Friday, February 21, 2014

I'm The Kind of Girl...

Well today I am stealing the idea from my friend Kayla over at Mississippi Mrs! She is so sweet and I know you would love reading her blog! I really believe if we lived in the same town or close we would be BFFs..We are so much alike it is scary!

I'm the kind of girl who........

- this is sad, but I like control! when I don't have control over my kids, home or whatever else is going on, I start getting a little crazy! and I don't mean control in a bad way! ;)

-is addicted to food! I can't help it! I like all of it - good and bad! (maybe more good than bad)

-honestly tries to read and study the bible everyday but somedays it just doesn't happen..and on these days I get really down on myself! 

-wishes  I was creative and crafty! I wish I could distress furniture and sew!

-   loves pictures and for 5 years I have done an awesome job of taking pictures and putting them in albums! Hudson comes along and bam...I have not taken half the pictures I did with Jagger and I haven't gotten any of them printed! :(

-loves to laugh! My favorite thing is when my mom and I get together and we just look up goofy things on pinterest or youtube just to laugh! or even spending time with our best buds on the weekends and laughing until we cry!

-doesn't really care what others think of my life and how we live it! I try not to get wrapped up in what others think...I just do things that makes my family, God and myself happy!

-can get addicted to tv shows really quick!

-has been known to read a book in 1 day!

-daydreams about winning the lottery!! 

-loves my cup of coffee!!

-enjoys singing hymnals! I think at my preaching just singing hymnals! i'm weird huh?

-that can shop until I literally drop! I don't get to do this much but my dream is to take a whole weekend and do nothing but shop and look around!! A girl can dream!!

- would call myself pretty plain! most of the time my fingernails and toenails are not painted....I typically go too long without getting my eye brows done...I have several really awesome makeup items that I have no idea how to jewelry box is full but the only thing I ever wear is my wedding ring and a necklace matthew got me before jagger was born and 95% of the time I am in a tshirt and yoga pants!

So.....what kind of girl/guy are you!!!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Enjoy the sunshine!
Lots of love

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day!

Valentine's Day! A day that brings out all the flowers, balloons, candy, teddy bears, hearts and all the other goodies the stores are filled with! Last night I ran into to Wal-Mart to grab a few things....MISTAKE!! It was like Black Friday! I just stood there for a minute and watched people going crazy grabbing whatever candy, and cards where left on the shelf to give their special someone! I felt sorry for these people because they waited too long and everything was picked over and then I felt sorry for myself for putting myself in that place to deal with all the madness!
We have had a great Valentine's Day already! The morning started out super. It was actually the first day I have not felt horrible in several weeks! I went to the doctor yesterday(imagine that! One of us at the doctor? Shocker huh?) and he said I was still dealing with a sinus infection! I have been getting them so bad in the last year I am going to have to go see a specialist! anyways enough about sickness....I got up early this morning feeling great! I made myself a wonderful cup of coffee then went to God! I love these times of the morning..I feel like its the only time I am calm and can just relax! Everyone is asleep and I can just relax in his presence! Once I finished quite time I made heart cinnamon rolls! They turned out really cute! Not that I did anything super hard...just a can of cinnamon rolls and a cookie cutter :) Jagger woke up and found his Valentine Surprise waiting on the coffee table - playdough, Robin Hood Dvd and a Reese's heart! What could be better!? Hope he doesn't expect mornings like this all time! We got the morning going, ate breakfast, got ready for school with no drama, and both boys (jagger/matthew) out the door on time! After the two big boys left for work and school Hudson and I decided to take a little nap together! I enjoyed the cuddle time! I woke up from the nap to find a beautiful bouquet of roses and a massage! SOMEONE knows me well and knows this momma needs some relaxation time! Woooohooo so looking forward to a massage!
Jagger came home from school all excited about his valentine party! I loved looking at all his valentine cards! so sweet!!! I feel so blessed to have 3 very special Valentine's in my life!
on a different subject- I am starting a new challenge for myself!! This will be interesting and I really hope I can stick to it! I was in my quite time the last few days and have felt on my heart it is time to "heart"/mind check with myself! I have found myself lately really spending too much time on the internet...Not that I spend hours a day or anything but its so easy these days to pick up the Iphone or Ipad and instantly be on Instagram looking a pictures or Facebook....When I am constantly looking at all this I find myself getting the wants...I find that I am not feeling blessed about what I have and concentrating on what we have. I look at others things and say, "oooo" I want that or "ooo" I would love to have that..I am tired of this and then all these clothing stores I follow that post all these clothes every 2 minutes.. Guess what? I want them all! I am just tired of all this constantly in my face! I want to strictly focus on God and what God has given me! I am going to be giving myself a big break from all social media! It is already deleted off of my phone! and I will be deleting it off of the Ipad. I think this will truly help during my down time to spend time with God or focus on my sweet family or possibly even time to get my laundry done!
I hope I do not sound crazy for all of this but I do think at times we can get so caught up in what others have or are doing we forget what God has for us! maybe not we but me! I am going to keep blogging for sure and will post it to facebook but that is it!! SO keep me in your prayers that I can stick to it! I know God has great things in store for myself and my family!
Well I am going to have a hot date with my hubby I guess I had better get off here and get some stuff done!!
Hope everyone has a blessed Valentine Day!
Lots of love

