Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Figuring It Out!

Being a mommy of two is no easy job!!!! Being a mommy of one is no easy job but when another gets put in the equation it is a whole new ballgame! My respect for people with 2 or more babies is HUGE!!! Here I am almost a month being home and I still have not figured this out! There are days I am barely getting my teeth brushed, let alone getting out of my pjs!??? It seems like everytime I get Hudson settled in, Jagger is needing me and then as soon as we get settled playing or trying to spend time together, Hudson needs me again! Before I know it, it is 6 at night and I still look the way I did when I got out of bed!!????? I am really struggling with this because I am missing my quite time and this is something that has completely been put on the back burner! I pray everyday that God understands. I pray that he helps me to be a good mommy and wife even though I am not spending time with him like I should. I pray that I would continue to have the strength to get through each day! I pray that even though I am home all day everyday I would still bring honor and glory to him!
I hope that I am not the only mom that goes through this and if anyone can give me advise I will gladly take it!!!! I want to learn to balance all this. I want to make sure I am giving Jagger attention. I want to give Hudson what he needs and then also make sure I can not forget myself!! and by this I mean brushing my teeth, putting on clothes and just the normal things that can make you feel better! It is so easy to get in a rut because you are just doing the same thing over and over with never leaving the house! There are days I am even wondering what the point is of putting on normal clothes?? I mean we are not leaving the house!! Please don't think I am being selfish or whining about all of this! I love being a mommy and I feel truly blessed that we are home but I am just needing to get this figured out!! ;)
Tomorrow we go to St. Louis for oxygen appointment. Please pray that we could possibly come off oxygen!!!! HUGE steps!!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of Love

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