Friday, June 29, 2012

He Is Good!

So I was sitting here this morning doing bible study and the study was about how God will open and close doors for us if we would just listen to him! I feel like many times we don't listen and do what we want! It has taken me a bit to figure out that I don't want to open and close my own doors because it won't be as good as if he did it! I also was thinking about how many times I think our life could be better! Why can't my school loans get paid, why can't we have a bigger house, why don't houses sell, and many other silly things and it's just like God comes over me and says, Quiet!!! It's unreal how when I quiet down how I started seeing all the unbelievable blessing in our life!! The other day I was so excited because I got a report from the OBGYN saying all my tests came back clear!! This is amazing news for me because I have had so much trouble in the past! This is two years in a row I have had a good report! This is more than a blessing! I also think about how we have paid down a lot of debt in the last year and the only real thing we have left is my school loans, and we have not gone without during the last year! Matthew has been blessed with a job that provides enough that I can stay home with Jagger! This is worth no amount of money! Sometimes I think it would be nice to get a job and have all the extra income but then I think about how much I would miss out on and to me it's just not worth it! I guess my whole point here is it is so easy to forget how many blessing we have in life! I think sometimes we see what we don't have instead of what we do have! And for me it brings tears to my eyes when I take a step back and look at our life! God is so good! Ok enough of that!! Jagger is swimming like crazy! He can pretty much swim by himself! I will have to post pictures! He will take off running and jump off the side of the pool! He has learned to come up for a breath and then go back down! He has also learned to swim to the side and hang on! It is unreal that my 3 year old is out there swimming with the bigger kids! We were cracking up last night because jagger just does everything they do! He forgets he is 3!!! I have to remind him several times a day! It breaks my heart to see him grow so fast, but I know that is how life works! And I am super excited that in a month we are headed to the beach with Matthew's mom and Pa CP! Matthew's sisters are going too so it will be a lot of fun! This will be our first vacation with them! I would love if we could make this a yearly thing- same time and place every year! Well I need to get off here and get ready for work! Hope everyone has a blessed Friday! Try and stay cool its suppose to be 105 here today!!! :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy 4 Years!

Yesterday was our 4 year anniversary! I can't believe it has been 4 years since I stood on the beach and said those vows before God and our family! I thank God for Matthew everyday! I can say that over the last 4 years that I have learned marriage is not an easy thing! We have definatly had our ups and downs! The last couple of months, God has truly been teaching me how to chill out and not get so upset over the small things! Yes, it drives me crazy when he leaves his stuff laying around but that is just who he is and I love him! Its not worth me getting upset over! I love knowing that God is first in our relationship and that each day we grow stronger together! I can't wait to share the rest of my life with him and see what God has in store for us! ;)

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stuck In A Rut!!

Do you ever get stuck in a rut??? I hope I am not the only one! I am not sure what is going on but Jagger and I both are going through the strangest thing where it takes us forever in the mornings to get going. We have been sleeping in longer than normal and going to bed later! It's driving me crazy and I'm not sure what to do?? Do I just go along with it or change it? Normally we are up and going at 730 and he is in bed by 930 at night, But now he has been staying up till 11 or 1130 and waking up at 930???? We typically swim almost all day so you would think that he would be tired but he doesn't go to sleep! Completely off the subject of that, we are officially trying for baby 2!!! Matthew was laughing because I have an ovulation calendar that I am using! My doctor did tell that getting pregnant right off is probably slim because my body is going to have to get back to normal after having Mirena in for so long! I am just giving the whole situation to God because he knows what is best for us! If he wants to have another baby then we will, if it's not the right time we won't! :) Tomorrow is our 4 year anniversary! I am in shock as I write that because time flies!! It's unreal. It's like you blink and years pass. It's very sad and it makes you stop and think that you have to treasure every moment! The last couple of months have really shown me how important it is to enjoy each moment. I have been working on not getting upset over silly stuff, it's just not worth it! You just never what Gods plan is!! Hope everyone has a blessed day!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

I'm LOVING that I am Mirena Free!!!! Maybe a baby is in our future!! ;)  and my new OBGYN is awesome!

