Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I have a confession! I love McDonalds! Always have and always will! Now, that doesn't mean I do not get tired of it but for someone reason my love for it is always there! Those big golden arches always bring me back to my childhood and that may be one reason I will always carry a spot for it in my heart! Mom has always told me that when I was little I could spot a McDonalds miles away! I mean what child doesn't love this place, a place to play and a great toy with your meal? (and by the way I have bags and bags of these toys from when I was little!)  We would always go to McDonalds on Saturday while we were in town doing our grocery shopping! McDonalds has changed since I was little! The one we went to had this huge playland and it was outside! It had a big ballpit, but I am pretty sure those are outlawed now!? I just know you never see them anymore! I also know I had a birthday party there! From the looks of the pictures, I am pretty sure they supplied the cake, and decorations (Mom is this right?) I don't know if they do this anymore? What I do know is that Jagger loves to go and play at "Donalds"! Isn't it amazing how at 3 and even before now he has been able to recognize the golden arches and what they have there! We have been to a few that do not have a playplace and he gets very upset! How can a McDonalds not have a playplace!
Ok...on to food! I bet you are wondering what in the world could I eat there? Well first I know 100% that the food here is not healthy! When I was on weight watchers, I found the McDonalds list and ate what was on it, but it was very limited! and I still limit myself, but now I find myself enjoying it alittle more (thank you pregnancy!) One of my favorites is chicken nuggets! I am not sure if it is the actual chicken nuggets or the dipping sauce! I absolutely love the Hot Mustard sauce! I am addicted to it!  I have even got Matthew hooked! I even enjoy dipping my french fries in it! and if I am not in the mood for chicken I do enjoy one of the regular hamburger! I think they are 89 cents or something cheap like that! Other times neither one sounds good, so I just go to the salad! The southwest salad is super yummy! Breakfast is probably my favorite but I don't get it much! I truly enjoy the sausage mcmuffin! Its on the dollar menu so it wont break the bank!
I  know this is such a random post but it cracks me up when people think I am weird for liking McDonalds, but honestly I think deep down everyone whether they admit it or not likes McDonalds! I mean come on its apart of American culture! :)

So I have to ask, do you like McDonalds or do you have another fast food chain that keeps you coming back!?
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Are You Content?

Are you content? This is a question I have to stop and ask myself pretty often! Here lately God has really been working in this area with me and trust me it has not been fun! I don't think he is quite done getting me where I need to be but I am getting closer (or at least I think!) This world we live in is very tough! We are constantly being bombarded with images of the newest and best of everything - cars, Ipads, phones, computers, fashion trends, etc. I feel like every where I look I see images of things I "think" I want and need!
Ok I know you are wanting to know where all this is coming from...Ever since Matthew and I have been married we have said that we would like to live in a certain neighborhood in our town! Its the neighborhood his grandma lives in. Its not a new neighborhood but its so nice. There are so many great families with young kids that are moving in and we want that so bad! When we got pregnant we really started stressing over what to do with our house? Do we put it up for sale with no house in store (I know this sounds insane but we were thinking just renting because in our town when a house comes open for sale you better be ready to jump on it - they go super quick!! So we were thinking if our house was already sold that would be one less thing to deal with) Do we just build on to our house? and if we do this, do we close in the carport, do we build on to the back, do we build on the master bedroom? so many options! Over the last few months we have gone over so many possibilities it makes me sick thinking about it! Matthew is one of these who thinks over every possible way and then he comes up with "what ifs" for each one! Well this absolutely causes me to have anxiety!! I don't like to think that much...I just want God to do his thing! So anyways, we have had builders come over and price different plans and it is insane!!! $30,000 for one playroom! After going through all of this over the last few months, I finally have felt like God is just telling us to just be still and let him be God! I think he is also trying to teach us to be content with what we have! We have a nice house. We have 3 bedrooms. Our house is remodeled, we know we can afford it and so many other things! This morning while I was going over this in my head and having quite time I also felt truly convicted because I feel like we really are not content with anything! I know I am constantly online looking for new clothes! Do I need new clothes? NO! Do I want them? Yes, but that is completely different! There are people out there that would love to have more than 1 outfit! We are always talking about a new TV and new furniture, but guess what? what we have is perfectly fine! and its all paid for! We are always talking about a new car and truck. Yes, we may not have the nicest cars but we don't owe anything on them and there is nothing better than that! and is it me or is it when we get these things we have to have they only make us temporarily happy because then the next day we are wanting something else?  I have made a challenge for myself that over the next couple of weeks I will do no online shopping of any kind! I want to focus on what God has blessed us with! I hope reading this no thinks that I am a greedy person or am never happy. It has nothing to do with that! I honestly hope that there are others that are going through this same thing and understand how it feels! I main goal is to be grateful for what we have and to get my mind off of things that will no longer be one day!
So my main question...are you truly content and happy with what you have?
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Turning Into Our Parents!

