can swim the length of grandma's pool with no help. He has really been working on his strokes! I know he is my son so I will brag a little more but really its awesome to watch! He is only 4! 
Well time for me to get some stuff done around the house :) 
Hope everyone has a blessed day! 
Lots of love! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day!

Ok so I know I haven't posted in awhile but we have been busy!!! I have felt like I have not had much down time and when I do I don't want to be stuck in front of computer!!! :) but I still have a passion for my blog! 
This Father's Day really made me think alot! I am so blessed with lots of men in my life! hahah I know you are wondering what in the world Megan....... Well let me explain! 
First, my Heavenly Father! Where o Where would I be without him??? NO where....
Second, Matthew.....the father of my two boys, my husband, my best friend, my soul mate and everything in between! Matthew and I have been through so much in the last 5 years and we continue to grow stronger and closer with each step! While I was on bed rest in the hospital Matthew never left my side! The times when I needed help doing things (taking a shower, using the bathroom) Matthew was there helping never questioning what to do! He was just there! Even the things I thought he might not feel comfortable with (washing my hair, shaving under my arms :), literally helping me use the bathroom, etc) he was right there! Now that is a man!!! I love watching him everyday with our boys! He sometimes may not know what he is doing but he sure will do what it takes to figure it out!!! The love he has for Jagger and Hudson melts my heart into a puddle on the floor! He wants to always make sure they are happy, protected and comforted! Not only is he a great dad and husband but a wonderful man of God! We are truly blessed to have him in our lives!
Third, my dad!!! I don't even know where to start! I think at times I could write a book on my dad! He is one of a kind that is for sure! Growing up he always worked several jobs so I could have that pair of Doc Martins or whatever else was popular at the time! He grew up not having anything so his main goal was to always make sure I never went without. He always pushed me to be the best at everything I did! His favorite saying.....Can't never did anything!!! It use to drive me insane when he would tell me this but I know he was right! Disrespect was NEVER aloud in our house and if it was I was in deep trouble! I actually knew better! My dad also wanted to make sure I appreciated what we had. He made me get a job when I was 14. I started working at Honda in the parts department! I am so happy they made me start working early. My dad has never been the mushy gushy type but I have never questioned whether he loved me or not! He also never left my side in the hospital! He held my hand alot of the time and even fixed my food just how I liked it! ( if thats possible with hospital food!) 
And Last, my father in law, CP. My love and respect for Cp grows more and more every year! What a wonderful man he is! My husband and sister in laws are lucky to have him as a father and even more my two boys are blessed to have him as a Pa. He always puts himself last to give for others. He reminds me of my dad. They both have always drove the older vehicle so the kids could have new ones. Always made sure his kids have the best. Always worked extra jobs to provide! 
Not only do I have these wonderful men in my life but I have my Grandpa, all my uncles, Matthew's Pa, and uncles! I am truly blessed to be surrounded by all these men! Every one of them are special in their own way and I can't imagine life without all of them! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Raising Gentlemen!!

My number goal as a mother is make sure my boys are gentlemen!! And not just gentlemen but God fearing gentlemen!! It blows my ever loving mind kids (young and old) that have NO respect for parents or grandparents!!! What has happened?! I am so super grateful my parents did not let this happen! They would have slapped me across the yard then took everything away from me!
Matthew and I will probably be those parents that people think are crazy and we need to quit being so hard on our kids but I feel like in the world we live in too many horrible things can happen! And we are all guilty of thinking those things could never happen to us! But guess what??? It can! As a mommy, there are several things I want to or going down trying to accomplish......
- my boys show respect to everyone! Manners are so important! Yes ma'am no ma'am, etc. please and thank you! My boys will NEVER call us by our first name! We will always be mom and dad!!! 
- I want my boys to appreciate what they have and never expect things!!!! We sponsor a child in Africa through Compassion and I am all the time explaining to Jagger that these kids do not have toys, food, clothing like we do! I want them to know the world is not all about Jagger and Hudson! I want them to have a giver/servant heart not receiver heart! 
- God is number 1. I never want them to forget this! There maybe times in high school and college where many loose this but I am praying everyday that my boys are not the normal and stick to this! and hopefully Jesus will come back before we have to deal with this!!!
- I want them to do the best they can in whatever they do! I don't want to push them in to anything they don't want to do but what they are in I want them to give their best! 
- I want them to be kids for as long as possible!! I want them to play in forts and in the dirt! I don't want them to get lost in the world/technology and forget about being a kid! Once you grow up no going back!! Cellphones, ipad, girlfriends, etc can come later in life! 
- I want my kids to be able to do things for themselves and not be 100% dependent on us! I want them to learn to do one load of laundry and how to do chores! I don't want them to be 24 thinking mom has to do laundry for them! 
And most importantly I want them to be happy!! I want them to get the most out of life! I want them to enjoy this life to the fullest! No everyday will not be roses but even in a bad situation one can find some good! 
Hope everyone has a blessed day! 
Lots of love! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just Me!

