Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Cards and Coffee!!!

This morning I am sitting here working on one of my favorite things about Christmas..... Christmas CARDS!!!!! I love sending and getting Christmas cards! I am like a little kid everyday waiting for the mail to get delivered so that I can run out to the mailbox and see all the cards!!! It makes me so happy! Matthew probably thinks I am weird! ;) Its funny because our list that we send it grows more and more every year! and trust me this is not a bad thing..for me it just means this is how many people we love and our special to us! ;)
I am doing a few things different with cards this year! I have in our home the last two years cards on display! I framed them and have them in our entry, and every year I will add to them!

I am also very BIG on picture albums! I have huge albums for each year! All of the Christmas cards that we get go at the end of that years album (Thanks Aunt Julie for the idea!)...its really neat because its kind of a way to "end" that years book! But this year I think I am going to do something different! At one of the Christmas parties we went to, the host had on her coffee table flip books made from all the Christmas cards she had....they were precious and everyone loved looking at them! They looked alot like this....
It wsa super cute and a great way to let everyone look at cards from past years!!! I can't wait to get mine done like this! I am really thinking I may do one like this for all of Jagger's birthday cards he gets or cards he gets from grandparents! I think it would be a cute way for him to keep them! ;)
so what do you do with all of your cards????
Hope everyone is having a blessed day!

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  1. What a cute idea! I feel ashamed that I haven't sent mine out yet. I ordered them a little late. Well actually I ordered a proof and it didn't look right so I completely re-did it and that took a little longer. Hopefully they'll be in the mail today! ~Andrea