Is there ever a time that you say something and then almost immediately after you say it, you think in your head that you sounded just like your parents!!! This makes me laugh because I remember growing up and there were times I would specifically say I will NEVER tell my child that....well hahaha on me because here I am almost 20 years later saying those exact same phrases! Example- the other day we were sitting at the table eating supper and Jagger would not eat his vegetables, let me rephrase..he would not even TRY them! I told him that if he could not get up until he tried at least one little black eyed pea! ONE...not a mouth full, just one! Instantly, I was taken back to when I was little and there was one time I could not get up from the table until I finished my whole plate! I am pretty sure that I had to sit there until my bedtime! and what makes this story funny is that there is a V8 commercial out right now where the mom tells the little boy that he can not get up from the table until he eats his veges. You see the little boy and then the next scene he is still sitting at the table but he is an old man!! I am sure this is how I felt at the time!
Here is a list of phrases I have come up with that I am sure we have all heard at one time or another and possibly we are now using them ourselves!!
* Close the door!! - Were you raised in a barn?
* Because I said so.....
* Stop crying before I give you something to cry about!
* Hold your horses
* I'll wash your mouth out with soap
*This hurts me more than it hurts you! - I use to HATE this one growing up...how can this spanking hurt you when you aren't even getting one??
*can't never did- My dad still reminds me of this one!!
* You'll understand when you are a parent! (yes you do!)
* Just WAIT till your father gets home!
* I was not born yesterday
* There are starving people in Africa who would gladly eat your dinner
* We are not laughing at you, we are laughing with you!
* Don't make me pull this car over!!!
I am sure there are tons more that I have missed but these are the ones that come to my mind! and even as a child  saying that I would never do certain things with my child, I now know that if I use these and sound like my parents that is not a BAD thing! I look at myself and think they did a great job..
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

What To Write!?

Well it has been over a year since I started blogging and I love it!! I have always loved talking, but being a stay at home mommy, the only person I have to talk to is a 3 year old and the conversation is not exactly what I need to fulfill my needs of adult interaction/conversation! All of you stay at home mommies understand this right? I hope I am not the only one that feels this way! So, anyways this is the whole reason I started this blog! I needed a way to get things out, and it is almost a therapy for me! I was doing really well writing up until these last few months, and now I feel as though I am in a rut! I am not sure if it is writers block or what you call but whatever it is I am not enjoying it! We have been sick here lately and then being pregnant I have been sluggish here and there but I don't think this is something that everyone wants to read about!
All of this being said....I am now coming to you! Is there any questions you have for me? Anything you want to know about us? I am hoping you all can help get my writing "juices" flowing again!! ;) Can't wait to hear what everyone has to say!
Hope everyone is having a blessed day!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Ok, so what is it about TV shows that suck you in! The last couple of years the only thing that has been on our tv is cartoons (Little Bear, Max and Ruby, Thomas the Train, Wonder Pets, etc.) Matthew and I know every song to every cartoon! So finally after a few years we are getting to enjoy some shows of our own, and it absolutely amazes me how fast you can get hooked! I have always been a Grey's Anatomy fan but have to watch them late! This season already is driving me insane! I am happy that I am not close to a due date because the last few episodes might have caused me to go into labor! ;)

My sister in law, got me started on Once Upon A Time! It is so great and now they have the whole first season on Netflix! So if you have not watched it and want to get caught up you can! This week a new show started called Nashville! I enjoyed the first episode so I am thinking this one will get added to the list!

and of course, we love Duck Dynasty! It was cracking me up how almost everyone on Facebook was commenting on watching this last night! I love how they are such a close knit family! :) and then also since Matthew is big on hunting we can relate to them on that! This is another show that if you have not watched you should! You will get alot of laughs out of it!
What show are you "hooked" on??
Hope everyone is having a blessed day!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

How Do You Manage It?

