Thursday, April 26, 2012

Great Time!

Last night, we got back from Bennie and Pop's! We had a really great time! We left on Monday, went by and picked up my Grandma Margie and then drove to mom and dads! I love going but the drive is so boring! I love having Grandma to talk to! Jagger slept most of the way this time, so it worked out nice! When we got there, dad was home! He doesn't work on Monday's so we got to spend some time with him! Jagger was so excited! He LOVES my dad! He just follows him around like a puppy and its just Poppa, Pop, Poppie the whole time! Jagger is constantly asking questions! I think dad enjoys having someone crave his attention! :) My dad had been telling us for some time that he had Jagger a 4wheeler! My dad is all into 4wheelers and motorcycles and thinks that Jagger has to have one! and not a battery powered one and REAL one! Last week, dad told Jagger that he had a 4wheeler for him and that when he came down they would get it out! Well....that is all I have heard about from Jagger! I was glad when we got there so he could finally see it....

The next time we are in town he is getting a helmet, gloves and boots! He is thrilled! I love it because the thing has a cord on the back and if he starts going to fast, dad just pulls the cord and it stops!! While they played with the 4wheeler, I made supper! We had chicken pot pie, corn on the cob, and cucumbers/onions in Italian dressing! It was so yummy! We spent the rest of the night watching Jagger play with the puppies!
Tuesday, we got up and had a pretty lazy morning! Mom and dad have an awesome patio so we just sat out under it most of the morning! After we got finished with lunch, we decided to go to town! We LOVE the consignment stores where they live! They are awesome and we always find something when we go! We also had to run to Wal-Mart and Lowes! At the consignment store, Grandma found several pairs of pants and 2 shirts. I found a pair of shorts and several tops!

I am LOVING colored shorts!
Jagger came out empty handed but I think he has more than plenty!!! While we were out, mom called and said they had an opening to get my hair cut! I was so pumped! My hair has been looking pretty horrible here lately! So I went and got my hair cut! It looks so much better! She got my layers looking good and it just looks so much healthier with all the dead cut off! After my haircut we went to Wal-Mart and Lowes! We decided to have a weenie roast and cook smores for supper! It has been so nice outside we tried to enjoy outdoors as much as we could!
Every time we are there, Pop always says that Jagger doesn't need to be watching these new sissy cartoons. He says he needs to be watching real cartoons, and this is what he is referring to....
So now Jagger is all about Looney Tunes!! That is all we have been watching the last several days! We had such a great time it was hard to leave yesterday!! Jagger for sure didn't want to leave! We got Grandma back home and I was excited because she gave me some tomato, squash, and pepper plants for my garden and she also made Jagger a new John Deere blanket!!
and I am in LOVE...I bought myself a Knockout Rose......its gorgeous!!!

After grandma's we went to Jonesboro to see David and Kim! We were even lazy at their house! I laid out at the pool for awhile and then we just hung out! For supper we went to Fuji's Japanese steakhouse and had a wonderful time! Jagger loves the "fire" and he even ate all of his steak and rice! I was one proud momma! After supper, we ran by Kroger so I could get a few things and then we headed home! We were exhausted by the time we got home! Matthew was very happy to see us! He always misses us while we are gone! I slept so good last night! I love to go but its always nice to come home to your own bed!
I hope everyone has a blessed Thursday!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Last 2 Days!

