Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day!

Mother's Day has always been a super special day especially when I became a mommy! I remember the 1st Mother's Day with Jagger! I felt so special and no one could bring me down off my cloud!! But this year was totally different! There were so many days in the hospital I would cry and ask the nurses if we could please be home by Mother's Day. I knew this was a very hard question/request because they had no control over this, and in my mind I knew this but in my heart I wanted to be home with both of my boys!!! I would tell the doctors and nurse that it would be the best Mother's Day present ever if Hudson could be home! There were also those few very scary times I wasn't so sure! I always in my inner most self knew he would could home but every once in awhile my mind would start acting crazy and during those horrible times I would question whether or not he would! So when yesterday came, I have never been happier!!! It was one of those days that could not have been better! We also made the decision to have Hudson dedicated! Yes , I know you are thinking we arent suppose to take him anywhere!!! Well we prayed and talked about it with the doctors and were told if we walked him straight in stage and then back to car we could! This was something I wanted to do more than anything. We stayed in the car until we knew everyone was sitting down in the sanctuary, then we walked Hudson on stage to be dedicated(lots of tears!!!) and then we went straight to the car and came home! For us, it was so special because it was sort of like an ending to all this madness! To do something we were not sure we would even be able to do! To stand in front of our church and publicly give this baby to God, to dedicate him to our God who has done so much for us and blessed us in so many ways... It was amazing and I dont regret it one bit! 
The rest of the day was spent with both of the boys!!! I could not stop thanking God for letting me be mommy to these two special boys!! 
....and to make the day EVEN better ,Matthew got me diamonds!!!!! He said after all that we had been through he couldn't think of anything better to get! He is such an awesome husband and daddy! 
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!!
Lots of Love

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