Cleaning that is.....Yes, I know this a subject that most people can't stand! I have a very OCD personality so I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning! I love cleaning but then I hate it because at times it drives me insane! I try to walk away and leave things alone but in my mind it is tearing me up and I can't get anything else accomplished until I clean whatever is on my mind! Is that weird? Am I the only one like this?
I feel that I keep our house clean pretty much all the time! I do not leave things out and I am not a clutter person! Matthew laughs because I am constantly throwing random things away! Now, I do keep ALOT but it is neatly organized in containers in the attic! ;) (another part of my personality! Gotta love a Virgo!) To me keeping a house picked up and clutter free is different than "CLEAN"! I try to really clean the most I can! I feel at times I get behind and then when I am working on getting  caught up I am disgusted!!! Tonight for example..I was cleaning the bathrooms, which already make me sick when I clean them! I would rather do anything than clean a bathroom but I know it has to be done! I am the one down on the floor cleaning around the toilet with a q-tip and sponge, and during this I am gagging! Our bathrooms are not that dirty because I clean them every couple of days but I just can NOT stand cleaning a bathroom! The thought makes me sick! Again I know I am weird! I just hope I am not the only weird one! Even though I am cleaning all this I still feel that at times I let our house go and it is just yucky! I look around and see dust everywhere and I start going into a panic! So tonight, after I finished cleaning I decided to find a cleaning schedule and guess what? I found one! Thank you pinterest!
I love how it is broke down into days! I think this will help me to not get so overwhelmed and then just get upset! So now that yall are thinking I have lost it..I have to ask how do you manage your cleaning? Do you hire it done? Do you do it all on the weekend? Some on each day?
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm LOVING the TV show Once Upon A Time! I may have put this before but I love it so much I am doing it again!!! If you haven't watched it you should!

I'm LOVING Bible Study! I always study the bible but I love when we start the women's ministry bible study! I enjoy getting to have the discussion with other ladies! My new study is Loved By God by Liz Curtis Higgins. If you are doing a study, what is it??

I'm LOVING the book The Fellowship of the Rings! I have started reading The Lord of the Rings books! I love the movies so I thought I would enjoy the books!

I'm LOVING The Voice!! Wow..the talent on the show has been awesome!!!

I'm LOVING that tomorrow me and one of my friends are going to a big kids consignment sale!! I am really hoping that I can find some good stuff!

I'm LOVING that today we had family time carving pumpkins!! We had so much fun! ;)

and of course I am not only loving but my two boys but also our Heavenly Father!!!
Link up with Jamie and tell us what you are loving!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Faired Out!!

I am already loving today! We are still in our jammers aka "pjs" and we are just enjoying this gloomy morning! We have been so busy over the last week that I think Jagger and I both were just ready for a day of nothing! The fair about did me in! We went every night!!! Yes..I know we are insane but as Matthew says we only live once and it only comes once a year...but the BIGGY is that this was the last year we would only have one child at the fair!! :) Wow..that seems so unreal to me! but exciting! Jagger had a BLAST this year at the fair. I think he thought he was at Disney World! It is so funny how kids think the fair is the greatest thing ever and parents think it is the dirtiest thing ever! but we go because it makes our kids happy!
Food... I was super happy that I could enjoy fair food this year without having to worry about gaining too much weight! ;) The maternity jeans came in handy! I ate so much that as I sit here and think about it..it kind of makes me sick! I was super happy to have a home cooked meal yesterday at Grandma Betty's! I have had enough fried food to last me until next year! Since we are talking about my favorite subject of food..I am so happy it is October and time for Chili, Taco Soup, Pumpkin bread, and all the other yummy HOMEMADE UNFRIED halfway healthy food! :) Pinterest has gotten me very prepared when it comes to what to make for supper! So I have to ask, what is your favorite fall food to make??
Riding rides with Allyson

Having fun!

In the bubble!! ;)

Funnel Cake with Chocolate! Yummy!

My two boys! Love them so much!


Love my mom and dad!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!