I'm LOVING that this weekend Jagger and I are going with Bennie to Oklahoma! We are going to have a great time!

I'm LOVING that Matthew and I are entertaining the idea of taking Jagger to Disney this fall! This has been a dream of mine since I was a child!! I actually get super giddy thinking about going!! If there is ANY way possible we are going!!

I'm LOVING the tv show Till' Death. Matthew and I found it on Netflix and it is hysterical! It is about a couple that has been married over 20 years and their new neighbors who have only been married a few months!!

I'm LOVING the Rolo McFlurry from McDonalds! I am not really a huge fan of Rolo's but this thing is AWESOME!! and its even better that it comes in a snack size! ;)

I'm LOVING that me and the hubby will be celebrating our anniversary next week!! I can't belive how time flies!!

I'm LOVING that when I get down or worried about something if I turn to our Heavenly Father he immediately makes me feel better!! It is the best feeling ever! ;)  I am so blessed!

and last but not least, I'm ALWAYS LOVING the hubby and my sweet baby boy!!!
this is an old picture but My FAVORITE!!! It makes me cry looking at it! Life is so precious and I am blessed beyond anything!!!

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Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mirena out!!!

Mirena is coming out today!!! I'm alittle nervous because I have heard women go through a 3 day crash but other than we are super excited!!!!! And for those of you who do not know what Mirena is, it is an iud (birth control) that can be kept in up to 5 years at a time!!! Please keep me in your prayers that all goes smoothly!! Hope everyone has a blessed day!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Wants!

Do you ever get "the wants"? Well I do!!! And sometimes they drive me insane! This morning I had to spend extra time with God because I have felt bad because my mind has been filled with wants! This has really been getting me down lately and it's seriously something I have been spending a lot of time in prayer about! We want a bigger house, I want a newer car, I want a new phone, we want cable at times, we want to go on vacation, I want to sell some houses so we can pay off this last bit of debt!! And it's amazing to me how when you want something everyone else around you will get it! I haven't quite figured out if that is Satan or if that is God trying to teach us a lesson! Sometimes I think it's God trying to see how we will react to that situation! Will we get jealous, or have envious feelings?? Matthew and I are so blessed in our life!! I look back over the last year and am amazed at how God has shown us that we can still be happy without fancy phones, cars and everything else that society has programmed us to think we have to have to even continue life! It makes me very nervous for Jagger and what he will grow up in! Ok enough of that!! Sorry to vent for a few minutes but I needed to get it out..we had a great weekend! We went to the lake, stayed the night in a cabin, and got up the next day to take the kids to the waterpark! They had a blast! Jagger thought the wave pool was the best thing ever! It was the only thing he wanted to do! After several hours of swimming, we came home! We were all exhausted!!! I was glad for some rest! Even today, we are taking it easy and staying home! We have swam almost everyday straight for the last week! We need a break and I need to do house work! Jagger seems fine with that! He is pulling out all of his toys in room and taking them to the living room!!! :)so much for cleaning that room!! I'll save that for tonight! please keep me in your prayers! I'm going tomorrow to my new doctor! I'm getting mirena taken out!! Yay!! But I have heard that there is a 3 day crash after that is horrible, so I'm just praying I won't have to experience it! Hope everyone has a blessed day!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Day!

