Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Me, Myself and I

The last few weeks I have taken a step back from most social media, tv, books, technology and everything else of the "world".  I know you are probably gasping at this or asking yourself if I have lost my mind? Well......yes and no! I actually got to a point where I thought I was losing my mind!  I felt so caught up in the things of this world I couldn't tell if I was coming or going? Make sense? I felt at times the world had me by the collar and was dragging me which way it wanted!
The last couple of years as most of you know have been challenging. We have had many ups, downs and in betweens. There are days I really had no clue what was going to happen, but with God we faced most of it head on. I think we have come out stronger than we could ever imagine, but during all of this it has really made me step back and look at me. Am I in a place that makes God happy? Am I bringing honor and glory to HIS kingdom? Are my attitudes towards people and things pleasing to HIM? What are my priorities in life? and so many other questions that were on my heart! I knew it was time for a full blown evaluation of me, myself and I! This is when I decided to put down the things of this world and focus on what God wants from me. I have used that time to really focus on HIM, my kids, and most importantly my hubs!
It has been amazing how much better I feel stepping away from social media. The last couple of months every time I would get on Facebook I would feel my blood pressure rising. So many rants and complaints. It would either get me fired up or stress me out! or I would spend 15 minutes of scrolling and scrolling! 15 minutes...I can never get those back!
Pinterest/Instagram was creating an issue because every time I was on them I wanted something, which meant spending money or in my head not being happy with what we have. Well....this is just an issue all the way around! I love our home and what we have. No it's not perfect, but I love it and that is all that matters!
TV, well its just all trash anyways. I haven't been happy with anything on tv here lately! Maybe I need some suggestions ;)
Am I saying I will never do these things again? No! Believe I love it all and I will probably put Facebook back on my phone ,but for now I will just enjoy logging on the old fashion way once or twice a week!
 I hope in saying all this you do not think that I am crazy, but can relate in some way! I think it is  good for all of us to take a step back and figure out what is best for me, myself and I! ;)
Hope everyone has a blessed night
Lots of love.


  1. Best thing I ever did was take FB off my phone. Then I bought a new phone and of course there it was already DL'd and I didn't remove it. I feel like we can become slaves to technology and I hate it!!!! GO girl, proud of you. I plan to take a break soon....but I gotta blog. P.S. Missed ya on here!

  2. Totally agree! The week I was without my cell phone I realized how many things I use to do with the time I was spending scrolling!

  3. Megan, I so appreciate your honesty! You are an amazing wife, momma and friend! Love you sweet girl!