Saturday, August 30, 2014

Megan's Daily Bread!

Give this day our daily bread!
What an awesome day it is and I have super news I want to share! I have started a new "project/job" for myself! For about a year now, Matthew and I have been praying for God to open some kind of door for me in the means of a job. Well, several have came up but he slams the door in my face! I have been really sad at times because as anyone knows a little extra income never hurts! I finally just gave up because I know God needs me at home right now! A couple of weeks ago, Matthew and I were discussing things I could do at home with Hudson and still make a little income to help us out- enter Megan's Daily Bread!
Basically, I am preparing sacked/boxed lunches at home and delivering them to whoever wants them! It started out with school teachers but now I have several others that will added to the list! The whole concept is that God provides us with what we all need and I want to provide a "daily bread". The lunches will always consist of a main item, side and of course dessert! I am going to keep it pretty simple- sandwiches, chips, pickle and cookies/brownies! Yesterday, I made 12 chicken salad sandwiches on croissant, with chips, pickle and 2 cookies! Sold all but 1! I was beyond thrilled.  I am not a gourmet cook but I can promise all the food is prepared with love and prayer!
Each lunch will also include a random verse or inspirational quote! I had so much fun with this and I want everyone to know that I do not say, "ok, here is Susie's bag. She needs this bible verse" No, I feel I don't need to be the one to pick what you need, God does. So on Friday after I packed all the food, I went down through with my stack of cards and dropped a random card in each one! I will never know what verse or quote you get. This is completely a God thing! I can't think of a better way to spend lunch than eating a home cooked meal and getting some inspiration for the day!! I can't wait to see what is in store for all of this.  So, if you are in my area and are interested, message me and I will give you more information.
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Favorites: TGIF!

Yay! It's Friday and that means it's time to share some of my favorites from this week!
Favorite Find:
I love to find a good "find". My find this week was a really awesome graphic tee from Old Navy! Graphic Tee's make me very happy especially ones related to music!!

Favorite Pin: I love confetti cake so I thought these were super cute!!

Favorite Picture:
Favorite verse:
Be Still and Know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

Favorite Moment: Movie night on Tuesday night. We ate at Taco Bell for our "taco Tuesday" and then we
came home, piled on the couch to watch Muppets Most Wanted!! I love the cuddle time with my boys!!

Link up with Momfessionals and tell us what your favorites are!!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Megan Marie

Happy Hump Day! It has been a great week! and it makes it even better that I am counting down the days to my birthday!!! I love birthdays! They make me happy!
I am excited that I have several new followers reading my blog! Never thought anyone would want to read what I am writing but beyond happy you do!! I think it is time to introduce myself and tell those of you who don't know me a little about me!

Obviously my name is Megan ;) I am an only child! I am married to a wonderful man, Matt (I call him Matthew). We have two precious boys, Jagger and Hudson. I am a southern girl to the core, born and raised!

Favorite Drink:  this one is hard for me! I have several drinks of choice...I love a good glass of sweet tea but several years ago when I went on a big diet, I cut out sweet tea completely and I really have not turned back! Diet Dr. Pepper in a can- you make me happy! Coffee- I can't go a day without you! :) Ok..I Know you are thinking that all I drink is caffeine looking at this list but I do drink a ton of water! normally I only treat myself to DDP every couple of days!

Favorite Book:  Redeeming Love by Fancine Rivers! If you have not read this, stop what you are doing right now and either download it to your kindle/nook/etc or go buy it!! Absolutely the best book I have ever read and let me tell you I have read some books in my life!

Favorite Color:  Kelly Green! not just green but kelly green!

Favorite Animal: Well.....the animal thing has changed since my Jagger has become quite the Doctor Dolittle! He thinks he needs to keep every type of animal! Fish- cool at first, but then tanks get nasty and stink! Cats- cute and funny, but I got tired of cleaning out the litter box and it biting my kids! Dogs- made me very happy but I was getting stressed over keeping up with 3 boys (Yes I said 3...Matthew is one of my boys I keep up with) and a dog! Frogs- yuck   Baby chickens- cute but the box they are in....made me want to throw up!! Turtles- they are ok! We have two and built a turtle home in our back yard! They don't need a lot!    So anyways to answer the favorite animal would have to be seals! I know, random! but this is an animal we can't bring home. I can't see how cute it is at the zoo and let the zoo people take care of it!
obviously this picture was not at the zoo but you get the idea!! ;) but what a sweet face!

Favorite Perfume: Amarige by Givenchy! My mom wore this for years and I would always make fun of her. I would tell her she needed to find something new to wear and some time, I am not really sure when I decided it was amazing and have been wearing it ever since! ;)

Favorite Holiday: Easter!

Favorite Store: Target!! I love I can go in one store and get everything at one time! Cute home stuff, cute clothes, cute shoes, toys, books....

I am going to end here but I am going to give you the link to some old posts that are about me if you have the time to read them!
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and then about me and the hubs..... Living our love song!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What We Eat!

Today I thought I would talk about something else since I am pretty sure I have done blog overload on Beth Moore! I will give you a break and talk about one of my favorite things: FOOD!! If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time then you know I love food! There are times I have to pray about it because I love it so much! I have to really watch myself! I know you are laughing but its the goodness truth! I also enjoy getting to see what others have in their pantry so I am going to share mine!

