Monday, December 8, 2014

For The Love of Nutcrackers!

Nutcrackers, Nutcrackers and more Nutcrackers!
My family has a bad tendency of falling for something and falling hard! We find something we like and get obsessed! We can't just have 1....we need several and then several turns into more! Are we strange or what?
Ever since Jagger was a baby he has loved Nutcrackers or as he calls them Cracka Nuts! :) He just has a full blown fascination with them! Grandma Betty bought him one a couple of years ago and the love has never stopped! We now have them all over! The boy even put one on his Christmas list!! He used his spending money at Disney for a Mickey Mouse nutcracker! This is total dedication in my book!
It's funny because I have never really cared for Nutcrackers. I really thought they were strange and kind of creepy, but I have slowly started falling for them also, so the next time you see a Cracka Nut, think of us!
 Every year Jagger gets a snowglobe from Target. I'm not really sure why we started getting them from there, but I was excited when I found this years had a nutcracker/solider!

 My favorite part about this picture is that my mom painted the picture in the background! I think it is too cute!
 I almost screamed when I found this guy at Hobby Lobby Saturday. It was the very last one!
 Jagger bought the Mickey Mouse when we were at Disney World! He had his own spending money and this was what he wanted to buy! ;)
 My mother in law found this rug in her attic! She thought it was perfect for us! I couldn't agree more!
 World Market has some of the coolest nutcracker plates, and mugs! We love to pull these out at Christmas to enjoy hot chocolate and coffee!

 Christmas day shirts!!!

This last one is very special! He is our newest one! Jagger is so in love with him! He just stands and watches him. The nutcracker drums and plays music! Great addition to any home!
What does your family collect during the holidays???
Lots of love..

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