Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jagger Preslee!

Like Mick? Yes....Like Mick Jagger!

hahaha...had to put this one on there because its Mick Jagger and my girl, Sheryl Crow!!!

 This is the question I get all the time about Jagger's name!! I have always known that my kids would have names that had something to do with music because I have always loved music! and my all time favorite song is Beast of Burden from The Rolling Stones! I have loved this song since I was little but when I was little I would sing...."I'll never be your big suburban!" hahahha and then I figured out the real words! ;)
As soon as I found out we were having a boy, I knew his name was Jagger! His middle name was orginally going to be Lee because that is my dad's middle name! I wanted there to be some kind of family name tied in! Well, my due date was Jan. 6th...and of course little guy didn't come on that day but we thought he might come on Elvis Presley's birthday- on Jan. 8th I told Matthew that I wanted Jagger's middle name to be Presley for Elvis...and then once I started thinking about it..I knew we could spell it with the Lee from dad's middle name! so that is when we came up with Preslee! Everyone always laughs because they say Jagger has quite a name to live up too!! Elvis, the king of rock and roll....and Mick Jagger, one of the biggest rock and roll names of all time!
I have always told Matthew that we did set the bar high with Jagger's name because now with our other kids we can't just name him a common name....It would not sound good with Jagger and Bob- or understand....BUT when the time does come for a new baby- I have come up with several names that will be perfect and they will go along with the music theme we have started!
so, How did you pick your child's name or did your parents have a special reason behind your name?
Hope you have a super blessed day!!!


  1. I too was named after a song. It was popular back in the 50s!!!

  2. There was a popular song back in the 50's titled "Anonymous" ???

  3. you were named after the megan in the thornbirds movie

  4. That's such a cute story! My twin brothers were born on January 8th - the nurses joked with my mom about naming them Elvis and Presley in honor ;)

  5. You are so adorable!

    I love this story!!!

  6. I was supposed to be Kevin Lynn. Thank goodness that didn't work out. Amaya sounds pretty and reminds me of Amazing, which goes quite nicely with her middle name, Grace! ;)

  7. That is funny that your mom said the meaning behind your name!! My sister is named Margaret (we call her Meg) after the thornbirds movie!! We named our little girl Faith Elizabeth. Faith because I have always loved the name and when my husband and I met I found out he had wanted that for his daughters name too! Elizabeth was chosen for obvious reasons ;)