Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day After Delivery!

Wow what a day that was!!! That morning when I got up my blood work already came back in a good direction! Mom and dad got here early because i knew i needed momma! The goal for the day was getting up to walk, control bp and possibly see Hudson! I ate breakfast and then pretty quick after they took out catheter, which made me very nervous bc I knew what this meant.. I had to get up to pee! I was dreading it. Finally my nurse came in and said its time to get up! She made me cry and i know i looked at her like she crazy! I tried and of course no success. I was so dizzy and light headed i thought i would pass out. Lets just say this nurse was not my favorite! I know she was doing her job but goodness come on, not even 12 hours ago i had my stomach ripped open and insides all messed with then on top of that i have been on constant drugs for 11 days! The morning i delivered i was to 164 lbs!!!! Wow! Finally i had no choice but to get up because i was about to pee in the bed! We got the two charge nurses come help me and they were amazing! It took several minutes of sitting on the side of the bed and these sweet nurses rubbed my arms and just helped me. When i stood up i felt like my legs were going to give. Its the worst feeling but they pushed me. Out loud i was saying, i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Yes it was horrible and tough but i made it and each time has been easier. I slept good that night and the next day was better. The only thing was my blood pressure. It continued to get higher and this was so frustrating to me. I just want to be out of this hospital so we can focus on Hudson. I have been very happy to get back in clothes and wear normal pjs! The nurses and some of my specialist doctors have been shocked at how different I look! I think its funny! I am very happy about getting out tomorrow. We will be moving into,our new home- Ronald McDonald house and I've heard its great! I know we will enjoy support from other families!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Roller Coaster!

The last few days have been a complete roller coaster and I know this is only the beginning of it! I am laying in bed and I cant stop the tears just thinking about what all has happened over the last few days! I also am shocked at myself because normally I don't think I would be the type to handle all of this but then I know its not me, its God! He has been here like crazy over the last two days! I know at times the nurses think I am crazy because I have been just stating scripture out loud. I haven't cared who is around or what they hear, it has been the only thing that has helped! So after I delivered on the 26th, I was in recovery. I was only suppose to be there for about 2 hours but they could not get my pain under control so we were there for almost 4 hours! Mom was on one side and Matthew on the other holding my hand through the whole thing! Once we finally got the pain under control it was time to take me to the room but they got to wheel me through the NICU here at St. Mary's to see baby! As soon as they wheeled me up to him the tears came! He looks so much like Jagger just way smaller! Jagger was born almost 10lbs so this has been so unreal to us! They let me touch him and as soon as I did he gripped my hand! My heart broke into a million pieces and when they wheeled me out I thought I was going to die! I couldn't breathe and just wanted to wake up from this dream! When we got settled in the room and I got calmed down everything was good! I was so happy to see everyone and just relax! Matthew and I were hoping for some sleep! We loved know Hudson was right down the hall in the NICU and the nurse would come in every little bit and give us updates! We finally got to sleep and then at 3 the nurse came in and told us they would be transferring him to Cardinal Glennon about 5 miles from here! My heart broke again and I couldn't stop crying! She explained that at his size he really needed the special care and attention at Cardinal Glennon. they told us he would be in his own room and have his own nurses! When they got ready to leave they wheeled him into my room and let me touch him! They also gave me a small blanket about 30 minutes before he left so that it would have my scent on it! It goes in the incubator with him! When the doctor said it was time to go Matthew and I both broke down! This has been some of the hardest things I have ever had to do! I haven't quite figured out how my heart is still beating! Cardinal Glennon has been amazing! That night Matthew and I took turns praying out loud the rest of the night and around 5 i couldn't take it anymore so Matthew called to check on him! They said he was stable and if we wanted to call every 20 minutes we could! This made me feel so much better. The next morning, mom and dad got here early which made me feel better! Mom can hold my hand and immediately I feel better! I just have needed them for the support! The plan for the day was to get me out of bed to walk, which I thought was insane.. Keep my blood pressure under control, take out catheter, and possibly go see baby! Im going to end here bc I don't want to overload everyone but I am planning on going back and giving detail for each day!
I know God is using this and right now its not a fun roller coaster but once we get to the end i know we will be amazed at what we have overcame!'
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hudson Lynn Cohn!

Well this sweet baby boy decided to meet us yesterday around 3:30pm! Im laying here in bed right now with quite a bit of pain so please forgive if this not the best post! I will come back later and give all the details!
Our sweet baby boy came into the world delivered by an AmAZING team od doctors at around 3:30 pm! I have never been so nervous about anything, but when I laid my eyes on him I couldnt believe how perfect he was! Yes he is tiny and weighs only 2.5lbs but he came out kicking and squirming! The doctors called him a little rockstar! We still have a long journey ahead and we dont know what each day holds! All we can do is pray and trust God has this whatever the outcome! Please continue to pray for the healing of our sweet boy and also for Jagger. It has been tough on him also!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas To Remember!

