Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding!

So, I know alot of people are tired of hearing and seeing stuff on the royal wedding! My husband thought I was crazy for getting up to watch it, but since I do stay at home I have nothing better to do! ;) The whole thing was awesome and I am so glad that I was up to watch it! It was so romantic and I think Kate is so gorgeous! She has such a classic look! I love it!  I don't know what it is about the royal family that sucks you in, but once you start watching stuff on them you can't stop! It's nuts!

such an awesome couple! ;) so happy for them!

Ok, enough about the wedding! Not much has been going on around our house! We have been really boring this week! ;) but I guess that is ok! Good news- we finally got an air conditioner!!! can't wait..God has been really good to us! The weather has been great and we havn't gotten hot at all! so we have been super lucky!

Last night was bible study! It was amazing! I am sad that next week will be the last week! I love our group! I have been so blessed to be apart of a group of women who love God, and come together to share our stories! We laugh and cry together...its so great! Matthew came in last night and ask me how bible study went. I told him that it was great! It was emotional..we cried alot! He just looked at me and said, "What do yall do the whole time?, Sit around and cry..I don't think I would like that"! hahahha.. I cracked up! Men just don't understand! Jennifer had come over before the study, and we watched the Carrie Underwood video of her singing How Great Thou Art! Words can't describe how moving it is! We both were bawling! If you haven't watched it here it is!
Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future!!!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Storm Damage!

I don't really have much to talk about today, so I just wanted to show some pictures of the damage that Poplar Bluff, MO and Vilonia, AR have had from all the storms. Please keep all of the people in your prayers. I know they need! My heart goes out to everyone who has been hurt, lost a home, or lost family members. I pray that God watches over them and gives them the strength they need to rebuild and continue their lives!
Flooding in Poplar Bluff


Tornado damage in Vilonia

tornado damage

Psalm 16:1 Keep me safe, O God, for in you I take refuge!
Everyone be safe and have a blessed day!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

That Smells Good!!

Ok, so I love home fragrances (candles, sprays, diffusers, etc.)!! I love when you walk into a home or business and it smells amazing!!! I think it just makes you feel good, and it automatically makes a good impression! Sometimes I think a house can be super dirty but if it smells good..then its ok! ;)  buying smell good stuff for my house use to be an obsession but I have gotten better! I have found a few that I really like alot but I love knowing what everyone else uses too!!! Here are some of my favs!
Tyler Candle - Fleur De Lis!  This is amazing!!!

Im normally not into spray but this one is awesome!!!!! Its Febreeze Brazillian Carnival....its really awesome in summer!

Trapp Candles- Wild Currant!!!
 This one is our absolute FAVORITE!! If you walk into my house right now this is what you smell! I get more compliments on this!! It is a Bath and Body Works Oil Burner!! you pour the oil in the top and then light a tea candle in the bottom! It is amazing! We love the Fresh Linen smell! and I know Bath and Body Works is always running sales on these!!! What are you favorites smells for the home?

ok, enough about smells! We finally ordered our air conditioner! Its about time huh? I am really excited to get our bill from this last month because we have gone an entire month without turning on the I am hoping our bill will be cheap! ;)

Please pray for the families in Vilonia Arkansas! The storms last night really did some damage, and I have heard that the downtown was completely distroyed! ;( It makes me very sad, and my heart goes out to them!
May God be with everyone during this stormy season!
Hope you have a blessed day!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter - Part 2!!!

Our Easter was wonderful!!!! The only thing that would have made it better was if I would have seen my parents and my sweet grandma! My morning started off in a panic! I had set my alarm for 5:00am, so that I could get up and go to sunrise service! All I remember is Matthew, patting me and saying, "Megan, don't you need to get up?" I sprung out of bed and looked at my clock-it was 6:30! I was so sad...I had missed the service! I was upset, but I did not let it bother me long because I know things happen!  I wanted to wake Jagger up so he could see what the Easter bunny brought before we went to church! It was so sweet...I went in there and said Jagger....the Easter bunny came last night and left you something! His eyes popped open and he said, "mornin, Presents!!!" hahah! It cracked me up! He never wakes up like that!
So thankful for the Easter bucket Mrs. Milam gave us!!! We love it!

