Friday, February 21, 2014

I'm The Kind of Girl...

Well today I am stealing the idea from my friend Kayla over at Mississippi Mrs! She is so sweet and I know you would love reading her blog! I really believe if we lived in the same town or close we would be BFFs..We are so much alike it is scary!

I'm the kind of girl who........

- this is sad, but I like control! when I don't have control over my kids, home or whatever else is going on, I start getting a little crazy! and I don't mean control in a bad way! ;)

-is addicted to food! I can't help it! I like all of it - good and bad! (maybe more good than bad)

-honestly tries to read and study the bible everyday but somedays it just doesn't happen..and on these days I get really down on myself! 

-wishes  I was creative and crafty! I wish I could distress furniture and sew!

-   loves pictures and for 5 years I have done an awesome job of taking pictures and putting them in albums! Hudson comes along and bam...I have not taken half the pictures I did with Jagger and I haven't gotten any of them printed! :(

-loves to laugh! My favorite thing is when my mom and I get together and we just look up goofy things on pinterest or youtube just to laugh! or even spending time with our best buds on the weekends and laughing until we cry!

-doesn't really care what others think of my life and how we live it! I try not to get wrapped up in what others think...I just do things that makes my family, God and myself happy!

-can get addicted to tv shows really quick!

-has been known to read a book in 1 day!

-daydreams about winning the lottery!! 

-loves my cup of coffee!!

-enjoys singing hymnals! I think at my preaching just singing hymnals! i'm weird huh?

-that can shop until I literally drop! I don't get to do this much but my dream is to take a whole weekend and do nothing but shop and look around!! A girl can dream!!

- would call myself pretty plain! most of the time my fingernails and toenails are not painted....I typically go too long without getting my eye brows done...I have several really awesome makeup items that I have no idea how to jewelry box is full but the only thing I ever wear is my wedding ring and a necklace matthew got me before jagger was born and 95% of the time I am in a tshirt and yoga pants!

So.....what kind of girl/guy are you!!!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Enjoy the sunshine!
Lots of love

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