Yes this will for,sure be one to remember! I have a book at home that is called Christmas traditions and each year I write what all we did and answer all the questions. I was telling Matthew the spot for this year wont have much in it.... In Hospital!
The day started out pretty good! Mom and dad are here which makes me very happy! We could have all the company in the world but there is something about having my momma here that comforts me. Matthew and I slept in a little which was nice! Rest is super important and sometimes hard to get! When we finally got up i ordered breakfast and we then got to watch on FaceTime Jagger get Santa! It was great! Yes i wanted to be there but thank goodness for technology! After the kids did Santa we watched the family open gifts! Matthew has a very large family and they all stay at Grandma and Pa's so through the screen we could watch! We watched for awhile them it started to get to me so we took a break! I had a small break down, and i keep telling myself its ok! After i got myself back together, i decided to read the Christmas story from the bible, and this made me feel much better! Its amazing how God's word can calm us! The rest of the day was pretty slow until Jagger got here! I was so, see that sweet face! It took all of my pain away! And then Of course we did Christmas! Yes, Matthew's mom is Awesome! They hauled all the presents up here to the room and we had Christmas! The nurses and doctors loved it! I would have much rather been at home in my cute christmas pjs doing presents but we aren't! Im laid in bed with this nasty gown and all hooked up to monitors and wires, so it is definitely a Christmas we wont forget! Im also excited because as i lay here and type i have my two boys in the room with me! Jagger spent the night with us tonight! So its not the picture perfect Christmas but I cant stop thanking God for his blessings and for honestly teaching me Christmas is really just another day! Its not about trees, presents, Santa, stockings and all the other junk! Its about him and his,precious gift to us!
Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Decent Day!

Overall yesterday was not too bad!! Now mind you, I would much rather be at home with my sweet baby going through our normal Christmas traditions but we aren't, so I am trying to make the most of being here! Jagger was here yesterday for awhile so that was nice! It does make me sad because you can tell he is a little nervous around me but goodness who wouldn't be? I mean Im laid up in bed almost 30lbs heavier than what I was 3 days ago. I cry almost every time I look in the mirror so I have decided its best to not even look! I know its only temporary! So anyways, Jagger, claire, Gigi, and Pa were here for the morning and I was so grateful! Jagger made reindeer water bottles for all the nurses and they love them!! He enjoys getting to talk to the nurses! Everything was good until they had to leave and then I absolutely felt like someone was taking a knife and cutting my heart out! It was so hard to watch my baby leave this room( it makes me cry writing about it). God has given me a lot of strength through this but I feel that is one spot I am still lacking in! After they left all i could do was cry, but I feel like I deserve that! :) once I got settled down I felt better because I knew mom and dad were coming which made me very happy! There is something about having your momma around that just makes things better! I couldn't do this with out Matthew but when it comes to some things a girl just needs her mom- especially an only child girl!
Matthew and I ended up watching a movie and then when mom and dad got here we just hung out for awhile, and then the best thing ever-I got to shower and wash my hair! I promise this is something I will never take for granted again! It was tough and take a lot of energy but I felt so good after!
So not too much excitement went on for the day! The doctor was happy with my labs, not much change going on! Hudson is doing amazing and its just a waiting game to see how long God has him planned to stay in there! Many are asking what they can do and all we can say is pray! We feel the prayers and know they are working! God is here with us and we couldn't make it without him!
Hope everyone had a blessed morning!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Life Changes!'

Life Changes in a heart beat! I have figured out the plans I HAD for our family for the Christmas Holiday were definitely not what God had in mind! It all started on Tuesday! I really have not felt 100 but I have been just "chalking" it up to keeping up with a 3 year old! Matthew was on vacation so we had decided to run to the church and let him practice some music! While we were there i started feeling sick to my stomach but again didn't think anything of it! (If you know me then you know I am not one to just run to the doctor for anything! I am very last minute!) we went to gigi's to eat supper and by the time we got done eating I was really hurting! I kind of knew something wasn't right but in my mind I was telling myself it was gas/indigestion! :) when we got home I spent almost an hour crying and dealing with the pain! All I could do was cry and ask God if I needed to go to the doctor and finally I felt a nudge that said Go! Matthew had been wanting me to go for awhile but I guess God's voice was big enough to cause me to listen! :) and mind you this is 9 at nit so we had no choice but ER which bothers me also! I will do anything to prevent these visits! The sister in laws make it to the house and we get to the hospital. By this time i am in the worst pain and I cant breathe! The admissions got me right up to labor and delivery- thank goodness! Within 15-20 minutes of getting in the room and telling them what was happening, the nurse is coming in telling Matthew and I this is very serious, the doctor is coming in and we will be transferred! Do what? Say that again? Did I hear you correctly? All we could say was , what did you say? She looked at us and said you are very sick and need to be transferred! I immediately go into panic mode and then the doctor comes in. He sits down very calmly on the bed and tells us that I have HELLP syndrome and the only way to fix this is to deliver the baby! Tear start coming.. How can this be? i am only 26 weeks? I instantly close my eyes and go to God and his peace comes over me! I know we are going to be ok! The doctor tells us they are going to airlift me to St Mary's in St louis because they specialize in high risk pregnancy and that we will stay there until baby comes home! My brain can hardly process all they are telling me and in my mind the only thing i can think is Jagger! My baby....i cant leave him, what about christmas? What about birthday, and a million other things!!! But i know in the instant there is nothing I can do so its best to just calm down and deal with the moment! By 3 am I am being put on an airplane and being airlifted to St Louis! When we landed and got in our room i have never been so scared and overwhelmed because basically they thought I would deliver that day but now here we are 4 days later still hanging on strong! I have been diagnosed with Preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome! There are no cures for them except to deliver the baby and we will be here until that point! I am on continuous monitors and have an amazing team of doctors who are right at my side! But even better is the presence of God! He has never left me since we flew out of Kennett and I know he is not leaving! Yes I have my moments and the tears come especially when Jagger leaves but I know this in the plan and All i can do is trust him! It has for sure put a different perspective on Christmas for me! Christmas is not at all about presents or anything like that. Its about family and the most precious gift ever, Jesus! I don't want to be here and its not fun but I know we are being used for a greater purpose and that is something that helps me get through it!
Please continue with the prayers. They are needed and know that I love all of you!