After we did Easter basket, we got ready for church! Jagger was more interested in Easter stuff than getting ready for church! Our service was amazing! We had an Easter Cantata! The music was great! We decided to take Jagger into church with us since it was Easter and we wanted to sit as a family! (we normally don't take him to big church because he tends to yell out stuff such as Pa Don, Tractors, and whoever he sees he will yell their name! I always want to crawl under the seat I am so embarrased! so we never take him in! ) I thought this service would be different since it was all music! So we go in get seated, and he does great! Until he sees Cheryl (Gigi) walking in, and he yells GIGI!!!!!! Oh my here we go!!! So we get him quite from that and then he sees Grandma Betty.....she gets seated..and remember now we are in the middle of Brother Ed talking and Jagger decides he needs to tell Grandma Betty about the chickens! and there are 4 people in between he is talking loud! I was about to die! I decide we should pull out the crayons to keep him entertained!! WRONG!!! He then wants to tell Matthew to draw tractors and combines with the green crayon! Matthew finally decides it is best to take him out! So as they are walking out, Jagger is telling everyone bye!!!! hahah! Sweet baby!   Well, I have decided we will not be taking Jagger into big church again! We tried, but it is just not for him! ;)
After church, we want to Matthews Grandma and had a wonderful lunch! and then we decorated eggs and did our Easter scavenger hunt! Each person, gets a starting Easter basket with a egg in it. Inside the egg is a clue to the next egg...once you find the last egg, the clue in it leads you to your present!!! It alot of fun! My last clue was    Not "wetter" but????    My present was in the dryer!!  Its funny to watch everyone walking around trying to find their eggs!  After our egg hunt we all took the rest of the day easy! It was a great day!
So sweet! Love this boy!

Getting ready to color eggs!

acting silly! he was playing us all a song!
What are your fun Easter traditions? I love hearing what other people do during Holidays!!!
Hope you have a blessed day!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter- Part 1!

Easter is almost here!!! I love Easter! It is such a special day! It is the day that Jesus rose from the dead!!!! So exciting! I do feel at times we forget what this Holiday is truly not just about the awesome outfits, baskets, candy, and eggs! Its about Jesus!
I do have to say that I love all the other things that do come along with Easter! I get so excited finding Jagger an Easter outfit!!! I had a really hard time this year going back and forth on several outfits...but this is what I found and am happy with ...
Just a button down and will pair with navy blue slacks!!! He will be so handsome!

I will for sure post pictures tomorrow!!!
I want to make sure that I teach Jagger the true meaning of Easter, and I think it is great there are so many fun, cute things to buy that teach them! I found this book at the Christian Bookstore....
Its not his first Easter, but it is such a cute book I had to get it!

If you are looking for a cute Easter book, you should check this one out....and I also heard that What is Easter? is a great book for little ones! Sometimes I think they are good for "big ones" too!!! ;)
Jagger and I  watched the Veggie Tales Easter movie the other day! It is called Twas, The Night Before Easter! It is super cute! I would suggest it also!

Twas the Night Before Easter
 I was thinking if it is raining tomorrow we will hunt eggs inside, read our books and watch our Easter movie!
Those are some of my suggestions for Easter? What are some cute things you found for Easter! Tomorrow I will post Jaggers Easter basket, and what the Easter Bunny brought him!!! ;)

Oh, and also we are the proud family of two new baby chicks!!! Yes, we are! Most of you are probably thinking we are crazy and we probably are, but we are parents, we are suppose to get suckered into these things, right???
Well, I better get off here and  fulfill my role as the Easter Bunny! ;) and plus I am getting up super early for the sunrise service at church!!!
Hope everyone has a great Easter Eve!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Amazing Deals!

ok...sorry I haven't posted in a few days but I have been consumed in other things!!! ;) That's life huh? Nothing has been going that is another reason I haven't posted. I didn't want to bore everyone with abunch of rambling! hahaha
So, the last few days I have been really studying this whole coupon and saving thing! Its taking over my mind! I did go to Wal-Mart the other day and got FREE stuff!!!! Yes, I got FREE stuff! I will post later what I got, so for right now I am loving this coupon thing! I want to tell everyone about a few sites that are totally worth checking out!!!
1. Swagbucks- I found this through several other bloggers and almost all of the coupon ladies use it! for those of you who do not know what swagbucks is a service that offers points and you collect poins then use them for free stuff!!! The main place I get swagbucks is through searching. I use it like Google! After you get so many "swagbucks", you can show for stuff! Everyone talks about the amazon cards that swagbucks do!Amazon cards?? Yes...I will take them ;)  I love Amazon, and spend alot of money on Amazon so this will be great for me! Check it out!
2. Zulily- this one is mostly for moms and babies! This is a site that runs AMAZING deals on clothes and baby stuff and its all designer stuff! You register with the site and then they send you emails telling the sales! I have bought several things on here for dirt cheap!!!! Its awesome! Today, I actually got Jag some of the cutest tee's for summer!! When I say deals- I mean like 60% or more off the original price! and you have to hurry because they only run the deals for a day, so the stuff goes super fast!
3. Quibids- ok this one is tricky!!! I found this in oprah's magazine! anything oprah puts in her magazine I think is pretty safe ;)   This is an auction site where you can get stuff very cheap! You buy bids and then bid one stuff! This is not for everyone....Matthew actually still thinks it is too good to be true, but I finally one a Dirt Devil Car Vaccum- retails for $55 and I got it for 9 CENTS! yes, I'll say it again 9 cents! with shipping it came out to $6.00! I was thrilled! I also won a Leap Frog Video and Camera- I got this for 50 with shipping it came out to about 7 dollars!!! I was jumping up and down!!! Warning- You probably will not get on here and start winning stuff! There is a whole beginners section that I urge you to read if you are going to start this!!! Happy bidding!

