Friday, December 6, 2013


Life can be so awesome at times and then in the blink of an eye change! We have for sure learned this over the last year but it still amazes me how fast life can change! Yesterday we said goodbye to my Aunt Ruthann!! This was a complete and total shock to the whole family! She had no signs of being sicka and as far as most of us know she was healthy! They just found her in her apartment Tuesday morning! It actually makes me sick typing this sick because I feel its a dream! She should still be here..My grandma had 8 kids and she was the second to oldest! There are two girls and the rest boys! I have grown up thinking both of my aunts hung the moon! They are both special in their own way. I remember growing up thinking my Aunt Ruthann was so beautiful! She always had her beautiful blonde hair fixed and  She had these awesome red fingernails. She always called me Megan Marie! The older I have gotten the closer we got! We have always shared a love for Elvis and for family history! I love anything to do with our family and she was my go to lady when it came to that! I could ask her anything about our family and she knew it! I feel so blessed because a few weeks ago we sat in Grandmas living room and for several hours she told me stories about their childhood! I have cried and cried because I am so glad that God gave me this time with her because I will never have it again and she told me stories that I can pass on! She also came to St Louis while Hudson was in the hospital and we got to spend several days together! Her laugh is one I will never forget! You could hear it a mile away and when she laughed you would instantly laugh with her! 
My aunt was an awesome mother, nonnie( grandma), aunt, daughter, friend, sister and so much more! She will be missed so much! I pray that God will give us the comfort we need to deal and help us focus on all the good times! I know she is up in heaven smiling down on us listening to Elvis! 
Hope everyone has a blessed day! 
Lots of love 

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