Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Spirit!

You know sometimes how it can be the Christmas season but you are just not quite in the Christmas Spirit.. You have the tree up, you have done some shopping, etc, etc but just not quite there yet!! Well that has been me until yesterday! I am not quite sure why i haven't been in the Christmas spirit.. I have been excited.. I have done fun things it just hasnt clicked yet! I am sure I sound like the Grinch saying all this but I am really not!
So anyways yesterday was an awesome day! The day started out with me volunteering to help with Community Christmas! For those of you who do not know what Communtiy Christmas is... Its all the churchs and whoever else wants to help come together and donate mens gifts, womens gifts and toys for families to come and "shop" for gifts for Christmas! These families have to qualify for it and when they come they come in each room and hand pick a gift then take it to have it wrapped! Our church is always in the mens room. It is so sweet to see some the small children come in to pick a gift for grandpa and dad!! I have helped for several years and it is something I look forward to every year!
After Community Christmas I normally have a small breakdown because it truly reminds me of how blessed we are..i think many times we all take it for granted and forget so it is Nice to be reminded!
When I got home Hudson and I took a nap while the older boys went duck hunting!!! And Jagger had a blast! They didnt stay long because he got cold but he was so excited that he got to go! Hunting is definitely in the boys blood and there is no turning back now! I seriously think he would hunt anything they have a season for and probably some they dont! :) 
Around 6 it was time to get to church for the Tour Of Homes! This is where several people in our church open up there home for the women in the church to tour! It is really neat and if you remember we did this a couple of years ago! I started decorating after Halloween and it was somewhat stressful! But the homes are so gorgeous!!!! Matthew says he doesnt like for me to go on these things because then I come home full of ideas and wanting to but new things! Surely not me!! ;) when we get done with the tour we go back to the church, eat and listen to some beautiful Christmas music!! Last night I really felt in the Christmas Spirit!! I guess just a full day of Christmas things helped get me there. Tonight we have our deacons Christmas supper and the Children choir program at church. Tomorrow night we are ringing the Salvation Army bell, Christmas parade, and Matthews work party!! A couple of days of exciting Christmas events was all I needed!!! 
Hope everyone has a blessed day!! 
Lots of love!

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