Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Do You Black Friday?

I honestly can not believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving!! Wow! I am so excited about all the yummy food, I may not eat today! ;) Thanksgiving always brings about the thoughts of food, family, football and BLACK FRIDAY!! (It's sounds kind of like an evil thing)
So my question is do you black Friday??? Do you venture out into the madness or do you stay warm in your home with the comfort of knowing you won't get beat up over a trampoline??

I am shocked over how people act to save a little money!! I will have to say that I venture out to Wal-Mart on black Friday but it's never with anything certain to buy! My mother in law, sister in laws and I venture out to see what we can get! last year we were in and out in 30 minutes and actually grabbed some pretty good stuff! Seriously we walk in a straight line, no cart, and grab whatever we can. Then we stop and see what we have and head to the check out! In and stress! ;)
We are they family that buys ahead of time, like months so that way we do not have to fight over the latest and greatest toys!
I was looking through the ads and there are a few good things I wouldn't mind picking up this year but nothing I am really wanting!  I think this year I will probably skip out on the madness! and I have figured out that shopping online typically offers just as good deals with free shipping and no screaming crazy people! ;) Is there anything you are going for???

As I was going through pictures for Black Friday I found this one and it really tugged at my heart! No just for Black Friday, but everyday...
We are a society that has SO much and we don't even realize it at times! We have way tooo much!! Remember while you are out shopping that sometimes less is more! ;) Because I promise 1 month after the new wears off, something else will be in your sight!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


There are just sometimes in life when you heart aches. I do not like times like this, but I know it is just part of life. This week my heart aches. There are several things going on that I just have just a heavy heart for.

*Ferguson,Mo- This whole situation blows my mind. I just can not believe how these people are acting. It is very sad to me. Do these people think that violence and acts of hate are the right thing?As I sit here and watch buildings being burned and cars being overturned all I can do is pray. I pray that God will come down on that city! I am heartbroken that my children are growing up in a world that is so full of hate. I know that this is all in God's plan but I am ready for him to come and take his home!

* #findmalik - My hometown is going through a major heart ache of it's own right now! A 2 year old little boy went missing on Sunday evening. The whole town has really come together to help find this sweet baby boy. I can not imagine. My heart hurts because Hudson is around this age and I know how I would feel if my baby went missing!! I pray that God helps find this baby and bring him home safely!

In both of these situations there is nothing I can do except pray! I hate this because I am a fixer! I want to go to Ferguson and tell all those people that they need to get their act together. I want to find little Malik and bring him home safely. Since I can't do either of these I will do what I can. I can pray and trust that our Heavenly Father has a plan for both situations!

Please join me today in prayer for both of these!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..

Monday, November 24, 2014

Grateful Heart!!

Well, here we are, the week of Thanksgiving!! I can't believe it! This year has flown by! I am super happy that today is Grateful Heart Monday!

Today I am super grateful that I have a family to spend the holidays with! Thanksgiving is such a special holiday and it makes it even better when spent with loved ones! Being with family during the holidays is something that I truly try not to take advantage of because I know that not every one has this. I thank God everyday for all the special moments he gives me!

Link up with Emily and tell us what you are grateful for!! ;)
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

Nothing has been going on in our world the last few days, and I think that is one reason I have not been writing. Oh and I forgot to mention I have been "sucked" into a book that I started Monday night! I think that is the main reason I haven't had any other free time! ;) Anyways, like I said our life has been pretty boring this week except for the Fiberglass that got in Jagger's eye and scratched it all up! Thankfully we got him to the doctor in time that there was no big damage done just a really scratched up eye!
I am super excited that we one week away from Thanksgiving. I have been craving Thanksgiving food! I can't wait to get my hands on Grandma's turkey and dressing! Yummo......and that brings me to my Throwback picture!! It was taken around Thanksgiving when Jagger was a baby!
He was not even one in this picture!! I thought we would sit him in the leaves and he would love it!! Wrong! Obviously he hated it! I crack up every time I see this picture! (I actually felt like this when my alarm went off this morning!)
Well, it's time for me to get off here and get to reading ;)
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..

Monday, November 17, 2014

Wish List: Kids!

Hey y'all! Happy you decided to stop by today! I am super pumped about this little wish list series I have been doing! If you haven't been around to know what's going on, it's time for you to catch up! I am really, really getting in the Christmas spirit! I love getting to shop for all of my loved ones and I know at times it is hard to come up with ideas for everyone. I decided to help you out with some of your Christmas shopping and give you some ideas! I started out with women, then men, and now today we will focus on all those sweet kiddos in our lives! ;) Let's get started..I have a lot to share! (almost everything I share today will either come from Nordstrom or Target because they are both offering free shipping, and who doesn't love free shipping??)

Babies- O, all those sweet babies out there!! I love buying for a baby because they don't care what they get! They love anything ;)
*Minnetonkas!!! These are just too precious and I'm thinking every baby girl needs a pair!

Are these not precious?? It is a good thing I don't have any girls because I would be flat BROKE! Click here for these sweet little boots!
We can't forget the baby boys in our life..Converse has been a go to shoe for both of my boys! They look great with any outfit- dressed up or down! You can't go wrong! Nordstrom has these on sale right now so it would be an awesome gift for less than $20. Click here to check these out!

