Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm Loving that this weekend we get to celebrate 4th of July! I love the 4th! I enjoy the fireworks but the FOOD is always amazing! ;)

I'm Loving that tomorrow I am going to be cooking one of my favorite meals! Red Beans and Rice! Cajun food is so yummy! I already have the beans soaking! I can't wait!!!!!! YUMMO!!

I'm Loving my flowers that Matthew got for anniversary!

I'm Loving that there is a new movie coming about THE SMURFS!!! YAY!!

I'm Loving that today Jagger and I had so much fun! We went swimming, just the two of us! We laughed the whole time...then we went to the store...and then came home, cuddled and watched the Jetsons!!! I love days like this!

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Hope everyone had a blessed Wednesday!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Day In My Life!

So one of the blogs that I read daily, Kelly's Korner, did a post on what she did during her day! I thought it was so cute! Well...Here goes...(sorry my life is probably pretty boring compared to most!)

7:00am- Not normally when I wake up, but this morning we woke up to green skies! Matthew was getting ready for work and told me I might want to get up just in case! About 7:15 I finally roll out of bed, and make my first stop- bathroom! I always have to use the bathroom first thing!!! After my morning bathroom stop I make my way into the kitchen to get my coffee started! As I am making coffee, I am staring at the back door in amazement at the sky! It was so yucky looking! It just had that eerie look to it! The wind was blowing so hard! and since we do not have an awning it got me worried! Stuff was blowing around like crazy!
8:00- Once I get Matt gone for work, I finally get to enjoy my cup of coffee and my morning bible study time! This is my favorite time of the morning!

 No phone, no tv, no Jagger, no husband, nothing but me and God! This morning I sat at the table to do my study so that I could watch the weather! and I had to keep my phone on because we have no TV so my phone is the only way people can let me know about the weather! My study was so good this morning....I really enjoyed it! Coffee, God, and a thunderstorm! Awesome morning!
9:00- Jagger was still asleep so I got some laundry started. It was still storming outside so I decided to go lay down in bed with Jagger and read my book! It was the perfect morning!
9:45- Jagger finally wakes up! He is a sleepy head! He normally doesn't not sleep this late but he did not sleep good last night, so I just let him sleep! He woke up in the best mood! We always lay in bed when he first wakes up and just talk! He loves for me to sing songs to him- Jesus loves me, 3 Little Monkies, This Little Light of Mine, Old McDonald! We also called Grandma Betty to see if she would pick us up at Wal-Mart because I needed to drop my car off for an oil change! We decided to meet at 11:15!
10:30- started getting ready! getting ready today consisted of throwing on some athletic shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops! My hair was curly so I just added alittle more junk to it to revive the curls! I didn't feel like make-up today- just used a little bronzer! After getting myself ready, it is time to Jagger ready! He is super easy! Just put him in some shorts, t-shirt, and sandals, then throw a hat on his head and he is good to go!
11:15- dropped car off at Wal-Mart to get oil change! I think the girl thought I was stupid because I didn't know what kind of oil to put in it! I thought they were suppose to know that???? After dropping, my car off we headed to Grandma Betty's to hang out for awhile! I am glad we got to go over there because the kids are leaving to go back home tomorrow! Jagger is really going to miss them! He has enjoyed having cousins to play with!
11:45- Lunch!! Madness- but we survived! My lunch consisted of a lean pocket and sweet tea! Jagger had fruit loops and chicken nuggets! Strange huh? but hey..if he will eat it I am happy! ;)  We stayed over at Betty's most of the day! The kids played the whole time! I read alittle in my book then helped keep them entertained!
3:30pm- Went to pick my car up! After we picked my car up, Chloe wanted to go home with me and Jagger so she could play! I was so happy because I knew this would be the perfect opportunity for me to get one of my favorite things in the world done........

LAUNDRY!! Blah...yes that was sarcastic! In our house, I swear, when I get all the laundry done it triples!!! I have to do it everyday to keep caught up! but anyways, I was super happy that I got it all folded and put away! Chloe was super awesome playing with Jagger and keeping him entertained!

