Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's Fall Y'all!

Well I don't know about where you live, but here it is officially fall!! The reason I am claiming that fall is officially here is that this week is our county fair! Yes, I said Fair! This word makes people go crazy especially kids! I have got most of our Fall/Halloween decorations out. I am not typically one to decorate for Halloween, but Jagger loves it so much that I have started getting decorations for it!
It's a working progress, but we are getting there...I still want to add more pumpkins and a few other things! 

 We love this phone because it rings and then an scary voice answers the phone! The kids love it! 
 This picture of Jagger is one of my ALL time favorites! 
 Our black crow in the cage!! He is pretty cool! 
 Last year after a doctors appointment we had to stop at Walgreens and we stumbled across this guy that we couldn't live without...."Country Skeleton"..he plays the banjo! 
Waiting on the parade!! My baby boy is growing up so fast! 
 I love this picture because of the movie theater in the background!
 Hello Firetruck...Hello police...Hello boy...hello man..hello people! Hudson waved and said hello to everyone! 

 Testing out some of the rides!

 I am so happy that Fall is finally here! So many great things on our fall bucket list! I can't wait to share our list with you, but right now I am going to cuddle with two sweet boys! ;)
Have a blessed night!!
Lots of love...

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Off Track!

Do you ever feel off track? Just like things are "not right"! I can't explain this, but every once in awhile I feel like God is tugging at my heart saying that I am "off track". Wake up Megan, let's get back on track!
Let me explain my "off track". There are several big red flags that go up when I know that I am losing focus...
*my patience level starts getting shorter and shorter. Things that typically don't bother me, start to bother me. I get antsy sooner than normal. I start losing patience with my kids and husband. I hate this feeling because I feel like I can't relax.
*Constantly looking at stuff to buy! I know this sounds strange, and I hope it doesn't make me less of a person, but I don't feel content. I have always been an emotional shopper. When I don't feel good or are feeling stress instead of eating, I shop. Why do I need more jeans when I have a closet full? Why am I looking at newer cars when mine is perfectly fine? Why do I need "things" to fill our home when we have too much? You get it..... I am looking for a fix in material things!
*Shorter temper- I already have a short temper but during this time it gets shorter. This is such a bad thing and I hate feeling like this. Again, things that normally don't bother me start to bother me.
*Quiet time/bible study gets put on the back burner- The time that I spend with God gets replaced with other things...facebook, tv, reading, etc. This is huge for me because I love my quiet time! I am human and there are times other things get in the way. It truly becomes a problem when it starts to become a habit!
So...With all this being said, the last few weeks I have been dealing with these things. I have felt out of control .This morning during my quiet time, I cried out to HIM that I have had enough. I am tired of this and I can't do it without HIM. Instantly I felt in heart, him saying, "You know what to do." and yes I do. Time to put down things and get back "on track". For me this means stepping away from the things of this world. Getting rid of facebook again (deleting it from my phone), no instagram, no pinterest, no tv shows, just me, HIM, and my family! (I will continue blogging, and it does automatically post to facebook when I publish the post, so you will be seeing blog posts!)
 If it does not benefit His kingdom I don't want anything to do with it. How long will this go on? I am not sure. I will let Him show me. Is this for everyone? I am not sure. I know it is a personal things for me. I am not going to live my life full of negativity and constantly running around in circles for things that are temporary. I want my eyes fully on Him. I want to be better. I want more than this world can provide!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Here We Go! Sinus Season- Take 1!

Well if you know or have been around me for awhile then you know that I have MAJOR sinus problems!! Last year I had so many sinus infections that we lost count. It was horrible and really I should have went to a sinus doctor, but I made the mistake of googling sinus surgery and literally broke out in a cold sweat and got light-headed just reading about it! thanks! Mucinex all the way! Normally every year about a week before the fair gets here I feel my sinus start acting up. Sometimes I can keep them acting nice, but other times I can't. They get extremely out of control and act crazy. Today they went crazy! I was sitting at the desk at school, and started feeling sick. I knew when my head felt like a hot air balloon and the room was spinning it was time to get reinforcement.  Mucinex and more mucinex was not cutting the junk! I got a doctors appointment for after work and guess what??? First sinus infection of the season! Antibiotics, nasal spray, Zyrtec and singular. I'm really hoping all this gets me under control and keep the infections away! I do not need to be sick. None of us need to be sick! We did run to Wal-Mart the other day and strictly bought Lysol, Lysol wipes, orange juice, Vitamin C gummies for the boys, Vitamin C for adults, and Germx! Yes I am determined to keep the germs away from my family!
Other than the sinus junk things have been great! We have had spirit week at our school this week. It has been a lot of fun so far. I plan on posting the pics of what we have been doing. Jagger has had tons of fun. Last year he missed out because we were in Disney, so he is really trying to make up for it this year!
 Time to hit the hay for this momma!! Hope everyone has a great night...
Lots of love..

