Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Heart Food!!

Yes, I said it..I love food! If you know me, I spend alot of my time thinking about what I am going to eat! I Love Food! I love all different kinds, I love the textures, smells, flavors, everything!!! Today was a good food day for me!!! ;)
First off for supper I made a super yummy Chicken Carbonara!! One of my favorites! - and Thank you Amanda at Money Family Musing for the super easy version of this recipe! and it was amazing! even my picky husband ate it and had more than seconds! :) thats always a plus in my book!
Yes it was very yummy!! Let me know if you want recipe and I will lead you in the right direction ;)
There is also something else I need to talk about! and here it is!
If you are from Kennett, then you can probably recognize this wonderful little thing!!! It is a home-made oatmeal cream pie from none other than Causbie's Bakery! Yes, they are amazing! Do not start eating them because once you start you will crave them! ;) and Warning- they are very SWEET! ;)

hahah!! Matthew was having a blast with the camera! Horrible picture of me but who cares you all know what I look like :)!
just saying if you haven't tried one, let me know and I will personally get you one!

So, really this has been my day! Nothing special! Jagger and I did laundry and cleaned house and I also went and picked up my plate from All Fired Up! Its cute! I am for sure not a pro at the painting, but I hope with practice I will get better!
Not sure what I am going to do with it?
hahahah!! this picture completely shows our days normally! Clothes that don't match and just hanging out at the house!!! No- i normally do put Jagger in matching he actually picked this out! and if you notice he is sitting on his new potty chair! He thinks it is just his chair to sit in and watch tv! now if we can just teach him to use it we will be doing good! ;)

Tomorrow is going to be exciting! We are going to the Memphis Zoo! Matthew took off work and we are going to spend the day there! I can't wait! I know Jagger will love it! Will blog all about it when we get home ;)
Hope everyone has a blessed night/day tomorrow!
Psalm 25: 4-7 Show me your ways, O LORD, teach me your paths; guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. Remember, O LORD, your great mercy and love, for they are from of old. Remember not the sins of my youth and my rebellious ways; according to your love remember me, for you are good, O Lord        I know its long but its so good!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So I have to say this! I am an Ebay junkie! I feel like I am making a confession at an AA meeting! this ebay thing is a slight problem of mine but I am glad to have a problem like this! I absolutely LOVE ebay! I just find so many great things on Ebay. Last year, everything Jagger wore came from this wonderful website. I love to find sellers that are good, get in contact with them and buy all they have! I actually just bought these for Jag!
I can't wait for him to wear them! Pjs are one of my favorite things for him!! and they have tractors so he will be more than excited!!!!!
Today is probably going to be a non-eventful day for us! The weather is so yucky! I am ready for nice weather...I do think we will run by All Fired up and pick my plate that I painted. I am so excited to see it!
I started reading the Left Behind series....OH MY GOODNESS!! it is amazing! I can't put it down. I am on the second book! I think all this is funny because 2 years ago when anything was said about the second coming, revelation or anything in that nature, I would get sick to my stomach and all this crazy stuff! and now I am in the Revelation Bible study, reading these book! Crazy huh? I am proud of myself! I think alot of it is knowing that I am saved and going to Heaven and that I have nothing to worry about! My heart does go out to the ones that are lost because it will not be fun!

Matthew and I are really needing prayers. We are really wanting to go to Wired (church camp) with the the church youth this year! We are not really sure if it will work for us because of Jagger and having to leave him, but I told Matthew we would pray about it and let God take care of it! This is super awesome- Matthew normally only gets 2 weeks vacation and you get that until you have been an employee for 10 years. I was alittle concerned that Matthew would not want to use 1 week for church camp, but he called this morning and said that bank policy had changed and that he would be getting 3 weeks starting now!!! so that means he could use a week for camp and still have 2 weeks!!! Maybe this is God working for us! Like I said please Pray for us about this situation!

Well I better get off here and pay attention to my sweet baby!!! He is watching "cat owl" - this is what he calls Little Bear!

This is my verse for the day!!!  Philippians 2:5 Your Attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus!  That puts me in check, how about you?
Hope you have a blessed day!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What's In Your Purse?

So I saw this on another blog and thought it was too cute! I am going to show you what is in my purse! I have not taken anything out or cleaned it so this is truly what is in my purse! Now after this I will clean it out!