4:30- Matthew got home from work!!! Jagger loves to see his daddy come in the door from work!
5:00- Went to Grandma Betty's to eat supper and swim! We had a yummy supper of chicken, baked potatoes, and several sides (Grandma Betty always makes alot of everyone has something they like)! After we ate, time to swim! We swam for several hours! The kids had a blast! It was so fun!
8:30- Headed home! Jagger was exhausted! He played so hard today!
9:30- Jagger watched cartoon, while I did eliptical, and Matthew went for a run!
10:30- took a super long shower!
11:00- picked up house- and sit down with Matthew while he was watching a movie! and now here I am! ;)
Now- Time for bed!!!!
Hope everyone had a blessed day!

Monday, June 27, 2011

With This Ring, I Thee Wed!

3 years ago today I became Mrs. Cohn! It was an awesome day! One of the most stress free days of my life! We got married on Ft. Walton Beach in Florida! We did not want a big wedding so it was just family! We played on the beach all day until about 4..then we all went and got ready! The company we used told us to just show up with the rings! They would do all the rest! At 6 it was time to stand before God and our loved ones to say those precious vows! For better or worse, richer, poorer, in sickness and in health! It was one of the most amazing days of my life!
I love my daddy!
We got to put sand in a glass bottle!
Wedding party!
Me and Dan!
Love this!!! Acting silly!
With this picture we were on the J.Crew website for about 2 years!

This has been the best 3 years of my life! I am not saying it has been easy! Marriage is nothing but easy but through every little low time, Matthew and I become that much stronger and closer! I can't wait to see what God has in store for us for the many years to come! 
Matthew, Thanks for being the best huband ever, the best daddy a baby boy could ask for, and the best friend I could ever ask for! I am so happy that God allowed me to be your wife! I love you to the moon and back! Happy Anniversary!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I can't sleep! I hate the nights that I just lay and stare at the ceiling listening to Matt and Jagger snore :)! Tonight is one of those nights! My brain has been racing! Today at church really got me stirred up! It really tested me and got my brain thinking. I have also felt  that God has wanted me to share what was discussed but I admit I really didn't want to. All day I have been having a mental argument with God! Is that weird or do you do that? Finally, tonight he tore me down! I had a huge come to Jesus meeting with myself! I will tell you that I am very secure in my faith! This is something that I am very proud of but I do feel it is something that needs TLC everyday or it is very easy to let it slip, and then you come to find out that you are just playing the part!
So, anyways it all started with Sunday School! Rodney was teaching on the 3rd chapter of Radical~ Seriously if you have not read the need to! but small warning, it will shake you up! He started in on how we get so caught up in the "American Dream" and how the American Dream is all about what we can do for ourselves and how WE can improve our jobs, house, life, etc...but in the American Dream we have forgotten about God!!! We tend to get so caught up in what we can do but if we would step back and let our Heavenly Father take care of it is going to end up 10 times better than how we ever could have done it! I have also learned recently that our God is a jealous God! He wants to be number 1! This one is tough for me (This is hard for me to admit) but I love Jagger, Matthew and my family very much and it is tough to think that God has to be before them!! In the book Radical, the writer even asks if God wanted you to turn away from your family for him, would you?? Wow!
Rodney then goes on to say that if we would just stop trying to fix things and do things for ourselves we would be amazed! and that we have to be sure to love God and make sure that he is first!! after an amazing Sunday School..its time for "big church" (not sure why we call it that but I have called it that my whole life)! The message today was cool because it tied into our Sunday School! Preacher started in with Matthew 24 and the parable of the servants! I really enjoyed this because it was something new to me but the whole reason behind the parable is to show that these servants are ultimately judged by their fruits which were done because of their faith to their master!Preacher explained how our actions are louder than our words! We can sit around and say we are Christians all day everyday but if their are no changes in our lives, or fruits bearing then we are going against the bible! Rodney explained that if we love Jesus and have the faith that we should, then bearing fruit and doing good things will just come naturally because Jesus has come and is residing in us! I love that!  Preacher also asked to look at our lives since accepting Christ and ask yourself several questions...Do you lie? Do you take things from work (office supplies)? Do you get jealous? Are you easy to anger? Do you have attitude? How do you treat others?  Do you gossip? Are you wrapped up in earthly/material things?  If nothing has changed then we should go back and look at our relationship with Christ! All this went together because Rodney also said that when we accept Christ as our Savior there will be change! there is no way you can accept Christ and not have change! I feel this is completely true! I have noticed that things that use to not bother me now really get to me...... Movies ( I can't stand trashy movies), Bad language, Music, ...
Tonight as I spilled it all out to God and really had a heart to heart with him..He pointed out things to me that had to change....It is tough to see things we I am not out doing bad things but sometimes the "flesh" takes over...quick to anger...I let myself get selfish over things....worry......these are my battles!
So....the point in all this to is just to say...don't forget how precious your relationship with Christ is! Don't get wrapped up in earthly things because none of that matters!  What are your actions saying? What fruit are you bearing? Give God the praise and glory for everything- He loves this...It makes him very happy!
I hope that I did not offend anyone with this! I am not pointing fingers and I am not trying to preach ...if anything this is all for for me!! This is what hit at home with me and I just wanted to share it! This is the stuff that got my mind thinking all day!
I love all my readers and pray for all of you!
Have a blessed night! - I am finally tired...hopefully I can fall asleep since I got this off my mind :)