Today has been one of those awesome summer days! Almost like a magazine! We stayed in the pool almost all day! The kids would swim, take a break, swim, eat ice cream, swim, swim, and swim! and guess what? It is 10:19 at night and my child is still up?? what in the world is up with that? Matthew and I are having major issues with him and his sleep habits! Its horrible- but that is another blog post and very soon at that!
I got really ticked at my blog today!! This morning I wrote a really long post on Throwing up! hahaha I know, its gross! but then I accidentally deleted it! I was so sad and mad at myself! Technology drives me insane at times! For those of you who did not get the privilege of reading my post, I will give you a short version! Tuesday, we drove home from Bennie and Pops. We stopped at my grandma's (she lives in a very small town in Arkansas). After we left her house, Jagger started telling me he was getting sick! About 30 minutes later at a small grocery store in a town with a population of 30, in the middle of the store Jagger throws his guts up!! It was awful, and the only thing I could do was cup my hands and let him throw up in my hands (of course, it didn't help at ALL, but I didn't know what else to do). It is so amazing to me what we do as parents that we would have NEVER done before.Throw up or any other bodily function has not ever been something I have been good with until I became a momma! It is hysterical the things you will do for your baby! I thank God everyday for giving the blessing of being a mom! Poop, throw up, and all the other stuff...I wouldn't change it for the world!
So anyways, that is my shortened version! I was so bummed when I saw that I had deleted it! I am excited about this weekend! Matthew's younger cousin, Devon and Chloe are in from Florida! They come in every summer and stay 3 weeks with Grandma Betty! Jagger loves it when they are here! While they are here we always go and stay at the lake in a cabin! The kids think it is so cool! This weekend we are making our lake trip and its funny because Matthew has decided to go! He never goes so I think he is in for a trip! The interesting part will be the car ride!! It will entertaining- Matthew, Jagger, myself, Grandma Betty, Devon and Chloe! The first thing out of Matthew's mouth was that he was driving! ;)

Well...Its late and I am tired! Time to hit the sack!
Hope everyone had a blessed day!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Temper Tantrum!

Wow...It is amazing how my sweet little boy can go from being so precious to this 3 year old temper tantrum throwing crazy child!!!! Where does this come from??? It stresses me out so bad because I am trying so hard to raise Jagger to have manners and be a good child but these fits are insane!!! We came to Bennie and Poppies last night to stay with them for a few days. Last night, we hung out and had a blast! The puppies were so happy to see Jagger! This morning, Jagger helped Dad fix several motorcycles. Dad was saying that Jagger was turning the wrenches and he would do everything dad ask him to do! About 2 hours later, they came inside and Jagger was covered in dirt!!! He told me that being a motorcycle mechanic was hard work and that they were very thirsty! After a small snack and getting a drink, we decided we would go to town and do alittle shopping! I had been promising Jagger if he was good I would get him the Captain America toy, and then I wanted to run by Hays to get some shoes! Dad decided he would go with us and see if he could find some shirts at Hays. On the way, Jagger was in a great mood! Dad sat in the backseat with him and the whole way they cracked up. The first place we went Jagger did good..still in a good mood! We get in the car to go to the next place and BOOM..he starts whining. I can NOT stand whining. It drives me insane! and then not only is he whining he starts this fake cry. After about 15 minutes of dealing with this, I get frustrated and decide to leave the store. I told Dad we would just go down to Sonic and grab some food before going to the other stores. I thought Jagger was just hungry and that was why he was acting so crazy! We get to Sonic, and I get all of our food ordered. Jagger wanted a grilled cheese and an apple juice...nothing out of the ordinary! We get the food, everyone is happy and I give Jagger his sandwich. I am about to turn around and tell Dad that Jagger does not like his sandwich ripped in to 2 pieces and before it comes out of my mouth, RIP..Dad ripped his sandwich and you would have thought the world was ending!! Jagger starts screaming, crying, kicking, and everything else! I was so embarrassed! I could not believe he would act this way in front of my dad especially over NOTHING!! I just can not get it in my head how this can make someone so MAD....I mean seriously??  Lets just say that we did not anywhere else. We came straight back to moms and he got in big trouble for acting that way! I made him apologize to Pop for acting that way, and I told him there would be NO Captain America in his near future! He cried for about 45 minutes and then he finally fell asleep! He ended up sleeping for almost 3 hours! I was shocked because he never naps! and while he was Napping we had a huge storm! I was so thankful for the rain! Now, Mom and I are watching Twister while Jagger and Pop play games on the Iphone! It is so funny because Jagger is trying to teach Pop how to play the games- and you have to understand my dad is anti-technology!

I am so happy that for this minute I have my sweet little boy back! ;)
Here are some pictures that I have been meaning to post....
Nolen and Jagger waiting for VBS to start!!

Ready for church and YES..that is a plastic gun he is holding! :) He kept telling me that the Joker was in our house so he had to have is gun to protect us!!

His VBS class singing Jesus Loves Me in front of the church!! It was precious!

Helping dad put up the tent!