Ok, so I have:
1. my "m" make up bag! contain the norm- eye shadow, liner, and other important stuff ;)
2. wallet - LOVE my wallet, I have always had a hobo international wallet - i even had one before anyone knew what they were! - I think this is my 4th one! They are totally worth the money!
3. old receipts- dont act like you don't have them in your purse! i will throw them away today!!
4. Dnow schedule! - trash too!
5. checkbook
6. pens- i love pens!
7. chap stick- i have a chapstick fetish! when I worked i had a bowl on my desk that was just for chapstick!
8. Mascara- I have tried many many types of expensive and I have found this is the best! Its Loreal Voluminous Mascara! Its amazing!
9. Lipliner- this is the best lip liner ever! Thank you Merle Norman- I have been wearing this since High School!
10. BioFreeze! ;) for my awful back! this stuff is great! Thank you Deana for the samples!
11. Deodorant- if you know me you know I don't go anywhere with out this! I am paranoid! I never want to stink! ;) better safe than sorry!
12. camera usb cord! I don't normally have this in my purse but its there today!
13. Phone- it normally stays in my purse so if you can't get me its because I can't hear it! The phone is not that important to me!
14. Keys

Thats all that is in my purse today! I normally have alot more "Jagger" stuff in my purse like paci, sippy cup, food, and most of the time a tractor! but I cleaned all that out for DNow so it hasn't had a chance to make its way back in there!
Hope you all are having a FANTASTIC rainy day!

Monday, March 28, 2011

No Words!

I have no words to explain how I feel right now! I am just overwhelmed with happy and JOY!!! First I have to explain that this weekend I was explaining to my group of girls that on days that I wake up late and do not have time or missed my everyday bible study, I will find a verse that means something to me or goes along with something I am going through, I will write the verse down on a small piece of paper, put it in my pocket and throughout the day I will take it out and read it! I have always felt this helps me and it makes me feel I have a piece of God with me *in my pocket* ;) It really does make you feel better! But anyways, I just got on facebook and had a message from two of my girls who wrote me saying that they did this today and they had fantastic days! I am sitting here with tears running down my face because I truly feel these girls love God and are going to work hard at overcoming the troubles they will face! I hope they know that I am always here for them to help them through any problems they face!
Today has been so wonderful! Jagger and I had a great day together! My baby is growing so fast. It hurts my heart but I know there is nothing I can do to stop it, so I just have to enjoy it! He cracks me up, but here lately he has developed an attitude! We are still going through the terrible two thing! I hope he grows out of that soon! I can NOT stand attitude and mean kids....MY child will not be mean! I just will not put up with it! I will have a well mannered child who appreciates things and knows right from wrong! I loved the teaching on Sunday at Church about "training" up our children! I am a firm believer that we have to discipline our children! It makes me laugh now, but my parents were tough/strict on me! I use to hate it and would get so mad at them but now I know it was for my best interest! I use to get SO mad at my mom, and she would always say "you will understand when you have kids"! I thought she was crazy, but she was right!!! ;)  Mom You were right!!!!
Tonight was bible study and it was AMAZING!!!!! I think it was the best session of the whole lesson! I actually came home dancing and leaping around!! because as Beth Moore explained we are getting ready for the RIDE OF our lives!!! The song I can only imagine comes to my mind! "
 I can only imagine
Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel
Will I dance for you Jesus or in awe of you be still
Will I stand in your presence or to my knees will I fall
Will I sing hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all
I can only imagine                     Wow!! thats all i can say!

So, our house is almost finished!!! the guy came again today and now we are just waiting on the special ordered doors to come in! Matthew informed me today that we are going to start working outside soon! Great! - its never ending is it???? ;)
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

DNow pictures

Here are a few pictures I got from this weekend! Love these girls they are great!
First night!!
What girls do!!! Talk, Talk, Talk!

Acting Silly!

Happy Birthday Kara!

My big Boy!!! he loved those girls!! Maybe I can get them to come babysit!! ;)


Ready for Church!!!!

I can not explain how wonderful this weekend was! I love these girls and I hope they know they can come to me anytime!!!! I am always here for them!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

DNow- Day 2!!!

