Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's Been An Awesome Journey Harry Potter!

So last night me and my sweet hubby got to have a date night!!!! Yay! I love date nights! and guess what we finally got to see- Harry Potter!! I was so excited! We wanted to go when it first came out but we couldn't get it to work out! It was definately a bittersweet moment! Matthew and I have watched all the movies together and have enjoyed them! After we started watching the movies, I read all the books and they were amazing!!! The movie was so good and if you haven't read the books then it really tied up alot of loose ends! Matthew was happy about that because he was alittle lost in some areas! I'm sad its over but it has been a great journey!!!!
Now I am ready for the Breaking Dawn to come out!!! WOOOHOO!!

 Hope everyone has a super blessed Saturday!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jagger Preslee!

Like Mick? Yes....Like Mick Jagger!

hahaha...had to put this one on there because its Mick Jagger and my girl, Sheryl Crow!!!

 This is the question I get all the time about Jagger's name!! I have always known that my kids would have names that had something to do with music because I have always loved music! and my all time favorite song is Beast of Burden from The Rolling Stones! I have loved this song since I was little but when I was little I would sing...."I'll never be your big suburban!" hahahha and then I figured out the real words! ;)
As soon as I found out we were having a boy, I knew his name was Jagger! His middle name was orginally going to be Lee because that is my dad's middle name! I wanted there to be some kind of family name tied in! Well, my due date was Jan. 6th...and of course little guy didn't come on that day but we thought he might come on Elvis Presley's birthday- on Jan. 8th I told Matthew that I wanted Jagger's middle name to be Presley for Elvis...and then once I started thinking about it..I knew we could spell it with the Lee from dad's middle name! so that is when we came up with Preslee! Everyone always laughs because they say Jagger has quite a name to live up too!! Elvis, the king of rock and roll....and Mick Jagger, one of the biggest rock and roll names of all time!
I have always told Matthew that we did set the bar high with Jagger's name because now with our other kids we can't just name him a common name....It would not sound good with Jagger and Bob- or understand....BUT when the time does come for a new baby- I have come up with several names that will be perfect and they will go along with the music theme we have started!
so, How did you pick your child's name or did your parents have a special reason behind your name?
Hope you have a super blessed day!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

Today I have alot of random loves!!
I'm loving this new nailpolish!! As soon as I got home from buying it I used it and now I'm in love!!! I have always been an OPI girl but I am really loving the Essie polish!

I'm Loving that I finally found a new purse!!! I have had the hardest time finding one and have been looking for about 3 months!!! TJ Maxx- you never let me down! ;)
I got another one but I'm saving it for fall!!!

I'm Loving this shampoo!!!! Thanks Char Char for introducing me!

I'm loving that we are completely redoing our master bedroom! I am so excited....we are painting the lights, curtains, all to come when it gets done but I found a super awesome picture frame last night at Target that I think will go great...but if not it will look good in our living room!

i know the picture is camera was acting dumb..but you get an idea!
I'm loving that I am sitting here listen to my amazing talented husband play the guitar and sing to me!! ;)

I'm loving my cheap earrings I found at Wal-Mart!!! 4.88!!

I'm Loving that God is always here for me no matter what! and he always seems to surprise me when I least expect it!! I love him so much and am excited what he has in store for me and my family!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Love/Hate Relationship With "The Bootheel"!

 I am laying here in bed watching one of my favorite movies, The Blind Side! suffering from another stupid sinus infection! If you have ever had a sinus infection you know that it is awful! This one started about a week and a half ago and I thought I would just ignore it and try to get it with over-the-counter meds! Nope not happening this time! So after almost two weeks of suffering and it getting worse...I have decided I will be at the doctor first thing in the morning!
So, you are probably wondering about the title to this post and why in the world? am I talking about sinus infections! brings me to my point! This sinus infection is part of the reason I have a love/hate relationship with the area of  the state that I now call home! The wonderful Bootheel of Missouri!
Many people do not know what the bootheel is....its the Southern part of Missouri that looks like a boot!!
I have not figured out why we are part of Missouri because we are about 5 miles from the Arkansas state line???but oh well! It is what it is!
Ok...back to the love/hate! As I am sitting here I started thinking about all the reason I have for this love/hate relationship!
* I love that it is the hometown to one of my favorite singers!!!