What sites do you use to save money????? I love saving money!!!!!!
Hope everyone is having a blessed day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yucky Night!

Storm back. I hear it. Scare me!!! This is what Jagger said about last night!! The weather last night was getting a little crazy! I have been praying for all the people from North Carolina, Alabama, and many other places. I know that they had a rough weekend. I am so glad that no one, that I know of got hurt last night! All of these storms are reminding me of the year 99. We had tornadoes in Searcy everyday!!!! It was awful. I was terrified. I think I was in the 6th grade! We had so many that my dad finally got us a storm shelter, and since he worked nights, me, mom, and the cat would sleep in the storm shelter many nights! That is how bad the weather was! I would pack up my backpack with all my "special" stuff! hahahha (how much special stuff can a 6th grader have? It was probably pictures, some type of nintendo thing, journal, books, etc.) and then we would go into the shelter! It was just a bad year for storms!

Not much going on at our house today! I have been doing some cleaning the last few days. When I say that I am cleaning, that does not mean straightening up. I am going through things and throwing away! I am bad about throwing things away! I just can't handle stuff piled up. Does anyone else go through this? I have got boxes piled up that need to go in the attic, stuff to go to Helping Hands, and a consignment pile! I need to get busy and get them to the places!

So- yesterday I was talking about extreme couponing. I did alot of research last night, and learned so much!!! I have got to start getting coupons! People in Kennett- if you have coupons you do not need - I will take them off your hands! My whole idea with this is to give almost all of it away! My family has plenty and with my personality type I can't do the whole hoarding and stockpiling! so I would rather get what my family needs and donate everything else! I think this will be a great thing!

Hope everyone is having a blessed day!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Extreme Couponing!!!!

Extreme Couponing! I have mentioned this before, but if you haven't heard about should check it out! It is insane!!! and now there is a show about it on TLC....
I have always loved coupons! When I was in college, I would clip coupons and compare ads. I would go to Wal-Mart late at night so I would not be in anyones way or "be the one" that gets on your nerves because she taking too much time giving coupons. Now, I don't care, I just wish I was one of them that was saving that much money!!!!! Wow!! Some of these people are getting $700 dollars worth of groceries for nothing!

I would never do this..but this is amazing!! is an example! This ladys total for all of this was $1.92!!!! Let me repeat... $1.92!! That is unreal!!! ok so there is some stuff here I would not use but most of is stuff we do use!! I think this worth a try!!! :)
 I don't think I would ever get so extreme that I am stocking piling tons of stuff, but if I did I would take all of it to Helping Hands! Thats an idea...maybe I should start doing it strictly to give away! ;)
So, anyways I have been doing research on some ways to save money. All of this has really sparked my interest. Being a stay-at-home mom and only having one income, I think this would be good for us! Last night I was up very late reading into all of us! I am almost overwhelmed....but I think I am going to give it a try. People in Kennett....if you see me at Wal-Mart or any other local grocery store with a cart full- know that I am on a coupon mission!! hahhaha

Well, nothing else has really been going on! I have had a fantastic week so far! I pray that we do not get bad storms! Storms do not bother me, I just do not want people getting hurt! Last night, we went and spent some time with Matthew's grandma! She has been gone a week, so Jagger was ready to see her! He loves Grandma Betty and Pa Don!!!!! He knows that he can get away with anything over there! Its funny! If he ever gets mad at any of us because he doesn't get his way, he will just look at us and say, "Bettys"!! hahha...That is his way of saying, I will go to Betty's and she will let me!! ;) Kids learn fast!
I am starting to ramble, so I am going to end this post! Hope everyone is safe today and has a blessed day!!!
John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Nothing New!