WOW!!! WOW!!! Wow!!! that is all I can say about tonight! I can for sure say that God was working in our youth and leaders this weekend! First let me tell you that I am running on 3 HOURS of sleep!! Yes - I said 3 hours! I can not even remember the last time that I went a whole day with 3 hours of sleep and the thing is that it will probably happen again tonight!
After we got ready this morning, we went and had worship! The music was amazing! I had tears in my eyes the whole time! After worship we ate lunch, then went to the church to paint the basement/youth room!!! This room is huge and old! We had about 40 kids that were painting, and Deana and I were the only adults there! OH MY!! it was an experience! It is tough for me to paint a room on my own but then adding 40 kids to the equation!!! Lets just say that is not something we will be doing often! ;) After we finished cleaning up from painting, it was time to head back to host home and relax until time for dinner! We were suppose to try and rest! YEAH RIGHT!!!!! that did not happen at our house! My sweet Jagger came to visit us, and he had a BLAST! He loved these girls and enjoyed being spoiled by them! By 4:30 today, I hit a brickwall! I was so tired but knew that I had to keep going because things were going to be getting better!
Dinner was so good! Ladies from the church spent the day cooking for everyone! So we were very grateful for them and thankful that they would spend their day doing that for us! We ate and then it was time for worship and the message!
Worship was AMAZING!!! I was crying at the beginning of it! I was so emotional today, and I know it was because I knew that God was doing great things! Also, I have enjoyed being a part of all this! I just wish that I would have had weekend like this when I was a teen! My heart just goes out to these teens and so many others that do not know the love of God, and accepted Christ as their savior! The message tonight was so moving, and after Rodney (youth director) had the invitation and it was unbelievable! There was not a dry eye in the whole building!!!! Lives changed tonight! God was working and it was very obvious! I was so blessed to be there! We are now back at the house and are fixing to start our lessons! I just pray that my girls can focus- we are all tired so I just hope they will stay with me! and then we have a early morning!
I want to end with the lyrics from a song tonight! This song is so amazing! and is very life changing! I just hope that everyone can realize how much God loves us!
Oh How He Loves Us by John Mark McMillan
He is jealous for me
Loves like a hurricane
I am a tree
Bending beneath
The weight of his wind and mercy
When all of a sudden
I am unaware of these
Afflictions eclipsed by glory
And I realize how beautiful you are
And how great your afflictions for me

Oh how he loves us so
Oh how he loves us
How he loves us so

Yea He loves us
Oh how

We are his portion
And he is our prize
Drawn to redemption by the grace in his eyes
If grace is an ocean we're all sinking
So heaven meats earth like a sloppy wet kiss
And my heart burns violently inside of my chest
I don't have time to maintain these regrets
When I think about the way
He loves us

Oh how he loves us so
Oh how he loves us
How he loves us so

Wow!!! Such an amazing song! If you haven't heard it you should check it out!
Hope everyone has a wonderful night! Pray I get some sleep! ;)

God is Great!

I am sitting here on this wonderful morning missing my husband and sweet baby boy, but I am almost in tears because I know how blessed I am to be apart of this wonderful weekend at the church! Last night was so much fun! Most of the girls got their showers so they wouldnt have to this morning, which was fine with me!!! More hot water for me this morning!!! ;) After the showers, we all got comfy, piled on the bed, and started our lessons. The lessons were so great! It is awesome to know that these kids know so much about Jesus and what it takes to be good christians! The conversations/discussions were amazing, and I am excited that they are willing to open up to me! I know sometimes as a teen that is a hard thing to do! After our lessons, we played Scattergories! Love this game! All I have to say is - FUNNY!!!! Ok, so my only problem with this game is that either you have players that argue EVERY answer or players like me that have answer that are pretty basic and straight forward! I mean when it says give a "x" letter barn animal, I put nothing. The way I look at it is that my two year old LOVES Farms! We have several farm toys at the house! The animals that come with them are Cow, Horse, Sheep, Duck, Cat, Dog, Pig, Goat, and Chickens!!! I mean there is no animal with a letter "X" so we don't need to make up some kind of crazy animal!! ;) After several rounds of this hysterical game, and it being 2 AM, I finally said we needed to turn the lights off and try to get some sleep!
This morning I was the first one up of course! 6 came early!! but I got my shower done and enjoyed a cup of coffee! on my second cup now!!!! will probably require one more! It might be a long day but will be totally worth it!
Can't get pictures to load, but I will keep trying!!! Pray that we have a great day!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Friday, March 25, 2011

DNOW- Day 1!!!!!!!

