Saturday, March 31, 2012


Today was all about our yard! I have been so happy that it has been amazing weather! One of our favorite things to do is work in the yard! We spent the entire day outside! First, Matthew got up super early to mow. He wanted to get the yard mowed before Jagger got up because if he didn't he would have a 3 year old right under his feet wanting to help!
Pa came over today to build Jagger his new fort! It is awesome! Jagger has been looking forward to this since Pa told him about it! (Note to self- NEVER tell a 3 year old ahead of time you are doing something..wait until you are fixing to do it!) Jagger has ask us every single day if this was the day that Pa was going to build it, so finally today we could say YES! and you would have thought Santa was coming!
Jagger, Matthew, and Pa started working on the fort, while I started on the yard! We went and bought a trailer load of mulch so we could do the flower beds and around the trees! I have been wanting to do this for over a year! I'm pretty sure it was like Christmas at the Cohn house today! I got all the old border pulled up and then I put down the weed stuff- I am not sure the correct term but its almost like black trash bags to keep the weeds from coming up in the mulch! Its great stuff...totally worth the time! and then it was time for mulch! Matthew and I took turns shoveling! Finally I gave up and decided I would just let him dump it and I would spread it! I am so happy with the end product!
Tomorrow is going to be so much fun for Jagger! Our church is having an Easter Egg hunt! He doesn't really understand what is going to happen but I think he will have a blast once we get there and realizes what we are doing!
Well..its time for bed, my body is aching!so what did you do on this beautiful day?
front flower bed completed!

mailbox done!

got to a good stopping point on fort! well..we actually had to go to Lowes to get the slide! It will be finished tomorrow!

enjoying the day!

my handsome husband!!!
Hope everyone has had a blessed day!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Branson Day 2 and 3!!

I am so sad because in the morning we are going to be packing up to leave! We have had so much fun and I hate when fun has to end! Tonight I am not going to write about everything because I am exhausted so I am strictly going to do pictures! Sunday afternoon I will write about what we did!
Morning sun!! Gorgeous!

Morning View!

Homemade Crepes!! Amazing!

playing baseball!

Ripleys Believe It or Not!

Go Karts!

Ducks @ Bass Pro!

Our 1st Build A Bear!

Making A Wish!

Givng TED a bath!

In the Hurricane Simulation Booth! Hysterical!

Riding the Train!

Bumper Boats!

Horses @ Dixie Stampede!

Love this place! Totally worth going! Just wish Dolly would have showed up!

Eating Cotton Candy ice cream at Cold Stone!

Playing Cars Legos with Grandma Kim
Hope everyone has had a super blessed day!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Branson- Day 1!

YAY!!! We are here! We got here yesterday after driving for almost 6 hours! I have never been so ready to get out of the car! For almost 45 minutes we were on what felt like a rollercoaster ride! I think one curve we made a full complete circle and then it was just UP down UP down! I was pretty much on the brink of getting sick and then BOOM out of no where we came out of it!
When we got here we came and found out condo and it is absolutely gorgeous! We are on Tablerock Lake! Its unreal...I could stay here for along time! Once we got settled, it was time to scope out the town! We ended up eating at Fudruckers, not to be confused with Fudpuckers (which is in Destin!) It is a specialty hamburger place. I got a buffalo burger on a whole wheat bun! YUMMY!!!  Kim got a salmon burger and it was amazing!
After we ate we went to the HollyWood Wax Museum!! I was so excited! I was literally jumping up and down while we were going in! I know I am like a kid when it comes to stuff like this! Jagger was not really feeling it because outside on the building is King Kong and it scared him!
We went through the museum and got alot of fun pictures, and then we decided it was time for ice cream! We found a local place called Cakes and Creams. It was packed. It is set up like a 50's diner and inside they even had a little boy doing Elvis impressions! The ice cream was super yummy and the atmosphere totally put it on favorite list!
We made it back to the condo around 10. Jagger and Matthew were asleep, so Kim, Trace and myself went out on the balcony and enjoyed the hot tub before going to bed! It was great! I was super relaxed and it took me all of 10 minutes to fall asleep!
The Living room in our Condo

Our Bedroom/Bathroom!


Scared of King Kong!

Matthew acting like Forrest!

Love her!
this one is for my daddy!
 I was gonna do the "pose" but there was about 30 people watching me so I decided against it! ;)
Hope everyone is having a blessed day!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How Do You Pack?

