Saturday, January 28, 2012

On my mind!

So I want to talk about money! Everyone likes money huh? We all love it but it seems to be something that causes a lot of drama too! Our preacher the last few weeks has been doing a series on debt! I think this is perfect timing considering we just got done with the holidays! It's very interesting and eye opening to learn about what the Bible says about money! Bro. Ed said that money is talked about more throughout the Bible than any other subject! Do you think God was wanting us to take a hint! He knew we would probably not be too smart with money!
Seriously this whole series has opened our eyes! Matthew and I come out of church every weekend telling each other how part of the sermon would really hit at home! Money is something that I have struggled with for along time! It is something I am not proud of but I have come leaps and bounds! It's almost as me and Matthew have switched ways since we have been married. He use to be the crazy saver and watched every dime and I was for sure not that way! Cute shoes? Oh yea I will take them!!! But now he has taught me so much that I am now the one watching what we spend and making sure we are ok.
Several months ago, I did a post on how we make it. For living off of one income we do pretty good. We live comfortable....our comfortable is not going on a shopping spree. Our comfortable is paying all the bills and then I can spend aliitle at Hobby Lobby! :)so we are for sure not hurting for anything but over the last few months we have felt this is not good enough. We want better. We want to be completely debt free-meaning everything but house! All this started when we decided we would love to have another baby, but that is hard to us imagine when we have lots of debt and then we just started paying back my $30,000 student loans!!!! Blah. It makes me sad typing it! But it is what it is. All we can do is know that God is providing for us!
So anyways the sermon has really caused us to ask ourselves a lot of questions, How bad do we want out of debt?, are we willing to make sacrifices?.... I do not think God will just pay off our debt but I feel he will provide ways for us to get out of it, but are we going to be willing to do it!, or are we too worried about what others think? One thing we have truly thought about is getting rid of my car and getting me something that costs less. We can more than afford the one we have but what if we could completely eliminate that $400 payment it would feel awesome, and that would be immediately! I know you are probably thinking we have lost our minds but why stay comfortable and just continue going around in circles with debit or change a few big things and be almost debt free in a year! Wow!
I am sorry to just spill all this but it has been on my mind so much. I am past the whole I have to drive this and wear this. All I care about if I am pleasing our Heavenly Father and if my two boys are happy! So tell me have you done anything major to get out of debt?
Hope everyone had a blessed day!!! :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

What I'm Loving!!

 Well...yesterday I completely didn't have time to do the link for What I'm Loving Wednesday and then when I had time I forgot about it! So today I am going to go ahead and tell you what I am loving!

I'm Loving the Subway Breakfast!!! Oh my goodness....Yesterday I did not have time to cook so I looked on my diet to see if it was something I could eat and yay it was..I ordered the steak and egg white english muffin! IT WAS AMAZING, and it was only $2! You can't beat 2 bucks for something good!
I'm Loving The Scarlet Thread by Francine Rivers! I love her books. They are so awesome!

I'm Loving my new bible study on James!

I'm Loving this Tano Wallet! I saw it yesterday when I was walking through Dillards. I had to go back to it about two times and look at! I have always had a heart for Hobo International (I got my first one in 2004 and haven't used anything since) but I think I may have to put my sweet hobo in the closet! I know I am so weird but I love my wallets! 

I'm Loving my new Valentine Artwork!