Ok, so today has been exciting! I felt like the day just crept by because I knew that we would be doing something very exciting tonight. Our church is doing DNow this weekend and tonight was the first night! For those of you who do not know, DNow stands for Disciple Now. It is just a wonderful weekend full of worship, study, fellowship, and making awesome memories! I am super excited because I am teaching Jr. High Girls! I get to stay the night with them and be with them all weekend! When I first found out, my first thought was Wow, what is Matthew and Jagger going to do????? Lord, Just please be with them and make sure that Matthew makes it. I know this will be good for him and Jag!
My group of girls are so sweet! I pray to God that I will help them come closer to God! God is so good and we are all so blessed to live in a country where we can worship him openly!
Please pray that we all have a great weekend and that we can bring these kids to have a closer relationship with God.
So right now as I type, I am listening to these girls take showers, dry their hair and talk about all kinds of stuff!! To be 14 AGAIN!!!! ;)
Well, it is time to get to our 1st lesson! Will be giving updates!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Beautiful Day!!!

Oh my goodness this weather is AMAZING!!!!! God is so good to bless us with this weather! I don't even want to be inside! I wish it was this way all year! I love how it makes everyone happy!!! :) How could you not be happy with this beautiful weather! our weekend was great! Another weekend that flew by!! I stand in amazement that we are already almost at the end of March!!!!! What?? where is this year going? Matthew and I got to spend sometime together Saturday night! We went and saw David Nail in concert! He did a great job, and we are very proud for him!!! The concert was over at the Lady Luck Casino, and it was so busy....Not only from the concert but the regular Saturday night gamblers! I have never been in a casino, so after the concert I wanted to walk down and look at it. As soon as we stepped foot inside I was overwhelmed and ready to leave! It was not what I expected. I have never in my life seen so many OLD people, people in wheelchairs, people with oxygen tanks, sitting at the slot machines smoking cigarrettes and just feeding the machines money!!! I was in shock! I just stood there in amazement. I think I embarressed Matthew! What can I say I was sheltered my whole life!!! hahahahah
Sunday- Church was so good! Rodney, our new youth pastor preached for Bro. Ed, and he did a wonderful job! He preached about how we as Christians need to stop just sitting around and doing the same-ol same-ol and start getting the word out there. I never realized how many lost people there are in the world. Rodney said that 90% of the WORLD is LOST or not associated with any kind of church!!!! OH MY!!!! I had tears in my eyes while he was preaching. It really opened my eyes to what is going on in our world and we are just sitting back letting it happen! I also started a new book yesterday. It is great! It is called Radical: Taking Back Your Faith of the American Dream by David Platt! It is really an eye opener! I can't wait to get more into it!

Well, I really don't have much else to talk about!! Tonight is bible study and I am very excited about since I had to miss last week due to being in Searcy! I am also excited because Matthew and I are going to be hosts for the DNow weekend at our church this weekend! We will have several students staying at our house, so this week I will frantically begin cleaning and getting my house ready! Oh and by the way, Matthew just hired the house to be done!! :) I was so proud- The guy just came in worked on the stuff and left and now Matthew doesn't have to worry about it!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!!! Keep praying for Japan!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Busy! Busy!

Wow...I have been so busy.. I have not even been on the computer since Thursday! It has been kind of nice but I had a lot of catching up to do! The weather is so gorgeous outside! I am so glad that we are getting into nice weather! Jagger and  I came back from mom and dad's Thursday night! We were very happy to see Matthew. While we were gone, Matthew had hired someone to come in and finish up all the new doors and trim in our house! It looks great!!! Our house is finally coming together!
Friday- Jagger, Grandma Betty, GiGi, and Me went shopping in Jonesboro! We had a really good time! I am glad that Matthew's family want to spend time with me! I have never had people to go shopping with. My mom was never a shopper so it is very exciting when they go with me! I didn't find anything! but that is ok...I love to look!!!
OK, so there has been something that has been on my mind and I can't quit thinking about it. Matthew and I love to watch movies. We love any kind of movie, but it seems like here recently every movie we watch it SO vulgar, I can't even watch them. The other night we watched Love and Other Drugs.

