Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm Loving that it's already Wednesday!! Wow...the weeks fly by!

I'm Loving that my birthday is coming up! I am a Labor Day girl this year!!
Oh my goodness- I want this cake!!!!!  I would pass out!
I'm Loving my new peacock that Jen got me!!! Love her! ;)

I'm Loving Mucinex DM!! It seems to be the only thing clearing up this junk! I think I am finally getting better! I could actually talk today!

I'm Loving my new fall decoration!

I'm Loving that my hanging cross collection is growing! Now just have to figure out where to starting hanging them!! Planning on doing a whole wall of crosses! ;)

I'm Loving that my sweet little boy went number 2 in the potty today!!!!!! YAY!!!! I am so proud of him! ;) Those without kids don't think I am will understand one day! Jagger was wanting to call everyone and tell was so funny!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Please pray for me and Jagger! We are both sick! No fun :(   I have completely lost my voice! Jagger keeps telling me to talk louder and quit whispering! hahaha
The weather here is so gorgeous! I wish we could be outside enjoying it...
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Fall = my favorite time of the year! besides Christmas of course! I start getting very excited when we get close to Fall. I have noticed the last few days even though, it has been hot there is something that feels like fall! I don't know? maybe its just me wishing that it was already here!
My Favorite Things About Fall!
* the colors!!!!

* the smells!!

* the tastes!!


Taco Soup!

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Rolls

AAWWWW...I can't wait!!!

* The Fair!!!


We love Monday Nights!

Go Hogs!!! WOOOOOOO Pig Soooeeee!!!
* Decorations!!!- I think I am going to start pulling my stuff out today!!!!

 I love Fall....It just makes me happy!!!
Jaggers when he was 10 months- these are some of my favorite pics!

What is your favorite season???
Hope everyone has a blessed Saturday!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Dance The Night Away! are probaby wondering what in the world I am talking about??? Well.......that is one of my favorite songs! Dance The Night Away by Van Halen....If you had read my blog from the beginning then you know that I have a love for music...but what you may not know! - is that I love to dance!!!! Now...I am not saying that I am a good dancer, but I do love to dance or should I say try to dance!.....I have had some kind of dance and/or music around me my entire life! and my favorite movie ever is Dirty Dancing, which is all about dancing...If you have never seen it-shame on you!

When I was little, all the way up until I was in high school, my dad's side of the family would have these HUGE parties on New Years, and 4th of July- These parties consisted of eating, drinking (the adults of course) - me and my cousins were always off riding four wheelers or swimming on the 4th, and then on new years we were playing hide and go seek outside, having huge nintendo competitions, or watching movies!) and then dancing.....On New Years, the family always had a band that would come and play at my uncles shop! It was something I always enjoyed. The band music was normally country - Hank Williams Jr., Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Don Williams, Ronny Milsap- you get the picture...then when the band would take a break it was time for my dad to crank up the sterio with alittle bit of Tom Petty, Van Halen, Def Lepord, AC/DC, and tons of other back to the story..I would always sit and watch everyone dance! The first time I ever saw mom and dad slow dance I wanted to cry (my dad was never the dancing type)...It was Jeff Healey Band- Angel Eyes! -such a great song! We played it at our reception...that song has always been one of my favorites since then!
Besides the family parties, me and mom would go with my grandma and her friends to the senior citizen dance club- Don't Make Fun! I LOVED going, and it was alot of fun! This is where I learned to two-step.
In school, I was a cheerleader for several years, so dancing was invovled in this! It was different dance but I really enjoyed it! In the town I grew up in, dance birthday parties were so popular in middle school and junior high! Your parents would rent out a big room and hire a dj and everyone would dance! It was fun! Then when we started getting older, we had school dances, which were always a blast! My senior prom was the one of the best times I have ever had! None of us had a date, so we all just went together! We danced  from the time we walked in the door until we left! It is a night I will never forget! ;)
I find myself dancing ALL the time! It is quite hysterical...I am sure people think I am nuts...If there is anything on that has a beat there is going to be a good chance I will be moving! It was funny because the other night at the BAPTIST revival! You see the word Baptist- we don't dance- one of the songs we sang was so up-beat and wonderful, I would catch myself clapping, and sort of moving my hips..I was thinking, Megan stop.Not in church! hahahha - I had to really contain myself.
Tonight, I am home alone because Matthew and Jagger went to the first football game and I have danced all over the house! I guess where I am going with this whole thing is even if you can't dance or don't like to...when you are all alone put on your favorite song and just dance! I even dance while I am cleaning- and I am pretty sure I have danced to Jagger's kiddy music! I know you probably think I am nuts but it will honestly make you feel better or make you smile- and isn't that what life is suppose to be about? enjoying it to the fullest!
So, I hope you have not read this and now think I am crazy! I just want to show that we should enjoy our life and be happy, so if that means dancing in the living room while cleaning- do it! ;)
Hope everyone has a blessed night! ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

