Thursday, October 22, 2015

I Didn't Know You Were A Christian!

About a week ago my sister-in-law shared a post from Missy Robertson (Duck Dynasty) titled, " Hey, I didn't know you were a christian!" You can read it here, but basically she is writing about if others know by your actions that you are a christian. I absolutely love this article and it has stuck with me since I have read it!
I really had to ask myself this question and be true with myself! Let's just say I was disappointed in myself! Here are some things that I feel stand in my way at times.

* Busy, busy, busy! There are times we/I get so busy and wrapped up in what's going on in "Cohn" world that we tend to forget what's going on around us! I really try to daily pray that God will open my eyes to things going on, and SLOW us down so we can focus on HIM. I want to not be so busy that I miss opportunities he gives me to show love to others.

*Comfort Zone! I think this is one that everyone deals with. Getting out of our comfort zone! What if we are lead to do something that might make us a little uncomfortable??? I am pretty sure that when Jesus died on the cross it was uncomfortable! So why can't be uncomfortable? Why is is such a big deal to share Christ with others? I know the older I have gotten the easier it is for me to be open about my relationship with Christ, but I still get very nervous about giving my testimony. You would think this would be a piece of cake. I think Satan causes us to get so nervous that many times we back out of doing things because we think we can't handle the pressure. It's time to stand up to Satan and get out of our zone. I have also noticed that many times when we do that step those are the times we receive the biggest blessings!

*Not enough money/resources.    I did have money to buy that toy? oh and that shirt I couldn't live without?  So obviously if we can find money for material things that will one day be no more, we have money for things that can help others. I want to start making better investments for HIM.

*Treating my family the same as others...This may seem strange and I really hope this does not make me seem horrible, but I bad about having a shorter temper with my family. I am bad about giving out grace and mercy to my family, but can easily to others. Why is this? I want my kids and husband to never doubt that I am a christian because of my actions towards them. I should put on love, grace, kindness, patience, forgiveness and many others everyday!

I never want anyone to ever question or doubt if I am a Christian. Now, I do mess up. I do sin. I am human, but I know He forgives me when I go to him. My goal daily is to put myself aside and to make sure that the things that I am doing show people that I am a Christian. Show people my love for Jesus!!! Would you join me?
Hope you have a blessed night!
Lots of love...


  1. I will join! I pray that my actions and REACTIONS show that I am a Christian. :) love ur posts as always!!! -Nikki Riggs

  2. I love this post! I've said to people before that if people only know you're a Christian because you say you're a Christian then you're doing it wrong. People show know you you are and what you stand for by your behaviors more than your words. This is a powerful message and I"m glad you shared it.