So, I love knowing how other people do things! I are thinking that sounds like I am being nosey! but I am sure you like to know too!
I love to go on vacation but sometimes the packing gets to me! I think I spend too much time on it. Matthew just laughs at me because I have a system! It all starts with LISTS!! I am a list person anyway, but when it gets close to vacation I start to run low on sticky notes! (and zip-lock baggies)
The night before we leave the pressure always seems to get me! I am going back through everything making sure we don't forget anything and the crazy thing is I know anywhere we go I can always find a Walgreens/Walmart/Target, but even knowing that does not calm me! I hope I am not weird and there are some of you that go through this! I am serious Matthew just laughs at me. He is the type that about 10 minutes before we leaves can just take clothes off the hanger, ball them up and put them in a Wal-Mart bag! hahahah...I am not lying he has done this several times when he has came to my mom and dads! That is one thing I love about him, he does not let things get to him and he never stresses about junk like this! So anyways, I am very organized when it comes to packing! I like everything in zip-lock bags! It keeps everything nice in the big bags so that there is not just mass chaos when you open the bag! I pile everything in the spare room floor and then once that is all done I go back and put it in the bags!
piles! excuse the mess of the room!

Bathroom stuff!

Jaggers stuff

our FAVORITE part! Snacks!
I am almost done with packing. As soon as I get done on here I am going to get in the attic and get down the bags, start the dishwasher, pick up (I can't stand leaving our house messy!), finish putting up the laundry, and then hopefully get a little bit of sleep!
Enough about vacation, if you know me then you know I love to eat! Its part of who I am! I am always talking about what I want to eat or what I have been eating! I found some new snacks that I am hooked on! I love finding new snacks and now especially since I have been on Weight Watchers my eating habits are alot different!
The Emerald Breakfast on the Go packs are AMAZING!!!! They have cranberries, yogurt, walnuts, and alot of other yummy stuff!  I am also enjoying the 90 calorie packs of mini rice cakes. I eat them instead of chips! These have BBQ, Ranch, and Cheddar Cheese flavors!
I have always loved anything from FiberOne but these are super yummy! They are chocolate brownies! These really help when you are needing a chocolate fix! and then of course I am a jelly belly fan but these Sour Patch Jelly Beans are unreal! I could eat the whole bag! I love Easter but then it makes me sad because all these great candies come out and then after Easter they are gone and we can't have them for another year! :(  Well..there are my snacks! Do you have any new snacks you can't live without?
Jagger did great at daycare today! He was running around the playground when Matthew picked him up! I was so happy! Here is the newest picture he painted!
My frig is covered with huge pieces of paper that he has painted on! I need an art gallery! ;)
I think it is time for me to get off of here and get busy with my list!
Hope everyone had a blessed day!

Monday, March 19, 2012

End of James

Well...we are finally at the end of James-Beth Moore's Bible Study! I was amazing and I am actually sad it is over! I keep telling myself that it is not the end but just the beginning of something great! God really showed me alot during this study! Tonight is our potluck to celebrate getting through the study! We are doing a "bring a salad potluck"...Here is my salad..
It is my favorite thing to make!! Pasta Salad..even my picky eater husband LOVES it! We will make ourselves sick on it! and while I was making it I had to try it several times!
Today has been great! Jagger went to daycare this morning!! YAY and no crying! God is answering prayers! Matthew picked him up and brought him home, then we ran to Aldi's to get a few groceries. By the time we got home it was time to get ready for my scheduled closing! Yes.. I said closing! I sold my 3rd house! We have been so thrilled that God has given me this opportunity! Closing went great! I was sad to say goodbye to the old man that sold the house! We had become friends- I will have to tell his story when I get a chance! I love how God brings people into our lives. He is someone I will never forget!
and more happy news...We got our computers fixed!!!! The Hallelujah chorus is playing in the background right now! ;) I can finally start loading pictures and get back to blogging!
Hope everyone has had a super blessed day!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Yay!! Happy Wednesday already! The weeks seem to be flying by! ;)

I'm LOVING that today the weather is amazing! I am so ready for summer! I actually got to wear cute wedges today! ;)

I'm LOVING Coke Zero! Now...don't judge until you try! I have never been a coke fan but when I started Weight Watchers it is a drink that is FREE!! So...I drink lots of Water and when I need something different my first pick is Coke Zero then Diet Coke!

I'm LOVING that even though gas is going up like crazy I do not even worry about it! It is very sad that gas has to be this high!

This cracks me up!! ;)

I'm LOVING that Jagger did great this morning at daycare! They said he only cried for a minute or so and it wasn't even a cry! I guess my prayers are getting answered!

I'm LOVING Daylight Savings Time! We can actually stay outside when Matt gets home from work! Its awesome!

I'm LOVING Leslie Sansone's Walk At Home! This is one of my favorite workouts! I have horrible knee issues and can not run! Last year I got a really bad knee injury so I have figured out I better watch it! We do not need any knee replacements, so that is when I found Leslie! I have been averaging 3-4 miles almost everyday! She is awesome...and on the days I don't have time to do that much I at least do the 15 minute mile! You can find her dvds at Wal-Mart and the other great thing she is a Christian!!! ;)

I'm LOVING that we are going to paint our bedroom this weekend! I think I have finally decided on gray! These are some of the inspirations I found....

Link up with Jamie and tell us what you are loving!!
Hope everyone has a super blessed Wednesday!