Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October Bucket List!

Bucket List! I love a good list and especially when it is a list of fun things to do! I am going to try a monthly bucket list. The list will be full of things to do based on the month! So for October, we will do Halloween things, November -fall/Thanksgiving, etc. etc. Since there are 31 days in the month, I have came up with 31 things for us to do as a family. Now we may not accomplish all of them, but we will try our best! I will keep you posted on how we do! 
1. Carve Pumpkins
2. "Boo" a neighbor
3. Bake Halloween cookies
4. Drink Cider
5. Make Handprint Bats/craft
6. Visit a pumpkin patch
7. Take a hayride
8. Make caramel apples
9. Jump in a pile of leaves
10. Bake an apple pie
11. Make homemade chili
12. Go on a scavenger hunt
13. Make leaf rubbings
14. Take an evening walk with flashlights to see Halloween decorations
15. Put up fake cobwebs
16. Read Halloween books
17. Take fall family pictures
18. Wear Halloween tshirts
19. Eat Count Chocula
20.Have a bonfire
21.Watch Halloween movies
22. Roast Marshmallows
23. Make a pumpkin pie/bread
24. Make homemade hot cocoa
25. Wear costumes at supper time
26. Visit a corn maze
27. Halloween themed breakfast
28. Buy Halloween candy
29. Donate to a food pantry/drive
30. Eat Smore's 
31. Trick or Treat

Any other suggestions?? Hope this list will help us do things as a family and enjoy the month of October! 
Lots of love...

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  1. I had cider yesterday. I tasted it and nearly barfed. It was fake cider aka came from a powder packet - gross!!!

    Happy October.