Thursday, September 5, 2013

27 Years!

Conversation from yesterday- Matthew: Are you really going to be 27 tomorrow? Me: Yes. Why?   Matthew: You are suppose to be 28...You are 27 now..   Me: No??? I am going to be 27 tomorrow...  Matthew: Really??....(a small pause) Wow...I really married a young one! :)

I can not believe I am 27! Where do the years go? I feel like yesterday I was 10 years old staying with my grandma, playing Barbies and just enjoying life! I have been sitting here this morning looking back over my life and I can honestly say that I have had a great life! Now...It hasn't been perfect and there have been several things I wish could have been different but I know that even the bad things are what have brought me to where I am today!! There are several things I have learned in 27 years....

*No one can truly prepare you for how hard life is at times!!! I know no one ever told me life would be easy but good grief!!! There are times you want to just throw hands in the air and say you are done, but as we all know we can't do this! The times I have felt like this especially over this last year, I just turn to God and say here you go...I can't handle this..but you can!!

* I wish I could go back to my spoiled, selfish teenage self and tell her to get over it and that all that junk she was worrying about does not amount to a hill of beans!! I think we all get like this in our life! We look back and think why in the world was I worrying about that???  I think this is something that you learn when you become an adult, get a family and see what the true important things are!

*I never dreamed being a parent would bring on so much heartache/anxiety/stress/happiness/joy/LOVE/and everything else in between! It's amazing how as parents you experience so many emotions! In one minute you are crying because we are so proud of something our kids have done but in the same minute we are crying because we don't want them to grow up! I seriously think my heart has hurt more over my kids than that stupid boy who broke my heart growing up!! but not only that..I have Laughed more since I have had kids! The joy they bring to your life is unreal!! Every day I pray that my boys know how much I love them and that God has truly given me a gift when he allowed me to be their mommy!

*Friends come and go... and through life you will find out who your true friends are!!! and when you do find them don't let them go!!! ;)

*Having designer clothes and lots of material things do not make life better or make you a better person! I find it funny that I get more compliments on the things I have bought at a consignment store or found on clearance! Jagger has truly taught me that it does not matter what I wear or what we have....He LOVES me for me not for all that and he loves life not caring about any of this! I love what kids can teach us!

* There are days that load of laundry can wait....This has been tough on me because I am OCD. ;) but my kids are more important than laundry or cleaning the house! That stuff will still be here the next day...the time spent with my babies is more important!

*Don't sweat the small stuff!! Learn to relax and just enjoy life! Quit stressing over things you can not control! Once the day is over you can't get it back....How did you spend your day?? Laughing, and enjoying it   or stressed and mad all day?

* Jesus, Jesus and more Jesus! He is the only thing that will get you through life! You need him every second of every day! There was a period in my life I turned away from him and it got me no where...It brought me a lot of pain, stress and heartache.....This is not something I am proud of but I am human.....I learned from this and know this is not how I want my life! He is number 1 and I am not afraid to say it!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!!

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