and last but not least, I'm everyday Loving my Heavenly Father, and my two special guys -Matthew and Jagger!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Yay!! It's Wednesday! This week has flown by for me! I am super excited because I worked today and then I will be working the rest of the week and Monday! This is a true blessing! And the best part I love it! I love being out with people! Don't get me wrong, being a stay-at-home mommy has been the best thing I have ever done but sometimes it's nice to have adult conversation! :)
Monday, our women's ministry started our new bible study. We are doing James by Beth Moore! I am already in love with it! I truly enjoy digging into the "homework" she gives us for each week! I can't wait to see what the study brings! I know it is going to be a blessing for everyone is involved!
Tuesday, jagger and I went and did aliitle shopping! Matthew's sisters and cousin are coming home this weekend to celebrate birthdays! So I decided I had better go shopping or they would not get anything. Jagger and I had so much fun. He was really good which made the day great! I actually got everything done that I needed to! And I got to go to one of my favorite stores- TJ Maxx. My favorite part was I found some really cute napkins for 70 cents!!!!! And a $75 dollar shirt for $5!!! Yes.. I was proud of myself! And then I got another really cute top for $10!! Let's just say I came out of there smiling!
Oh and I have a funny one on jagged! We were in target and he saw this thomas the train tent he wanted and I had told him we would get it but let's get the rest of stuff then come back and get it!! He did NOT like that idea! He was horrible through the whole store.. Crying, whining, we even had to go have a talk in the dressing room. I was so upset with him. Then he kept asking, "mommy why you not talking to me?", " mommy you make me very upset!". Finally I was about to pull my hair out so we went and got the tent so we could hurry and check out! Guess what? I didn't even pull out of the parking spot and he was asleep!! Can we say tired and cranky?? So we get home and go over to GiGi's and she is asking him about the tent (of course we had to take it over and set it up) and he says GiGi, " I saw this Thomas the tent and I bawled my eyes for it"!!! Hahahha!! We were cracking up! I love what kids say!!
Well time to get some sleep! Got a long day tomorrow!
Hope everyone had a blessed Wednesday!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Today has been very different for our family! I had to be at work at 9am this morning! I have not had to be at a job this early in 4 years. I had to get Jagger to daycare around 8:30 this morning! He had a few tears but not many, and they ladies said he is doing great! He has come a long way over the last few days! I am so happy!
Not much has been going on in the Cohn family over the last few days! I have had to work everyday so not much else has been happening! Last night we went and spent time with Matthew's grandma and pa. It was so nice to see them and Jagger was super happy to be there! He cried so hard when we had to leave. It was breaking my heart- and Grandma Betty's!
I am trying to get my house ready for Valentine's Day. I do not normally decorate for this one but I am having a church function at our house the first week in February so I thought this would be a reason to decorate, and plus Jagger is having fun helping me! I am having a hard time finding Valentine's stuff. Three stores I went to yesterday said they are cutting back on how much they get this year because they have so much left over! Makes sense but its not making this easy on me! I bought this awesome painted heart for our front door! It is so cute. When I get done I will post pictures! Do you decorate for Vday and if you do what and where do you find it? I need some more ideas?
oh and I am now starting a countdown to Jason Aldean- Kayla I wish you could go with us! :) Tomorrow will be 2 weeks!!! YAY!! I know its going to be amazing!
Hope everyone is having a blessed day!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Wow! I have not done this in a long time, but I am glad I am getting to do it today! Please keep Jagger in your prayers. He did not do too good this morning when I took him to daycare :(  It broke my heart, but I know everyday will get better!

I'm Loving the show Once Upon A Time! It comes on ABC on Sunday nights and it is awesome! Its sort of a remix on the classic fairytales!
I'm Loving that I have lost 2lbs.!! Yay! The holidays really did me in this year! I could barely fit into my jeans so I knew it was either buy new jeans and be miserable or loose weight!

I'm Loving several books right now! I am a crazy reader! Last year I read around 30 books! Nuts, huh? My husband things I am insane. He barely reads a magazine! but in the last few days I have read The Hunger Games (AMAZING!! Can't wait for the movie!), The Christian Atheist (super awesome..we are doing the study in our life groups at church!), and some random book I found to download on my kindle.

I'm Loving Jagger's LeapPad he got for Christmas! It is so cool! If you have kids, this is an amazing, totally worth it gift! Me and Matthew almost play it as much as he does. It is just like an ipad for kids! You can buy leappad cards (sort of like itunes) and go online to buy apps! It is cool!