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What I am Wearing!

Can you believe it is already Wednesday again?? This last week has flown by for me! I am absolutely loving this awesome cooler weather! I can't wait to have chili on my menu!
Here is what my closet has been up to the last week.....
 Not one of my favorite outfits, but I do love the top. I typically where it with different pants and I think that is what has me thrown off! ;)
 My favorite!!!! I love this ruffled top! I bought it last year at a boutique and have worn the mess out of it!! I love it with black pants!
 I got this "wrap" top a few weeks ago. I wasn't quite sure about it, but ended up loving it! It was super comfortable. I wore it with my long and leans and cowboy boots!
I got this shirt in the spring and have only worn it once. I love wearing it because it feels happy!! Oxfords are a must in any closet because they go with almost anything! If you dont' have a pair I recommend you buying some right now! ;)

Hope you have a blessed day!
Lots of love..

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Day In My Life!

I love knowing how other people spend their day! I like to see how they spend their time. How they fit everything into one, single day!! Here is how I do it...

4:45 -5:00 am (alarm goes off) Some days I do hop out of bed at 4:45. Other days it is 5!

5:00-5:15 - shower!
5:15-5:30- dry hair
5:30-5:50- straighten hair!! I know I am crazy!
5:50-6:15- Bible study/ quite time
*I always have laundry going during this time. Either a load goes in the washer or is going in dryer..I like to get at least one load completely finished in the morning..
6:15-6:30- fix lunches and unload dish washer
6:30 - first attempt to get boys up! I do like to move Jagger to the couch so he can start waking up!
6:45- clothes on, make up on,  beds made
7:00-put up clothes from laundry and get boys dressed
7:30- leave house (this is the time that has been a complete nightmare for us, BUT yesterday we made HUGE progress!) NO screaming, kicking, yelling, was a true answered prayer!
7:45- get to work!!!
7:50- Walk to office and wait on my kiddos to get off bus!!
11:40-12:10- lunch!!!! I love lunch..I use this time to do a short bible study, prayer, read, or just breathe!!!
3:20- kiddos from class back on bus! ;)
3:35- pick up Hudson
3:40- pick up Jagger
4:00 -HOME!   Let Hank out, check mail, change clothes
*depending on what night it is determines when I start supper! My family likes to eat early because we are starving. Jagger is so hungry when he gets home so I don't want him filling up on snacky stuff. Most nights I get supper started around 4:15, so we can eat 5:00-5:30
5:00-5:30 eat supper, if possible   (I do plan my meals for the week! I do ALL of my grocery shopping on Sunday afternoon that way I do not go to the store in the middle of the week!)
6:00- homework! During this time, Matthew will take Hudson to do something so Jagger can focus on homework..
6:30 - errands if needed (sometimes we need to run something to someones house or take the trash to the farm...we do it during this time!), chore of the day! Monday: bathrooms,  Tuesday: Dust, Wednesday: Vacuum, Thursday: Mop    Friday: rotate deep cleaning
7:30- Bathtime!!
8:00- start to calm down...I really like to have most lights off by this time. Jagger has a devotion book that we read from every night so this is when we do this. We also read our other books at this time..
8:45- 9:15   The boys are pretty much asleep by this time...and sometimes momma!! ;)
After they are asleep I like to make sure that the floors are swept and any laundry that has not been put up is done.
I also spend this time blogging or hanging out with Matthew!!
10:30-I better be asleep by this time!! I really like to be asleep before this time, but this is my turn into a pumpkin time! LOL

Well there you have it! A day in my life! It gets crazy and sometimes I think I am going to run my legs off , but it works for our family!
Do you have a daily routine/schedule you follow, or do you fly by the seat of your pants?
Hope you have a great day!
Lots of love

Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Recap: #FowlerForever

This weekend was so special to our family! My cousin Joseph got married to the sweetest most precious person you will ever meet, Haley! I am so so so excited that she is part of our family! Lots of happy tears were shed this weekend! Joseph and Haley- we love you and are so happy that we could be part of your special day!
 Yes...Hudson had a blast playing in the dirt!! ;) 

 Bennie and her boys!
 Jagger loves to photo bomb! 
 Aunt Brenda, Joseph and Haley!! 
 My Aunt Brenda is one special lady to me! She has always been there for me during good times and bad!! Love her so much!
 My two awesome cousins!! We grew up together and have so many great memories!
 What do you do when you are waiting??? Selfies of course! 

Pop is not really into selfies! LOL!!

Hope you have a super day!! Lots of love..

Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favorites!

I am so glad it is Friday.  I am worn plum out and am so ready to sleep later than normal in the morning! Since it is Friday, it's time to share some of my favorites from the week! Linking up with these lovely ladies...AndreaErika, and Narci.  Enjoy...