The last 2 days have been great!! I am sad that this weekend is almost over! I think I say that every weekend! They just go by way too fast! Friday morning, Jagger went to daycare. He is doing so great!! He doesn't cry anymore! It makes life so much better! I am still covering him in prayers everyday before I drop him off, I am thinking that has alittle something to do with it! :) Aunt Claire was home so he was wanting her to come and get him from school! He was so excited when she said she could! While Jagger was at daycare, I became alittle crafty! When we went to the beach, we came home with sand and lots of shells! I had no clue what to do with him, so they have been in a box in the attic! Finally I figured out what to do with them and here is what I came up with.....
My husband is very upset that I am putting this on here because he says he is fat in the pictures that are in the jar! ????
I just need to finish it up with ribbon around the top!!! I was so happy with it and of course it was Pinterest inspired! I love getting neat ideas on there! So many creative people out there!
I had to go to work at 1, so I met Matthew for a lunch date. We enjoy our lunch dates together because we can actually talk without being interrupted!! Its a nice change here and there! Work was pretty boring! The market is alittle slow right now, but that is ok! Its all in Gods hand and he knows what is best! I was so excited for work to be over because we were going on a date to see the High School performance of Annie! and Allyson is in it! It started at 7, so we met Uncle David, Aunt Juju, Grandma Betty and Pa Don in the lobby at 645. It was fun to see everyone and get to visit for a few minutes! The play lasted around 3 hours but it was AMAZING!!! They did a fantastic job! I am very thankful that Cheryl watched Jagger so that we could go!
This morning we all slept in because of the long night! Once we got up and around, I made pancakes then started in on laundry! We met the family for lunch around 1130 then we have done alot of nothing the rest of the day! This afternoon we did go on a walk. We walked 2 miles and then I jogged around 1/2 mile without stopping! I was so happy because that is the first time I have done anything because my knee! My knee is alittle sore but not anything horrible! Once we got back, I started supper! Our supper tonight was awesome- probably one of the best meals I have ever cooked! was that good! I made Blackened Grilled Chicken with a Cajun Bowtie Pasta!!
After enjoying an amazing supper, we are now fixing to watch a movie! We rented Tower Heist! I have not heard anything about it so I am not even sure what its going to be like! I hope good...
Well..I am going to get off here and enjoy watching a movie!
Hope everyone had a blessed Saturday!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Yay...Its Wednesday!

I'm LOVING that Friday night my amazing hubby and I are going on a date! We are going to watch the play that the high school is putting on- Annie! We can't wait and its even more special that our sweet Allyson is going to be in it!! I know she will be great! ;)

I'm LOVING my $8 find from the consignment store today!
I can always use anything green around the house!

I'm LOVING that my shoulder is starting to feel better! Thank you biofreeze! ;) I know Matthew is tired of the smell!

I'm LOVING all Boca products! A few months ago I decided to try the boca burger and guess what??? we loved it!!! and then today Matthew and I both had the chicken! It was even better than the burger! If Matthew says that it is good then its good! He is super picky!!! and they are less than half the fat of regular burgers/chicken! You should give it a won't be sorry!

I'm LOVING robes!! I know, I am probably weird! I think I wear a robe almost everyday! I love to get up in the morning and put a robe on! I have summer robes and winter robes! They are just so comfy!!!
I'm LOVING the new series I have started! The Shenandoah Series by Michael Phillips! Its awesome! Its about two little girls back in 1860, one is a member of the slave family and the other girl is daughter of the plantation owner!

and of course I'm LOVING my Heavenly Father, Matthew and my sweet little "Power Ranger"
He was protecting me from the bad guys!!! ;)

Link up with Jamie and tell us what you are loving!! Hope you have had a blessed Wednesday!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ouch! the only thing I can think right now! You may know this but back in January, right after Jagger's birthday I started Weight Watchers! I did it for 3 months and now I am well past the weight I wanted to reach, but one GREAT thing I got from it was getting back into exercise! I have been exercising almost everyday since! There have only been a few days that I have missed...yes I have worked out almost everyday of every week! I have been very proud of myself! but a few weeks ago the area around my shoulder blade really started to hurt. I didn't think anything about it. I have continued to train with weight and then last week it really started to hurt! It felt like my whole back needed to be popped, especially the area around the shoulder blade! Every time I stand up straight that whole area pops about 20 times. Its so gross! Even Matthew was shocked. He said he could feel it. it is killing me! It has made me sick to my stomach, and it has been popping all day! I think I am probably gonna have to see a doctor!! :( Please keep me in your prayers!
Other than this, I have had a decent morning. My plan was to take Jagger to daycare, then I was going to run to Wal-Mart and Aldi to grab some groceries, but as soon as I dropped him off I got a phone call from someone wanting to look at a house! YAY!! I was excited..I have been so slow with real estate I was happy to get a call! After I showed the house, I had to hurry through the stores so I could go get Jagger! We had to hurry home so we could get lunch cooked for Matthew! Today I tried a new recipe from Pinterest! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! and super easy!
Southwestern Chicken-  chicken tenderloins, taco seasoning, can of rotel, 1 1/2 cup of water, 2 cups instant rice, and cheese! Cut up tenderloins and cook in skillet with EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), salt and pepper! Once chicken is cook, pour in water, taco seasoning and rotel! Bring up to a boil! When it starts boiling, dump in rice and cover! Cook until no more liquid! Take off heat and add cheese!! SO YUMMY!!!
Seriously this is one of the easiest meals! You will not be sorry!!! Have you tried any new recipes on Pinterest lately?
oh and also today, Matthew and I started a 21 day challenge I found on pinterest(can you tell I am in a pinterest kind of mood!!)
I don't think it will be too hard but Matthew is having his doubts!!! :) We will see! I have done great today! The only thing I think will be hard is peanut butter!!!! the rest will be OK especially since all the holidays are over!!
Hope everyone has a blessed Monday!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Southern Weekend!