Friday, December 21, 2012


For the last few days, I have serioulsy felt like I have been in a dream and I will wake up any minute! Well guess what???? I have tried and when I do I am still laying in this hospital bed in St. Louis! The tears start and the ONLY comfort I have is God's voice that comes over me and says, "i'm here".  I have all these thoughts and emotions just like a rollercoaster.... Why me? This is not fair? I should be home with Jagger getting ready for Christmas, what could i have done different to prevent this?, and so many other things until I just have to stop and tell myself that we are here because this is in God's plan! We cant explain it and we dont know why ,but we are and we are dealing! I do know 100% something good is coming out of this! I cant see it now but I can feel it! I just know God is up to something fantastic and it is awesome to know he is using us and this sweet baby boy for such a purpose!
Tomorrow i plan on posting about the whole thing from the beginning! I know there are many that still dont know what is going on and I want it for us to go back and read! I will NOT be posting pics because it would scare you and for those of you who get the pleasure of seeing me I am sorry! My nurses and doctors can not believe how different I look from pics we have shared with them! I am so swollen I dont even recognize myself! I think I am up about 25lbs in fluids- so basically I am a huge marshmellow laying in bed! Its not cool!
I also can not end this with out saying how wonderful my husband is! He is more than I ever deserve!  He has not left my side and is holding my hand each minute! I know if he could switch me places he would! He is my life and I cant imagine one second without him!
Love all of you! Please keep up the prayers! We completely feel them!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Pageant

Every year our church has the Christmas Pageant! It is so cute! Its basically a small play with ages 3- 3rd grade maybe? and while the congregation is singing Christmas music the kids are in costume coming on stage! It is quite entertaining because you know 3 and 4 year olds don't really care about standing still on stage! My sweet Jagger was a shepherd this year and he has been so excited! We had practice on Tuesday night and he did really well except for telling the little boys who wouldn't stand still that Santa would not bring them anything! Thats my boy- making sure everyone is acting right! ;) So after doing really well at practice I figured he would have no problem at the real thing....Wrong! While walking on stage he saw Matthew and had to stop and give him a hug, then when he got on his spot on the stage he was doing great until he realized the other little boy was not in his spot..Jagger is telling him in the middle of all this to come get in his spot! Then he finally spots the whole family, and decides to start waving at everyone! This whole time I am sitting beside Matthew's uncle who is cracking up the whole time! so of course, I can't stop cracking up! One of the shepherds is walking around the stage, and then took one of the gifts for Baby Jesus. Another shepherd was turned around poking some other kids, and the angels were not standing still! I went back and watched what we filmed and I could not stop laughing! These kids are so funny and the thing that is so sweet is that it is just their innocence!
getting ready!

my little shepherd!

trying to get him to not act silly!

again..the boy can not stand still and smile!

but he can act silly!

all the kids!

I was hoping for a good family picture! NOT! oh well!
I can't believe we are so close to Christmas! It is flying by and I am loving every minute of it! We are still doing our Christmas Kindness and it has been awesome! This week we have had so much fun doing each thing and I know we have really made some people's day! I am just so grateful that God had led me to follow through with this because it is such a blessing! I have a feeling we will continue to do this even after Christmas! I mean who doesn't need a small blessing even after Christmas! I know that I do!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lights of the Delta!

First, before I get started I need prayers. I have started swelling and having lots of back pain. It all started yesterday and when I talk to the doctor she told me to stay off my feet! If it doesn't get better by Monday we will be at doctor :( and I really don't want to do that so please say a small prayer for me that this will get better!
Ok.....on to the fun stuff! Last night, Matthew and I took Jagger to see the Lights of the Delta. I know many of you may not know what this is, but it is super cool and definitely worth the drive! It is the largest lighting display in the Mid-South. They have 6 million lights and 48+ major motion displays on a 40 acre drive thru site. It is really neat and Jagger LOVED it! He was so sad when we were at the end of it! When you get there, you turn your radio on a certain station and the music plays along while you drive through the lights! It is a really good family night activity!
Love my boys!

acting silly!

we couldn't get a good one! Oh well....

Not the best pictures..but you get the idea! It is so neat!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Friday, December 7, 2012


I was going to post this last night but the night got away from me! I have been working on Christmas cards and once I get started on something I will not stop until I am finished! I think that is part of my "ocd" tendencies.
After we ate lunch with Grandma Betty and Pa, Jagger and I came home. I got a load of laundry going, Jagger watched a movie and I started on the cards! This year we have sent out 101 cards! I never thought we would send out that many and I am still thinking there are going to be more! I am glad I have extras! ;) but it took me several hours and then I even had to work on a few last night! About 75 cards into it, I decided it was time for a break! I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do our Random Act of Christmas Kindness for the day! I really have not been posting much on this or going into to detail about what we are doing because I felt this is something very special to us and I want to keep it for us! Yes, I will talk about it but I don't feel like its something that I want to go on and on about. I am going to tell you what we did yesterday because I am so proud of Jagger. We had to go buy toys for other kids. At the time when I put all these in the advent calender I thought we would be at mom and dads. If we were going to be there, I was going to have us do either an Angel Tree, Christmas for Kids, or something of that nature but since we stayed home there is really nothing like that here! I did find that we have Toys for Tots, so I figured that would work! I told Jagger that we were going to buy toys for other kids who may not get anything for Christmas. Well...immediately the questions came- Where are there mommy and daddy? Why can't Santa bring them anything? and several other questions that I had to stumble my way through and just hope that God would give me the right words! We get to the store and as soon as we walk in the door there are toys! Jagger runs up to a baby doll and says, "Mom, a little girl would love this!" My heart melts and we put it in the cart! He is going around to all the toys telling me how much they would love this and that! After getting several toys in the cart, I had to stop and tell him that we only had a certain amount of money to spend. Yes, I would love to spend a ton of money on toys for other kids but we just can't! He looks at me and says: Mom, Why its just money"!   Wow..I wish it was that easy, but he is completely right! Its just money and God always provides what we need! Tomorrow we will wake up and its a new day for God to provide! When we left the store, we said a prayer over the toys we had bought! I was so happy and blessed that Jagger had fun picking out the toys- not only fun but he has a huge heart and wanted to buy so much for others...not himself! I can not stop God for leading me to do this Christmas countdown. It has already taught me so much and I can't wait to see what the days ahead hold! I know that this has helped my family focus on what Christmas is truly about.
Once we got done delivering the toys to the drop off location, we came home and had to get ready for the Chamber of Commerce board dinner! I have to brag on my husband for a few minutes! I am so super proud of him. He has been elected to be on the Chamber of Commerce board in our town! I think this is a true honor and something very exciting! He is a wonderful Christian man, husband and dad! I can not thank God enough for letting him be apart of my life!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Yup, It's Wednesday and it's only 20 days until Christmas! That is just unreal! but very exciting!