I can honestly say that I am jealous of people who have real pantries! I just have cabinets and it drives me crazy! I feel like I can't ever get them organized. Stuff is just throw in and hoped to goodness it doesn't get squished or fall out when you open the door! Typically, every couple of months I will take some time to get everything back in order!  This picture shows excactly what I am talking about....enter the lazy susan! These drive me nuts! I use ours to store most of our can goods on the bottom then other random things on top! My Jagger is a huge nutella eater! I swear he should be the poster child for the stuff! and he has to have it on BUNNY bread! Heaven forbid I bring home something other than bunny bread for him!
 This is a cabinet that I store all my "lunch box" stuff. I put all my ziploc bags here. I do keep them organized in this handy little bin. I also keep "extra" stuff on the top shelf. Extra apple juice, popcorn oil, napkins, snacks,etc!
 This side of the cabinet is cereal and I have some of my bigger platters stored here. My favorite cereal is the Kashi Go lean crunch and the other day I found the Aldi brand...taste just the same but much cheaper! Jagger with his cocoa puffs! ;)
 This cabinet is up top and it does scare me at times with stuff falling out! I have tried and tried to organize but it doesn't happen! The two containers on the bottom shelf are all "snacky" stuff....peanut butter crackers, beef jerky, gushers, etc.....and yes that is a huge bag of reece's and kit kats! at least they are the mini size! It does help with cravings!
I always use whole wheat noodles and brown rice when cooking!! Better for us! 

and who can go wrong with peanut butter! I have also started using Almond Butter! So yummy!

Time to move on to the refrigerator and freezer!
I also try really hard to keep my frig neat and tidy but normally that doesn't happen either. I am not sure why this happens? As you can see we have several types of milk. Hudson drinks whole. We all drink 2% and then I always keep Almond Milk for my cereal or coffee! and sometimes it is just a nice change! We also have apple juice hiding back there somewhere!

 I love this guacamole. It is so good for a quick snack! Yummy!

 Here is our lunch meat drawer! We do love lunch meat but we are turkey eaters! All the rest of this is ham slices that I cook up for breakfast and turkey hot dogs! Did you know these are only $1.00 a package and are better for you than real hot dogs!

 I do keep lunchables for Jagger to snack on. A lot of times he will eat the crackers and meat for a snack! They are just so convenient! under those are celery- matthew loves for a snack, carrots, and some other veges!
 My all time favorite yogurt! It is so good....the Vanilla is the best and this yogurt is good for your stomach!
 Here are the orange danish rolls I have talked about before! A staple in our family!
Deep Freeze: I love this thing but it stays full and at times I wish I had a stand up one just so I can see what we have!!
 I love using ground turkey! Pretty much use it in everything that calls for ground beef and if I find it on sale then in the freezer you go!
 I was very hesitant to use the sweet potato fries because honestly I am not a sweet potato person but I am trying to find any way possible to get my family to eat vegetables.......these did the trick! My boys are very picky- all 3 of them...I cooked these last night and just told them they were a different brand! They loved them. After supper I broke it to them that they had sweet potatoes! They could not believe it! Thank you Ore Ida!
 My kids love popsicles! and so does mama on these super hot days!
 I normally use fresh chicken but this is super handy to have when you are in a hurry! Its already cooked and all you do is warm it up!
 Frozen hashbrowns: my family can eat this whole thing! We love potatoes...Hudson eats one almost every morning!
 Stouffer's you have saved me from several Pinterest meals that failed! I like to keep these on hand for back up plan!
 and lastly mama's secret snack!!! This stuff is the bomb dot com!!! Thats all that needs to be said!

Well that is all I have for you! Today is Taco Tuesday at our house and we are thinking about taking it Taco Bell tonight to provide our Tacos! Tonights movie: Muppets Most Wanted!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..

Monday, August 25, 2014

Grateful Heart Monday: Recap!

It's Monday and I have a grateful heart!!
My heart is exploding this morning. Most of you know I got to see Beth Moore in Memphis this weekend and I just can't even explain what it was like! I am beyond grateful that I was able to go. I am grateful that Matthew has a job that provided the money for me to attend. I am grateful that I am a stay at home so didn't have to worry about taking off work on Friday so we could leave. I am grateful that my husband was willing to keep the kids overnight so I could go! I am grateful that I had a wonderful group of women that I love to share the moment with.....Just so grateful! I'm going to end with showing you the weekend in pictures!
made it to Memphis and ready to walk to see Beth!

one of my favorite things: Eating and fellowship!

OMGoodness...this was food heaven! Grilled fish tacos with red beans and rice!! AMAZING!

Almost there!

So excited but SO HOT!!! Beth, I would not stand out in the million degree weather for many people!

Amazing seats!! 

Hurry up Beth! We are bored!

So grateful God brought this wonderful woman into my life! What would I do without you??

Yay!! There she is! I was so giddy...

9,500 christians worshiping together!!

Why yes, its 1:00 am and we are awake acting goofy!

6:24am came too quick!! Sleepy!

ready for day 2!

The SON was shining on us!

Lunch: BBQ nachos! My mouth is watering!

and last but not least I am beyond grateful for these precious boys..
my big boy ready for the first home football game! The jersey number is his daddys number from high school!

What are you grateful for? Link up with Ember Grey and share!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..