*Skip Hop "Treetop Friends" Activity Gym- Hudson has one very similar to this when he was still in the hospital. I loved it and we received so many compliments on it from the nurses and therapists! It is a great gift for new babies and mamas will be happy too!

*Cloud B "Sleep Sheep" Stuffed Animal- These things are so sweet! Jagger had two of these! We bought the big one for his crib then the travel size for when we were out and about! Not only is it super cute, but it provides four soothing sounds: a calming heartbeat, ocean waves, spring showers (our favorite), and tranquil whale songs.

*Sophie La Girafe Teething Toy- These things are everywhere!! Every baby store...just everywhere! And rightfully so! They are just too cute and the reviews are amazing! I don't remember Sophie being around with Jagger, and Hudson now is too old for one! I hate that my boys missed on out this sweet little teething toy! I know every teething baby will love this one!

Here for Activity Gym
Here for Stuffed Animal
Here for Sophie

Ok, time to move on to all the little girls out there! Pretty much one word sums it up this year!  FROZEN! Frozen! and more Frozen! If you have not seen all the Frozen stuff out there then you are living in a cave! It blows my mind what is all out there, and how much these little girls love it!

For the Frozen lover....
*Nordstrom has tons of Frozen clothing and accessories! such cute stuff that it would be hard to pick! Here are some really cute pjs!


*Frozen Singing Elza Doll with Olaf- I have heard through the grapevine that this item is HOT!!! Apparently the stores can not keep them on the shelf! I think this is probably the item that people will throw down and fight over (Tickle Me Elmo), but good news....I found them on! I ordered one for my good friend Heather because she said they could not find one anywhere!! Thank you QVC for saving Christmas for our sweet girl! ;)  Isn't she cute! I love that she sings and has her friend Olaf! Click here to save yourself from the worry, and stress of Holiday shopping!
Ummm..I am cracking up!  I am looking at the hottest toy list for girls and everything is Frozen! What about the girls that don't like Frozen??

*Doc McStuffins Get Better Mobile Cart- This toy is too cute! It's basically a pull-along ambulance, so every little girl can take care of all the toys! ;) Target has these on sale right now for $44.99! Click here to order!

Boys- Boys! Boys! Boys!! My boys are so easy to buy for! Jagger basically wants anything he sees, and Hudson is still in the baby stage so he will like anything! ;)

*Dino Zoomer-  This is at the top of every list! Jagger has Zoomer from last year and as soon as he saw this, he immediately put it on his list! My mother in law got one about a month ago and put it back because we were afraid you would not be able to find them! I do think its a great toy for any age! Target has this guy on sale right now for $79.99, and they are normally $99! Click here to order this guy!

* Fisherprice Supernova Battle Rover- This giant play set will be so much fun for any little boy! With 19 lights and over 200 unique sounds, this will keep all those little boys entertained for hours! This one is also on sale right now! Click here to order!!

These next two toys can go for either boy or girl! They are both on the hot toy list so you won't go wrong with either one!

*Vtech Kidizoom Smart watch- This watch looks so fun, and anything from Vtech is great! It comes in four different colors!! I think all the kids will love this one! This one is on sale also- I'm thinking we all need to hurry and order from Target while everything is on sale :) Click here to check out this watch!

*LeapFrog LeapTv- LeapFrog is also a brand that we love! All their toys are wonderful! This is basically a Wii for kids. It lets them play games that are educational but also gets them up and moving! I am all for educational games that are fun!! Click here for this awesome toy!

Well that's all I have for you today!! I hope you found some ideas for you Christmas shopping!  (and by the way Target, and Nordstrom did not contact me to do all of this..These are just my opinions and two of my favorite places to shop from!)
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!
Lots of love

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wish list: Men!

Well, hello there! Glad you decided to join me today! If you were around yesterday then you know that I made a list of great gifts for women! I am planning on covering everyone in the house. We will end with those sweet kiddos, but today I want to talk about the men in our lives! Shopping for men always stresses me out because not every man has a list that is strictly from Cabela's and Mack's Prairie  Wing !! I've been searching around and came up with some, hopefully, good ideas! ;)

*Yeti cooler- For some reason these things have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years! They are super expensive, but don't let your man fool you..He wants one! I saved and saved and finally got Matthew one. It is really nice and it blows my mind how well it keeps stuff hot and cold!

* Clarks Desert Boot-   I am not kidding when I say that Matthew has gone through 3 pairs of these!! He loves them..They go with everything! He can dress them up to wear to work or wear them everyday with jeans and a shirt! Click here for these great boots!

* Herschel Supply Co. Duffel Bag- These duffel bags look so awesome! I think men need a good bag to throw their stuff in when its time to get away for a day or two, unless you are my man who has been known to use the trusty Wal-Mart bag!  This might possibly be on his list of "gets" for Christmas! If you think it's time to get rid of the Wal-Mart bag and start using a better bag, click here.