I'm LOVING that we are now on day 5 of our Random Act of Christmas Kindness Countdown and it has so far been the best thing we have ever done! We still have 20 days to go and I can't imagine how we will feel when it is over! I already feel so blessed....

I'm LOVING that we have started getting Christmas cards! I absolutely love getting Christmas cards in the mail. Everyday I am like a kid waiting on the mailman to get here so I can run out to the mailbox to see how many are there and who they are from!

I'm LOVING ABC Family's Countdown to Christmas! Christmas movies is one of our favorite things and on here they show all the originals plus more!

I'm LOVING Fiber One Brownies! I have been needing something to take care of my chocolate craving and these are the perfect thing! They are only 90 Calories and taste super yummy!

I'm LOVING that the new Batman is out on dvd! I am huge fan of Batman- always have been! and I have been waiting for this one to come out but did not want to go to the movie theater after the shooting, so now I can finally watch it in the safety of my own home! :)

I'm LOVING that my doctors appointment this month went well! She said that at the next appointment in January I will go and register with the hospital, then we will get a date set for the c-section! I can't believe its already time for that! Seems unreal!

Link up with Jamie and tell us what you are loving!
Hope you have a blessed night!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Such A Blessing!

Well, it's 10:30 and I am finally getting to sit down and take a break from the day! It has been a very long day! Good but long! Mom and Dad were here because mom had a booth at the Christmas Bazaar today! She was selling her all natural food- Wildtree! It is super yummy! I stayed with her at the booth until about 1:30 then I had to run to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart was crazy busy but I was shocked at how fast I got in and out of there! I am thinking it was because I only had several things to get and I did not have a 3 year old with me showing me everything he needs! :) When I got home I spent time doing laundry and getting the house put back together! I am very ocd about our house and for some reason when my family comes I am constantly picking up and putting stuff away! After I got done doing my "chores", it was time for some family time! Jagger, Matthew and I got opened our 1st day of the Advent Calender- Countdown to 25 Days of Christmas Kindness! At first, Matthew wasn't too sure about it but when we finally got in the car and got started, he was all about it! We had a blast! We listened to Christmas music while we did our first act of  kindness! I have never felt so excited about doing something and once we got done I felt like my heart was going to explode! I already know this is going to be the best Christmas ever! I just can not stop thanking God for blessing me and I truly hope that the small things we are doing will bless someone else! When we finished our "family time", Matthew and Jagger went over to the Snipe's house while I went to church for our Women's Christmas Dinner! The food was super yummy and we got to listen to some beautiful Christmas music! It has for sure been an awesome way to spend the 1st day of December, and if this day has been a glimpse of what is in store for this month I just think I will jump up and down and do a happy dance! God is so good!
Hope everyone has had a blessed day!

Friday, November 30, 2012

25 Days of Christmas Kindness!

I am so excited about tomorrow! It is the 1st day of December and we are starting our Christmas countdown! I know there are many people that do a countdown and we normally do one just with candy but this year we are doing something different! I am trying so hard to teach Jagger that Christmas is not just about lists, toys and Santa! It is so much more than that! I actually want him to get away from all that! We are truly blessed and God provides for all of our needs. I want Jagger to learn that this season is about others! So...this year we are doing a Random Act of Christmas Kindness countdown! We are using our normal countdown but inside each box is a piece of paper with a "random act of kindness" on it! I have also printed off these cute labels to go with the acts of kindness!
Here is the countdown house we are using!

Each Act of Kindness!!!

Print off!
I hope this will not only bless us but many others! Do you and your family do any countdown for Christmas?
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Decorations!

Christmas Decorations is one of my favorite things! Being an only, mom and dad always went over the top with Christmas. We loved having decorations in every room and then dad always did lights outside! There is just something so exciting about Christmas and the decorations..I can't get enough of them and then I get extremely overwhelmed because I want it all! I promise there is not one thing I see I don't want! ;) This year I have not bought one decoration but I have bought ornaments. I am thinking at this rate I am going to need another tree next year! When Matthew and I first got married, I thought we would do everything snowman. Well...that lasted one year! Now we really don't have a theme. As I sit here in my living room and look around, we have a big Santa in the floor, a Snowman in our entry way, nativity scenes, reindeer, Christmas village, various tree statues bought at Hobby Lobby and then of course all my peacock stuff that has been transformed into Christmas stuff! :) So basically, we have just hodge podge of stuff! I would like to start collecting the Jim Shore Christmas Santas, and then there are several nativity scenes that I will be stalking after Christmas hoping to find them on sale!! I went through the house and took pictures of some of my favorite Christmas decorations we have......enjoy!
This is one of my top favorite things!!! It is a ceramic tree that was my Great Granny's! I get so excited every year when it is time to get it out of the box! It is super special!

