Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I love names! When Hudson was in the hospital I would just walk around and look at the names on the doors! I would always wonder how the family got the name? what made them spell it that way? Is it a family name? There is always a story behind a name!
I am going to share the story behind my two boys with you!

Jagger Preslee- Yes, like Mick, as in Mick Jagger!

I have always known  that if I had a boy this would be his name! I grew up in a family that listened to a lot of music! We were a rock-n-roll kind of family! Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eagles, Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Steve Miller Band, Aerosmith, Tom Petty,  Creedence Clearwater, and so many others. Rolling Stones was one of my favorites! I wasn't crazy about the name Mick, so Jagger it is! and really how many Jaggers do you know?? Here is one of my blog posts that you can read also...Jagger Preslee

Hudson Lynn-
When we found out we were pregnant I instantly started looking at names. I had a million more girl names picked out than boy names! Matthew and I also were having issues agreeing on names! Every time I found one that I liked, he didn't and vice versa! It was really stressing me out and I am pretty sure that I started praying for a girl just so we wouldn't have name drama! I also decided to include big brother in on picking out the name and at the time Hudson was not on the list, although I had seen the name on Pottery Barn kids and thought it was cute embroidered!
So time went on and still no name. December 18th, I was airlifted to St. Louis being told I would deliver my 26 week old baby! Many things went through my mind..No name? No nursery? None of us were prepared for this! I was in the hospital for 8 days before he was born, and one day during that time the doctors were asking me what his name would be....I had no idea?? Jagger was stuck on the name Hudson and was already calling him Baby Hudson! One of the doctors heard Jagger say Baby Hudson and that was the end of it. From then on everyone called him Baby Hudson! I told Matthew that day that his name would be Hudson. His middle name was a given..Lynn is Matthews grandparents last name! They mean the world to us so we thought it was fitting! and now here we are almost two years later and he is still called Baby Hudson by many! ;)
Neither one of my boys have "family" names or any name that is super special but they are names that fit them and I can't imagine them being named anything else!

What is the story behind your name or your kids name??
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..


  1. I am obsessed with names! My mom says I've been that way since I was little... it's just like "a thing" you know?! I love the stories behind your kids' names :) And LOVE their names - super cool.

  2. Oh I love this! Names are so fun to me. My son is Jack Tyler. My entire family on my dad's sides have J names....all 14 of us so far. So I always knew it would be a J. I loved Jackson but the husband didn't like it. He just wanted Jack. It took forever but he finally got me on board and I am so glad he did. Tyler is my husbands middle name and his initials had to be JTH because he was the first born boy {it is a thing in my husbands family}. I can't imagine Jack having any other name. :)