Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Delta Fair!!!

It's finally here! All of us in the bootheel have been waiting a whole YEAR for this week!! :) It's almost like Christmas! I am very upset with myself because yesterday at the Fair Parade I was getting ready to take pictures (like I do EVERY year) and guess what? I had taken out my sim card and left it at home! Gggggrrrrrr.. I was so mad at myself! Oh well..I can take pictures tonight at the fair! The parade was great this year! I told Matthew I think this has been the best parade since I have lived in Kennett! There were more floats than normal! Jagger had a blast! The people sitting down from us laughed at him the whole time...He would see something coming and just start yelling while he was jumping up and down! ;) It was funny! He loved it all! and then of course one float had Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Captain America, and Spiderman! He thought it was super awesome, but then when we were in the car he informed me that those probably were not the real ones! :) Can't fool this boy! After the parade, we went out to the fair! Matthew and I had decided that Jagger could only ride 2 or 3 rides because he was going to be going on arm band night and it was already late when we got there! What were we thinking....We should have known better to even think that! We were there until 10:30 riding rides and eating junk! Jagger had a blast though...It is worth seeing that sweet smile and wave while he is on the ride! As far as food, we really didn't eat much because it was late but we did have some yummy fried oreos! They are amazing and I can't wait to have some more tonight! So what is your favorite fair food?
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
1st Fair parade! 2009

2010 parade! So sweet!

2011 parade!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


YAY!!! It's Fall! I really wish I could move to some place where it is fall all year round! I love the smells, colors, decorations, food, and of course the weather! I especially love it here because that also means its time to pick cotton which I love!!! This week I FINALLY decorated my house for the season! I am alittle late this year but it has been so hot that it has still felt like summer! I love fall decorations because typically I leave them up through Thanksgiving. I never decorate for Halloween. Is that weird? So I have to ask, do you decorate for fall or Halloween or both?

decided to use cotton in with decorations this year! so ready for mums to bloom!! ;)

our sweet little farmer!!!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Women's Ministry Weekend!

Speechless....Have you ever gone through something that has left you speechless? Well I know that me and speechless are two things that normally do not go together but after this weekend I was left speechless! This past weekend at our church was our Women's Ministry special event! It is a weekend long women's conference! Every year is a different theme and every year it blows my mind!!! It pretty much takes a full year to plan and I know that alot of hard work goes into but I know that it is completely worth it! :) This year our theme was More of You, Jesus, Less of Me. I think is an awesome theme because I know so many times I am bad about wanting to be all about me and not about him! The weekend started out Friday night with a Dessert Social. It was alot of fun and the dessert was so yummy! I had a HUGE piece of chocolate pie-I probably could have had another but thought I would limit myself!
Saturday morning got started with a breakfast, and then we went to our class! Class? yes, they offer several different fun classes! Pumpkin painting, spending time with God, Faith Scrapbooking, Fall decorating, Nail Care, and many more! These classes are so much fun..I took the pumpkin painting class! I painted a pumpkin that looks like a football player! It is super cute! I will post pictures when I get it! After the class we came back to the Family Life Center where our guest speaker, Bridget Taylor spoke then we had lunch! Bridget's message was on how God uses everyday ordinary people to do EXTRAordinary things! This is what I love about our God! He can do things we never would think possible!
Sunday morning, Bridget did some more speaking and then we had the normal church service! After the service we went straight over to the Family Life Center for an AMAZING lunch...We had pork tenderloin, chicken, loaded mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, salad and dessert! I was about to fall over from being so full! but it was worth it! Once we finished lunch, Bridget finished speaking! I was so sad when it was over and when I got in the car all I could do was cry! She pointed out things that broke my heart and really made my mind start rolling! Its unreal how we can thing we are doing good but by the standards of God we are sinners! I am so grateful that we have a loving, merciful, forgiving God! We would be in Big trouble if he wasn't...
Well now I am going to get off here and visit with my family!
Hope everyone had a blessed day!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

I can't believe its Wednesday and really its almost over! It amazes me how the weeks fly by!! So today I am going to do this alittle different! I am going to do things that I have been loving for YEARS, some 10+ and I am still loving them today-and most of them I use on a daily basis!! Some things never change!! :)

*I'm LOVING Maxwell House Cafe Vienna Coffee! I actually got started on this stuff in 2004 but my mom had drank it for many years before this, so it was always in our house! Since my first taste I have been hooked!
*I'm LOVING Olay Quench lotion!!! This stuff is amazing!! IT will change your skin instantly (for the better)! I like that it is not super thick and it doesn't have a strong smell like most lotions! I started using this when I was a junior in high school..I was working at the pharmacy and thought I would give it a try..I don't go a day without it! :)