Please excuse the fish food in the picture.....but this is probably my TOP favorite thing....Jagger made this last year and I think it is precious!

This plate also means so much to me and I know these hand made things will mean even more the older he gets!

Winter Wonderland hand painted sign on a piece of wood! I have this in my entry way! I think it is super festive!

This is a piece of art made out of paint color samples, ribbon, and buttons! It is super cool!
and I love my trees but I am saving that for another post! I can't give it all to you at one time! ;)
So what are you favorite Christmas decorations?
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

Monday, November 26, 2012

I'm Here!!

Yes, I am still here! We have officially gotten sucked into the "holiday season"! We have been busy busy busy but it makes me Happy Happy Happy (I love Phil on Duck Dynasty!) Well since the last post about Graceland we have basically been with family! On Sunday after we went to Graceland we had our church Thanksgiving meal and the Faithful Friends ornament exchange! It was so fun! I love my church family so much and feel so grateful to be around all of these wonderful people! ;) Monday morning very early, Jagger and I got up and started toward Grandma's! My cousin Teressa and her beautiful daughters, Harley and Emma came home finally-its been almost 2 years! I have missed them so much it makes my heart hurt so I was so excited to get to see them! When we got to Grandma's until we left on Thursday it was just family and food! Is there anything better? We had a blast just getting to spend time with them! When we get around each other we laugh so much we cry! While we were there, Jagger got to ride a horse for the first time. He thought it was the coolest thing ever! On Thursday for Thanksgiving I ate way too much, but I do this every year! I didn't really eat dessert it was the extra dressing that put me over the edge! :) I love Thanksgiving food so much. I hate that we only get it one time a year but I guess that makes us like it even more! After eating lunch with my family we drove home to be with Matthew's family! Not only do I love the food on Thanksgiving but I get so excited about the black Friday ad newspaper! This year I did not go out to get anything. We enjoyed the day putting up Christmas decorations and I am so happy we did! I don't think my pregnant self could handle all of it. I have started doing some Christmas shopping! I love picking out gifts for everyone. I spend almost all year coming up with ideas! I always try to find unique things that they would never ask for or even know exists!
So did you go out on Black Friday and if you did, did you get some good deals?

Sunday, November 18, 2012


This weekend I got to do something I have wanted to do since I was a little girl!!!! I got to go to Graceland! I have not been so excited to do something in....I can't even remember when! I have always been a big fan of Elvis..I mean come on my little boys middle name is Preslee- I know its spelled different but we all know its after the "King" himself! :)We left early Saturday morning so that we could get there when the gates opened! When we finally got there and pulled into the parking lot I was about to jump out of my seat! I know my husband thinks I am insane! I just have been wanting to do this for years! I love how as soon as you walk in the entrance all you hear is Elvis music and there are tons of people in their Elvis get-up. You could for sure tell who were the die hard fans and just the normal people coming to check it out! The older ladies that had on the Elvis shirt, coat, and purse were the ones that I enjoyed the most! As we were waiting on our tour bus to take us over to the house, I found the guestbook...I was shocked to see where people had come from! All over the world, and when I say all over the world I mean it! Australia, Austria, Canada, Russia, New Jersery, Washington, Mexico, Russia basically everywhere! This just amazes me..It shows you how much influence he had and how he his music has touched so many! It was finally time for our turn to get on the bus! They give you these head phones to put on during the tour. When we got to the house I was almost overwhelmed trying to take everything in. When you walk through the front door, its almost like you are taken back in time! It is the coolest thing ever...I just would stand in each room and soak it in! I loved all the decorations and can't imagine how much went on in this house! I really enjoyed all the family portraits! The tour took us about 2 hours and by this time Jagger and Matthew had had all they could handle! I probably could have stayed longer but I knew they were tired and hungry! I will definitely be returning to Graceland! I think the next time I go I will not be so overwhelmed! Even if you are not an Elvis fan, it is truly something to see! ;)
Jagger as always added laughter to the trip! Friday we were at the church working and here is the conversation between Jagger and Mrs. Janet....
Mrs. Janet: Jagger I hear you are going to see Elvis tomorrow!
Jagger: No I'm not!
Mrs. Janet: You're not? Well your momma tells me you are going to see Elvis tomorrow in Memphis?
Jagger: No.......and he runs over to me
Jagger: Mommy, are we going to Heaven tomorrow to see Elvis????
Me: NO...we are going to Memphis to see his house! :)
hahahah..we have cracked up over this because we have no idea how he knows Elvis is in Heaven but he knew that he was not in Memphis! ;) I love the mind of a 3 year old!
Well I have to ask.. Are you an Elvis fan? and if so have you been to Graceland?
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

Monday, November 12, 2012

It's Officially Here.....