I'm Loving that even though I am not going tonight, I got to be apart of the revival at church!! God is doing amazing things in our church! I feel so blessed to watch him do his work!

I'm Loving flea markets/antique store!!! I got to go in one today and I found several things!!!! I am so excited!
I bought a chair that I am so in love with...but I am having a hard time with it...I am not sure it goes in our living room so I am thinking I will put it in my spare room and make it my quite time chair!!

I love this shabby chic print! so sweet!

egg plate!!! $4! woohoooo  and I LOVE the color!!!
yes...this is a PEACOCK vase!!!! I about passed out when I saw it! ;)
I'm Loving that today I got to spend time with Jennifer and the boys got to play!! We made the cutest lunch for them ...found it on Pinterest!

a spider!!!! we took hot dogs and stuck pasta through them to make spiders, an octopus, and jelly fish!! the boys LOVED them!!!
Mommy lunch- grilled chicken wing dip sandwich! Yummo

I'm Loving that I am starting exercise class at 5am this coming Monday!!! Yay...I can't wait!

I'm Loving this pillow for our living room!

I'm Loving in a month we will be laying on the beach!!!!

I'm Loving my sweet boys! and of course our amazing Heavenly Father!

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Monday, August 22, 2011


I am very frustrated right I was thinking that blogger will help calm me down! We went to the revival and I took Jagger down to the nursery and he threw a FIT....crying and telling me not to I took him up to the church with me and all he did was wanna talk loud and say that he wanted to see his daddy and he wanted to go back and play! I was getting so upset at I decided to take him back down to nursery because that is what he wanted....but when we get out of the sanctuary, he starts crying saying he wants to go back to church...he was kicking his feet and all this stuff I do NOT stand for!!! so I put his little rear in the car and we left! I was so mad I wanted to cry! I wanted to be at the revival and of course Jagger decides to act crazy! oh well.....guess that is what happens when we have kids!  I hope this does not make me sound like a horrible mom...I guess I was being selfish and was hoping I could enjoy the revival! God had a different plan for me ;)
Other than that small has been great! We got our furniture painted!!!! This morning we started about 10am. Jennifer and Nolen came over to help! It worked out great because the boys played while we worked on the furniture. It was so hot outside, we were dripping in sweat! I am so proud of the furniture I can't hardly stand it! I have for sure found my new hobby!!!!!

getting started!


the boys playing!

pretty much finished! I am so happy about it!
turqouise side table!
My side table is my favorite thing.....I am done with it...this was a picture before I got it completely finished! I am going to do a picture of the whole room when I get it done so you will see it all the way then! I am so ready to start on my new piece of furniture....My next plan is to do my table...I am thinking cream with antique on top!!!! I have several ideas...not quite sure which one!??
After working the dresser and chest for about 4 hours, we were all exhausted and smelled because of the heat! ;) We decided it was time to quit for the day and plus we needed to get ready for church! I had no clue what to eat for supper so I threw together a quick meal and it was so yummy!   I dipped chicken tenderloins in flour and panko bread crumbs and then fried them...once the chicken was done, I made a sauce with the drippings from the chicken..I used the new Philadelphia cooking cream, cream of chicken and milk....I used bowtie pasta..put the chicken on top, then poured the sauce over it!! was amazing!!! and it was so fast and easy! -makes it even better huh??? ;)