I was excited, I really was looking forward to it! I couldn't even make it through the first 20 minutes!!  The language and nudity was so bad, you would have thought we were watching a porn! I mean come on!! Why do they have to put all that in a movie????? Seriously? and it was a movie with Ann Hathaway! She is suppose to be the Princess Diaries girl not a trashy movie star! I was so disappointed! I don't know, I just was not what I expected! I guess I will just have to stick to watching Little Bear from now on!!! ;)

Don't forget tonight is the SUPERMOON!!!! Go outside and check it will be awesome!!!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Feeling Tired....

I don't know what my deal is but it seems that every since time change my body has been so tired...blah I hate feeling like this. I have even felt sad today. I have no reason to feel sad but I am. We have done nothing special today, just ran some errands for my mom. I am ready to be back in Kennett. I love coming to visit but it is always nice to be back home.
The good things of my day have been:
this coffee is so good! even people who don't drink coffee like it!
1. a wonderful cup of my favorite coffee 
2. SUSHI for lunch- yum....i have had so many favorites in a matter of two days it makes me not want to come home to kennett! ;)

3. got to spend some time in the Christian book store here in town. I love Christian bookstores. I can stay in them forever! and I always spend way too much money! oh well, guess its a good place to spend money!
Overall, I guess if I look back at my day, I need to stop this mood I am in and know that I am more than blessed and having to nothing to feel bad about.
Hope everyone has had a blessed day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am laying here in bed thinking about how blessed I am. I tear up everytime I think about it because I just almost feel unworthy of all the blessing I have. Does everyone do that or is it just me? I thank God everyday for everything wonderful he does for me. The whole Japan thing got mind on all of this and getting to spend some time with my parents. I have such a great family, Matthew's side included!!!. My parents are so good to me and always have been. I am not saying that it has always been a bed of roses. I am sure that the days of being me being a stubborn teen were not fun around our house, but we survived and we all love each other very much. My parents now are probaby the happiest I have ever seen them, and that makes me happy. My dad actually walks around and smiles. It is so pleasant and fills my heart with joy!
Jagger and I came up to mom and dads to hang out and take mom to the doctor. Her doctor is in Little Rock, so we came up to drive her. If you know my mom, you know that she has no sense of direction and gets turned around in Searcy, so Little Rock is out of the question!!! hahahha (sorry Mom, I had to pick on you!) and plus her knee being all messed up she doesn't need to be driving in all that mess. Jagger LOVES coming to Bennie and Pops! He has a blast! As soon as we walk in the door it's just Poppa, Poppa, Poppa, over and over! He is like a broken record. He will ask Poppa a million questions. Its really funny and sweet! Today, while we were in Little Rock, Jagger and I went to the mall. I love the store Forever 21, but hardly ever get to go in one, so I got to check it out. It is almost like the website, alittle overwhelming!!!!! There is so much stuff. Not only did I get to go in a fav store, we also got to eat one of my fav places- PF CHANGS!!!! YUMMMMYYY!!! Words can't describe the food there. It is so good...I eat until I am almost sick and then eat some more!!!! ;) Today for me was wonderful, two favs in one day!!!
Jagger also has been spoiled while we have been here! Its not like he has enough toys but when we come to Pops we always get more! The rule is that they stay here, so thats cool! He ended up getting a remote control 4-wheeler at Wal-Mart!- His favorite store!!!!! The poor dogs are getting terrorized by this thing, I know they will be glad when we go home! and then today he got a tent! My child loves tents, so he talked Bennie into a tent at Target!

So Happy!!!

If you notice Pop is in the tent with Jagger and they are trying to get the dogs to get in there!! ;)

Pop and Jagger have so much fun together. I know Jagger will be sad to go home! We do miss Matthew/Daddy very much and can't wait to go home and see him! I know he gets lonely when we are gone!

Happy Birthday Jennifer!! Hope you had the best day ever!!!

Hope everyone has had a blessed day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

This Weekend Is Over Already?