I'm Loving all the new spring and summer clothes that are coming out! I am so ready for summer!

and of course I'm Loving my Father in Heaven and my 2 special guys - Matthew and Jagger!

Link up with Jamie and tell us what you love! Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Post labor & and delivery!!!

The first time I laid eyes on Jagger I have never felt anything like!! There is nothing like holding a 3 hour old baby! In between tears I thanked God over and over! So after staying up with Jagger for a few hours I finally decided I needed some rest!
The next day I do not remember anything! I was so drugged on pain meds I don't even remember who came! Matthew said the room was full all day! It's funny because in all the pictures I look pretty cute! Apparently someone brushed my hair and put makeup on me! Hahahh so glad they are taking care of me! Sometime that night I finally started coming had decided it would be good for me to get out of bed and try to take a shower! Once we got my legs around to the side of the bed I was in horrible pain and I swear I didn't know how to walk. It was the strangest thing ever! My legs were like jello! Somehow we got me to the bathroom and Matt decided this would be a good chance for him to get some food! :) mom told him to go that she could handle it! While I was on the toilet I was feeling very strange..sick and weak! Mom got the water going and got me in. I started crying and told her I couldn't do it and I needed to get out. One step out and I was going down. Mom said I turned ghost white and eyes rolled in the back of my head! She panic and
Lulled the nurse cord!! The next thing I know I am waking up to this very strong smell of ammonia. One of the nurses had broken her stick and put it under my nose. They get me back to bed and I don't remember anything else. The next morning all i know was coming in my room telling my family I was going to have a blood transfusion. I had lost a lot of blood! What?? When did this happen? It was very scary! She said we would start immediately. I don't remember any of it because of drugs.
The blood transfusion was on Monday and Thursday I was finally getting to go home! I was in worse shape than Jagger. He was perfect, and everyone was so ready to go home! I think mom and Matthew were about to go loopy having to stay in that room all week.
The drive home was pretty awful too! I was in so much pain I finally told Matthew to pull over and let me out! We always get a laugh out of that! Once we made it home, it was still interesting. Mom stayed with us the rest of the week then Matthews mom came over. His sisters were huge help too. It was tough on everyone because I was still in bad shape. I was having to use a hospital chair toilet and I was still so drugged up for pain.
I am so grateful for a wonderful family that could help us. There are times I get so sad thinking about it because I feel I missed out on so much from the delivery and then that first week of his life! It is all just a blur! I only remember bits and pieces so I am more than grateful my sister-in-laws took a ton of pictures!!
I just hope and pray that the next one will be completely different, and that I will enjoy it! The whole experience for me was insane, and for me to have just a great pregnancy makes it even more weird! I love Jagger so much I would go through it over and over again just knowing that I have him!
So did you have a good labor and delivery??
Hope everyone had a blessed day!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Labor & Delivery part 3!!!!!