.....The Holidays that is! I just can not believe Thanksgiving is next week! I feel like this year has flown by, but this is definatly my favorite time of the year! I try and savor every minute of every day until Jan. 1st! I love everything about the Holidays starting with Thanksgiving.
Last weekend, we went to Lil Bit of Christmas which is the huge Craft bazaar in this area! I feel like it is kind of the "kick off" for the holiday season. It really puts you in the spirit! Christmas music is playing, Santa is there for the kids, and there are tons of Christmas decorations! Jagger was so excited about seeing Santa! He got on Santa's lap and told him he wanted a green motorcycle! Well, Santa then told Jagger that he drove a grey motorcycle. This made Jagger so excited....He told Santa that his poppa worked on motorcycles and Santa ask Jagger for his poppa's phone number! They were quite the match! After we got done, Grandma Betty ask Jagger about Santa and his response was, "Me and Santa are best friends"!!!! Now Jagger is wanting me to write Santa and tell him Poppa's phone number so pop can work on Santa's motorcycle! ;)
I have been saying all along that I was not going to do any Christmas decorating until after Thanksgiving. I had to decorate so early last year for the tour of homes and plus I really feel like sometimes Thanksgiving just gets over looked! I want Jagger to know what Thanksgiving is all about..We just go straight from Halloween to Christmas! Well guess what??? Jagger talked me into to putting up his small tree in his room and part of our Christmas village?? We have both been so excited about putting up our trees but I am really not going to put up the big ones until next week! I do have all my ornaments laid out in the spare room admiring them! :) i love Christmas ornaments! They make me super happy! I almost get overwhelmed because I want them all and we are running out of room on our two trees! I guess i could just buy another tree and fill it up!
Tonight we had our women's bible study potluck/dirty Santa ornament exchange! Let me tell you that these women have no MERCY!!! Momma, based on tonight, I think the other ladies would agree you raised me well! :) ! I normally find the ones I like, find out where they come from and just go buy it for myself! But i guess that is no fun huh? I laughed so hard tonight at these ladies and I am so happy to be apart of such a wonderful group of women! I love that we can all laugh and have fun together! I am truly blessed! I feel like after tonight we are busy every weekend until Christmas! And this week is Breaking Dawn part 2 midnight premier! Yes..  I will be there but thankfully not at midnight! The theater we go to has a 10 o'clock show!! This is perfect for this pregnant girl because I can go and still get home before 2am!
So are you ready for the Holidays?
Hope everyone had a blessed day!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


We are so excited to announce that we are going to be blessed with another baby BOY!!! We were jumping up and down when we found out! Matthew and I have always said we would love a house full of boys! Yes..girls are sweet and cute, but there is something about a baby boy! They are so precious! and CHEAPER ;)
and also don't forget to go and VOTE but remember....
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Travel, Family, Football, Sick, and Halloween!

Yes, We are still here!! but it has been CRAZY!!! I know you are wondering what in the world the title of this post is talking about, but basically it is the last several days in a nutshell! Friday morning, Jagger and I left with Grandma and Pa Don to drive to Columbia (5 hours) for Mizzou's Homecoming! We were very excited because almost everyone in the family were going to be there! Matthew backed out at the last minute but I think it was for the best because he probably would not have had any fun! I think he enjoyed his alone time! :) So Friday around 10am, they picked Jagger and I up and we started out on our journey! Now I have to tell you that when you ride with Grandma and Pa a 5 hour trip can EASILY turn into a 8 hour trip! ;) They enjoy stopping to eat at an actual restaurant and then we stop for bathroom breaks! I had prepared Jagger and myself with lots of movies, games, books and other things! It was not a bad trip and Jagger did awesome! He did not complain one time and the time went by fast! When we got to Columbia, it was so cold! I was so happy that we had packed really warm clothes! We all got to the hotel about the same time and once we got in and put our things in the room we all decided it was time for food! Since it was Homecoming weekend, everything is crowded and people are everywhere. You do not just up and go somewhere! It has to be planned out!
Saturday was when all the festivities were going on but we had already decided ahead of time that we were not even going to attempt the game. There were only 6 of us that did not go and I am glad that we didn't. It was so cold and I do not think Jagger would have fun having to sit still with 60,000 plus people! While the game was going on, Jagger, Gigi, Grandma, Claire and I went to the mall and Toys R Us! Of course, Jagger had a blast! He was in heaven! I mean two grandmas in the same place! After the game, we met up with everyone for supper! We had 18 in our group so trying to get seated and wait for food takes a long time! I think we ended up being in the restaurant almost right at 3 hours! It was crazy but alot of fun! The kids were glad when it was done because they wanted to go swim at the hotel! The kids had a great time swimming until Jagger had a small scary spell! He had got in the hot tub several times and the last time he got in he told me he didn't feel good, so I told him that we would dry off and go upstairs, put our pjs on and wait for the rest of the family! As I was drying him off, he starts screaming and when I say scream I am talking like I am hurting him! At first, I say Jagger come on now we have to dry off but then he starts biting his tongue and going crazy! I pick him up because I know something is not right! Thankfully the rest of the family is there! Grandma and I start trying to get him to calm down and then he start convulsing, biting his tongue, screaming, then he would pass out..He would open his eyes and start all over! IT was so scary! Matthew's Aunt took Jagger and we start running towards the lobby! I am trying to call 911 while we are working with him! and of all things my phone has NO SERVICE!!!!! Yes..seriously! I was in a full blown panic! By the time we got almost to the lobby he came out of it! All I could do was hold him, cry, and pray! (It makes me cry thinking about it!) I don't think I have ever been so scared in my life and I felt so helpless! So come to find out he had a seizure! He was running fever and the hot tub just sent him over the edge!!! I have felt like a horrible mother because I had no clue he was running fever but he never showed any signs of not feeling well!!! Lets just say I did not sleep 30 minutes that night and the next morning in the shower I cried like a baby! God showed me instantly not to take one minute for granted because life can change in a heart beat! You just never know what is going to happen!
The next morning, the whole family got up and ate breakfast! and yes, Jagger was back to his happy self! He ate a great breakfast ( ham and pancakes) and then he did awesome on the way home! We finally got home and he said he was not feeling well! Guess what? 104 fever!! So it was a very long night and next day for us! He finally started feeling better and then I got sick! I know Matthew is probably about ready for a normal feeling family!
Tuesday we spent celebrating Halloween! and so I won't bore you too death I will continue with that on the next one! We had a great Halloween regardless of not feeling 100%!
Hope everyone has had a blessed day!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I have a confession! I love McDonalds! Always have and always will! Now, that doesn't mean I do not get tired of it but for someone reason my love for it is always there! Those big golden arches always bring me back to my childhood and that may be one reason I will always carry a spot for it in my heart! Mom has always told me that when I was little I could spot a McDonalds miles away! I mean what child doesn't love this place, a place to play and a great toy with your meal? (and by the way I have bags and bags of these toys from when I was little!)  We would always go to McDonalds on Saturday while we were in town doing our grocery shopping! McDonalds has changed since I was little! The one we went to had this huge playland and it was outside! It had a big ballpit, but I am pretty sure those are outlawed now!? I just know you never see them anymore! I also know I had a birthday party there! From the looks of the pictures, I am pretty sure they supplied the cake, and decorations (Mom is this right?) I don't know if they do this anymore? What I do know is that Jagger loves to go and play at "Donalds"! Isn't it amazing how at 3 and even before now he has been able to recognize the golden arches and what they have there! We have been to a few that do not have a playplace and he gets very upset! How can a McDonalds not have a playplace!
Ok...on to food! I bet you are wondering what in the world could I eat there? Well first I know 100% that the food here is not healthy! When I was on weight watchers, I found the McDonalds list and ate what was on it, but it was very limited! and I still limit myself, but now I find myself enjoying it alittle more (thank you pregnancy!) One of my favorites is chicken nuggets! I am not sure if it is the actual chicken nuggets or the dipping sauce! I absolutely love the Hot Mustard sauce! I am addicted to it!  I have even got Matthew hooked! I even enjoy dipping my french fries in it! and if I am not in the mood for chicken I do enjoy one of the regular hamburger! I think they are 89 cents or something cheap like that! Other times neither one sounds good, so I just go to the salad! The southwest salad is super yummy! Breakfast is probably my favorite but I don't get it much! I truly enjoy the sausage mcmuffin! Its on the dollar menu so it wont break the bank!
I  know this is such a random post but it cracks me up when people think I am weird for liking McDonalds, but honestly I think deep down everyone whether they admit it or not likes McDonalds! I mean come on its apart of American culture! :)