Nothing new! that is what is going on in The Cohn Family ;) Sometimes I think that nothing new is ok!! That means nothing bad is happening! I am sitting here drinking coffee while Jagger is watching his morning cartoons! He is so into it, he is just zoned out!! makes me laugh! Must be a good cartoon! ;)
We had a good weekend! We went to Dyersburg on Saturday to spend some time with our good friends, Waylon and Stephne. We love going there because our kids play so good together! Matthew and I both love it because we get to have adult conversation while Jagger is being entertained!!
Sunday, we didn't do anything! We are trying to switch out our summer clothes! I love our house but our closet space is limited! We have to put our clothes we are not wearing in the attic! It is a pain! but this time I realized I need clothes! Last year, I gave so much away that now I have nothing to wear! I have been looking but nothing catches my eye! I was in T.J Maxx the other day and tried on about 10 things and NOT ONE looked good! So now I am on a search to find summer clothes for myself!

On, one of the blogs that I read, she was talking about what she eats! I always find this interesting because I want to know what everyone eats! I am a food LOVER so this one is good for me! I tend to get in a "food rut"...I get burned out on certain foods fast!
Here are some of the snacks we love:
This stuff is AMAZING!!!!!!

eat these with the hummus!!!!

Matthew and Jagger love these!!!

Put this on a piece of toast!! Yummy!!! yummy! Yummy!!!  you will want to eat it out of jar!

Jagger snack!

these are amazing!! Love them!!! they are spicy and yummy!

these things are so good! great alternative to chips!
We also like fruit and fruit dip, yogurt, and I drink coffee sometimes for my snack!!! hahah...What are your favorite snacks?

Hope everyone is having a blessed day!!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Ugly Monster - part 2!

well, I am back! I have had a fantastic day so far! I spent this morning with my mother-in-law and Jagger! We had a great time! I am blessed to have good family in my life!

So, I want to contine this talk about depression/anxiety/worry! I really want to talk about several things that I have worried about in the past!! and when I say past, I mean past! I am so happy to say that these are things that I have overcome!
1. The Second Coming/End of the World- I would sit and have severe anxiety over this!! I mean seriously, as I look back, I am thinking -look at all the time I wasted over something that is completely out of my control!!! As I have grown stronger in my faith, I have come to realize that I was scared of the un-known. I am very confident in my salvation and I know that when I die or Jesus comes to get us, I am going to a WONDERFUL place! Also, I faced my fear and did the Beth Moore Revelation study! This is a huge step for me because use to in church or even being around people talking about this, I would immediately start sweating, and get sick to my stomach! The "monster" was trying to get in! I actually went back and forth on this study- one minute I wanted to do it and then for a few days I would say "nope" I am not doing it! But God just kept telling me, "yes, you are doing this"! Oh my gosh- it was so worth it! I have a completely different outlook on this subject! I am not scared of it! I know what is coming and am excited that I will be in a better place with no worries!
2. This one is embarrassing- Gas Prices- I would get myself so worked up over gas prices!!! Yes, gas prices! It is so dumb when I think about it! I mean seriously, what is my worrying about that going to do! Just makes my situation worse! Still have to pay for the gas, why not be thankful God has given me the money to pay for it!
3. Money- I would get so worked up over money and how we were going to pay for things! I mean yes, we have control over what we spend but I had to learn to relax and know that we are ok! Just because I can't go out on a big shopping spree does not mean it's over! We have just had to learn what our priorities are and what we truly can and can't afford!
4. Natural disasters- Ok, so this one is about as dumb as gas prices! (I am glad that I am writing this because it is making me aware of how retarded it is) I mean how can I worry about this! I really have no control over this! yes, I do not want a tornado to come and blow my house down, but if it does, life will go on! I can not sit around and spend my life worrying about things that are COMPLETELY out of my control! It is what it is! You deal with things how you can and move on!
5. war, what people thought about me, illness, and many other things!!!

I did not write these two posts on depression to make people feel sorry for me! I didn't write them to put my business out there. I wrote them because I know there are so many other people out there going through the same thing, and I just want them to know they are not alone! It is amazing to me how many people are going through this on a daily basis! I am one that went through it, got help and now am enjoying life! yes, I do have days that get me down, but I know how to recognize what I am feeling and fix it quick! I have learned to keep my scriptures on worry with me! There are some days that I have to repeat Matthew 6:25 and Philippians 4:6-7 over and over just to make it through the day! God did not put me on this earth to waste it away worrying and being depressed! God put me here to enjoy it to the fullest and that I what I am learning to do!!!!!
Hope everyone is having a fantastic WINDY day!!!!