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I'm Sorry! You may be wondering why in the world I am saying I'm sorry! Well.....Last night I just happened to look over the last few posts and the last several things I have posted on Facebook, and it dawned on me how whiny and ridiculous I sound. All I have put and posted is how sick of winter I am, how sick of being inside I am, blah blah blah! I am sick of it but I feel that instead of complaining like I have been I should be rejoicing that I am able to be with my boys at home! I know there are many of you who would give anything to be able to stay at home everyday with your babies! and this is why I am sorry! I have not been grateful for something that many would love to have! I feel as though I have been stuck in this pity party rut when it could be worse! I look around this morning and can't believe all the blessings in my life! I thank God that I have Hudson and that he is even here with me! I thank God that I have Jagger and his boredom! God has given me the job of being a stay at home mom! I truly believe at this time this is my ministry! We all have ministries and jobs and this is mine! I do feel that I have not been giving my boys and husband the best of me! It hurts my heart that for the last few weeks they have gotten someone I am not happy with. I look back and these are days I can not get back! If you have read my blog since the beginning and even if you haven't some of you may know that I struggled with depression. This was a very hard time in my life because it was something I did not not want to face! How could I be depressed? I have since found out that many people go through this and again like me don't want to talk about it or face it! I honestly think this makes the situation worse! I went into this because I do feel I have started showing signs of slipping back into depression. I am not going to let myself or my family go through it again! I am very happy that I have recognized whats going on and I am taking care of it instead of last time letting it go until it was bad! I know with God on my side I am going to be ok!
Well its time for me to get off here and spend time with these sweet boys! and check the yummy roast I am smelling - more on that next time! ;)
Hope everyone has a blessed day! Enjoy the sunshine!
Lots of love

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I'm Bored!

How can a 5 year old in this day in age be bored??? What in the world? Jagger has proclaimed that he is bored more in the last two weeks than I can handle! I remember growing up saying, "I'm bored" and what did my mom say...."You don't know what bored is!" well guess what???? I'm pretty sure the last few times Jagger has said this I have looked around the room to see if my mom was standing around because the words, "You don't know what bored is" came out! I even went to the extreme to say.... Do you have tv? Do you have toys? Do you have books? do you have an ipad? do you have a ds? and of course the answer was yes to all these and my response... "Exactly you are not bored. Victor (the child we sponsor through Compassion) is bored..He can be bored! You can't!"  Ok maybe I went alittle extreme on him but I just think the cold weather and being cooped up is getting to us!
I do feel kind of bad for Jagger because ever since the whole St. Louis ordeal he has been a different child. He is so clingy and will not let us get out of his sight. He won't even go to the bathroom by himself. He goes into this crazy panic attack thing. It really scares me at times and stresses me out! Our days are tough because Jagger will not even sit down to watch a tv show while I am trying to get Hudson down for a nap. There are even days I get Hudson asleep and Jagger is right on top of me while I am rocking him...It wakes Hudson up. He is crying..Jagger is crying ...I am crying! Never a good moment in our house! ;) I am pretty sure Matthew has walked in the door and turned around and walked out! But on a serious note please keep Jagger in your prayers. I really hope we can work this out and he will get over it! It is tough as a mom trying to give myself to both of them at the same time and make both happy!
I do think now that Hudson got a good report at the doctor we are going to all start getting out more....With it being cold it is hard to find things to do inside but next week we are going to have things planned to do! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated???

Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Blues

Winter blues- and I am not talking about gorgeous winter blue colors! No I am talking about Winter blues....seasonal depression...This is something that many people go through and may not even realize it! I think it has hit our family with full force! We have all been crabby and just down in the dumps! I truly believe its because of this nasty winter weather! We are literally counting down the days until warm weather! If we have another snow day or another out break of sickness, I am going to pull all my hair out and run away- Just kidding! But really I am so excited about spring and summer! We will finally be able to get out and about! I have a feeling we will be doing something everyday because we have been stuck in this house so much!
I have been looking at our calender and the spring and summer are already filling up and I can't hardly wait! We have a wedding in March on the beach!!! YAY! Then we have all of Jagger's preschool stuff- Medieval day, Muffins with Mom, Donuts with Dad, Preschool Circus and Preschool Graduation. Then he will also start Coach pitch ball and then in May we will start Swim Team! He has been asking me everyday when swim team starts! In May we also have my sister in laws graduation from pharmacy school! This will be fun because we will have to travel for it will be another weekend getaway!
(GGGRRRRR!!! I just looked up from the computer and guess what??? SNOW!! Its snowing again! What in the world! I won't pull my hair out just yet!)
So on a happier note- we went to St. Louis on Friday and the doctors said Hudson is awesome! He is doing so well. They just continued to brag on how great he is! They just could not believe how awesome he is for what he has been through! He is a true miracle! Matthew and I have talked about Hudson's future and what God has in store for him! We just know it is going to be something amazing! He will have such a story to tell..
Hudson is doing awesome, Jagger is hysterical/awesome and then at times going through some sort of 5 year old "terrible two" (not quite sure what is going on with this!), Matthew is great and I am super! I can't complain and I guess on the days that Winter blues has me, I need to sit back and thank God that we have each other and we are all doing super!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love