Great Weekend!

Warning- This is going to be a long post! Several pictures and lots of words! So if you are not up for that now is a good time to stop and continue on with what you are doing! But I hope you will stay and read! I hope I don't bore you too death!!!!
Friday- Jagger and I did not do much on Friday! I worked on my schooling so that was a plus! and we got to pick up the eliptical that night! I was so would have thought it was Christmas at The Cohn house! Once we got Jagger asleep, Matthew and I decided to watch a movie and I did elipitcal! I did 20 minutes got off and ate a brownie! Then I decided I would do 20 more minutes! Yes....I had a brownie during my rest! I mean come on....who can resist a warm brownie?? Not me!!! ;) and plus I feel like I just canceled it out with my last 20 minutes, so its almost like I didn't eat it! Matthew was making fun of me while he was laying on the couch! At least I was doing something!

Saturday- got up early so we could "celebrate" our anniversary! Matt's mom said she would Jagger for the whole day so we could spend the day together! My mother-in-law had told us earlier in the week that she wanted to take Jagger to the movie theater to see Cars 2! be honest my first reaction was ....ok..glad you are the one going! Because Jagger does not sit still!!! so anyways...he had been talking about going to the movie, eating popcorn, and getting a soda(that is what he calls it) all week! They came and picked up Jagger about 9:30 that morning and the first word out of his mouth when he woke up was Movies!! He was so happy to go with Gigi...he actually was walking to her car telling Mommy and Daddy to stay home! ;) It was cute! So anyways, Matthew and I got gone without anxiety of worrying about Jagger being upset! So we headed to town...we decided we would spend all day just shopping and have no plans! Just go into any store we wanted to and look at everything! If you are a parent then you know that shopping and getting to look does not happen very often! Actually ......never!!! so we were so excited for this day! We went into so many stores and tried on clothes...we had a blast! We ate lunch with some of our good friends that we haven't seen in awhile! After lunch we did more shopping! We really didn't buy much but it was just fun getting to spend time with each other!

Oh...did get one thing that I LOVE...I have had my heart set on it for months!! I think since around christmas but the store has been sold out of them and finally we walked in the store and they had it!! I screamed out loud! ;) I grabbed it and ran to the cash register!

I love peacocks! so this is perfect!
I also got to eat Sushi twice in one day so I was one happy girl!! I thank God everyday for putting Matthew in my life and I am happy that we got a chance to enjoy each other! I think sometimes we get wrapped up in being parents and we forget how important it is to spend time with each other!
Sunday- Wow!! Today has been busy! It has been an amazing day! Church was awesome! The message today really touched me! I love days like these! I actually have tears in my eyes thinking about it! Sunday school was a great discussion also! We are going through the Radical book and it is such an eye opener...One thing that really stuck with me is do your actions show that you are a Christian!? Preacher was talking about how our actions speak louder than words. We can say that we are Christians all day long but do our actions/fruits go along with that? really makes you think!
After lunch, we came home to get started on our list of things!! Matthew and I have been wanting new patio furniture but we have been shocked at how expensive it is!!! It is unreal! So instead, I decided to work on what we have! I thought we could paint it and get some cute cushions! Here is the result.....
Started out being white!! and I found this cute paint at Lowes!

Finished! I thought it turned out cute for $3 spray paint and $12 cushions!
So anyways, I worked on this little project today while Jagger swam in his pool! and .....Ok, so you know how I always pick on my husband because he is always wanting to work on our house..If I turn my back for two seconds then he will rip something down!! I swear it never ends! Well this is what happened at our house today...
Yes...our awning is gone!!! He took it off! He decided it needs to be replaced! so now we have no awning! I will keep you updated on how it gets replaced! and I am hoping it happens within a few days or Mommy will not be happy! ;)
Jagger had a great day helping us with everything! He is so sweet...oh and by the way, Gigi said he did great at the movie! He loved it!