This has been a great weekend! I am sad that it is ending! Friday night was our trip to the farm and then on Saturday, Jagger and I went to Jonesboro to spend the day with Matthew's dad and Kim! Matthew worked on the farm all day so we thought that we would go see them instead of sitting around the house and Kim had told me to bring my sewing machine and she would help me out! I was so excited because I made a pillow!!!! Trust me, it is nothing special but I am very proud of myself! Jagger loves the pillow...He has been using it to sit on while we watches TV! At least it serves a purpose!! :)
My little round pillow!

I used two different prints! Shabby Chic! ;)

 We hung out all day with them! We really didn't do anything special. The weather was so nice that we just laid out by their pool and enjoyed the sunshine! I did sneak off and go alittle furniture shopping! We have been wanting a leather couch because what we have is so hard to take care of especially with little ones! I found two I really like so hopefully in the next few weeks The Cohn house will have a new couch! Here are my top two....I wish I could bring them home and see what they look like in the room! :)

Today we have not done much! Just enjoyed the day! It has been so windy here. I think tonight we are going to get some storms! I know we are really needing some rain! We have already had to start watering our yard, and my plants have been thirsty! Today I was looking at our house and I love this kind of weather! I love living in the South because in the summer my two favorite plants are....

Tonight, we went over to Grandma Betty's to eat pizza! Even though they were only gone one day, Jagger was so excited to see them! You would have thought we hadn't seen them in a week! While we were waiting on the pizza, Jagger and Grandma went outside. About 5 minutes later, Betty is yelling at the door for Pa CP and Matthew! Her and Jagger had found this....
A SNAKE!!! I about DIED!! I HATE snakes! Pa CP got the shovel and killed it! I was about to throw up! I was just thankful that it didn't hurt Jagger or Betty! I would be just fine if we didn't see anymore snakes the rest of the year! One is enough! After supper, Matthew, Jagger and I stuck around to visit with Pa and Grandma. We all just sat outside and enjoyed the awesome weather! We sat outside until it got dark and then Jagger wanted to go inside!
My sweet boy!

Acting silly for the camera!

Now we are at home sitting on the couch watching cartoons, and waiting for it to start storming! I don't think it will be long until we are all ready for bed- or at least I hope! :)
Hope everyone had a super blessed weekend!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Trip To The Farm!

 Yesterday was such a good day! especially compared to the disaster doctor trip on Thursday! The more I have thought about that the more embarrassed I have gotten! I can NOT believe that happened! the first thing the doctor ask me - Are you pregnant?? NO NO and NO! and then they said I probably had low blood sugar! I am not sure why but it makes me mad at myself! ;) anyways, Friday we got up and got ready. I had to be at work at 1 and we were going to eat Dairy Queen for lunch! Matthew's grandma had called me and told me that Gigi was going to be taking 3 boys on a trip to the farm after work, so we should take Jagger out! At Gigi's school every year they have an auction called Sweets & Treats. It is a way for the school to raise money. Gigi always donates a trip to the farm! The kids love it! She goes and picks the student up, then its out to the farm! We build a fire and cook hot dogs and of course smores for dessert! After the kids eat, its time to go exploring! Its so fun to watch the kids! So, we decided to take Jagger out and meet them! After work, I ran home to change into farm clothes and off we went! When we got to the farm, Gigi, Pa, and the 3 boys were already out there! Pa CP built a really cool tepee for them to play in and then we started making hot dogs! They really were not into eating because running around was more fun! Once we finally got them to eat, it was time for the exploring! I laughed the whole time because you would have thought we were taking these kids to Disney World! They were squealing, and laughing the entire time- not a moment of silence! We drove on top of the levee and then took them back in the woods where Matthew hunts! They loved it...They thought we were in the rain forest!! :) We even found some old bones! By the time, it was all done, the kids were black from dirt!!! I can't wait to ask Gigi what the moms said when she dropped them all off! :) Jagger was so dirty he made a dirt ring around the tub! I am so glad that Gigi does this for these kids- I know they love it!!
So excited

Just being boys!!


hanging out in the tepee!