Sheryl Crow!  I Hate that I have not got to meet her! When I first moved here I was obsessed with trying to find her but Matthew told me to chill out and not embarrass I thought I better stop! but I have got to see her in concert and it was amazing!!! * I Love the small town thing! I have always loved small towns....and wanted my kids to grow up in a small town! I Hate that there is not much opportunity and you have to drive 30 minutes to an hour to do anything!!!
* I Love that this is a farming community!! Matthews grandpa is a farmer and I love it!! This area has the yummiest watermelon and some of the most beautiful cotton you will see!!!

I Hate that all this wonderful farming gives me the worst sinus infections ever!!!! I have never had sinus problems until I moved to the Bootheel! The first sinus infection I had I seriously was laying in bed crying telling Matthew I needed to go to the hospital because I thought I had a brain tumor or something horrible! Once, I got to the doctor and told him what was going on..He smiled and said, "Welcome to the Bootheel!" The sinus problems are caused by all the chemicals in the air from the farming! So when they are planting and picking- guess what? I along with many others get sick!

*I love the amazing BBQ we have here in town! It is so yummy! I craved it everyday during my pregnancy! I Hate that all we have is BBQ, mexican resturant and fast food! I get tired of this again we have to drive for something different!

*I Love that I have met some of the most amazing people here that will forever be apart of my life! I thank God everyday for them! (You know who you are!)
I Hate that this is kind of a tough town to move into and meet people (no offense to anyone)

*I Love that during the months leading up to September (Delta Fair time) all you hear about are these Tyrone Hamburger! ( I never understand what this was all about! People from this town...LOVE them some Delta Fair!!!...I love it!)
I Hate that during this week of the fair I tend to gain about 5 pounds from all the amazing food! I seriously make myself sick on all the food! Omgoodness.....I am a Fair food junkie!

and last but not least...I Love this town because it is the "home" of my wonderful husband and his sweet family! It is nice to have family living close! - I do miss my family and wish I could see them more! but at least we are not too far!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Growing up I had lots of friends but as far as hanging out and super close there was only two! They were my best friends in the whole wide world and we did everything together! Sarah Whaley and Amy Kurck! Sarah and I go all the way back to elementary school! Me and Amy have a funny store! In middle school she did not like me because the guy she liked, liked me! ahhahahha....we laugh about it now! but then out of now where we became best friends! She has been like a sister to me ever since! We have been through it all together - boyfriends, breakups, college, marriage, and now babies! I love her so much and it makes me sad that she is so far away!
While we were at mom and dads we got to go visit and spend some time with her and the baby! Amaya is now 3 months...I haven't seen her since she was born! She is precious....and even Jagger loved her!
and of course I had to take her a "prize" as Jagger calls it!
Silver Toms !!!!!
Every girl needs a pair of sparkly Toms!!!
Giving Amaya her Grover he picked out all by himself!!

fascinated with the swing!

so sweet!

trying to get a picture of them!!!


watching Jagger!
We had a blast...can't wait to go back and spend time with them!!!

Hope everyone has a blessed  HOT Saturday!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Jagger Has Taught Me!

When you become a parent so many things change! You do things completely different than what you think or say! Its one of those things you just have to experience to understand. I have learned so much from Jagger! Its amazing how much we can learn from our kids if we would just watch and listen!
Here are a few things I have learned!
* Quit worrying about so much.....the only thing that matters is family, food and sleep! (Jagger is learning about Jesus right that will be in his list soon!) all the other stuff let God take care of it!
* Chocolate makes everything better! Even if it gets alittle messy!

* Stop over analyzing stuff! Just take things as they are!
* If someone makes you mad, forgive and forget as fast as you get mad! (Jagger never stays mad at anyone for very long!)
* enter every situation with the mind of a child! It will make things alot more entertaining! I have learned to chill out about so many situations and to just find humor in things!
* Hugs and cuddle time are always important! (Cuddling with Jagger is one of my favorite things!)
* do not judge anyone and trust is important also!
* it doesn't matter what you look matters what is on the inside! Jagger could care less what I look like he just knows that I am mommy and he loves me!

Jagger, thank you for teaching mommy so many awesome things! I know we have many more years to learn from each other! I pray that I will always be a good mommy that you are proud of! I love you very much!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm Loving that Jagger and I are getting to spend time with my mom and dad! He loves his Bennie and Poppie!

hahahah...he was playing "T-Rex"!!! the puppies were running from him!

I'm Loving what I bought for Jagger today!
 His new Toms!! and a super cute Life is Good Shirt! I love the Life is Good shirts for kids..they are awesome!

