Friday, October 4, 2013

First Time!

Yesterday was Jagger's first visit to the dentist!! I know you are thinking I am horrible and should have already taken him but I did what I could! At least he is going now!! At first he was very nervous because of some silly game he has on the Ipad! On the game you are a dentist and you get to do all the fun stuff( drill teeth, pull teeth, put on braces, whiten teeth) and he loves it but the drilling on the game is a little much! The drill shoots out sparks everywhere! No wonder he was some what nervous about going!! 
I am going to go ahead and admit we have not done our 100% best about brushing and flossing his teeth! We do brush them and use Washmouth ,as he calls it, but if we miss a time I really havent gotten super worried! And Jagger has a SUPER big sweet tooth! And let me tell you Grandma Betty does not help that tooth! :) 
So I have also been alittle worried about going and what they would find! We get to the office and everyone is really nice. Jagger sits in the chair and waits. They finally call us back. He was so brave walking back! Did not even act like he was nervous! The hygentist take him back to the room, he hops in the chair and the next thing I know she was cleaning his teeth!! He loved every minute! He was asking her when they would take pictures of his teeth bones( xrays!). Everything went great but we will have to go back for some fillings! :( when she told me I honestly felt like a failure . I just wanted to cry! I had not done my job to take care of his teeth! She instantly told me it was ok and that they see it all the time! When we got done he got a new toothbrush, floss and a ball! He was excited! After the dentist, we ate pizza and went to Target!! Overall, I would say it was a pretty good first visit to the dentist! 
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!

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