Friday, December 12, 2014

Sweet Christmas Time!

Christmas! What a special time of the year! I know for some it's a stressful time. A time of sadness. A time of heartache, but for many it's a time of happiness! A time of precious memories!
Two years ago was a hard time for our family! We spent Christmas in a hospital and had no clue what God's plan was for our sweet Hudson. Last year around Christmas, we buried my sweet Aunt. Even though we have had our share of hard times during the Holiday, I try my best to find time to focus on my kids and what the true meaning of this season is!
The last two days have been filled with several Christmas events that have really gotten us in the spirit!
* The annual Christmas pageant at our church! This is my absolute favorite thing of Christmas!! The Christmas story is read and during the reading all of the young children come out as characters in the story! Angels, Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, Wise Men, and the Star! It is so precious to see the sweet babies portraying the most special story in history!
My Jagger was a shepherd again this year, and he was so darn cute! He gets so shy on stage! All you see is dimples!
 Probably the only shepherd you have seen with camo crocs huh??? ;)  He cracks me up!

Our sweet girl giving her mommy and daddy a thumbs up!! I love this girl so much!

 It took fit throwing and drama took get this two second shot! Not too bad!!

*Parents as Teachers Christmas Party- I was so excited we went to this. It was kind of a last minute decision to go, but both boys had a blast! They had lots of fun "stations" for the boys to go to! (build a gingerbread man cookie, stacking wrapped Christmas boxes, match stockings, play-doh center...just a lot of neat things for kids to do!

*Riding around to look at lights- This is something we love to do! This year there is a new home we got to see that is out of this world! The house and yard is covered with tons of lights and it is synced up with music! When you pull up to the house, you turn the radio to the designated station and sit back for a wonderful show! We have been twice already and Jagger is already planning the next trip! Another great thing is that they have a box for donations to St. Jude's!

These lights are just so awesome! If you are in this area its a must for this Christmas!!

I am also excited because this tonight we are ringing the Salvation Army bell, and going to watch the Christmas Parade! Tomorrow morning is Polar Express at the movie theater, I know this will be one my boys will love!
Even with all of this excitement I want to make sure that my boys know what Christmas is truly about! I have been telling them that yes this is all fun stuff, but our true focus is the birth of Jesus!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..

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