Depression- A Very Ugly Monster!

well, I didn't really expect to talk about this so fast but I have gotten more text messages and emails about the post about depression/anxiety..and I didn't even write that much about it! I feel God is wanting me to do this so bear with me. This is a tough subject for me. I may even have to do two parts because there is so much I want to say!
Depression is very real and it is a "monster" that lots of people face! Depression is a battle,  it is a tough one, and you have to fight it! Now that I have been dealing with this for awhile, I step back and it is easy to see how depression/anxiety and worry can develop in people so fast! I mean look at the world we live in- we are faced with pressures every day to drive certain cars, look a certain way, wear designer clothes. Gas prices are insane. Everything is expensive. We have busy lives. All we hear about is war and all the bad things going on. Some of these things are things we can control and some are ones we can not.
I finally hit "rock bottom" about a year ago. For along time I was in denial about the things that were going on inside of me. I would sit in the bathroom for hours and cry, but yet I thought I was just having a bad day. I would take one of those depression tests at the doctor and answer yes to all but 2 of them (I think if you answer yes to more than 5 then you have the signs), but I would still say that I wasn't depressed! The crazy thing is that yes, I would smile and yes, I did laugh but it didn't happen often! I am not quite sure when all this started for me but I think it goes back a long way! I have always carried the characteristics of anxiety/worry! thanks Mom! My mom has always been a worrier!
I remember being younger and something would happen and I would just have these feelings on the inside that I can not explain. It is actually very sad to me now to know that this was happening to me! Now don't get me wrong, I was and always have been a happy person. Growing up, I lived in a happy home with parents who loved me.
One of the first times that I had a "spell" (this is the term I am going to use for getting really down, having anxious feeling/worry) was when I was in my first year out of high school! First, I did not grow up in a home where we went to church. I know this is something mom and I have talked about now and she regrets it. She did teach me things about the bible so I knew some. I did go with other kids to church and would go to VBS..where I got saved! So there is some background.....anyways, back to what I was saying, I was sitting in my room one night and flipping through the channels I came across some show about 2012: The end of the world! My mind immediately started going. What??? End of the World? what is this show talking about.. I have never heard anything about this....How can this world end, it is so wonderful? I love my life? blah blah blah! The thoughts never quit...This is when I also learned about The Second Coming! This is embarrassing now, but for 3 or 4 days I sat around and cried. I was scared. I had no clue what any of this meant! Well, after that I got over it....and time went on. A few years pasted, and then while at college, Hurricane Katrina happened. Boom! Gas prices sky rocketed,lots of tragedy, and  people were talking about Jesus coming back! Well, my anxiety came back! I didn't even want to leave the house! After this "spell", I think this is when things really started getting me! I would worry about everything. Mostly things I could not control! The news was getting the best of me ( I do not watch the news now because it is crap! and even if I have it on for 5 minutes it brings me down)! I would go in the bathroom, shut the door and cry! Like the bathroom is going to save me!!! hahah ;) So, time went on again, I got better! Life got better! nothing crazy was happening, I got a wonderful job where I could buy tons of shoes! Thank you Aldo! and I met an amazing man, who is now my husband! Before we got married, there were days I could feel the monster trying to get me! It was this ugly, sad feeling that would try and take over! I didn't know where to turn! After Matthew and I got married, and I moved to Kennett that is when things turn for the worse! Sorry, Kennett nothing against you! ;) I was in a new place, I didn't know anyone, had no job, pregnant, so many new things. I didn't know how to handle and then on top of that gas was almost $4 a gallon! I sit here and cry thinking about the way that I felt....I hate that I had to worry and stress about things, and I hate for Matthew that for the first part of our marriage I was such a mess!  It is such a sad thing. Its just a feeling that can't be described. After, I had Jagger the "spells" got worse. All I wanted to do was sleep and cry. I was absolutely miserable and had no where to turn! Matthew and I finally got with our pastor to talk about some things and my problem got brought up! He told me that what I was going through was not normal and that it was ok to get help! Well, I was still in denial! I did not want to face this and say that I was dealing with depression! A year went by- I had good days and LOTS of bad days! My marriage was going down the drain, and I was sick all the time. Finally, I got so sick I had to see a doctor! While at his office, I finally decided to face this "monster". Once I got the first word out , it all came flowing out. I sobbed to him for over an hour! He looked at me and said, "Megan, you are dealing with depression". Wow! Ok, I knew this but to really face it was hard! He told me there are 6 major things that can cause major stress which can lead to  depression: moving, getting married, having a baby, being in jail, loosing a parent, and loosing a job! Well, I had 5 of them! I moved to kennett, got married, had Jagger, didn't really loose a parent but it felt like I did because I am so close to mom and dad, and then I went from having a job since I was 14 to stay at home! After this visit, I came out feeling like a new person! I think just being aware of it helped so much! This is something so many people deal with but it is just being aware and knowing how to handle it! I have come SO far since that visit! I feel like Megan again! I feel that I can face a day and be happy! I know that God put me on this Earth to be happy and not sad! I feel that it breaks God's heart to see people go through depression. This is not what he wants for us! He put me here to enjoy life, and that is what I am determined to do! I am going to end this for now...I will be back to do another part!
Please keep this post in your prayers!
Have a blessed day!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