Why does the weekend go by so fast when you are having fun? Well, that is how it always is for me! Our weekend has been fantastic. I am kind of sad to see it end.
Friday night- After Matthew got home for work, we loaded up and went to our good friends, Walyon and Stephnie. We always seem to stay at their house until very late! We just talk, and let the kids play. They all play so well together. Waylon always has some wonderful coffee for us to drink!!! even Matthew enjoys it and he is not a coffee drinker!
Saturday- Saturday morning we got up and went to Jonesboro. We had to return some things that Matthew got for his birthday, and we got to eat our favorite thing- Fuji's Japanese! YUMMY! We stayed in Jonesboro for awhile, then headed back home. When we got back to Kennett we had to get ready for Jennifer's Mardi Gras themed party! Nothing crazy, just several couples with their kids getting together to eat some FANTASTIC food! If you know me, you know I love food, so anything that involves food I am in!!!!
We had a blast at the party! Oh my goodness, the food was unreal. I love red beans and rice and Jennifer's was amazing! - Jenn, if you are reading will you please make me some!!! :) It was so funny because Jennifer made everyone wear a mask and get their picture made!!! Jennifer is the best party planner and hostess I know!

Jagger wanted a mask too!

I can't believe he kept it on!!

Sunday- Jagger and I got up and went to church. This morning was my morning in the nursery, but today there were no babies, so Jagger and I left early. After lunch, we got to enjoy a wonderful home cooked meal at Grandma Betty's. oh, and the best sweet TEA!!!! After lunch, I went with our Faithful Friends group at church to All Fired Up to paint pottery! We had a blast! I am not to creative but I am excited to see how my plate turns out! I will post pictures when I get it! I am so blessed to be apart of a wonderful group of women who share my love for our Heavenly Father!!

The whole Japan thing has really been on my heart and mind! I just hope that everyone continues to pray for them! I know they need it!
Hope everyone has a blessed week!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Simple day!

Yesterday was a very simple day! Jagger and I stayed in our jammies ALL day long!! yes, I know some people think this is crazy and that I am wrong for doing this, but who cares? we had a blast!!!! We only left the house once to go pay a bill!
I got all of my house work done, so that made it even better. This shows you what we did all day!!!!! :) I am so glad that God has blessed Matthew and I so I can be apart of this!

found this idea on Kelly's Korner!! He had a blast playing with this ice! It kept him entertained for over an hour!!!
Did we play or what?
I am sure that everyone knows what all is going on around the world! The earthquake, tsunami's, fighting, gas prices, etc. I just think that we all are in a very scary time. I have really been praying for the lost, and just that God would have mercy and protect us all. Hope everyone else is doing the same!
Hope you have a super blessed day!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday!

