Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Favorites: Animal Print!

Woohoo..It is Friday and I am ready to talk about my favorites!

 Normally, I do favorites from the week but today I want to talk about my favorite things in my closet, anything leopard print! I have this weird obsession and have had it before my beloved print started becoming popular! Ask my mom! I have pictures of me from 5th grade when I was sporting a denim vest that had leopard print collar. I also had an all leopard print room along with my super cool email address- babyleapord, and yes I know it is spelt wrong, but the right spelling was already taken! Ok, so I am hoping you get the point! Basically, Leopard print is my neutral! You can never go wrong and in my book it is never out of style!!
Here are a few of my favorite leopard print pieces!

 I just bought this shirt and I am super excited about it! I think it will be a great piece for fall. I loved it with black skinny jeans and I am thinking I have some sort of wedge booties that will finish the look off!
A solid black cardigan is a must in any closet! you can do so many things with them! I love it because I have lots of different animal print tanks from summer....solution- throw a solid cardigan over it and boom, you have a fall outfit!

This is just a regular printed top. I enjoy wearing this with a maroon flowy cardigan for fall! I can also dress this up with black slacks or a black pencil skirt!
This is a printed sweatshirt from Old Navy!! I love it so much. The material is so soft and it looks super cute with dark jeans and boots!

Everyone needs a leopard cardigan!

These are absolutely my favorite shoes right now! The leopard sneaker! They are so comfy. I love to throw them on with skinny jeans and a graphic tee! super cute and fun!
Be still my heart!!!! 2 things I love the most! Leopard and a wedge! put them together and it is a match made in heaven! These are just too much for me to stand! I already have so many outfits to wear them with. I can't hardly wait!

I also have several scarves that always make me smile. Oh,  I almost forgot the smoking flat...these look super cute when you are needing a shoe that is a little more dressy!!

I have quite a few other things but I really figure you are thinking this is a little much! ;) This is what I might look like if I knew it was not in complete violation of what is considered too much animal print at one time....

Rock on Shania! :)

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Hope everyone has a blessed Friday!
Lots of love..


  1. I am also a Leopard Lover!!! I have to know where you got those leopard wedge booties?????...I LOVE!!!! Loved everything about this post!

    1. Hey Ashley!! the wedge booties came from Tropical is a boutique store we have here in town! you should check them out on facebook!

  2. Oh. My. Word. Leopard is most definitely a neutral. I love everything about this post but the line about Shania is my FAV!!

  3. Yay animal prints!!! Leopard is definitely the best although done right I'm also a fan of zebra. That Shania picture cracked me up!

  4. You're adventurous! I'm so vanilla when it comes to prints! haha

  5. You know you're after my heart with this post. :) Amazing!!!!!!