What are you reading???

So this is the first time I am going to link up to another blog! One of my favorite blogs is Kelly's Korner! She is a stay-at-home mom! She is so sweet! Today on her blog she is talking about what you are reading! I love to read! I get lost in books! It is bad sometime! If it is a book I am enjoying, I will walk around everywhere with it in my hand! I have even gone in the bathroom and turned the vent on so I could read! I got a kindle at Christmas and I have for sure gotten my use out of it already! I have read so many books since then! Right now I am reading The Left Behind Series.

 I am on the 5th book right now! They are amazing! I have always been scared of these type of books but just finishing the Revelation bible study has helped me alot! I can't say enough how awesome these books are! Warning- once you start, you will not be able to put them down! And there is 14 on them!!!! Yes, 14!!! thats alot, but they are worth it!
If you are wanting a great easy read, I just got finished reading a series called The Potluck Club! They are so good. These books are so funny! It is about a group of Christian women who start a secret club! These women get together, eat and pray! The praying usually ends up as gossiping! These women  go through challenges and struggles that we all go through, so it was nice to see how they handled problems! These books are so true to everyday life!
There are 6 in the series and they are so worth it!!!

What are you reading??
Hope your having a fantastic day!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Green Tractor!!!

Green Tractor! :) this is what is on my sweet Jagger's mind about 90% of the time!! This boy loves "green tractors".....Tractor this..and tractor that! I swear the boy wakes up talking about tractors!
How many tractors does a boy need?

We love all of our john deere sippys!!

Gotta have a tractor backpack!

And he needs his own tractor of course! ;)

all of this still does not include the tractor dvds, pjs, t-shirts, boots, and books! This is obssession/love/collection!  We see green at our house! ok, so all of this is so I could show you something so precious that Jagger got! Many of you know I have a bestie named Jennifer! She is amazing! and her mother is also amazing! I have said this several times but I will say it again, I am lucky to have them in my life! Well, Jennifers mom got Jagger this......

I love this thing so much, I had to share it with everyone!!!!! and explain Jaggers obssession! It is perfect for him!

Ok, so tonight was also bible study! It was amazing! Tonight we talked about worrying! This really hit home with me! Many of you don't know but I have been dealing with this issue for awhile. It is not something that I am happy to talk about, but I have dealt with anxiety, worry, and depression for sometime. It finally got so bad I had to get professional help! This is another post one day! ;) I finally had to make a choice and let God take care of this! Our new challenge is to have a "worry box". This is a small box that you use to put your worries in! I am happy to say that mine will not have many it ! I will use it though! My two fav verses about worry!
Philippians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about ANYTHING, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Matthew 6:25  Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink: or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?

Hope everyone has a blessed night!


What a beautiful day!!!! I feel so blessed! Yes, I have had a rough week but I know that God has been beside me the whole time! It is so awesome to see how God works! As you all know our air has been out, but  it has not been hot in our house at all and the weather has turned out nice so we haven't need air! Last night, as I was praying I ask God to please let Jagger sleep better and give me time in the morning to study his word (Jagger has been waking up right in the middle of my study time and I have not been able to finish it) ....well this morning...I got to finish all 3 studies to catch me up! God is working for me! I just have to step back and look!

So, last night I walked into my kitchen and I was shocked!! I completely forgot to put something very important on my collection list!!! MY COOKBOOKS!!! I LOVE MY COOKBOOKS!!! I have tons! I don't have favorites. I love them all! If you ever want to get rid of your cookbooks let me know, I will take them off your hands!!!