So sorry I had to leave you hanging again!! Just a busy day of spending time with family! I figure blogging can take a wait for that!!
Ok.. We left off at Dr.Graham telling us to start thinking about a c-section! I was immediately in a panic!! This was just shocking but she told us this around 6 and said we would just wait and see what happens.. And they had also already given me my next dosing or whatever of the epidural so the pain was starting to go away! Dr. Graham came and checked at 730 and still nothing so finally at 8 she told me and Matthew a c-section would probably be best!! I was so sad, but the only concern was since they had given me the epidural we could not the spinal drip thing needed for c-section so she decided they would test and see if the epidural was strong enough! They did the test on me and I didn't feel a thing! Everything was ready to go! She came in the room and explained what would happen and had us sign some papers! I was beyond nervous but ready to get this baby here! At 830 they took us back to the OR and when they were wheeling me to the room all 30 of our people were cheering me on!! Yay!! So close now! No turning back!! The OR was kind of scary, but I was ok because Matthew was there with me! They got us all ready and dr.graham said it was go time! I heard all kinds of noises and then the most awful pain ever! Dr. Graham stopped and said, "Megan do you feel this?" and yes that was what I was feeling! She tried it again and it was awful!! I felt the cut and all.. She immediately yells stops and says daddy you have to leave the room! I go into a full blown panic attack! I can't breathe. I'm screaming and crying! You would have thought I was dying! All I remember was this really sweet guy coming over holding my hand and asking me questions and then he ask me to count back from100! I made it to 98 and I remember nothing more!!
Matthews story- he walked out and stood with his head on the door. He said it took about 5 minutes and he heard the baby cry and he just broke down crying in hall! They let him in to help clean and get Jagger ready! After they got him ready Matthew got to walk him to the room and let the family see him!!
So back to me! It took me about 3 hours to come out of being put under! And when I came out it was horrible! I barely knew who I was and mom kept telling me that I had a baby! Momand Matthew said it was 3 hours of hell! Matthew mom and jagger were the only ones in the room! Matthew said I would grab him by the shirt collar and say that I was dying and to give me a drink but of course all he could give me was ice chips! He said I was start crying and say that if I didn't get sweet tea I was going to die!! Hahahah it's quite hysterical now! They said I would just scream out in pain and that I was so disoriented! I hate that I put them through that! The next thing I honestly remember is around midnight waking up and be so excited to see Jagger. Everyone had gone home except mom and Matthew, and the were both asleep! Matthew called the nurses so they could bring in Jagger! When they brought him in I have never in my life had a feeling like that! My heart was exploding with love! Tears were flowing while I held this precious blessing! All I could was stare at him!!!! The rest of the night was spent holding and getting rest!! But little did I know that the next few days would be worse!!...
To be continued!! :)

Ok so tomorrow I will finally finish the story!!!
Hope everyone had a blessed Sunday!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Labor & Delivery Part 2!!

Ok... I am sorry that I left you hanging for a day!! I know you have lost sleep over it! hahah......Yesterday we went out of town to visit with Denise and her precious grandbaby, Weslyn! We had a blast, but we got back so late that I didn't have time to blog! ;)
So....I left you at my due date and going to the doctor!
Since Jagger decided not to come, Dr. Graham scheduled me for a c-section for that following Saturday (due date was on a Tuesday!) Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were the LONGEST days of my life! Matthew did not get off work until 5:30 on Fridays, so we planned to drive to Jonesboro (1 hour) and spend the night at my friend Denise's(they were out of town on a cruise) that way we would not have to get up so early to be at the hospital at 6am! On Friday our nerves finally set in! After Matt's grandma got off work we ran to Wal-Mart to get a few last minute things before we left! It was so funny because Matthew LOVES Reese's Cups...and when I say love I mean LOVE...If there are any in the house he will eat every one of them. I have even tried hiding them and he has some sort of radar that tells him where they are! When he got home from work and we were fixing to leave, he sat at the trash can and ate about 4 packs (these are the ones with 2 in each). He was cramming them in his mouth! He was so nervous, I guess he thought that would calm his nerves!
We finally get around and leave. When we got to Jonesboro, we went to Hastings and got several movies. I was craving Tropical Smoothie so we stopped in there (Matthew was not too happy about this and now I look back and can't believe I wanted that!!) After eating, we went to Denise's to get settled in. I knew we probably would not get any sleep because of nerves, but at least we were going to try! We watched Vantage Point, and really I don't remember going to sleep that night. I do remember the alarm going off at 5am!! I roll out of bed and get my shower, fix my hair, and put on a tiny bit of make-up! hahahha.. You know I had to look cute because everyone was going to be taking pictures!
We got to the hospital at 5:45 and get checked into our room! By this time I was just ready for Jagger to make his arrival! oh and by the way I am terrified of needles!!!!! this is not good considering they have to poke you 100 times and hook you up to all these machines! Well..the first 5 minutes I was there, they get me hooked up to the IV and of course the girl hit the vein and blood was going everywhere! I thought I was going to pass out! They got it all cleaned up and I got calmed down and then it was time to wait! We waited and waited...we had the whole family there and then Amy and Robbie were plus lots of other friends! My room was constantly full and from what they tell me, our group took up the whole waiting room! Around 10am, Dr.Graham decides to start the Pitocin! She let the pitocin go for about an hour and then it was time for my epidural! Thank the good Lord for this!! My doctor is ALL about natural birth but she says that she never lets women that get induced go without an epidural. She said because the pitocin is man made it make the contractions way worse than if your body starts them!
I was so scared during my epidural I thought I was going to fall off the bed! I had the shakes worse than I ever have...and then they tell me if I don't stop shaking it may cause them to miss the vein and I would be paralized! Thanks...way to calm me down! I ending up crying my eyes and sometime in then she stuck me and I never knew it happened!!! I never even felt the dang needle! Seriously??? I worked myself up for all that!!
After lunch we are back on track..I am comfortable..not feeling a thing! Thank you epidural! I had a great day actually! The only thing is I was so sick of ice chips and popsicles! Blah..but I couldn't talk the nurses into anything else! Oh well...back to waiting!
Every hour, Dr. Graham would come back to check on me and nothing new! 6pm rolls around and I am starting to get uncomfortable!! The epidural was wearing off and it was time to put more in! Dr. Graham sends everyone out of the room and goes to tell Matthew and I that if things don't change we might need to start thinking about a c-section! The baby may start having stress and it would be best! WHAT????????? Panic starts to sit in! This can not be happening...I am not suppose to have a c-section!