Well..I am going to get off here and enjoy spending time with my boys!
Hope everyone had a blessed day!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Where Did the Weekend Go?

Another weekend came and passed us by! I know I say this alot but it blows my mind how fast time goes by! I have so much to fill everyone in on....We have been so busy and I just have not had a chance to sit down!
Thursday- Thursday night we drove back to St. Louis so that I could take my test! I spent all day Thursday studying so not much went on! My test was scheduled for Friday morning at 9am so we decided it would be best to go up Thursday night and stay in a hotel! Jagger was so excited because he loves to stay in a hotel! The whole way up there he talked about jumping on the beds! When we got to the hotel, we were so tired, but Jagger was still excited! We rode the elevator up to the room...get to the door...and walk in our room! When we get in Jagger looks around and says, "where is the other bed???" "mommy, they took our other bed!"....We got a king size bed and he was not happy! He cried and cried and was telling us he wanted to go home!! Matthew and I were cracking up..he was so excited about the room because he thought he would get to jump across the beds, and then when he saw the one bed he was so upset!! Jagger cried himself to sleep so it was a long night! We finally got to sleep around 1and I had to get up at 5:30!
Friday- 5am-alarm clock goes off and of course I lay there for about 30 minutes! ;) Once I got ready, I studied for awhile! Around 8 we decided it was time to leave and head that way! We got to the testing building and this time Matthew and Jagger stayed around so I would not be alone! I was ready for this test! I went in and got started. Before I got started, I handed it over to God! I finished the test in about 30 minutes. I went back and took it again to see if my answers would compare! it all looked good..or at least to me! ;) I clicked the finish button and that is when panic set in! I walked into the other room to get my results! and guess what??? I PASSED!!!!! Wooohoooo! I have never felt so much relief! I wanted to run out of the building screaming and jumping up and down! After the test, we thought we would drive over to Cabellas and check it out! It is the coolest place ever! It's almost overwhelming because there is SO much to see! By the time we got done...we were all exhausted so Jagger and I slept most of the way home! I was so happy to be home!
Saturday- worked all day on my bedroom furniture! will post pictures tomorrow!
Sunday- Revival!!! Our chuch revival started today and it was amazing!!!!! I cried through the whole thing tonight! It was so moving! We sang one of my favorite songs...Mighty to Save!
He can move the mountains
My God is mighty to save
He is mighty to save
Author of Salvation
He rose & conquered the grave
Jesus conquered the grave
oh and good news...Jagger finally stayed in the nursery today without crying! He stayed early service and sunday school!!! and tonight during revival! so happy!
I am so ready for tomorrow! I know its going to be awesome!
Please pray for our church, our speaker- James, and the praise band!
Hope everyone had a blessed weekend!- can't wait to show you my furniture!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm Loving that it is almost fall!! my favorite time of the year!!! Today we went shopping and I was so excited about long sleeve clothes!!!

I'm Loving the newest addition to my coffee mug collection!!
sorry not a good picture! but its a rooster!! I love it!
I'm Loving my cheap amazing finds today!
black frame for our bedroom! 7.99- I love you TJ Maxx!

Jaggers new polo! 14.99!! woohoo...and its john deere colors! ;)

Curtains for the living room! We have NEVER had curtains in our living room! and I got these for 9.00!!! at Pier 1- my other favorite store!!
 I'm Loving that next week is the revival at church! Its going to be awesome!

I'm Loving this little boy!!
acting silly!!!
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