Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our World!

I have set down so many times this week to blog but then Hudson will start crying or Jagger needs something..It just hasn't been in my favor. I am excited that I have a few minutes to sit down. I love to blog so much and I know one day I will get to the point I can everyday but right now I will take the kids crying and wanting stuff...Time flies so fast!
I have alot I want to get out and I really don't even know where to start! I guess I will start with last night! Matthew and I were so excited because at 8:30 both boys were asleep and we were pumped because we  could actually watch Duck Dynasty without being inturrpted! That does not happen much! There have been times it has taken a full week to watch one movie because we have to start and stop it! So many of you understand how exciting it is to watch a show or movie straight through! ;) Anyways..I sit down to look through facebook before the show started! WRONG thing to do! My whole news feeds was  bad, bad, and bad! Everyone was sharing and posting stories of horrible things. West Nile in Mosquitoes, Man with HIV sleeping with all these people, Woman with baby that was shot in the stroller, kids being abducted, sex trafficking, babies being molested, stupid Miley Cyrus, and so much more! By the time I got done (which I didn't even finish looking at everything) I was sick to my stomach and crying! I have figured out I really like living in my "Megan Bubble" where I am unaware of whats going on in the world but I know that is not how life needs to be either. I know there is so much good out there, and normally I am not one to get sucked into the negative things but I felt like last night it was all thrown in my face at once! I couldn't help but cry that my sweet innocent boys will grow up in this sickness! I was crying and telling Matthew I am ready for Jesus to come back and take us to our safe home where no one will be sick. No little girl or boy will be beat/abused/molested/sold in sex trafficking like they are worthless/ no cancer or sickness! I just can't wait! I know all these things we can not dwell on because God does not want us setting around scared all the time for our life but I think it is important to be aware that there is bad stuff out there because as Matthew tells me...When we let our guard down that is when bad things happen! Our job as parents is to protect our children and to trust that God will give us the wisdom and guidance on how to do the best we can!  So after crying and venting and praying I finally decided I am going to start trying to find a good article and posting it instead of negative junk! I find it amazing that good news does not spread like bad news! I saw a thing where Sylvester Stalone accepted Christ as his Savior and was very open about it but did we see that on the news???? NO... but if he would have done something crazy at a bar or got taken to jail it would have been everywhere!!! ....hhhhmmmmm...something to think about! Seems a little backwards to me!
ok ill get off that soapbox!! This week really has been a good one! Jagger LOVES preschool! I am so happy that he enjoys it. That is a true answered prayer from God! We have had problems with anxiety with him and I really did not want him to be miserable there but he does love it!! He is going to be playing soccer and this week was the first practice....Before practice he was asking Matthew if there would be a person to guard the goal. When Matthew told him No, he looked at his daddy and straight faced said, "Well I don't want to play then!". This boy knows what he wants... He is such a sweet boy! I am so proud of him!
Hudson is doing great too! We had therapy this week and they were super proud of his progress! Its funny because I know he is doing good and progressing but I see him everyday. I love when the therapist comes in and can see big steps he has done! He got to start eating cereal this week. So far he is still trying to figure it out but I think he is enjoying it! They told us if to give him a week on it for 1 time a day then we can go up to 2 times then if he does good with that we can start a green veggie!! Woohooo.... I can't believe its time for that! It seems unreal to me that this year is more than half over! I have already had my mind going to Christmas several times and then I have to say stop Megan...we have several "other" Holiday we need to enjoy first!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!
Lots of love

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