still patiently waiting!

Love my momma and daddy!

me and Amy! :)

I am going to leave you here for the day! Trust me we still have alot more to talk about! ;) You may get tired of me after this! ;)
Hope you have had a blessed Friday!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Labor & Delivery part 1!!

Wow! Just seeing these two words kind of scares me alittle! I think that is one of the things holding me back on getting pregnant! My labor and delivery was pretty much horrible! I don't remember too much of it and I am guessing that is a good thing! ;)
So all of my pregnancy was GREAT!! well.....until I was about 7 1/2 months pregnant and I got kidney stones!!!! Yes..seriously..Kidney stones! We had gone to Columbia Missouri to see my sister-in-laws at school and attend the Homecoming football game! The weekend was so great and the day we were leaving it hit me! I thought I was going into labor. It was the worse pain ever! We went to the hospital and they sent us home, so I screamed and cried for 5 hours straight. 3 or 4 days later I finally passed the stones! NOT FUN!!!! especially when you are pregnant! Fantastic way to ruin a good weekend!
After that small spell everything was back to good! We made it through Christmas fine. The entire family had bets on how long I would go. Almost everyone thought I would have him before Christmas but that didn't happen! My due date was January 6th, and about every night the week before he was born I would have contractions! Since we live about an hour from my doctor, she told me not to head that way until my contractions were about 10 minutes apart and lasted 1 full hour. So....I would be in bed reading The Twilight Saga :) -I read all three of them right before he was born because I was not getting any sleep- and then the contractions would start. They would get to about 15 minutes apart for about 50 minutes then stop. I would be texting my mother-in-law telling her what was going on (this was all taking place around 2am!) finally my body would calm down and it would stop! I swear this went on every night the whole week before! Geeezzz....what a tease!!
Finally January 6th came and I was so excited!!! This was on a Tuesday and of course everyone was working, BUT thankfully my sister-in-laws were home from school so Claire said that she would take me to the doctor!We had my bags packed and everyone was telling us to call them ASAP. I think everyone was afraid Claire wouldn't be able to handle it if they had to admit me! We laugh about that now!! ;)  Dr. Graham had told me at the last visit that if I had not had him before my due date to come in and she would see and we would go from there! The week before I was dilated to a 3 so I just knew that on my due date she would admit me!! WRONG!!!!!!! I had tears as she told me I was not ready. I have never been so disappointed. What a let wait 9 months for your due date and then it still doesn't happen! It feels like you can not go 1 day longer!  She said that I was not ready and that we would just schedule me for that Saturday morning if I did not have him before then! After the doctors visit, we went to Chili's to eat some lunch and then head back home! When we got home I looked up home remedies for starting labor and I tried all of them! I ate a TON of pineapple! ;) still didn't work! Jagger was too comfy!

