Friday, May 17, 2013

What Would You Do???

What Would you do with 600 million dollars??? I just saw online where the Powerball is up to $600 million! This is absolutely insane! I really don't know where I stand on the lottery and if it is right or wrong (biblically) to play it. I really don't think it is right to spend all your money on it but is buying a $2 ticket every 6 months when it gets up high a bad thing??? Don't know! but Matthew and I do like to think and talk about what we would do with it!!!!
So if I was to win on Saturday night, I really don't know what I would do but I would hope this is what I would do! ;)
First, I would want to get an attorney! I don't think I would want to claim this amount of money out right. I would rather have my attorney claim it so this way we could keep our identity private! I think this amount of money would bring out the crazies!!
Then we would give out to everyone...Matthew and I have always said we would give 90% of it away! We would give to the church, all the charities we like then friends and family!  We would like to build a house but nothing huge. Matthew would like to have a new truck and a ranger for him and the boys to ride!Me.....I don't really care about a new car but I could get one then give my car to family in need. I would also love the be able to give out and help lots of people. I would love to pay for someones college education, take a teenage girl in need on a shopping trip, pay bills for a family in need, build homes for families, and whatever else we feel led to do.
I think it would take alot of prayer to make sure you don't get sucked into the "material" world with this kind of money. I would want to make sure our family stayed humble and that we never lost focus on our Heavenly Father! Yes, it is fun to dream about winning this kind of money but then I am reminded that I am "wealthy". Maybe not money wealthy but I have an awesome family here, a home, health, and my salvation that gives me an eternal home that is worth no amount of money!
So...what would you do with if you won the lottery???? ;)
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!
Lots of love

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