*Jagger moment: Getting to Dove hunt with his Daddy! He was so EXCITED! The pictures that Matthew took of them while they were hunting were precious. I am so glad that they can spend time together and make special memories!

*Hudson moment: Well....little Hudson has had a rough week. ;( He has caused this momma a lot of stress this week! This morning on the way to work I was crying because I had no clue what else to do, and I felt God telling me to be grateful that he is even here to cause stress!! Thank you God for Hudson and the craziness he brings to our life!

*Favorite outfit: I am thinking my favorite outfit from the week was the jeans with the kelly green top! I have a thing for kelly green! Such a great fun color!

*Favorite verse: Every day during the week I send out a "bible verse text". I send this text out to around 15 women. I am not really sure why I do this but I know it is something I felt led to do. Some days I am not sure I should keep doing it, but I know within my heart it is the right thing. My favorite verse from the week is 1 Thessalonians 5:6 "So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but then let us be alert and self-controlled."

*Favorite food/drink: La Croix!! Stop what you are doing and go buy some! It is flavored sparkling water! It is so refreshing! Warning: It is pricey! I only get to drink 1 a day! :)

*Favorite funny: I love a good laugh!

Favorite Picture:
No Words! ;)

Hope everyone has a super blessed day! Lots of love..

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday Thoughts!

2 days in a ROW!! Whoooo!! Watch out blogland Megan is back! ;) Better not get ahead of myself. Moving on to better things....what's going on in my head!

*Hudson has been going to Mrs. Karen's for almost a full month and he is still throwing a fit like you have never seen before. I'm talking like psycho , crazy, loosing his mind fit..It is amazing....he screams, yells, kicks, hits, and then apparently the minute or so after I leave he is fine!!!! He has great days, so I don't understand this craziness. It has become comical the way he acts because I know it is just a show but it is getting annoying!

*Reading! What's reading??? I have not read a book since I started work. I am attempting to read To Kill A Mockingbird but I am only on page 22. It has taken me 3 weeks to get this far!

*I thought I was ocd before I began working....well it has been cranked up a few notches!! Our routine, cleaning (lysol/lysol wipes/ germx-stock pile!), cooking, etc....saving this for a whole post by itself!! Can't wait to share my daily routine with you. Matthew thinks I am insane! ;)

*Being in the school system has opened my eyes to a whole new world. I have left work in tears several days because my heart hurts for these kids and what they go home to. I pray everyday that I would be a light to these kids and show them what LOVE is!

*When will my body get adjusted to this?? Seriously in bed around 8:30 or 9!! This can't happen when the new shows come on! ;)

*Jagger LOVES first grade!!! We have one happy boy!

*I am ready to see my momma this weekend!! ;) My cousin Joseph is getting married this weekend and we are super excited!!

Hope everyone has a super blessed day!
Lots of love!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What I am Wearing Wednesday!!

Yay!! I am here! Can you believe it??? I have missed everyone so much but life has been insane! I am now a working momma and it has been a HUGE adjustment for our family! We are finally getting into a great routine that works for our family. Now if I can just fit blogging and exercising in there! ;) I am going to try and get better about blogging because there is so much I want to share with all of you!
One of my favorite things about work is getting up and getting ready! I am sure you are thinking I am crazy but I LOVE getting to pick out what I am going to wear for the week. I am guessing this is because for 7 years I have worn yoga pants most of the time!
Wednesday: I found this shirt several years ago at Versona. For those of you that don't know about Versona, it is a store in the mall that is basically sorted by color. Every color of jewelry and clothing! It is very overwhelming. I can only go in there if I know exactly what color I am looking for. Anywho, it has been a top that I have worn many times! I just threw on my trusty ol skinny jeans and target sandals!
Thursday: I love this colored top. It is very thin and great for HOT days. My good friend Jenny text me the other morning and said I reminded her of a candy corn!! Yes! That is why I really love this top! :) 
Saturday: Had to represent the Hogs!!! Whooooo Pig Soooeee! 
Tuesday: I have been so excited because I have not been able to fit in these jeans in over 3 years! These are Gap Long and Lean. I am obviously not long and lean but I love the look of these jeans! They will for sure get their wear this fall and winter! 
Wednesday: Back during the Newlywed phase (Nick and Jessica Simpson), I fell in love with ponchos!! She always looked so cute in them, and of course with her pet Louey aka Louis Vuitton! ( know what I am talking about!) So....I have carried on the poncho thing for years...They are super comfortable and cute! ;) The kids in our class today said I looked like a cowgirl!! ;) They were impressed with the cowboy boots!
Well...that's all I have for you today!! Got to get supper ready and out the door for church! Have a blessed night! Lots of love..