Ok...I am going to leave it here! There is so much to tell I am going to split it up or it would take you a day to read it all at once!!
Was your baby born on, before, or after due date?
Hope everyone had a blessed Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Jagger Preslee!

To My Sweet Baby Boy- Jagger Preslee Cohn!
Well it is 10:09pm and this time 3 years ago today you were 1 hour old! times flies! I can vividly remember the emotions that I felt the day you were born! I didn't know I could experience so many at one time-scared, excited, happy, nervous, anxious, frustrated (only because I had been in labor so long! I wanted you to hurry up and get here and you were 4 days over your due date!) I had such a hard time in labor delivery I was not even aware that you were born- yes that is for another story! 3 hours later when I came out of the "drugs" (I had to be put under) and they finally let me see you I instantly was head over heels in love!It is amazing how you can love something SO much and you have only seen them for a minute! I have never set my eyes on anything more perfect! I can't help but cry right now because God blessed me and your daddy with you! Everyday when I wake up and see your sweet smiling face with those stinkin' cute dimples I immediately thank God! I love knowing that I am your mommy and everyday we make precious memories together!  I still  can not believe that you are 3! I know that I will blink my eyes and you will be married and having kids of your own! I just pray everyday that I am the best mother I can be to you! You are so special to me and I can't wait to see what is in store for you! I love you to the moon and back! Mommy
the beginning of a very long day!

Birthday boy!
Hope everyone had a blessed day!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lazy morning!!!

I'm loving this morning! Me and Jagger slept in while the hubby went duck hunting and now I am enjoying an amazing cup of coffee!! Coffee just always seems to get my day going! I am trying to get going for the day- when Matthew gets home we have "chores" to do!! I know he is going to be thrilled!!! Hahah I just need some old furniture moved out to the storage shed and some stuff put in attic! You know.. Just the random things that husbands can do!
So yesterday was Matthews grandpa's surgery! Everything went well! He is in ICU now and will be there for a few days until they move him to a room! The three of us went to Memphis to see Grandma Betty. We knew we would not be able to see him but it was nice to see her, and she was so happy to see Jagger! After we stayed at the hospital for awhile we took Jagger to Toys-R-Us!! He calls it Toys-and-Us! Hahha but he was so good in the hospital we thought this would be a good treat and for about a month now he has been wanting this one particular Thomas the Train and of course we have been everywhere looking for it and no one has had it!! It has been a stressful situation at times over this train! So Finally Toys R Us came through for us!! It was a miracle! He was so excited!! He was almost more excited about this train than Christmas! :) so after Toys R Us we went and ate at J.Alexanders! It was good but when we got the bill I about had a heart attack... Let's just say for the price it was not that good!! I think food is so over rated!!! While we were walking out to the car I spotted a Pier 1 across the road!!!! And I can not turn down the opportunity to go in Pier 1.. It's my favorite store!!! Well let's just say it was not the best experience! Taking two boys in that store is not smart! We ended up leaving after about 5 minutes! Oh well guess I will try again later!
By the time we got home we were exhausted and went to bed!!! And now here we are!
Do you have any big plans for today?? Oh and I am very excited the Razorbacks won last night!!!
Good day to be a Hog fan!
Hope everyone has a blessed Saturday!