I'm Loving my 2 great buys since I have been here!

Got these and another pair for 1.99!

PEACOCK Pillow!! Yay! 7.00 on clearance at Pier 1!
I'm Loving Cream Soda! I have been addicted to it since 4th of July! (Devon if you are reading this..I saw on your blog where you had your first experience with it the last weekend! It is so yummy! I get the bottles from Wal-Mart..they are amazing!!!)

I'm Loving Pinterest! This is the most addicting thing ever! Do you pinterest?

Its a great way to bookmark things you love!

I'm Loving my Heavenly Father and everything he has blessed me with! He is super wonderful!

and of course...I'm LOVING my wonderful hubby and sweet baby boy!
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Living Our Love Song!

Baby just look at us all this time and we're still in love
Something like this just don't exist
Between a backwoods boy and a fairy tale princess
People said it would never work out
Living our dreams has shattered all doubts
It feels good to prove 'em wrong
Living our love song
I love this song!! It is so sweet and it reminds me of our story! Alot of people wonder how me and Matt got together! I mean how does some random "Arkansas" girl end up with a good-lookin' homegrown small town southern boy?? No..our story is really one for the books!
It all started while I was working at Aldo! I worked all the time!!! and when i mean all the time..50 hours a week at times or more! I loved the store and I had no time for anything else...I had a few girlfriends that I would hang out with, but as far as dating...nope not for me! and plus I have always been one that wasn't into serious relationships.....I don't know if it is because I am super picky or just never found anyone I wanted to be with! So anyways, it was right around Halloween...maybe the week before...I was working in the store by myself (it was daytime) and two guys walk by and smile! I smile and wave! -This is nothing out of the ordinary.....about 5 minutes went by and here they come in the store! I greeted them and ask if I could help them find anything! They told me they were looking for halloween ideas! Well....this is a shoe store?? nothing here but I can show you some great shoes!!! We stood around and talked and I ended up selling one of them a pair of boots! The whole time these guys were in the store one of them I would catch myself staring at! I was stumbling around acting like a goof! He was gorgeous...had the prettiest eyes and amazing smile! He for sure made my heart skip a few beats! After they left, I was kind of sad because I knew I would never see them again and I didn't even get a name!  Oh goes on! ;)
A few weeks later on a Saturday while we were super busy, I look up and who do I see.....the gorgeous guy that had came in with his friend! I was shocked! We ended up talking and I am pretty sure he bought some shoes....I still didn't get his name! Every Saturday for months he would come in and we would just stand around and talk! We never knew each other names or anything! I wanted him to ask me on a date so bad I couldn't hardly stand it! I guess he wasn't interested! After he would leave the store...all of us girls would giggle and run over to his reciept and try to decipher his awful signature! I wanted to know his name! I told the girls and my mom he was the man of my dreams and I would marry him! They thought I was crazy and mostly shocked because I didn't ever talk about marriage!
It was the weekend of of the busiest weekends in retail! The store was jam packed of people...I was running like a crazy person trying to help all the customers, I look up and there "he" is! I was so excited but sad because we were so busy I knew there was no way we could talk! it was pretty much one of those hey how are you? quick things...He knew I was busy so he ended up leaving the store before I could say bye! I was standing at the cash register with a huge line to check out and I see him walk back in the store straight up to the cash register and while I am checking this lady out...He says...Can I call you and take you out to eat!!!! HALLELUJAH!!! Its about time! The lady I was checking out was super sweet....she looked at me and smiled and said girl you better give him your number! I gave him my name and number on the back of a reciept!
Matthew says I was the most expensive girl he has ever had! He spent more money on shoes to get my number, but he says it was all worth it! After that day, we talked on and off....I was in between switching jobs and doing some soul searching! On New Years Day, I had not heard from him in a few weeks and I randomly get a text message from him that says ...I have to see you again, I feel there is something there and I want to be with you...Please lets get together and if things don't work we can go our own ways! The crazy thing is I had just got done talking to mom about him...she had ask me how the guy from Missouri was??? I said I had no clue but I would love to know...and then he sent me the text message!
well, pretty much from that point on the rest is history! We have been married for 3 great years! Marriage has not been a walk in the park! It has been a growing and learning experience! Matthew and I have been through good days, bad days, and all the others in between but with each one we just get that much closer! I thank God everyday for Matthew, and I can't wait to see what plans God has for us in the years to come!

married for one day!

yea...very pregnant here!

Hope everyone has had a blessed Sunday!