Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Being Mommy!

Well I am still here! I thought once I got home I would be able to continue the blogging like I wanted...Wrong!! I barely have time to brush my teeth and you would not believe my laundry room- its insane! And Im trying not to forget to sleep! :) so blogging has for sure taken a spot on the back burner! Life at The Cohn household is going pretty smoothly! I actually feel like we are on our own little schedule! We are still having small problems with Jagger! Nothing major but he gets super bored during the days and it is hard for me to spend lots of one on one time with him! It breaks my heart because he wants me to play and we do but our time is limited! There have been a few days the three of us( Two boys and myself) have been in tears when Matthew walks in the door! I am sure he wanted to turn around and go back to work those days! Hudson crying because he wants to be held, Jagger crying because he is bored or wants me to play and I'm crying because I'm tired and cant handle anymore crying!!! I have also been dealing with some inner issues with myself! (Hope this does not make me sound crazy!) i told Matthew the other day I was having some issues with some inner demons and he thought I had lost it! I had to explain to him it was not really demons but things that God and I were dealing with! I also told Matthew he should be proud of me for recognizing them and trying to handle them rather than letting them get the best of me! Its amazing to me how at times when we take things to God, he may not fix them immediately but he will teach you how to handle them! And if you don't learn the right way he will continue to make you go through it until you learn! And let me tell you Satan does not want you to learn your lesson! Now please don't think I am saying all this because I am a bad person or doing bad things! Its not that at all but I think we have to take care of the smaller things(negative thoughts, jealousy, anger, resentment, etc) before they turn into bigger things!
Ok enough about all that!!! I still can not thank God enough that we are all home together and enjoying our time together! Life is so precious and we are beyond blessed! 
Hope everyone has had a blessed day
Lots of love 

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