Today is going to be a non-eventful day for us! I think we are going to play outside! I got all the laundry done yesterday so there is not much left to do! Last night, we had to get all of our summer clothes out of the attic ( I hate doing this- I will be glad when we have BIG closets!) I have got to get busy finding clothes for Jagger. He has 4 short sleeve shirts! This warm weather came so fast I was not prepared! Ebay here I come! ;)
I need to get off here! Jagger is needing me! ;) Can't wait for bible study tonight! Its going to be great! Hope everyone is having a blessed day!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


so, today has been stressful but I am surviving! Matthew came home from work throwing up, fever, and all that junk! jagger is still scratching and uncomfortable! I am tired from having to get up every couple of hours to give medicine, and we still have no air!! but I know we are going to make it out of this "storm"! We will probably look back and laugh about all this! ;) On a happy note, I am going to talk about obsessions! Some people call it obsessions, others call it a fetish! I even call it favorites, or collections! I have several and they are so random!!!!!!! I love hearing about what other people love!
Ok, here we go......don't make fun ;)

1. coffee creamers!!!! I love creamer....I have six in my house right!!! I am weird but I can't help it!

I stress everyday because I can't decide which to use!
2. coffee mugs! I have so many that Matthew gives me the "look" when I bring home another! I just can not contain myself! Its strange because even though I buy them, I still have my favorites! The mood I am in that day usually determines what mug I use ;)

This is not even half of them..these are just a few I use on a daily basis! I think we have about 30 mugs!!! hahah
3. napkins...this one is almost embarrassing! I LOVE decorative paper napkins! Seriously don't make fun! I can't get enough! I keep them stock-piled! Matthew really thinks this is weird! I have napkin holders so I feel like I need cute napkins to keep out!


Current Napkin holder!!! Love this!

yes, I even keep them in the bathroom!!! ;)

4. stationary! and this is not just paper.....this includes cards, wrapping paper and gift bags! I have so much of this stuff its insane!!!! I love being able to have cool stuff to put together a gift, and I always keep cards on hand because you never know! I could not take pictures because it would take me forever to get it all out!!!!

Glad I could share this all with you!!! Hope you don't think I am strange! ;) Tell me your obessions/fetishes/collections/loves/favorites!!!!
Hope you have a blessed night!

Monday, April 11, 2011


I'm sorry I haven't been on here in a few days but it has been madness! Good madness!- until today and that is when it hit! First, I have to tell everyone that our air when out in our house! I have been super bummed about it because it's not like it is a cheap thing to replace! I have been sick about having to come up with the money and I am still not quite sure how we are going to do it but I have to just put that in God's hands! I don't want to spend the time worrying about it because I know it will work out!
So we have the air thing going on...and then last week Jagger started scratching a lot! I noticed him scratching his head- Last weekend he got sunburned on his head, so I thought it was just dry skin and it was peeling- well it kept getting worse. he was scratching so bad we were laughing about it saying he had fleas (yes we were being mean...poor baby) the scratching got so bad he was crying himself to sleep...i knew something was wrong! It then spread to his body...he looked like he got attacked by a cat...his scratches were so bad he was bleeding...So I knew it was time for doctor! We got an appointment for the doctor today, and on our way there, I was thinking it would be something simple, a reaction, allergies, anything!! We would be out of there and back home in no time!!! BOY, WAS I WRONG!!! We get in the room, and doctor tells us he has scabies!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, scabies. I immediately freak out! I mean come on???? I am a clean freak, and I give my child a bath everyday sometimes twice a can he have scabies! So for those of you who do not know what they are..they are a parasite that gets in under the skin. it lays eggs and it is very itchy...we have no clue where he got them...but I am sick about it! It is not something we just come home and treat! He is on steriods, a skin treatment, very strong benadryl, and special shampoo. I  am having to clean couches, put all pillows and blankets in bags and let them sit for 2 weeks, clean ALL the clothes in hot water! It just really stressess me out! We need all the prayers we can get! I went and picked up his prescriptions and it was $155 for all the medicines! Seriously???? I about had a stroke at the pharmacy!
When we got home from the doctor, I had a mini meltdown. I think I was feeling sorry for myself. We are having to deal with air and then this! After a few minutes, I pulled myself together and began to tell myself that being upset is not going to fix any of it! My bible study today popped in my head, it was about keeping a positive attitude in any situation. I thought, either I can cry and stress, or I can trust God is going to take care of us and be in a good mood! I chose the good mood! I think this was a test for me, and it was to see if I would let all this get the best of me!! but I will not let it!! and I know it could always be worse!
My bible study gave me a 24 hour from negative attitude! I am excited to take on this challenge! Anyone else want to do it with me???? The study says that if anything negative comes into your mind say this verse.. Proverbs 16:24 Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the sould and healing to the bones.!!!!!
Again....please keep us in your prayers!!!
Hope you all have a blessed night!