So I have to ask, do you like McDonalds or do you have another fast food chain that keeps you coming back!?
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Are You Content?

Are you content? This is a question I have to stop and ask myself pretty often! Here lately God has really been working in this area with me and trust me it has not been fun! I don't think he is quite done getting me where I need to be but I am getting closer (or at least I think!) This world we live in is very tough! We are constantly being bombarded with images of the newest and best of everything - cars, Ipads, phones, computers, fashion trends, etc. I feel like every where I look I see images of things I "think" I want and need!
Ok I know you are wanting to know where all this is coming from...Ever since Matthew and I have been married we have said that we would like to live in a certain neighborhood in our town! Its the neighborhood his grandma lives in. Its not a new neighborhood but its so nice. There are so many great families with young kids that are moving in and we want that so bad! When we got pregnant we really started stressing over what to do with our house? Do we put it up for sale with no house in store (I know this sounds insane but we were thinking just renting because in our town when a house comes open for sale you better be ready to jump on it - they go super quick!! So we were thinking if our house was already sold that would be one less thing to deal with) Do we just build on to our house? and if we do this, do we close in the carport, do we build on to the back, do we build on the master bedroom? so many options! Over the last few months we have gone over so many possibilities it makes me sick thinking about it! Matthew is one of these who thinks over every possible way and then he comes up with "what ifs" for each one! Well this absolutely causes me to have anxiety!! I don't like to think that much...I just want God to do his thing! So anyways, we have had builders come over and price different plans and it is insane!!! $30,000 for one playroom! After going through all of this over the last few months, I finally have felt like God is just telling us to just be still and let him be God! I think he is also trying to teach us to be content with what we have! We have a nice house. We have 3 bedrooms. Our house is remodeled, we know we can afford it and so many other things! This morning while I was going over this in my head and having quite time I also felt truly convicted because I feel like we really are not content with anything! I know I am constantly online looking for new clothes! Do I need new clothes? NO! Do I want them? Yes, but that is completely different! There are people out there that would love to have more than 1 outfit! We are always talking about a new TV and new furniture, but guess what? what we have is perfectly fine! and its all paid for! We are always talking about a new car and truck. Yes, we may not have the nicest cars but we don't owe anything on them and there is nothing better than that! and is it me or is it when we get these things we have to have they only make us temporarily happy because then the next day we are wanting something else?  I have made a challenge for myself that over the next couple of weeks I will do no online shopping of any kind! I want to focus on what God has blessed us with! I hope reading this no thinks that I am a greedy person or am never happy. It has nothing to do with that! I honestly hope that there are others that are going through this same thing and understand how it feels! I main goal is to be grateful for what we have and to get my mind off of things that will no longer be one day!
So my main question...are you truly content and happy with what you have?
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Turning Into Our Parents!