The last several years I have really struggled with trying to make certain people like me and fit in. I am officially tired of this! I know so many people say who cares what people think? Yes this is true but it's so  much  easier said than done! I guess the last several years have taught me that not everyone is going to like you and you can't spend all your time trying to make them because if you do you end up not being happy!! So I have learned that I am God's creation, I am special, I am me! 
- I do care what people think about me. No matter how hard I try not to its always in the back of my mind. That's me!
- I normally don't meet a stranger! I love people! Thats's me! 
- I have a passion for cooking and am so sad that I can't cook as much as I want to, but sometimes fast food is not a bad thing! That's me! 
- I do not have a fancy college degree! I was not in a sorority. I worked all through college to pay for what I had. That's me!
- I have a cross tattoo on the back of my neck! Yes I was a silly 20 year old at one time! That's me!
- My family is not wealthy. They work hard for what they have. They are just good ol people, and odds are if you meet them, you will eat some amazing food and probably be offered a  beer or glass of wine to go with it! I love my family! That's me! 
- I've been through depression and had to get medical help! I'm ok with that! That's me! 
- I LOVE to read and have been known to finish a book in one day! That's me!
- Some days we sleep in until 10am and don't get out of our jammies all day! This does not bother me because I know my babies won't be little for long! That's me!
- Jagger still sleeps  in our bed (Dont judge!) That's me! 
- Praise music is my top pick but sometimes a little Katy Perry or Tom Petty never hurt anyone! That's me! 
- I have 5 men in my life!!  God, Matthew, Jagger, Hudson and my daddy! And God will always come first! I am not ashamed of this! That's me!!

Hope everyone has a blessed day! 
Lots of love! 

Monday, June 3, 2013


So as most everyone knows Hudson is our miracle! It still amazes me at how many times the doctors would tell us how things would go and then our little Hudson would prove them wrong! God is good!! It is amazing how this little guy has changed so much in our lives! 
I love how when a baby is born, for most people it makes you appreciate life! It changes your view on so many things! When Jagger was born I was laying in the hospital bed holding him telling my mom I was sorry for all the times I was mean to her! It instantly hits you when you are holding this precious bundle of joy how much you love them and never want anything to go wrong! I had all these wonderful feelings with Jagger and it has been amazing how with Hudson I have had those feelings but I have never appreciated life more! I think just going through the times when we were not sure what was going to happen and just the fact that we did get to bring him home really makes you see things differently! My feelings towards holidays have changed with Hudson! Having  to spend several big ones in a hospital will make these "special dates" different!  Christmas will never be the same- in a good  way! Its amazing how society has made all these "holidays" and how we have gotten in our minds that its not a holiday if we don't do it certain ways!!! Wrong!! Even after the day ends the sun will come up! My prayer everyday has become that God would help me enjoy the simple things in life! I sit here and watch my two boys and love how simple they are. they don't care what kind of car we drive. They don't care what our furniture looks like it or where it came from. They don't care even what they look like (Jagger had on jeans that were too short, light up shoes -i cant stand!, 3 belts, shirt on backwards and a camo hat and he was the happiest boy in the world!) all they care about is if they have a full belly, and love from parents!!! I really wish we as adults could be like kids! I think God has given us our miracle to show us the simple things, and to help us remember what life is about! I hate that we had to go through all of this but if it makes me a better and stronger person then I would do it again. Now when i say i would do it again i don't want my family to go through all of it, but i do love how God put us through challenges to bring us out stronger on the other side! 
Hope everyone has a blessed night! 
Lots of love!