Today was a great day! It was one of those days that went nothing like I had thought it would. God definately had something else planned for me today!
I was so happy because this morning when I got up, Jagger was still asleep so I got to enjoy a cup of coffee and watch my daily Joyce Meyers that I record!! I am a huge Joyce Meyers fan!! Have her books and I LOVE listening to her cds on my way to Searcy!!! She just really puts a spark in me- and she is super funny! Even Matthew enjoys listening to her!  I truly believe that she has helped me grow in my walk with God! If you haven't heard of her, find her on tv or radio, but beware she is very blunt and will put you in your place quick! but sometimes I think that is what we all need.
Anyways, back to the story, so I am watching my Joyce and drinking a cup of coffee when I get a text message. (normally when I am watching Joyce, I turn my phone off because this is my time to study and really listen to what she is saying, but for some reason today I had the phone on and close to me!!! ) The text message was from my dear friend Jennifer. She was telling me that her mom was in the ER with chest pains...I was shocked and scared...She then text me and told me that Nolen, her 3 year old, was with Mrs. Janet Scherer and that everything was going good! so I didn't worry about anything and continued on with my show. After Joyce was over, I put a hat on my head, and loaded up my stuff to take to Helping Hands. Jagger and I ran to the bank and Helping Hands. While I was in the car, I just felt like God was telling me to stop by Mrs. Janet's and let Jagger hang with Nolen. I knew that Mrs. Janet doesn't have little ones running around, so Nolen might be bored. ( sorry Mrs. Janet-nothing towards you!!!! ) Nolen was so glad to see Jagger, and vice versa! While we were there, Mrs. Janet told me that her husband was coming home to watch Nolen so that she could run to the church to a visitation. I told her that I would just take Nolen with me. Both the boys would be happy to play together and I think Mr. Scherer was glad too that Nolen was going to hang with us!! ;)
While Nolen was with us, we went to McDonalds and got some lunch. We then came home and they played and played!!! I am so glad that we got to bring Nolen with us. It's great how things work out! Mrs. Janet got to go to visitation without having to worry about Nolen, and Jagger had a friend to play with!
this was taken while the boys were suppose to be in time out for breaking my mirror!!!
After we dropped Nolen off, Jagger and I went to church to help with Building By Faith dinner! I have such a great time at our church! It is just a wonderful place to be! We ate great food and had some very yummy desserts!
God was just really a part of today, as Mrs. Janet said because if I wouldn't have stopped by her house to check on them, then I wouldn't have got Nolen and then I wouldn't have known they needed help at church tonight! God is so good, and he is always there when we need him!
Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord, is the Rock eternal. Isaiah 26:4
Hope everyone had a great day!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Well, today has been so rainy! but I did not let it rain on my PARADE! ;) I had an amazing day! and I have thanked our most gracious Father in Heaven for this great day!
Today we finally got a car!! Yes, no more searching! Yes, no more dealing with mean car salesmen that want to give us less than half for our car! Yes, no more stressing over what we can afford and what we can't! Its done and Matthew and I are so happy!
It's a 2011 Black GMC Terrain!! I had to use the stock photo because my camera has a dead battery and it was raining! Matthew and I have never owned a vehicle with zero miles..It was neat to get a car with a good warranty and know that whenever something goes wrong, we will be taken care of! oh and the gas mileage is 24 in town and 32 or 33 on the highway! can't beat that! Jagger loves his new car! He wants to take everyone on a ride in it! ;)
Now that the car is taken care of, it is time to move on to other things! Matthew and I have been remodeling our house since I have moved in! Did I mention I HATE remodeling! makes me go from happy to sad in about 1 mintue! Its not that I hate the remodeling, its the fact that we are living here while it is going on! I have OCD when it comes to cleaning, so if you know about remodeling, you know that your house does not stay clean! We had literally sworn off any kind of home project till this summer, but I volunteered us for several things going on at the church and now Matthew is in a panic to get things done! - Let me just explain, that my husband loves to do home projects. He loves to tear in to something he has no clue how to do. I on the other hand, do not. I would rather have someone come in professionally and finish it completely. Matthew will just rip a door off the hinges and start tearing down trim without finishing it!!!!!!!! Seriously? but when he does get finished it looks beautiful! Maybe this is that good pressure he needs to get it done! instead of me hounding him all the time! ;) 
Hope everyone had a great, blessed day!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Hey everyone!! I think today in my post, I got everyone confused! We have not bought a car yet! Still looking but I was just saying that I love the Jetta! It is my favorite one I have drove! Everyone has been congratulating me on my new car! Trust me I wish I had it...but we are making a decision tonight/tomorrow!!! I will let everyone know! Say a prayer for me! ;)

Monday Already?

Oh my, where did the weekend go? We had a great weekend and I did not want it to end. Friday was my Matthew's bday! This was a special birthday. It was the big 3-0!!!! He has been kind of nervous about it but when he woke up on Friday, he still looked the same and acted the same. I personally think 3-0 is being very good to him!!!! I actually got up Friday morning and cooked breakfast for him before he left! He was shocked! I was shocked! I never get up that early, but I was so glad that I did. After he got off work, we went to mom and dad's in Searcy. They got a new house, and LOVE it. I am so happy for them. They are the happiest I have seen them in a long time. God is so good!! When we got to mom and dad's, we ate supper and mom had the cutest cake made for Matthew. It was a duck cake! Jagger was in heaven. The boy loves cake! and he thinks all cake is for him!!!!
Saturday morning, we got up and went car shopping in Little Rock!!! I am so tired of car shopping but it is just something we all go through in life. Matthew tells me to relax and enjoy it. I have drove so many cars: Toyota Camry, Nissan Maxima, Kia's, Nissan Murano, and many more, but my very very favorite is the Volkswagen Jetta. I am sold on this cute little thing!!!
SO ADORABLE!!!! yes....alot smaller than I am use to but who cares when you can almost fill the thing up with gas for $25!!!! Sold!!!! I'll take it! No, Matthew and I do need the prayers on this one because we like the Tahoe of course because of the space but we love the car tooand while we only have 3 of us I think we would be fine! I mean we dont' go on that many trips!
Ok, so after the car shopping we headed back to Searcy and I got ready for my best friends baby shower!! My best friend from high school, Amy, is expecting her first! and its A GIRL!!!! Amaya Grace! I can't wait...since I do not get to buy all the cute girl stuff, I am going to spoil this little girl with all the girly outfits I can buy!!! I love getting to go home and spend time with my Searcy family! I miss them very much! It feels my heart with joy knowing that I am blessed with wonderful family and friends!
I had the best weekend! It was filled with family and friends, and I can not thank God enough for everything he has blessed me with!
Psalm 107:1 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just Me and Jag!