*Cologne- because we want our men to smell good! I'm sorry but there is nothing better than a good smelling man! ;) Matthew has tried several different scents over the year but he keeps going back to an oldie but goodie..Acqua Di Gio!
so now that we have our man smelling good, let's make sure his skin is feeling good! I love these Kiehl's gift sets!
Click here for cologne, and here for the Kiehl's!!

I think we have covered all the accessories, time to find some clothes for these guys!!!

*North Face TKA 100 Quarter zip fleece pullover-  Matthew got one of these either last year or the year before and really enjoys it! It is a great piece that he can just throw on and go! Its light weight but still warm!  Click here and good luck picking which color to get!! ;)

* Anything Southern Marsh- We absolutely love this brand!!! Matthew, Jagger and I all have pieces from this brand. The t-shirts are awesome! The polo's and button down shirts are super nice! You can not go wrong buying your man anything from this site!!  (or maybe something for yourself!)

Well that's all I have for our guys!! Hope this might make your shopping a little easier!

OH, and there is a HUGE something I forgot to put on my list for yesterday!!! I can't believe I forgot this!
* Clarisonic Mia Sonic Cleansing System! This thing is amazing! I got one last year for Christmas and have pretty much used it everyday since! I am not a face washer but I love the way my face feels after using this! I promise you can not go wrong getting this for any woman on your list, young and old! You will see that there are several different versions one is $99 all the way up to $200. I ask the ladies at Sephora if it was worth buying the expensive one and she said the $99 does just as good, it just doesn't come with extra bells and whistles that you really don't need!! So, basically you can buy the $99 and be more than fine!! Click here to splurge for yourself or that lucky someone on your list! ;)

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!
Lots of love..

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Wish List: Women!

It's SO cold here!! I can not believe over night it turned winter! We didn't get much fall! This super cold weather is really putting me in the mood for the holidays! I can't wait for Thanksgiving and then on to Christmas! I have started working on Christmas lists!! I am a list girl anyway, but around Christmas I sometimes  get overly list happy! List for maybe Christmas gifts. Lists for what needs to be done. Lists for the HAVE to buy gifts. Lists for the activities we have going on.
Because we are getting close to Black Friday and there is only 39 days left until the big day, I thought I would put together a couple of lists for you! These lists are going to give you some suggestions on great gift ideas for women, men, and children! Lets get started! Ladies always first ;)
*pretty much everything on this list comes from! I love that they offer free shipping and free returns. They are super fast on delivery! Great place to order from- you won't be sorry!

*Scarves- every woman needs a great scarf! There are so many awesome options out there this year! I can't hardly pick one!!

I am loving this chunky cable knit infinity scarf!..It would look great with so many things, and it comes several super cute colors!!     Click here to check it out.

This next one I just think is super cute! It would make a great gift for any woman!

 and for your plaid lovers....
To check out floral click here  and for plaid here!

Next on the list is one of my all time favorites!! I got this last year and love it! I use it almost everyday!!
* Naked by Urban Decay- it is a little pricey($54), but I promise amazing! I have had mine almost a year and still have a ton left! I can't say enough good things about this makeup! This is a great gift for any age!
Naked 3


Naked 2
The only problem you are going to have is deciding which one to get!! I got Naked 2 and again probably one of my favorite things! Naked-here  Naked 2-here  Naked 3-here

Ok, how about some Jewelry now! What woman doesn't love jewelry?
* Kendra Scott necklace- It's a good possibility you have seen these cuties floating around on Pinterest! These are on my list this year! I had a super hard time picking a color, but I love how it will add a pop of color to any outfit! Great go to piece!

or if you are not really a necklace girl, they have the awesome earrings..they are too darn cute, and also come in many colors!

Right now Nordstrom has both of these on sale!! Sale is always good in my book! ;)
Here for necklace!
Here for earrings!

Shoes!!!! Shoes make my heart happy!! I think I have a shoe problem! I want them all! ;)

*Hunter Boots- I personally have been really torn between these! They are expensive, but have great reviews and what woman doesn't want to be stylish in the rain?? I love all the fun colors they come in, so again I would have issues picking! (Are you seeing the pattern here, I have "making a choice problems!)
I think I am really liking the red and the original hunter green- super cute! Click here for these awesome boots!

Wedges- Be still my heart! I love a good wedge, and especially a bootie wedge! There are tons of cute ones out there! Toms and Minnetonka both have great options!

Here  for Toms! Here  for Minnetonka! Pair these with rolled skinny jeans, plaid shirt and a vest! Oooo, lookin' cute!! ;)

Speaking of plaid shirt, it is a MUST this year!!

 I think I need both of these! Red-Here Blue- Here
 and here is a vest to go with the darlin plaid shirts!

One more thing and we are done!!!
Handbags! We all need something to carry all of our junk in!

Michael Kors has some great options! I have two of his bags and love them! They are well made and look awesome with anything!
Right now this one is on sale....and I think this is a great classic bag! click here!

Well it looks like I have you covered head to toe!! I hope you can find some options on here for yourself (Print and leave it laying so the hubby can see it!!) or someone else you are buying for! I love buying great gifts for other people! ;)
Ok, lets get to shopping!!!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..