Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Checking Off Our List!

Well, it's been a few days since I have gotten to write. Life sort of got in the way!!! We have had a few crazy things happen over the last two weeks. Urgent Care, Head injury at school (Me), Jagger ER visit due to head injury....you know just normal things ;)
So anywho, in between all the craziness we have managed to check a few things off of our October Bucket List!!

1. Carve pumpkins.....We love to carve pumpkins and we have learned that Hudson does NOT!! He is terrified of pumpkin guts! It is hysterical!   "No!! That scare me!!"

2. Visit pumkin patch!! We have not done this as a family and I am hoping we will still have time, but Jagger got to go on a field trip with his class  and then I went with my class!!  (Jagger's ended with a trip to the ER...he fell and hit his head on an old pedal tractor. He got a pretty good cut that the doctor glued back together!   This morning when he woke up..He said, "wow, I look like Halloween!")
 Enjoying the pumpkin patch with my Fran!! This girl keeps us on our toes, but we love that smile!
My sweet boy once we got home from hospital.. He was so brave!! Momma...not so much!! 

3. Hayride- We have had 2 hayrides in a week!!! We had a couples hayride for our Faithful Friends group at church and then we took the youth group on a hayride!! They both were so much fun. I had not been on a hayride since I was a teenager! Lots of fun but for sure needed benadryl! ;) 

4. Read  Halloween books!! We love to read in our house....Well, let me rephrase that. Jagger and I love to read! Matthew and Hudson not so much!  Every night we read books, so this one was super easy to accomplish! Our favorites are There was an old lady who swallowed a bat, and Click Clack Boo

5. Eat Count Chocula - Ummmmmm, we might have gone through several boxes by now! ;)

6. Bonfire-  We have had 4 bonfires!! One with the Faithful Friends group, one with Sunday School class, one with Youth group, and one with Grandma and Grandpa!! Besides the smell of smoke that saturates your clothes we always have a blast!

Bonfire with Grandma and Grandpa
 Youth group
Sunday School Class

Faithful Friends Hayride and Bonfire!! Lots of laughs! 
7. Movies- We are planning on Hocus Pocus tonight! This is one of my favorites. My boys really like the Curious George Halloween! It is super cute!

8. Roast Marshmallow- Did at bonfires!

9. Eat Smores- Did at bonfires! What is a bonfire without smores???

I think we are off to a good start but we still have lots to do in 11 days!!
Lots of love..

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