Today was just a Mommy and Jag day! We did nothing today! We were both in our pjs almost all day! Wow! Those days do not happen too often. Jagger has not been feeling too well so that was part of the problem. He was cranky all day, so we just laid around and just spent time with each other. I love these days because its just me and him and I can enjoy him 100 PERCENT!!!
Ok, so something has really been on my mind lately. Its called extreme couponing. It is amazing. I think there is even a tv show about it on TLC. I have found a few blogs on this and its unreal. These women clip coupons and watch when stuff goes on sale. They go to a store and will come out with $75 worth of stuff for around $15!!!!!!!! I mean are you serious? I am thinking I need to learn how to do this, and what's even more amazing is that the stuff is name brand stuff....I am going to read into more of this and see where it takes me! Maybe I can start getting some good deals! Everyone loves good deals! especially when gas is $3.29 and rising! Blah! :(

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One of THOSE days!!

Yesterday was one of those days!! It seemed like everything was going wrong and today as I sit here with my wonderful cup of coffee I am actually cracking up at all the things from yesterday. I feel like God is showing me to just relax and not let things get the best of me. Don't sweat the small stuff. God has really been testing me with Jagger! My sweet little Jagger has turned into a trantrum throwing typical two year old toddler!! It seems like it happened over night. Matthew and I have been asking each other what happened to our little boy? All day yesterday it was just constantly chasing Jagger telling him No, don't do that, watching him fall on the floor and throw fits, growl when he got mad, and scream and throw stuff. I mean sersiuosly by the end of the night I was almost in tears and exhausted.
Jagger and I worked The Byrd's Nest yesterday. It was not busy, so Jagger watched Little Bear and I got to get some things done. After we left there we went to Wal-Mart! I had already told him that we would go, so there was no backing out because he was reminding me every 2 minutes. We get to Wal-Mart, pull in the parking-lot, I get my purse to make sure I had everything and I notice I had no money, debit card or checks!!!!! Are you serious??? I have a two year old in the backseat saying Wal-Mart over and over and now I have no money! So I tell Jagger that we are going to have to run home and get some money and we will be right back! He throws a major fit! Screams and crys the whole way home. I run as fast as I can inside to grab some money and hurry back to Wal-Mart. He finally gets happy when he sees Wal-Mart! By this time I hate Wal-Mart!!!!!! We get inside, get what we need and head home. This is what we end up with!

You think my child is spoiled? No, we had been talking about getting him this for awhile now, and since it has warmed up outside I wanted him to have something to play on outside. When we got home I put the thing together so he could play on it and he LOVED it! So, while he was playing I was going to get online and grab a quick recipe for the dinner I had planned on cooking! Well, my computer decided it didn't like me and completely shut down. and when I mean shut down, I mean shut down. Like no home screen with a message that says call HP! I spent almost 20 minutes trying to fix it myself and couldn't do anything and by the time I got done I was just mad!! I was so upset by the time Matthew got home, he was ready to go back to work!
After all this we decided to just go to Jonesboro and get our new mattress. We would just get dinner on the way down there. Not my favorite idea but it worked! The whole way to Jonesboro Jagger whined and cried. It was awful. Matthew and I both were on edge the whole night. There were several times I had to just turn my head and say a small prayer to help me get through it all. Between a whining and crying two year old and a husband that was on edge, I was ready for a new day!
Like I said, I look back on yesterday and it was pretty funny! I am just glad that God has blessed me with a family. I know there are going to be great days and not so good days but that is just part of it!