Is there ever a time that you say something and then almost immediately after you say it, you think in your head that you sounded just like your parents!!! This makes me laugh because I remember growing up and there were times I would specifically say I will NEVER tell my child that....well hahaha on me because here I am almost 20 years later saying those exact same phrases! Example- the other day we were sitting at the table eating supper and Jagger would not eat his vegetables, let me rephrase..he would not even TRY them! I told him that if he could not get up until he tried at least one little black eyed pea! ONE...not a mouth full, just one! Instantly, I was taken back to when I was little and there was one time I could not get up from the table until I finished my whole plate! I am pretty sure that I had to sit there until my bedtime! and what makes this story funny is that there is a V8 commercial out right now where the mom tells the little boy that he can not get up from the table until he eats his veges. You see the little boy and then the next scene he is still sitting at the table but he is an old man!! I am sure this is how I felt at the time!
Here is a list of phrases I have come up with that I am sure we have all heard at one time or another and possibly we are now using them ourselves!!
* Close the door!! - Were you raised in a barn?
* Because I said so.....
* Stop crying before I give you something to cry about!
* Hold your horses
* I'll wash your mouth out with soap
*This hurts me more than it hurts you! - I use to HATE this one growing can this spanking hurt you when you aren't even getting one??
*can't never did- My dad still reminds me of this one!!
* You'll understand when you are a parent! (yes you do!)
* Just WAIT till your father gets home!
* I was not born yesterday
* There are starving people in Africa who would gladly eat your dinner
* We are not laughing at you, we are laughing with you!
* Don't make me pull this car over!!!
I am sure there are tons more that I have missed but these are the ones that come to my mind! and even as a child  saying that I would never do certain things with my child, I now know that if I use these and sound like my parents that is not a BAD thing! I look at myself and think they did a great job..
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

What To Write!?

Well it has been over a year since I started blogging and I love it!! I have always loved talking, but being a stay at home mommy, the only person I have to talk to is a 3 year old and the conversation is not exactly what I need to fulfill my needs of adult interaction/conversation! All of you stay at home mommies understand this right? I hope I am not the only one that feels this way! So, anyways this is the whole reason I started this blog! I needed a way to get things out, and it is almost a therapy for me! I was doing really well writing up until these last few months, and now I feel as though I am in a rut! I am not sure if it is writers block or what you call but whatever it is I am not enjoying it! We have been sick here lately and then being pregnant I have been sluggish here and there but I don't think this is something that everyone wants to read about!
All of this being said....I am now coming to you! Is there any questions you have for me? Anything you want to know about us? I am hoping you all can help get my writing "juices" flowing again!! ;) Can't wait to hear what everyone has to say!
Hope everyone is having a blessed day!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Ok, so what is it about TV shows that suck you in! The last couple of years the only thing that has been on our tv is cartoons (Little Bear, Max and Ruby, Thomas the Train, Wonder Pets, etc.) Matthew and I know every song to every cartoon! So finally after a few years we are getting to enjoy some shows of our own, and it absolutely amazes me how fast you can get hooked! I have always been a Grey's Anatomy fan but have to watch them late! This season already is driving me insane! I am happy that I am not close to a due date because the last few episodes might have caused me to go into labor! ;)

My sister in law, got me started on Once Upon A Time! It is so great and now they have the whole first season on Netflix! So if you have not watched it and want to get caught up you can! This week a new show started called Nashville! I enjoyed the first episode so I am thinking this one will get added to the list!

and of course, we love Duck Dynasty! It was cracking me up how almost everyone on Facebook was commenting on watching this last night! I love how they are such a close knit family! :) and then also since Matthew is big on hunting we can relate to them on that! This is another show that if you have not watched you should! You will get alot of laughs out of it!
What show are you "hooked" on??
Hope everyone is having a blessed day!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

How Do You Manage It?

Cleaning that is.....Yes, I know this a subject that most people can't stand! I have a very OCD personality so I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning! I love cleaning but then I hate it because at times it drives me insane! I try to walk away and leave things alone but in my mind it is tearing me up and I can't get anything else accomplished until I clean whatever is on my mind! Is that weird? Am I the only one like this?
I feel that I keep our house clean pretty much all the time! I do not leave things out and I am not a clutter person! Matthew laughs because I am constantly throwing random things away! Now, I do keep ALOT but it is neatly organized in containers in the attic! ;) (another part of my personality! Gotta love a Virgo!) To me keeping a house picked up and clutter free is different than "CLEAN"! I try to really clean the most I can! I feel at times I get behind and then when I am working on getting  caught up I am disgusted!!! Tonight for example..I was cleaning the bathrooms, which already make me sick when I clean them! I would rather do anything than clean a bathroom but I know it has to be done! I am the one down on the floor cleaning around the toilet with a q-tip and sponge, and during this I am gagging! Our bathrooms are not that dirty because I clean them every couple of days but I just can NOT stand cleaning a bathroom! The thought makes me sick! Again I know I am weird! I just hope I am not the only weird one! Even though I am cleaning all this I still feel that at times I let our house go and it is just yucky! I look around and see dust everywhere and I start going into a panic! So tonight, after I finished cleaning I decided to find a cleaning schedule and guess what? I found one! Thank you pinterest!
I love how it is broke down into days! I think this will help me to not get so overwhelmed and then just get upset! So now that yall are thinking I have lost it..I have to ask how do you manage your cleaning? Do you hire it done? Do you do it all on the weekend? Some on each day?
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm LOVING the TV show Once Upon A Time! I may have put this before but I love it so much I am doing it again!!! If you haven't watched it you should!

I'm LOVING Bible Study! I always study the bible but I love when we start the women's ministry bible study! I enjoy getting to have the discussion with other ladies! My new study is Loved By God by Liz Curtis Higgins. If you are doing a study, what is it??

I'm LOVING the book The Fellowship of the Rings! I have started reading The Lord of the Rings books! I love the movies so I thought I would enjoy the books!

I'm LOVING The Voice!! Wow..the talent on the show has been awesome!!!

I'm LOVING that tomorrow me and one of my friends are going to a big kids consignment sale!! I am really hoping that I can find some good stuff!

I'm LOVING that today we had family time carving pumpkins!! We had so much fun! ;)

and of course I am not only loving but my two boys but also our Heavenly Father!!!
Link up with Jamie and tell us what you are loving!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!