Friday, January 6, 2012


TGIF!!! I use to love Friday nights because that meant TGIF was coming on!! I loved all the shows- Family Matters, Full House, Step-by-Step and many others!! Today not much is going on but we are needing prayers! Matt's grandpa is having triple by pass done right at this moment! It's very scary but I feel it's a blessing they caught it before something really bad happened!
I'm so proud of myself.. Last night I cooked supper!! Woohoo! My sister-in-law introduced me to a new website called foodgawker. It's just exactly the same as pinterest but it is just food!! I love it! That is one of the only reasons I got on pinterest! And pinterest has not been on my good side lately! It has been freezing up a lot on me and then most of the time it is just blank! So this website is awesome! Last night I cooked cheese stuffed shells!! It was the jumbo shells stuffed with several types of cheese then covered in spaghetti sauce! It was yummy!! Chicken enchiladas are on the menu for tonight!
Not much else has been going on! I have decided we live a very boring life but I am happy with it! I will take boring especially since it involves Matthew and Jagger! I am very concerned because Jagger is having severe anxiety about daycare! Last week he was asking me on Monday if it was Friday and if he had to go. When I would say he would have to go on Friday he would run and hide in the closet and start crying!! It broke my heart because he is worrying about and it's days before he goes! This morning as soon as he woke up he was crying saying, "Is today Friday?, is daycare closed?" it is killing me!!! So now I am going to have to figure out what is going on and how to help him! I just pray God will help me through this!!
Hope you have a blessed Friday!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Enjoying the Day!!!

Not much went on in The Cohn household today!! Last night we had Jagger's family birthday party!!! Even though it was people he sees several times a week he was in heaven!! Will post pictures tomorrow!!! He got super spoiled by everyone and then Grandma and Grandpa surprised him with his very own 4-wheeler!! And this is not aliitle power wheels thing... No this the legit thing!!!! In my mind I'm going Oh my... Where are we gonna put it?? But he was so excited!!! He could not stop smiling!
Today we did not do much! We just played with toys and went out to ride the 4-wheeler!! I am trying to get myself back in the habit of cooking, cleaning and the other normal non-holiday stuff!! We were over at Matt's mom and grandmas so much I barely bought groceries for 2 weeks!! Wow!! Tonight I have been making out our menu and grocery list so in the morning me and little guy can go to Wal-Mart!
Time to get off here and enjoy some sleepy time!!! Night all! Hope you had a blessed Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New year!!

I am so excited about this new year!! It always seems like a fresh new start!! I had a great year last year so I'm excited to see what this new year has in store! I have made several resolutions for this year! 1. I am not going to worry about money as much!! God has provided money to pay bills and buy food so that is all that matters. We for sure do not NEED anything! 2. Put God first!! I admit this is sometimes hard because I love my family so much but I know that he even needs to be before Matthew and Jagger. 3. Get better about listening!! Another one I am not proud of but I tend to have a big mouth and I need to keep it shut and listen! 4. Quit caring so much what others think- the only ones that truly matter are God, Matthew, and Jagger!! I feel at times I bend over backwards to make others happy and it does no good!! I'm tired of putting myself and family through it!! So what are your new years resolutions?
Today has been a busy day already! Tonight we are celebrating Jagger's 3rd birthday with the family! His birthday is not until next Tuesday but Charlyn and Claire are going back to school this weekend and everyone has plans so this was the only night we could get together!! He is so excited about his "party"! He said he wanted chicken nuggets, French fries, Mac and cheese, and crust bread aka garlic Texas toast!! So that is our menu for tonight and then we have a John Deere cake!! Imagine that???!!! It kind of stresses me out a bit because the child already has a toy store in our house so with his birthday the week after Christmas it gets to be overwhelming!! Last year I put toys in the attic and would bring them down throughout the year and he loved this because it was new toys!! So. I'm thinking this is the solution again this year!!
I have been trying to get my house back to normal and now that all of the decorations are put up it looks bare?? What is up with that? I know it's because there are so many decorations but now I'm thinking the Pier 1 gift card will come in handy! We did go to the mall yesterday and I was super disappointed because everything was picked apart! I was hoping I would find good sales and could use gift cards but it's looking like I will be saving them for new spring stuff!!
Well it's time to get house clean for party!!!
Hope you have a blessed Tuesday!