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Yesterday!

I am sitting here enjoying my wonderful 2nd cup of coffee ;)! I have had a great morning! this morning I got up and had my special time with God! It makes me feel so good to know I have the freedom to get up and spend time with him! We started our bible study last night- The Frazzled Female -and it was amazing! We have a great group! Last nights discussion was about making time for God! We talked about how important it is to make time for God and how life changing it will be! Yes, we are all busy but we have to make sacrifices and make time for that intimate relationship with him!! Trust me- its worth every second of it!
I look back at yesterday and yes I was busy but I wasn't stressed. I have, for almost a year now, had an intimate relationship with Christ and I can tell my stress level has gone to about zero!!! Yes, there are days I am "frazzled" but it does not get to me like it use to! I got up yesterday morning and got my list ready for the day! I had alot of cleaning to do and other stuff! Jennifer came over and helped me get things done! What an amazing friend! I am blessed to have her in my life!
We ran all my errands and had a blast! We had the two kiddos in the back seat keeping us entertained!
hahaha!! they are so funny!!! all the stuff you see was stuff i took to helping hands! ;)
After we ran all the errands, Jenn and Nolen had to leave! Jagger was so sad his "friend" had to leave! Jagger and I worked in the garden! yes, I have a garden! I hope this year does better last year!

my garden!!!
Jagger and I planted our radishes and onion yesterday! My grandmother tells me what I need to plant and when to plant it! Thank you grandma! Its funny because Jagger thinks it is his sandbox! but I am hoping this is something he will enjoy helping me with!

OK so I have to tell all of you that I have a horrible back! I have the back of a 90 year old! Matthew laughs at me because I complain about my back all the time! seriously I really have back pain alot and it comes from wearing 4 inch heels for 12 hour days on concrete! ( thank you Aldo)! It also does not help that I have a 2 year old...i think the strollers, diaperbag, car seat and all that did not help! Oh yeah, and I had two car wrecks when I was younger that really messed me up too! So as you can tell, my back has not really had the proper care it needs ;) so anyways I have found something that does help! It is called biofreeze!! It is amazing!
my new best friend!
If you live in Kennett and you want some, call Deana Rogers! She can get you some! It is $10 for this tube! So anyways, last night after the study was over and we got ready for bed, my back was hurting so bad!!! Matthew was very sweet and put this biofreeze on my back and within 30 minutes I felt better! If you have back pain, you need to get some of this!!! you wont be sorry! ;)

Today, we are headed back to my grandma's to visit! my cousin is leaving tomorrow so I want to spend as much time with her as possible!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Matthew 6:33  Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I am so excited! Today is our Faithful Friends bible study!! and its at my house! Matthew is concerned where everyone is going to sit but I told him I hope we had so many we had to stand up! As soon as I get done with this I am going to start cleaning! My house typically stays clean- thanks OCD! ;) but I need to vaccum and do that kind of stuff! nothing exciting!

So, as you all know I am an Ebay fanatic!! well here is my most recent purchase!! I was so excited!
I did so good!! I got 7 tees, 4 shorts, and 2 jammies!!! They are all from Gap and in perfect condition! and the best part I spent 25 dollars!!!! YAY for me!!! This is why I love Ebay! ;)
There is not much else going on with The Cohn family! Tomorrow I will be driving back to my grandmas to visit with my cousin and her girls! I have enjoyed spending time with them and it makes me sad they are having to go back home Saturday morning! I have loved spending time with my Grandma! She is so wonderful and I love her so much it hurts! I wish that I could be with her everyday! I get emotional every time I have to leave her because  she is getting older and I never know when something might happen! I try not to think about it because it gets me all sad!

I can not stop thinking about my bestie and her new sweet baby girl! I miss them already too! I talk to Amy yesterday and she sounded great! She got out of bed and was sitting in a chair! She said that they did not get any sleep! Thats no fun, but I know how she feels and we all know it won't get any better! I am so proud of Amy! She is going to be a great mom! The minute I saw that sweet baby in the nursery I teared up! God is so amazing!
Yay! Welcome to the world Amaya!
Well I better get off here! I am starting to ramble! ;) I need to get busy and clean! Pray that the bible study goes well and I get all my chores done!!!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
John 8:12  I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of the life!   Love this! ;)