Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Chapters!

This week has been a big week in our home!  Our sweet Jagger Preslee started preschool! Preschool is different here than where I am from! It is associated with the public school! There is a morning class and afternoon class! It is also everyday of the week! Well as you know, I am a stay at home mom so Jagger has never really had to be anywhere every single day! I have really been nervous about this because since I have stayed at home....well lets just say we had our own "schedule"! Do whatever whenever! 
Let me tell you a little about this child.... He has NEVER taken naps!! Ever!!! He will flat tell you that sleeping is boring!! About a year and half ago we tried to send him to a daycare so he could start getting use to being around other kids and being away from me!! Once he found out there was naps he was D.O.N.E.   he was having no part of that!! He was miserable! I was miserable! It was awful. So needless to say we decided to not go anymore!
 He has never gotten up early!! As my dad would say he likes to burn the midnight oil! There have been Matthew and I will fall asleep on the couch/recliner and little ol Jagger is still watching TV!  And this is no ones fault but our own!! 
I have always taken Jagger everywhere with me! I have never let having a small child stop me from doing anything! He has always gone a lot with me! So this whole school thing/schedule thing is a new exciting world for us!!
Matthew and I have been dreading the day that he started school! We have felt that is when our sweet innocent baby will come home corrupted and part of the ugly world!! I sound crazy don't I?? I hate our babies growing up! It makes my heart hurt! So anyway the weekend came and went and here we were Sunday night preparing for school!! We got backpack set out, clothes set out, bath, teeth brushed, and jammies on. We got in bed and said our night time prayer then read The Kissing Hand! During the middle of the book, I look over because I hear something and its my husband crying!! My heart broke! I was actually worried something else was wrong but played it off so Jagger wouldn't notice! Once Jagger got to sleep I knew from Matthews face he was heartbroken because reality is setting in that baby boy is growing up, and plus if you have ever read The Kissing Hand you know it will send you over the edge and you cant stop crying!!! 
The next morning was crazy! I woke Jagger up at 6:40 because this child is not a morning person! It takes him a good hour to wake up and not be a bear. Plus he likes to lay on the couch, drink apple juice and watch a cartoon before doing anything. So i thought if I moved him to the couch at 6:40 he would have plenty if time to get his bearings straight before we left!!! Around 7:15 we started getting ready because of course we have to take our first day of school picture! And thanks to Pinterest a normal picture in front of the door is not good enough! We have to have chalk boards and all the other stuff! I sometimes think Pinterest has made lifea little   more complicated at times! :) we also had cute Pig cookies to take to school for snack!! Thank you GiGi for making them! Matthew and I both went to take him! We did really well until we started walking away and thats when I broke down! It finally hit me he was staying at school all alone and guess what??? He was happy!! Smiling and everything!! This is not right!! He is suppose to be crying and wanting to stay with me??? 
The time he was at school flew by and I was so excited to pick him up! He was grinning from ear to ear! He hopped in the car and told me all about it! Said he was ready to go back the next day!! 
The best part was he was in bed asleep by 8:30!! That is seriously a world record in our house!! I am thinking this preschool thing is going to be great!!
I also know that even though we have been sad about him growing up, its in God's plan! I know there is nothing I can do! All I can do is lean on God for comfort and trust that he is protecting my baby in this new chapter of his life! 

Hudson update- Smiles all the time! Loves to to sit up and stand up with our help of course! LOVES to laugh at his big brother! Weighs almost 12lbs! 
Please keep us in your prayers as we try our best to keep him away from all germs coming soon!  Starting in the next month VNA will start coming to our house and giving him rsv shots. We will be homebound October-mid March due to flue and rsv!! We are gonna have to work extra hard to keep him protected from germs big brother will bring home from preschool!!!

Hope everyone had a blessed first week of school!!! 
Lots of Love 

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