Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Learned My Lesson!!

So today was a first and last experience for me! I got brave and took both the boys to Jonesboro by myself!!! What was I thinking? In my head it sounded ok! Hudson normally does really well because he will just sit in the stroller! I really was praying about Jagger. He is NOTa shopper and it normally stresses me out when I take him! I am not sure when this happened because he use to be awesome! I am thinking its because I don't have a double stroller and he has to walk! He use to sit in the stroller and play Ipad or watch movies! He cant do that now so I think it messed our whole experience up!! Today was one of those HAVE to go things!! It couldn't wait and it was the only day to go! This morning I walked out the door saying " I got this!!" "Jesus is with me!". The ride down was good! The first stop was Academy Sports! I had my list and we were there get only the list! I was not even gonna look at anything.....well i forgot I had 4 year old eyes with me!!  Instantly... Momma, can I have this! Momma I want that!! And on and on!! It was about to drive me insane! I think I spent more time saying no lets go than it took me getting what we went there to get! We get to the car and by this time Hudson is crying! Booo... Not what I am wanting!! We were already in the car and pulling out so I thought he can wait a few minutes until the next stop! So in between Hudson's crying even louder and Jagger yelling over him, I am trying to focus on the road and say a small prayer! We get to LifeWay and I get Hudson out! Jagger starts complaining he doesn't want to go in LifeWay because I always take way tooo long in here!! This makes me smile and I tell him that is not a bad thing! LifeWay takes all of 5 minutes but of course Jagger is begging for candy! The sweet girl was trying to explaining something to me and I seriously didn't hear one word she said because my attention was on my fussy baby and my 4 year old begging for chocolate!  
The next stop is the mall!! Blah! I know people were laughing at me because I was literally speed walking down the mall dragging jagger along! Poor guy. I refused to spend more time in that mall than necessary! I was determined to do what was needed and get out! We finished the mall and headed to Target! This is where the issue started! I had Hudson in the stroller, and I knew I needed a cart but how was I gonna do both so I decided to stick with stroller. We were putting all the stuff in the bottom and if you know strollers you know the bottom does not hold much! Well within 10 minutes the poor basket was sagging. We were almost to the the toy isle( i had promised Jagger a game) and it hit me. I needed to use the bathroom! I had been holding it since Academy Sports! And there was no waiting! We were literally running to the bathroom. Jagger is crying because we skipped the toys and now he wont get one!  I know people are really staring now! We get to the bathroom and I realize we cant take anything in because my stroller is full of unpaid merchandise!!! Ggggeeezzzz! I have to take the car seat out and get us all in the bathroom while trying to tell Jagger if he doesn't stop he wont get a toy! Thankfully at this point Hudson is laughing at Jagger! We finally get out of the bathroom, get Jagger a toy and then it dawns on me one of the things I specifically came for is in a big box!!! I didn't even blink an eye..I am so ready to get gone Ill do anything! I grab the box and carry it under one arm while the other arm pushes the stroller ,all while telling Jagger to hurry up!!! We pay and by the time I get to the car I am almost in tears!! I couldn't even remember what we bought! It was craziness and it is something I don't want to experience again!! I get everything loaded, kids in seat and we head to Chic-fil-a for some food! Hudson starts crying because its nap time!! I just ordered the food, and headed out! He cried until we got out of city limits! I thought on the way home I would have some quite time but wrong again! Jagger talked the whole way, which was fine! We had some good one on one conversation! He is so sweet and I love him so much but God did not give me boys that like to shop! From now on I will be going alone!!! :) 
Hope everyone has a blessed night!  
Lots of love

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