I love my life and know God has blessed me in everway! I can never thank him enough for everything!
Hope everyone had a blessed weekend!

Friday, June 24, 2011


I am still here! I don't know what my problem has been this week...Well..yes I do, we have been so busy and I have really put my blog on the back burner! I have been super busy with my Real Estate class! It is tough!!! so I am having to focus and put alot of time into it! I never knew real estate would be so in-depth and hard! The laws are what is hard! but I know God gave me this opportunity and nothing good comes without a challenge!
We have been going swimming everyday! Jagger loves to swim and it is a good way to get him outside, and I get to work on my tan! It is a win-win situation! So yesterday, we went and swam for awhile then came home and watched the cutest movie!!! Disney's The Princess and The Frog!
It is super cute! It is set in New Orleans, so I loved getting to see that come out in the movie! All the yummy food! While we watched the movie, I worked on real estate! When Matthew got home, it was time to work in the yard! Our yard has been horrible! I told Matthew people are going to wonder if we were living here or not!! :) 
I also got to treat myself last night to an amazing MASSAGE from Mrs. Deana!! She is awesome! I have had tons of massages and she is the best! My knees were glad to have a visit with her too! I recommend a massage to anyone and everyone! If you have never had are missing out!! Go get one..its the best treat for yourself!
After my massage, we continued to work on the yard and we grilled Hamburgers! They were so yummy! I love the smell of the grill! Once we got done with supper it was time to just relax! We really did not do much after that! Jagger and Matthew played with tractors and I did school! -A very uneventful night!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm Loving that Jennifer is the proud owner of a wax kit!!!

and yes today Jennifer waxed my eyebrows!! I was her practice and she did AMAZING!!! We had a ton of fun and I think she was shocked at how much I trusted her...I just told her to make sure she left a little eye brow and we would be ok!!! Thank you "fer"!
I'm Loving that I am now a super excited owner of an eliptical!! YAY!! I have wanted one of these forever and we finally have one! My knees are really struggling! Tonight was bad...we tried walking around the block but I thought my knee was going to give after one lap and then I cried because it was hurting so bad! It makes me so sad and I hope they get better!!!

I'm Loving this New Covergirl Natureluxe balm! It is so awesome! I do not like lipstick and I do not gloss! I hate stuff that is dry on my lips and stuff that is too glossy! This is just colored lip balm! Its awesome! I had been eyeing it for awhile and now I am so glad that I picked it up at Target!
I'm Loving A Mothers Hope by Francine Rivers! Francine, Your books are amazing! I love them!

I'm Loving Walk The Line...This is one of my favorite movies ever!!! I could watch it over and over...Oh wait I have! :)

I'm Loving my Father in Heaven who watches over and provides for me everyday!

I'm Loving this little boy!!!

and of course my wonderful husband!!! I love them both to the moon and back!!!
Please pray that my knees get better!
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Hope everyone had a blessed Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today has been a busy day for The Cohn family! We have been going non-stop all day and I am ready to get to bed! Matt did not go to work today because I had a yearly female doctor visit and he went with me to help with Jagger! This morning we got up and got ready to head to doctor. My doctor is about an hour away so we decided we would just make a day of it and do some shopping also! We got to town and got some Chick Fil-A for lunch!!! yummo! Jagger always eats all of his food when we go there! He loves it! After we ate we headed over to the mall to do some quick shopping before my appointment! While I was in JC Penneys, Matthew and Jagger went to do their own thing! They are not really into the shopping thing! The only bad thing was that Matt had put his phone in my purse so when I was trying to find them I had no way of getting ahold of them! I just happen to look up and they were on the train!!!!! They both were sticking their head out the door yelling and waving at was precious!! Once they got off the train, I found out that they had been in the toy store and bought all kinds of stuff! Ummmm.. No wonder Jagger likes for Daddy to go shopping with us! I still needed to run in Target, so they decided to play in the playplace! I tried to hurry through Target! Hurry??? Yeah right? Who can hurry through Target? I just get super distracted! I found some really cute stuff today! and all of it was on clearance- makes it even better! So after Target, it was time for the dreaded part of the day- female doctor visit!! Boooo :( I had been praying and talking to God all day about this! If you know me then you know that I have had female problems in the past so going to the OBGYN is not my favorite thing! and its just not fun any way you look at it! We get to the doctor and everything went great! It was so good to see my doctor! She is amazing and she was so shocked at how big Jagger is! She was also giving me some good running tips! I am having major knee problems so I didn't run tonight and I think we are going to buy an Elipitcal! Several people have told me to be super careful with my knees and running because it can cause alot of damage! Any tips or suggestions would be great???? So anyways, after the doctor we went to the best place ever....TJ Maxx....I had to stop in because I had on the cutest shoes but they had rubbed blisters on my feet so they had to go..I thought I could find some in TJ Maxx but I found nothing! I was super bummed out! I went next door to Old Navy and I was glad I did...I found 4 shirts and a pair of shoes all for $40!! Yes..I was excited! When we got done at Old Navy, we went and ate supper with Matts dad, step-mom, and step-brother! They are so cool! We always have a blast with them! When we got done eating, we went and hung out at their house! They have a really nice back yard with a pool so we just relaxed and visited! The weather was really awesome and Jagger was having a blast chasing the dogs! We stayed there until it got dark and then we decided it would be wise to start home! Jagger fell asleep fast..he was exhausted!
It has been a long day and I am very ready to be in my bed!!
Hope everyone has had a blessed day!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