*I'm LOVING Shick Intuition razors! I remember when these first came out. I was in high school and thought these were the coolest thing...and guess what? they are! I have never found a better razor. Well Actually, I haven't tried any other razor since these! I mean you don't have to buy shaving cream and it takes about 1 minute to shave!! Whats not to love?? You will not be sorry if you decide to try these!
*I'm LOVING Hobo International wallets! I am not a brand junky at all but when it comes to these I am very loyal! I got my first Hobo wallet in spring of 2005! I have never been sorry and I think I am on my 6th one since! Warning: They are pricey but definitely worth it! I would rather spend my money on these and have a cheap purse!

*I'm LOVING Elizabeth Arden Tinted Moisturizer! This stuff is awesome! I am not real big on makeup. I use this, two colors of eye shadow(all the time-it never varies!), eye liner and mascara! sometimes I break out the blush but that is rarely!  This is a very thin makeup and it have a spf in it which I love!

ok this last one I have only been loving for a few years!!
*I'm LOVING What to Expect When You Are Expecting!! This book is a must for all pregnancies! I had forgot how much I love this book! and also since I am talking about it I am loving the movie that just came out! It is so funny!!

Is there anything that you are loving and have always loved? If so link up with Jamie and tell us what you are loving?
Hope everyone had a blessed day!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 Years Later!

Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?
Were you in the yard with your wife and children
Or working on some stage in L.A.?
Did you stand there in shock at the sight of that black smoke
Risin' against that blue sky?
Did you shout out in anger, in fear for your neighbor
Or did you just sit down and cry?......
Alan Jackson's song Where Were You is one that always sticks with me and the older I have gotten the more meaning it has! That Tuesday morning, I was sitting in speech class getting ready to give a speech! The speech that I was scheduled to give was one that I was not prepared for. The teacher had just called role and all of a sudden she got an email. She immediately started crying and turned the tv on. The rest of the day was just a blur....I think at the time I knew what was going on but it didn't really hit me! Every year now it brings tears to my eyes on this day because my heart hurts so bad over what happened! I think at the time (just being a child) I was just worried about what I was going to wear and why in the world was MTV not showing TRL!!! Little did I know at the time that this day would change history and this would be something that my kids and grandkids would learn about in their history books! So where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?
I pray that today everyone would take a moment and remember the families and lives that were forever changed on this day!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Monday, September 10, 2012

12 Weeks!

Today I am 12 weeks!! It has flown by..I just can't believe that I am already in the 2nd trimester now! Wow! My next doctors appointment is Wednesday. I can't wait to see how much weight I have gained since the last visit! I am thinking that since I have found out I have gained 6lbs! I will be super happy if this is the truth! With this one I am going to try and not gain as much as I did with Jagger. The day he was born I had gained about 55lbs with him...I would just rather not go there this time but I guess we will just see! :)
I feel like I have had it pretty easy so far but this is how I have felt....

EXHAUSTED!!!!! I mean there is no other word for it! Several nights in a row I have fell asleep on the top of the bed in my clothes..Matthew says he can't wake me up so he just puts a blanket over me! Today was a very blah day! I had no energy and felt like I could barely walk down the hall! I am ready to get over this part! I feel sorry for Jagger because I know he is tired of reading books and playing toys in the floor! :)
Speaking of tired...I am tired so I am going to get off here and get some rest!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Friends, Football, Food and Family!!