Jagger will hardly ever look at the camera!

walking back from exploring!

So Dirty!

Watching the crops get sprayed!

looks like the Yellow Brick road! I loved it! ;) so pretty!

Rolling down the levee!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Well...we made it home from the much dreaded allergist appointment! It went alot better than what I thought but things did NOT go how I expected!
This morning I woke up at 5 am because I needed to get my shower and make sure we were all ready to leave by 7:15. The whole time I was going through my "get ready" routine I was in constant prayer! I was not looking forward to my sweet baby boy hurting, and especially when there is nothing you can do! All of you momma's have gone through this feeling when taking your babies to get shots! Its awful! Jagger woke up with a smile on his face so that made me feel so much better! We had a great trip down. He really showed no sign of being nervous until we were waiting and even then he was smiling! He was more impatient than anything! We go back in the room to get settled, and then the nurse comes in to get the story on what is going on! She was super nice!! After a few minutes, she tells me to start preparing myself because this is going to be horrible. She explains to me that I will have to hold him down, and that kids go CRAZY! She says that she will have to prick him 20 times and that he can not touch it when they are done! Immediately, I start to have a fast heartbeat...I am getting beyond nervous! I can NOT stand knowing my baby is going to be in pain! The nurse even tells me that if I start to cry to just look at her and that we would get through this..she tells me all this then leaves the room! I went straight to God. I was holding Jagger, praying and trying not to loose it right there! After a quick prayer, it was like God came down on me and gave me immediate peace. Jagger was even smiling! The nurse comes back and says its time to go! Jagger has to sit in my lap with his back facing her, and she tells me to grip him very tightly and hold his head! I do this and the whole time I am telling him how much I love him because by this time he is getting a little anxious! She cleans his back and then takes a purple marker and makes 20 marks. Then she says its time..she starts taking the little plastic things out and poking him.....HE DOES NOT FLINCH!!!!!!!! cry..nothing! but me..I started getting light headed! I do not do needles or anything in the medical field! The nurse just keeps on praising Jagger ,saying how great he is doing,  how proud she is of him and while she is saying this I am telling her I am getting sick! She finally finishes and I was almost in tears because he did so good, but I am getting sicker! The room is spinning by this point. I ask the nurse if Matts grandma can come in the room and she says sure! Matthew's grandma walks in the room, takes Jagger and that is the last thing I remember!!!!!! I wake up to her shaking me and saying Megan over and over!!! I BLACKED OUT!!! WHAT????? I could not believe this!!After I came to, I almost threw up, the room was spinning and I was so pouring sweat! I laid down on the bed and a few minutes later it all passed! I think the nurse was in shock because I was not even the patient! Jagger was better off than me! ;) The doctor was laughing and telling me in the 20 years he has been doing this, he has never had a family member black out!!! WOW!!!! I don't know what happened? low blood sugar, just a build up of anxiety, craziness??? I have no clue! We have laughed about it all day!!!! All the prayers I sent up for Jagger, I guess I forgot to include myself! but good news..Jagger is allergic to grass, weeds, and several other things! he will be on daily medicine but he said that since he was a baby they would not put him through aggressive treatment (shots) just yet!!! I was very happy with the results!
After the crazy doctor visit, we took Jagger to Chuck E Cheese and he had a blast! He played so good and he even ate 3 pieces of pizza! Once we had an overload on Chuck E Cheese, we ran to Target and JcPenney! I was disappointed in Target! I did not find anything! :(

purple marks where they poked him!

He was so happy that he got to meet Chuck E!!!

My new rug!!! Thank you Pier 1 gift card!!! I love Pier 1!

I am SO HAPPY about this one! $20 at JcPenney!!!

I think today was definitely something we will laugh about for along time!
Hope everyone has had a blessed day!