Our "camping" trip!

I love my family!!

Playing in the "hamster" ball! He had a blast!

Hope everyone had a blessed day!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Life Is So Precious!!

Life is so precious... This is something this week that has truly touched me like never before! The last few days have been very hard on our town! A very sweet family in our church had a horrible tragedy happen this week. The young (44 years old) husband was in a motorcycle wreck on the way to work and ended up loosing his life. His wife is an wonderful woman and he has two great kids! The night that it happened I literally thought my heart was going to rip out of my body! All I could do was lay in the floor, sob not cry, and pray! I was absolutely useless that night and on top of that my phone was blowing up with phone calls.. It was awful!!! Every time I would pray it was almost like God would put it my mind to not take life for granted and that we need to enjoy each moment because we just don't know!!! Our days are numbered!! You just never know from one minute to the next what life is going to bring! My heart still hurts for this family and I continue to pray that God will comfort them like never before!! Tonight was so much fun.... It's 11:38pm and we just got done "camping" in Grandma and pa's backyard!! Yes, we put up a tent today and that is all we have done! We have acted like we have been on a camping trip. Tonight when it got dark it was so sweet because here we all are(Justin, Allyson, pa, grandma, Matthew, Jagger, and I) laying on the ground in this tent just cracking up. Jagger has the flash light shining it in everyones face, Matthew was almost asleep, Allyson and I were acting goofy..laughing and cracking up, Justin was entertaining Jagger, grandma was bringing in snacks from the house... It was quite hysterical and I can only imagine what someone would think if they walked up on us. They would think we were crazy!! I was telling Matthew that it may have been silly but these are the great memories we will always have! I look at Jagger everyday and it makes me want to cry my eyes out. My baby boy is growing up so fast!! Every time I blink he is learning things and becoming a little boy. I am truly trying to enjoy each passing minute with him. I have learned to let the dishes sit in the sink alittle longer so we can play, and my favorite thing is our story and prayer time at night together. It's one of my favorite times of the day! We get ready for bed, read a few stories, say what we are thankful for the day, pray, and then I normally sing him to sleep! There is nothing in the world like holding your baby(no matter how old) and singing them to sleep-and I am Not a singer!! It's a moment I don't want to pass... I just want time to freeze! I am almost positive I am not the only mommy that feels this way! :) I can say that I officially have baby fever!!! And it's bad! But we are not trying right now! We have been praying about and have decided to let God Decide when the time is right! I am going to my new OBGYN the 19th so I'm super excited to meet her! Please keep us in your prayers over this... I know God has a plan for us and it will be wonderful! Hope everyone has had a blessed day!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Got Wrapped?

I am super excited because this weekend when my momma came to visit I got wrapped!!! I know you are thinking wrapped? what in the world is wrapped? Well....that is why I am going to explain! ;) A couple of months ago momma called me and said that she was going to start a new business. She went on to explain that it was called It Works and they do body wraps and lots of "health" stuff (vitamins, supplements, skin care and lots of other things!!) When she first told me, I was like, Oh that's nice! and then it never really went past that until things started going CRAZY!!! Crazy as in super busy and can't hardly keep up with the demand! This stuff just exploded! I still was not too interested because I had been on Weight Watchers since January and happy to say that I lost right at 20lbs!!! YAY!! I did not think the wraps would do anything for me and it would be a waste! Well...after weeks of seeing hundreds of results I figured I needed to see what all the hype was about! I told Bennie I wanted wrapped and this is what happened!!

and No I was not sucking in or poking my stomach out(and my skin looks different because of the lighting!)..I was doing that at first and mom stopped me..This is the real result after 1 day!!! Its unreal!! I am so impressed with this! and I have already been taking the daily multivitamin for about 1 month and I LOVE IT! Its awesome! I am so proud of my mom and the business she building! She has a wonderful team going and they are blowing it out of the water! I can't wait to see what the future holds for them! Its definitely worth being apart of....
If this is something you would be interested in check out my moms facebook page   Bennie and the Wraps or her website   She would love to talk to you about it!!
Hope you have a blessed night! and I am so super happy about the rain we are getting!! Thank you Jesus!