Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I am going to have to do a lot of make up posts since the last time I was on here. It has been nuts around here but I am hoping things are fixing to slow down! Jagger is out of school and already enjoying summer vacation- he slept in this morning! That never happens! In the next day or so I will do a recap post with pictures showing what all we have been up to, but my main thing today is a new journey we have decided to take- The Daniel Plan!

 I know, I know..you are thinking what in the world is this? I came across it at Lifeway one day! I picked it up and immediately put it down. At the time I was not interested in a new "diet"! Time has gone on and I have felt horrible, battled crazy sinus junk, gained weight, have no energy and the list goes on! I have prayed and prayed about it and I truly felt like God would always place that in my mind! I just happen to have an Amazon gift card left from Christmas and guess what?? It was more than enough to buy the cookbook and book!
Sunday I hit my breaking point! Enough is enough....how much more junk/crap food can I put in my body! I actually feel horrible and I know its from what I have been eating! You ask..what have you been eating?? EVERYTHING!!! I am serious....if its around I am eating it and not feeling guilty- Taco Bell, Sonic, ice cream, cakes, brownies, cookies, extra helping of whatever has been cooked and it has not been good for us! I mean I am just sick of it!
So anyways I downloaded the book and loved it! It was such an eye opener! I love when they explain how our bodies are temples to God. If you were to build a temple for God would you vandalize it or damage it?? Then why do we damage our bodies?? It instantly hit me....My body is special to God, he made it, its a precious thing and it doesn't last a million years. I would like to take care of what he gave me!
Basically the whole things is cutting out all junk, processed foods.. We will eat lots of fruits, veggies and natural foods! Now...do I think we will be able to follow this to a "t" all the time?? probably not...but I would like to try our best!
Today is the first day and I had to tweak some of it because I didn't have all the stuff I need- Whole Foods here I come! So this morning we had Cage Free Scrambled eggs and Avocado!  I like it because there are so many variations you can do so if you don't like something you can try something else!
I am also going to keep up with weight and inches during the whole thing..I will have to measure inches tonight...
Starting weight:134.4
Size: 6 (pants but some feel tight! I have always been a 2/4 so none of my clothes fit!)
Meds: Sinus stuff everyday- hoping since I am cutting out processed foods it will take care of some of this!

ok so there you go! I can't wait to see what all this holds for our family!
Hope you have a blessed day!
Lots of Love

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