Friends, Football, Food and Family...This is exactly what our weekend consisted of this past weekend!!! We had such a great weekend! Friday after work we went to Gigi's house to see the girls. They had come home from school for the Labor Day holiday - it does make me feel special because I always feel like they come home for my Birthday, but I am just lucky that my day falls close to the holiday! I always love going over there when the girls have no plans and can just spend time with us! We have so much fun! We always crack up because if someone happen to walk by and look in the window they would think we are insane! On this night, we threw a shirt around the room and let Jagger run around chasing it! He thought it was hysterical! and then it turned into watching Matthew throw the shirt on the ceiling fan! I know it sounds SO DUMB but we just laugh and visit the whole time! I know these are the memories we will talk about forever... (Remember that time we sat around the living room and threw a t-shirt) Our kids will think we are nuts! ;) Oh least we were enjoying life!
Saturday consisted of being super lazy! The last several weeks every Saturday night we have been getting together with our good friends, The Snipes! We go to one house, eat, and the let the boys play! It works so well because we can actually have adult conversation while the boys play! It is something that Matthew and I look forward to all week! :) So, on this day we decided to go over to their house and watch the Alabama game! I am so happy that college football has started! It has been so dry all summer- NO RAIN! I keep telling Jagger that we are now the desert. Well as soon as we are on our way over, it is getting yucky outside, like major storms! We pull up in the drive way and the tornado sirens start going off! Everyone's phone is ringing off the hook-parents telling us to watch the weather :) after the sirens went off we got a HUGE rain! It was such a blessing but it would have been nice earlier in the summer! but I guess we take what we can get!
Sunday- went to church! After church, we went to Grandma Betty's to celebrate my birthday! I love Birthday lunch at Grandma Betty's. The birthday girl/boy gets to pick the menu! Here was mine- macaroni and tomatoes, jalapeno cornbread, fried potatoes, green bean casserole, fried cabbage, white beans! but since not everyone likes this she added a few things- fried chicken, rolls, corn, and salad! IT was amazing! I could not move from the table afterwards! Then it was on to the birthday cake! This is Jagger's favorite part! We get candles, song, the whole works! It is really sweet! and then I got a few bday presents! Every year I feel super blessed and just almost overwhelmed by the whole thing! It makes you feel very special! So the rest of the afternoon we just laid around and then we went to Gigi's house for more Birthday cake (my favorite! Funfetti...I wait all year for her to make this cake for me! Its AMAZING!!!) and of course more food! After supper I am pretty much feeling 9 months pregnant! The whole day consisted of my favorite things- God, Food, and my family! Can't get any better!
Monday- just relaxed!!!
Hope everyone else had a blessed Labor Day weekend!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

26 Years!!

Yup! God has blessed me with 26 years of life today! It amazes me how fast the years go by! Sometimes it makes me want to cry especially when I look back at pictures! I have had such a wonderful life and there are times I want time to stop so I can stay in the moment! Is that weird??? I have been meaning to blog over the last few days but haven't so I will be playing catch up over the next few days! :) today I want to focus on my life and how special it is! I have been through a lot in 26 years and I have learned that is what makes me who I am today! So here is my 26 years in a nutshell (some of you have been through most of this with me so hopefully this will just bring back some memories, and the rest of you-enjoy!)
Friday September 5th, 1986- 8:36am  I entered the world as a healthy baby girl to 2 sweet YOUNG parents- Dana and Kenny! From what I have been told my Grandpa Justin (moms dad!), Grandma Margie(dads mom) were there when I was born and then my Nana and Paddy came shortly after! :)
At the time, we lived in Cave City-very small town in Arkansas! We lived in Cave city until the summer after my 1st grade year!
Summer of 1st grade/ 1991 ( guessing!) - made the move to Searcy!! I was so upset when we moved! Searcy is a much bigger town than cave city and we really didn't know anyone! Little did I know this would be "home"!!
May 2004- graduated from Searcy High School! I have very mixed emotions on this day! Part of me was happy because I THOUGHT I was ready to move on to bigger and better things! The other part of me was heart broken because I knew life would never be the same! Some of the people i saw every single day for years we would not see each other again until our 10 year reunion! Facebook does not count! :) I look back on the school years and just smile! Those were some of my best years! I had the most amazing friends!
Fall 2004-2008- college!! Lived at home then moved to Jonesboro for school! Worked the whole time! Never got involved in school as far as sorority or stuff like!!
Fall 2007- The man I knew I was going to marry walked into the shoe store I was managing! Didn't know his name but knew we would be together! :) if you want to know the whole story I wrote about it on another blog post!
June 2008- said our vows on the beach in Fort Walton, Fl before God and our family!!
January 10th 2009- our sweet baby boy, Jagger, entered into the world! That day forever changed our lives- only for the better!!
Summer 2011 - got real estate license!!
Fall 2011- went on first family vacation!!
July 2012- found out we would be having baby #2!!!!
Today- celebrating 26 years!! There is so much more in between most of these but it would take about 30 posts to get all of it and I don't think that would be fun! I always look at my life and think there is nothing "special" as far as graduating with a huge degree, having an amazing job and all that other junk but when I stop and look at my life -it is "special" to me! I have the best job in the world- being at home with my baby!! No amount of money is worth getting to be with him each day! I thank God everyday for the life he has given me! I honestly at times think to myself how do I deserve this??  I can't wait to see what is in store for me over the next 26 years! :)
Hope everyone has a blessed day!