Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jaggers Christmas Party and Family Time! ;)

Yesterday was Jaggers 1st Christmas Party! He had a blast! It was so sweet watching him and all the other 30 3 year olds get so excited! You get 30 3 year olds in a room with presents and tons of Christmas gets craziness!!!!!!!!! but I loved it!
After the party, Jagger went and stayed with Grandma Betty then Pa came and picked him up. He spent the whole rest of the day with Pa! This is the first time that Pa has kept him by himself! They went to the farm, fish pond, watched cartoons and no telling what else! He came home smiling and talking 90-to-nothing! Once I got off work, we loaded up and came to Bennie and Poppies!!! We played and had lots of laughs!
could not get him to smile! ;)

Love the melted snowman and cute cupcakes!!! ;) The kids loved them!

so happy!

Well...better get off here and spend time with the fam!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

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