I have been blessed with a wonderful loving dad!!!! (Mom I need the pictures of me and dad)!!!

This is all I had on my computer!!! One day I will scan in old pictures of me and my dad! He is quite the catch and I am so happy he is my dad!
Happy Fathers Day! Love you daddy!
Hope everyone had a blessed day!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bad Moods!

I will not be writing much tonight because today at The Cohn house has not been the best! For some reason none of us have been on the same page today!??? Haven't quite figured it out but that is how it has been! Matthew had very little sleep last night because he was working Relay for Life and did not get home till around 3:30 this morning! When he does not get much sleep he is a bear! and the bad thing is he does not even know it! On days like this I try to just keep my mouth shut, which is super hard for me because I am very strong minded and always want to get in the last word! :) I is something I am really working on! I am getting better! So anyways, Matthew is cranky because lack of sleep...Jagger is cranky because he was just having a two year old tantrum throwing day and me...well I was going into the bathroom to take a breather about every 30 minutes! Today has just been a tough day! I think God was teaching me a lesson today!!! I am glad that today is almost over and we can start a new day! I hope that my family will be in better moods tomorrow!!
Hope everyone had a blessed day!

Friday, June 17, 2011


So we are finally home from our lake trip! Well...we got home this afternoon but I am just now getting a chance to sit down and write! We only stayed one night but with 3 little ones one night is plenty!! I was about to pull my hair out on the way home! I don't think we could have drove fast enough! ;) wasn't that bad! We did have a blast! Jagger loved it so much he didn't want to leave!
The trip consisted of walking down to the docks and looking for fish, catching baby frogs, lots of swimming, and eating tons of food!! (the best pizza ever! - Pizza Inn, all kinds of snacky foods, and of course you can't go to the lake without having smores!) It is really a very simply laid back trip! Nothing fancy, but we love it!
It is memories we will have forever!
Trying to stay entertained in the car even though every 5 minutes it was "when are we there", "how many more minutes"!

having fun playing!

sweet little cabin!

back porch! my favorite part!

going swimming!
More pictures coming tomorrow! Its late and I am tired! Hope everyone had a blessed day!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm Loving that tomorrow we are taking the kids to a cabin at the lake!! I know we will be tired but they will have a blast!

I'm Loving Mucinex DM and the Neti Pot (its strange but it works)!!

I'm Loving my prayers and quite time! These two things are so important to me!! Today required alot of both of these! ;)

I'm Loving that today we got to spend time with Jennifer and Nolen!! The boys had a blast at the pool!

I'm Loving that Jagger is learning to swim!!!! He is getting so good at going under!

My little fish!!!

I'm Loving Victoria's Secret! If you know me then you know that Victoria's Secret has been a part of my life for a long time! It has always been my favorite store!!! I have always gotten my clothes, shoes and unmentionables there!! and now that Semi-Annual is on that makes it even better! I actually ordered several things today, can't wait for them to come in!

My 21st birthday cake was a Victoria's Secret box with the ribbon on it! It was so cool! I will have to dig up a picture!

I'm Loving my sweet Jagger!!
Hope everyone had a blessed Wednesday!